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Mainframe Systems Analyst

Thornton, Colorado, 80229, United States
$45.00 p/h
February 26, 2011

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Cheryl E. Hnatkowycz

**** ***** **. # ***, ********, Colorado 80229

(303) ***-**** ext. 7829,

Applications System Analyst/Applications Support/ RACF Administrator



• DB2 support for multiple applications

• Performed acceptance testing on vendor tools for DB2, which IBM leased and promoted under the IBM name.

• Monitored, isolated, reported DB2 problems to vendor during Carrier Access Billing system rewrite

• Taught basic DB2 to testers, programmers and other technical support personnel

• Taught COBOL programmers advanced programming techniques using DB2 & VSAM

• Began using DB2 in Beta version of DB2

• Synchronized RACF Security on multiple test environments for large Carrier Access Billing system.

• Performed all RACF necessary for consultant and employee access to Mainframe systems at MCI.

• Performed Support functions, created and maintained RACF Security for Accounting systems, Carrier Access Billing systems development & test groups

• Debugged multiple COBOL programs during large Carrier Access Billing system rewrite

• Created multiple Test Matrices, Test Execution Plans, Test plans

• Created Test Scripts, Test Cases, Test Scenarios

• Executed multiple tests based on the above created documents, tracked all executions to completion

• Trained in Project Management Frameworks and Project Management

• Trained in various Defect tracking systems, with extensive hands on use as well

• Knowledge of multiple Best Practices

• Created multiple Defect tracking systems, prior to the existence of packaged software for Defect tracking.

• Reviewed and upgraded Integration Test, documented, aligned functions in test to closely emulate production

• Determined environment and hardware needed for Volume Testing of large application

• Synchronized JCL (JES3) for all test environments, functional, integration, & volume

• Taught basic IMS, VSAM and advanced JCL(JES3) to testers and COBOL programmers

• Designed and implemented first Regional Payroll network for use by company


• Performed DB2 applications support functions at multiple corporations

• Created multiple platforms with various versions of z/OS, multiple versions of DB2, on VMS in Extended Console

testing environments.

• As technical support for applications and production, trouble shot all problems – Application in COBOL,COBOL II, IBM 370 Assembler, DB2, IMS both Batch & Online, VSAM, JCL,

Control regions, NDM, network, RACF security and transaction problems.

• Performed RACF support functions at multiple corporations

• Created first Web applications tests for larger IBM in-house Web applications

• Documentation for production staff on installations of application related software: MFS, ACB, PSB, DBD, and DDL.

• Trained testers and test Leads at multiple companies

• Performed test lead activities at multiple corporations.





AIX operating system., UDB2 version 5, 6 & 7. Linux on AIX using Gnome windows. GUI application interfaces to the UDB2 & AIX environment. SUN/Solaris using environment with distributed SYBASE Server environment. UNIX on MBUX environment, on HPT500 thru PC. GUI interface used INFORMIX rdbms.


Open Directory, UDP, C# programming, Microsoft 2003 Server, Windows 7 Office & Operating System, Visual Basic .Net asp, Client Servers, Red Hat LINUX, TIFF viewers, MS Visual Studio, FileNet, J2EE, PeopleSoft Financials, PowerPoint, STAT migration, Serena migration, ATG Server, Interwoven product, Rational Tools, Copydecks, and Spiral Development Process, XML, Lotus Products; WordPro, Lotus123, Lotus Mail, Lotus Web Page creation, and Lotus Scripting, DOS, MICROSOFT XP, 2000, NT, MS WORD, MS WINDOWS, MS WINDOWS FOR WORKGROUPS, MS PROJECT, EXCEL, RFFLOW, OFFICE by WINDOWS, WINDOWS NT , WINDOWS 95, 98, 2000, Openmail, VISIO Technical, Application related GUI testing, INFORMIX SQL, ORACLE SQL.


DeVry University 8/2010 to present

Candidate for Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems


INFOPRINT SOLUTIONS (Technisource), Boulder, Co 9/2008 – 9/2009

• PSF/AFPDP Performance Software Tester

• z/OS Release 1.10 system software base, tested performance of WLM and overall z/OS performance

• zFS file aggregate queries used for z/FS aggregate tracking

• RMF used for CPU and I/O usage evaluations.

• Created test plans, test cases and wrote final test evaluations for both PSF and AFPDP software’s performance.

• Used JES2 JCL for Started Task and batch jobs.

• Used multiple MVS LPARs. Performed RACF functions and worked with system support closely on installations and evaluations.

• Worked closely with development through testing and preliminary evaluations to ensure enhanced performance of product by time of final evaluations.

AT&T, Birmingham, Al 3/2008-6/2008

• RACF technical support person for one of the main Security Governance teams.

• Used a web site interface to create the batch jobs to create Dataset profiles, General Resource Security, and DB2 RACF authorities.

• Only team member with mainframe experience. They knew the web site and it's capabilities and limitations, but were in some cases unsure of what was happening on the true RACF side.

• Trained the team one on one as questions came up, and in a group when rare types of requests came in.

• Created documents for the team, to explain various mainframe data configurations; VSAM, DB2,IMS databases, Generation Data Groups, Sysplexs, RACF's actual levels of authorizations, short cuts to the corporate security documents that were referenced to determine appropriate levels of access for the programmers, DBA's, support personnel (both production and development).

• Created documents for team use in aiding new hires in becoming functional in the group rapidly; initial training documents, web sites for training, environmental information, ‘first day training lists’, and Consultant related items as well.

Volunteer Teaching of Computer Software and Internet 04/2007-10/2007

Taught elderly and handicapped people how to use the Internet and the Microsoft tools.

Integral Data Solutions, System & User Acceptance Tester, Denver, Co 03/2007-04/2007

As the Quality Assurance person, performed System and User Acceptance levels of testing on a new Web based TIFF viewer product. Product contains viewing capabilities, multiple annotation types, redactions, directional document movement, save and print capabilities. Created all tests, performed tests, documented defects, and retested product to its completion. Reviewed associated ‘Help’ documentation and insured accurate descriptions of viewer’s abilities and use.

Sales Associate for Lane Bryant Outlet at Castle Rock Outlet Mall, Castle Rock, Co 12/2006 – 2/19/2007

Assisted customers with their requests, performed stocking of clothing as necessary, cashiered, cleaned and setup displays of clothing and jewelry.

Personal Leave 4/2005 – 12/2006

PNM, Overall Testing Coordinator, Test Lead & SQA, Albuquerque, Nm 2/2005 - 3/2005

Worked as the overall Testing Coordinator, Test Lead of one segment of the project, and the SQA representative on the project as well. Project dealt with PeopleSoft Financials, PowerPlant, and Mainframe retirement. Certified in Project Management framework. Determined number of testing environments, types of tests necessary for the application conversions, coordinated 4 test leads including myself, determined testing timelines for the specific segments of the project.

Client Server Testing, St. Joseph, Mo 12/2003 – 02/2004

An auto loan call center was moving from an older version of tables to Microsoft SQL tables. They had no documentation of current system. I went to create the Regression, Functional, Parallel and Integration test plans for them. Worked with the production team to determine the applications, their functions, the data’s table movement and results necessary to move from one table structure to another. Created all necessary test plans and provided training to test team who executed the tests.

IBM - DB2 TOOLS TESTING, Santa Theresa, Ca 6/2002 – 10/2002

IBM purchased/leased 3rd party vendor software that interacts with various DB2 functions. Testing was performed on the Tools to insure quality. Wrote test plans, test scripts, scenarios, and cases as well as performing the actual testing and verification. Setup the JCL, created/IPL’d environments that included various versions of OS390 or z/OS, multiple versions of DB2 within the various versions of OS390 & z/OS, and versions of the product/tools to be tested. Where applicable we tested all GUI interfaces supplied by the vendors. Received a rating of technically superior from manager at IBM.

Web Testing , COVANSYS, Englewood, Co 3/2001 – 5/2001

Wrote the necessary test plans, test scripts, validation methodology, and perform of the major testing. The project used a spiral development process. ClearQuest tool was used for the logging of trouble tickets. The web site was all driven by content and very little was hard coded, it was pulled from copy decks by XML and used as contents of GUI pages. The site has 700+ GUI pages in it, with external & internal application links.

Web Testing, IBM, Boulder, Co 3/2000 – 12/2000

Established test(s) for certain internal web sites. Created data to handle testing the Import/Export regulations for the web application. It became the first regression test bed for the applications. All web/GUI page interactions with a customer were tested as were all the administrative web pages, the requested downloads were tested with multiple browsers, data was created thru the applications and direct SQL to the tables. Created templates for both large and small tests. All documentation was contained in Lotus databases, from the Project definition thru to the System Test Signoff. The web applications were all driven from AIX servers and all tables were in UDB2 configurations on the AIX servers.

MCI/WORLDCOM , RACF Administrator-Mainframe Security , Colorado Springs, Co 5/1999 – 12/99

This position was in the core (tier 3 / 4) RACF group. I was brought in to assist them during their Y2K preparations. We assigned RACF ids to employees, created and all consultant records to both RACF and the MCI internal Security System (SUDS a GUI application). We performed all mainframe security functions. Performed cleanup of the RACF profiles under specific classes on the mainframes. All RACF commands could be built by the system as well as writing our own, the SUDS system also initiated the batch jobs to all of the Mainframes. At the time MCI had mainframes around the world and approximately 1.5 million userids. Worked with developers during their upgrades to the SUDS system, as I also have testing background, testing each change to insure their accuracy. Created a Master document of their procedures.

Great West Life Insurance, Y2K Applications Tester , Denver, Co 6/98 – 10/98

This position was to perform Y2K applications tests. Investigated and documented major Individual Insurance Systems IMS database access and Systems flow. Read PL1 code to determine the system flow of online transactions to the final outputs. Created Visio diagrams of the online transaction flow from the entry terminal to the completed batch output, all database accesses, flat files used and final outputs. Released a 20 year old system which had not been tested in over 12 years. Created Test plan, test cases, test scenarios, reviewed production CA7 job flow, for correct test execution sequence.

Time Warner Telecommunications, Systems Tester , Englewood, Co 1/1998 – 6/98

The Time Warner systems I was testing were PC based applications with SYBASE SQL servers and tables, and Unix based applications with SYBASE SQL servers and tables. Created structured test plans from Business Needs, Requirements, Functional Specifications and Functional Designs. All SQL was done in a UNIX Sun Solaris windows environment. Used Interactive SQL for table access. The PC frontend applications were accessed through a Windows NT Office setup.

BELLSOUTH, CABS Functional Tester, Hoover, Al 4/97 – 7/97

Create the CABS Functional Test. I determined what should be in each test; ie Service orders, Usage, or Bills. Used data models that depicted the configuration of the CABS system, created my job streams, as well as ‘inhouse’ products that BellSouth has created to enhance their environment. Built the technical test, and performed functional testing.

TCI Cable Television, Billing Systems Tester, Denver, Co 7/96 - 3/97

Test a new billing system and it’s associated systems. The system was Object Oriented distributed client server system. Sybase ISQL was used to access, modify and verify data in the SYBASE relational data tables. Executed GUI’s, validated them, and executed the background engines for billing, collections, EFTS, refunds, adjustments, and lockboxes. Built several environments . Documented the execution procedures for all the billing applications. This project was a very rapid develop/deploy of software.

BC Tel, Billing Test Support, Vancouver, B.C. Canada 11/95 to 6/96

Support the Billing Test system with tool set enhancements and data extractions from production for upgrading the test bed. Worked extensively on a series of JCLPREP jobs for updating the testing environments with JCL that matched to the production environment. Executed full billing cycles of testing in preparation for quarterly release testing. Worked on multiple document revisions. Performed IMS database analysis for the test group prior to the test.

Testing Lead Choice Billing/GTE, Irving, Tx 6/95 to 11/95

Created the test plans for the Integration Test and the User Acceptance Test. Created an interim test Investigation Report system until the client supplies an infrastructure product to perform the tracking. My duties included reporting of status to both the GTE management team and Genesis International management, attendance at a variety of application related meetings, coordination of the test team efforts to reach each monthly deliverable date with the deliveries for testing completed and on time. Instituted the use of a daily status checklist to keep all team members aware of our progress. Documented the use of all tools I brought to this position. Tested the User Interfaces (GUIs) for the Security Administration, the Online Reference Maintenance, and the System Administration functions. Executed jobs for both the Integration and User Acceptance test.

CABS/PACIFIC BELL, Testing Lead , San Francisco, Ca 11/94 to 6/95

Performed the Test Lead functions, and tested the USAGE portion of the CABS system. Created all Master test execution schedules, calendars, and determined all ‘critical’ dates as they pertained to the test. Created and maintained a Test Trouble Report form, its’ ‘how to use’ instructions, and a log of the Test Trouble Reports. Was the central point of contact for all test related problems. Made the go/no go decisions on many issues. Instituted weekly status reporting for the test team, reviewed the status for all ‘red flag’ items. Aided in the hiring of more consultants for the test, coordinated and scheduled all overtime work for the test team. As technical support for the test was needed I performed technical tasks that aided in the resumption of normal testing. Rewrote all JES2 procs, and reduced test JCL debugging by 90%. Supported the test team on all DB2 related issues. Approved or denied access to test data as requested by the programming staff and handled all RACF approvals prior to their being processed by the RACF administrator for our team. Coordinated with the Service Order tester the accounts I wanted prepared for each USAGE test when new products, services, and/or Tariff items were being introduced. Built all necessary data to test the USAGE portion of the system, created USAGE test plans, performed validation of the USAGE testing thru all cycles that we executed during each release. Packaged the documentation for the testing signoff.

SPRINT, TABLES SUPPORT IABS, Overland Park, Ks 2/94 – 7/94

Added Access related Tariffs, as they pertained to the addition of an acquired phone company, to the Carrier Access Support System at SPRINT. Production support person for the Reference Tables portion of the CASS system. In both functions I entered data, created table update files. Organized and released all Reference Tables updates to production. Created the nightly turnover document of the tables being released, with DB2 RI specific loading order included, and all associated counts for Production load verification. Validated all Production loads the next morning and coordinated the entry of the data to the conversion environment. Created processes for the production staff, if repairs to tables were needed. I handled all night support as well for the Reference Tables Maintenance team. As an addition, I would assist them in debugging their RACF problems as they related to their DB2 tables or their GDG setups. These were numerous as this shop was not familiar with either.

U S WEST/MOUNTAIN BELL, Denver, Co 8/75 – 10/93

IABS Production Technical Support (3/93 – 10/93)- COBOL, COBOL II, DB2, CICS, RACF, JES3 JCL, Online DB2 monitors, CICS monitors

Handled all approval of requests for access to data on the production system, there were now multiple RACF administrators and my job became that of the overall Manager of the Administrators. Interacted with the Security Auditors, a function I had performed at all my RACF positions in the past, as I was the only one who performed the functions. Now as the manager, I was responsible for what all the administrators and DBAs had done. Tracked the work with the RACF reports and DB2 reports weekly. Monitored all the production billing daily and was on call 24/7 for any problems with the billing input or execution.

IABS System Test (10/90 – 3/93)- COBOL II, DB2, CICS, RACF, JES3 JCL, Utilities

1st line of support for all testing groups on DB2 issues. Reviewed and coordinated all changes to the DB2 tables for the testing groups. Continued to handle all the RACF for the Function, Integration, System , and User Acceptance testing. As user acceptance testing approached, I added a new function of teaching the end users how to change their passwords every month, without being afraid of their terminals. Reviewed and assembled 12 CICS regions for use in the various testing and development environments.

Special assignment Application machine Split – IABS (5/90 – 10/90) - DB2(400 Tables), JES3 JCL, Utilities

Created all jobs necessary to split 400 DB2 tables, by specific data attributes. Wrote and executed all batch jobs to perform the data split. Wrote and executed all jobs to reload the existing tables with the remaining original data. Wrote and executed all load jobs for the new set of tables.

Disbursements & IABS Technical Support (6/87 – 5/90) – DB2, RACF, CICS, SQL, COBOL II, COBOL, ASSEMBLER

Began using Beta version of DB2 during this position. Worked closely with IBM onsite to resolve DB2 problems. Many problems were unknown to IBM as this was the first place to attempt to implement an application using 400 DB2 tables with and without relational integrity. We performed all DB2 tasks as no DBA’s existed. Aided in the creation of the companies definition of the DBA job. When the first DBA group was created we trained them on the tables, their relational integrity, and the functions they were to perform for the application. Continued RACF support of the Disbursements district and began RACF support of the new IABS district a group created to rewrite the Carrier Access Billing system for USWEST(now QWEST). During this time I debugged many COBOL II programs with the developers, as part of my job. I created utility programs for this team in COBOL II and Assembler. This was the first group in the phone company to have consultants, I supported 300 team members 150 USWEST & 150 Arthur Anderson. Created all the RACF groups for the personnel, all the dataset and DB2 RACF, as we were the first users of DB2, it was in Beta mode, we had no DBA’s. Created all RACF for the inhouse code repository system as Anderson wrote it and was given an award from them when it was cut live, due to the fact that there was not 1 RACF discrepancy in the entire setup when the staff started using and no down time was incurred by the project. When the system was ready for release to production my RACF setup was used as the base model for the production setup.

Disbursements System Test & Technical Support (5/82 – 6/87) – IMS DB/DC, RACF, Assembler, COBOL, JES2 JCL

Began RACF Administration in 1982, connected users directly to target datasets and databases.

Performed major conversion when IBM changed RACF to have capacity to add users to groups and connect groups to target datasets or databases. Performed all IMS database changes thru the use of SMUII, Assembler, and COBOL programs. Coded, tested, documented the IMS database conversions, executed them in the system test and released them to the production arena. Debugged COBOL programs with programmers and when programs abended in production.

Application Programmer CRIS system (9/78 - 5/82) – Assembler & COBOL programming

Was the programmer for the Corporate Revenue Journal, this program was 80 Assembler Csects and 7 COBOL modules linked together. Performed the first testing using production data.

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