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Project Engineer

Bangalore, KA, 560037, India
As Per Company Norms
August 31, 2012

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Email-Id :

Phone no : 099********

Career Summary:

. Experience of 4+ yrs in field of Software Quality Assurance, manual as

well as Pega Testing.

. Knowledge of automated test tools - Win Runner, and Test Director, Bug

Zilla, QTP,Selenium and QC.

. Evaluated and recommended test automation tools and determined

suitability with various development tools.

. Participated in creating test plans, deciding testing strategies.

. Written test cases for - Functional and Regression Testing.

. Effective defect tracking and reporting to improve Quality of Product or


. Knowledge and Experience of OBIEE.

. Involved in Participation of regular Weekly project status meetings to

discuss the risks involved in ongoing

projects With Teammates and Team Lead.

. Good knowledge in all stages of Software Development Life Cycle.

Work Experience:

. Presently working as Sw. Development Sr. Analyst for Dell Inc,

Bangalore from Sep '2011 to till Date.

. Worked as Engineer Quality Control for Tarang Software Technologies,

Bangalore from Sep '2010 to Aug 2011.

. Worked as Software Test Engineer for Marlabs Software (P) Ltd,

Bangalore from Feb '2008 to Aug'2010.


. B.Tech (IT) graduation From JNTU Hyderabad in 2005.

Technical Skills:

Operating Systems : Windows NT, Windows XP, Linux

Testing Tools : Win runner, QTP, QC,

Test Director, Bug Zilla

Web Technologies : HTML, XML

DBMS : Oracle9i/10g, MS-SQL

Languages : VB Scripting

Pega : PRPC v.6

Project Profile:

Assignment # 1

Title : PIE (Process Integrator Employment).

Client : Tenet, USA.

Period : Sep '2011 to till date.

Team : 9

Test Approach : Manual Testing, QC, OnTime.

Environment : SQL Server, Java, Windows 7, Pega


Project Description:

PIE is an Application of Tenet Client with

Different User Roles that Creates an Employment Record based on the

Hospital Facilities and Uses PEGA Framework to Complete the Work Flow.

And each user is Responsible to Follow the Framework of PEGA for the

Completion of the Facilities Approval so that Work Object goes to Each

Stage of Approval and submission. Making Note of All the Employees

Details and initiating all those information to the Different

Hospitals using a Pega Frame work where the Created Data goes

different Stages for the approvals.


. Writing the Test Cases for the Parameter Creation.

. Doing the SIT Testing.

. Reporting the Bugs raised in Different levels.

. Involved in the Meeting's.

. Preparing the test cases in QC.

. Uploading the Defects in OnTime.

. Testing the Application in Different Environments (QA, Model,

and Production).

. Involved in Peer Reviews with team Members

. Retesting the Test Cases where defects has been raised.

Assignment # 2

Title : HSBC--DOP.

Client : HSBC, USA.

Period : Feb '2011 to Aug '2011.

Team : 6

Test Approach : Manual Testing.

Environment : TOAD, Net Framework 3.5 (comes with

Visual.NET 2008), Windows XP.

Project Description:

HSBC-DOP is a Banking Project that Issues the

Cards As Per the Bank Requirements and Distributes the Cards based on

the Issuance from the Maker and Approval From the Checker Who check's

the Card Number Issuance Details and Number of Cards to be Issued and

Distributed to the Local Head Office and From there to the Sub Offices

and Via the channel of Post Offices by giving the Branch Code's and

Branch Names to the Head offices and Sub Offices. It's completely a

Project that is Developed based on the Bank Requirements.


. Preparation of test Setup by Creating the Parameters for the


Branch Names and Code.

. Writing the Test Cases for the Parameter Creation.

. Doing the SIT Testing.

. Reporting the Bugs raised in Different Modules.

. Writing test cases for unit and functional testing

. Regression testing of the application.

. Updated Traceability Matrix regularly.

. Involved in Peer Reviews with team Members.

Assignment # 3

Title : Pivotal Host Application.

Client : Pivotal Payments, USA.

Period : Sep '2010 to Feb '2011.

Team : 6

Test Approach : Manual Testing, Bug zilla.

Environment : SQL Server, Net Framework 3.5 (comes with

Visual Studio

.NET 2008),

Windows XP.

Project Description:

Pivotal Host application is a payment gateway which

supports online payment transaction processing and Administrative

facilities to manage the application. Pivotal Host Application shall

facilitate user and role management with option to assign each user

with specific role. It provides the configuration management to

configure the system parameters; it provides reports to view the

transaction done by the end customer with associated merchants.

Transaction processing module of Pivotal Host Application

provides the facility to receive the transactions from e-commerce,

emulator, mobile devices, virtual terminal and POS terminal. It

processes the transactions by connecting to configured processor. It

supports the fraud engine where merchant can set the fraud rules and

these rules shall be verified while processing the transaction.

Features Supported by the Application are related to User Managements,

transaction Processing and Managing the Security, Batch and


The aim was to build the testing strategy and methodology for

Testing. This includes defining the scope of the testing, identifying

the objectives and steps, creation of execution plan, identifying the



. Executed the project in capacity as a Test engineer.

. Defining the Testing Strategy.

. Creation of Standard Guidelines for User Interface


. Creation of Testcase writing Formats for GUI,

Functionality Testing, Integration Testing and

Compatibility Testing.

. Reporting the Bugs raised in Different Modules.

. Updated Traceability Matrix regularly.

. Retesting the Test Cases where defects has been raised.

. Involved in Peer Reviews with team Members.

Assignment # 4

Title : Nissan Vehicle Ordering System (NIVOS).

Client : Nissan, UK.

Period : May'2009 to Aug'2010.

Team : 5

Test Approach : Manual Testing, QC.

Environment : Oracle 9i, Web Sphere, Windows XP.

Project Description:

Vehicle Ordering System is a useful application that would give

stock details to the super dealer, admin dealer and customer. This

project contains six modules they are - Browse Stock, Vehicle Ordering

and Order Placement, Browse Pipeline, Dealer Maintenance, Record

Achievement and Retail Capture. By using this project a super dealer

can add a sub dealer or he can delete the sub dealer, it provides

various mechanisms to access the stock and order for vehicle. I have

involved in Record Achievement and Retail Capture modules. Record

Achievement is used to record the gathered information. By this a

dealer or customer can enquire the data, or he can browse the data or

he can modify the record details. It allows us two ways of access

i.e., by giving achievement code and dealer code for accessing entire

stock details pertaining to a particular dealer. By giving either

order number or vehicle identification number (VIN) he can directly

access the particular record. Retail Capture module will talk about

the retails pertaining to a particular dealer, by this module we can

enquire the retails, and we can browse and modify the retails. It also

provides two ways of accessing the data either by giving dealer code

or by giving VIN or order number.


. Executing the project in capacity as a QA tester.

. Involved in developing test plan.

. Developed and executed the Test Cases.

. Writing Test Defect Reports necessary for various units of the

business modules.

. Execution of Test Cases using QC.

. Updated Traceability Matrix regularly.

. Involved in Peer Reviews with team Members.

. Retesting the Test Cases where defects has been raised.

Assignment # 5

Title : Simulation Management System (SMS).

Client : Caterpillar, USA.

Period : Feb'2008 to Apr'2009.

Team : 5

Test Approach : Manual Testing, TD.

Environment : Oracle 9i, Web Sphere, WSAD, Toad,

SQL Server, Windows XP.

Project Description:

The SMS Project is a Web Based Project, which Helps the

Workers in Simulating the Orders they, would be receiving from their

dealers and Parts Dealers Company, so that they can plan their

Production and it helps in keeping track of the Inventory they have,

It Simulates how much of demand can be met in the Projected Period of

Time, and where all the Production should be Increased.


. Developing test plan and test strategy.

. Review of the test cases written for Functional and

Regression Test cases.

. Analyze and write detailed specifications and Test


. Effective coordination between development team and testing


. Involved in Client meetings.

. Updated Traceability Matrix regularly.

. Involved in Peer Reviews with team Members.

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