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Computer Operator

University Place, Washington, 98467, United States
21 hourly
March 20, 2011

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University Place, WA 98467

808-***-**** cell or 253-***-**** home


OBJECTIVE: To obtain a challenging position by utilizing my computer operations and testing skills.

RELEVANT EXPERIENCE: Over 15 years of government and industry experience as an Operations Specialist in computer operations, software installation specialist and quality assurance tester.

CERTIFICATIONS: No certification


Hinds Junior College Utica, MS, 53 Semester Hours, Computer Science Degree

University of Phoenix Bellevue, WA, 27.67 Semester Hours, Bachelor of Science Information Technology Degree

Everett Community College Everett, WA, 3.33 Semester Hours


United States Navy Operation Specialists A School, 25 Semester Hours, Dam Neck, VA

Law Enforcement School, Lackland Air force Base, San Antonio, TX




Knowledgeable of Microsoft Office Suite Excel, PowerPoint and Word

Knowledgeable of general office administrative and clerical procedures

Some experience with Solaris, HP-UX, Windows XP, Vista and Win7 software system.

Networking hardware experience with Compaq, HP servers, Hubs, tape drives, IBM compatibles, DVD Rom drives, CD-RW, motherboards, hard drives, Ethernet cards, sound cards, video cards, RAM, CPUs, coaxial, fiber, Epson, Canon, Lexmark and Hewlett-Packard printers.

Computer Operator 5/2000- 02/2011, Zones, Inc. Auburn, WA

• Perform data information processes, data archives and reports generation for management and end-users.

• Support the mission of the department by executing the production schedule and monitoring and maintaining the systems on a 7/24 basis.

• Operated and monitored HP/3000 mainframe, HP and Compaq Proliant DL Series servers, Faxcom 3000, Telamon Modems for credit card processing and IBM I series mainframe EDI transaction our various partners.

• Develop and maintain documentations of operational procedures.

• Comprehensive ability identifies isolates and defines problems with computer process equipment.

• Maintain applicable records including user list and equipment inventories.

• Provided operational assistance to programmers, BSA, or other MIS staff.

• Assures timely purchase and shipment of IT assets nationally.

• Consistently identify and communicates document production problems through the use of automated problem logs.

• Extensive knowledge of computer operations functions program requirements and work methods.

• Comprehensive ability to interpret and apply applicable reference material, such as written documentation, HP MPE/IX regulations, manuals, catalogs and records to accomplish tasks and resolved complex problems.

• Creates and modifies JCL programs to provide users with optional reporting parameters.

• Performed after hours and weekend help desk functions.

• Maintains magnetic tape library.

• Install, replace, or adjust filters, ribbons, belts, or similar objects to maintain equipment readiness.

Computer Technician - CDI Professional Services SeaMed Plexus Corporation

Bothell, WA 3/2000-4/2000

• Experienced Help desk technician.

• Processed 80 to 100 help desk tickets weekly or monthly.

• Maintained written technical system logs for change-over briefings and coordinated ticket issues for system problems.

• Performed troubleshooting, installing hardware and using Ghost, XP Pro, Outlook, Windows NT/2000, and Partition Magic for various departments and AutoCAD for the company engineering department.

• Responsible for network installation settings for new computers for various departments and new hires.

• Principal Supply Liaison; accountable for distribution of Automated Data Processing Equipment throughout the company.

Quality Assurance Tester- EDP Contract Services Edmark Software

Renton, WA 10/1999-1/2001

• Customer service technician investigated and reconciled routine and recurring software discrepancies such as bad data; artwork had some problems and hanging problems with the software.

• Software tester using MAC’s and PC systems.

• Conducted and tested children software titles such as Space Academy GX1, Sammy Science house and Travel the World with Timmy daily.

• Worked with various case studies and solving software problems using file maker program.

Computer Operator Teksystem UNION BAY Sportswear-MIS Kent, WA 9/1999-1/2001

• Efficient with working on HP3000 Corporate Business System.

• Deploy HP3000 computer systems running a Windows operating system and using Communicator 3000 MPEX/IX.

• Monitored backups for Netware, NT Servers using DLT, DAT and SLRtape50 tapes.

• Detected and isolated network, hardware and software faults.

• Assisted system programmers with software model updates supporting local and remote networks.

• Developed and maintained network infrastructure documentation and procedures.

• Handles input and output media with due care for integrity of data and utility of media for subsequent use.

• Maintains currency of knowledge with respect to relevant state-of-the art technology, equipment and systems.

• Knowledge of computer systems backup requirements and procedures.

• Trains personnel in computer operation and procedures, including the handling of forms.

• Ability to work weekends and/or various shift rotations as required.

Operations Specialist UNITED STATES NAVY 11/1989-5/1999

• Operated computer peripheral equipment. Naval Tactical Data System, Link11/Tadil-A, Link11B/Tadil-B,AN/SPS-8 height-finder radar, AN/SLQ-32 ESM, AN/SPS-49 Air Search Long Range Radar, AN/SPS-10 Surface Search Radar,

• Knowledge of DC/AC circuits, transformers, power supply circuits, voltage regulators, digital logic circuits, semiautomatic and automated telephone systems.

• Trained on various test equipment. Millimeters (analog and digital), frequency voltmeters, signal generators (audio and RF), oscilloscopes, power meters, frequency counters and attenuators.

• Gathered tactical information from satellites using internet protocol satellite communications (INMARSAT) Iridium satellite telephone.

• Conducted preventive maintenance on air and surface radar equipment radar AN/SPS-49 Air Search Long Ranger radar and AN/SPS-10 Surface Search Radar.

• Experienced with trouble shooting, identifying, and repairing, upgrading and resolving software and hardware conflicts on Naval Tactical Data System.

• Responsible for Admin and training for Naval afloat HP-UX based OTH-Gold database using multiple HP TAC-III Servers in the JMIICS TCP/IP network system, and OTCIXS/TADIXS communications.

• Responsible for training naval personnel for JOTS1 and JOTSII using TCP/IP network system and OTCIXS communications.

• Operate the Radar Control Operator and Detector/Tracker monitor console of the AN/SYS2 (V) IADT system. RCO monitors and controls sensor interfaces, performs sensor alignments, evaluates ECM and clutter, and assists in determining sensor mode of operation.

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