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Quality Assurance Project

Bowie, Maryland, 20721, United States
April 30, 2012

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Personal Profile

I am an experience IT professional which has been in the field for over 20+ years’. I possess excellence interpersonal skills. I have the ability to work on my own when assign a project also can work well in a team environment. I have the ability to prioritize and keep track of multiple projects and meet strict deadlines. With these qualities I have been able to adapt to new tools and environments and will be able to help any company improve their process.


Key Skills

• Good written and verbal presentation skills. Use proper grammar and have a good speaking voice.

• Able to get along well with co-workers and accept supervision. Received positive evaluations from previous supervisors•

• Concerned with quality. Produce work that is orderly and attractive. Ensure tasks are completed correctly and on time.

• Routinely handled as many as 20 customer contacts a day resolving and updating customers on the status of their application migration date to production.

• Excellent attendance to detail of application ex. CICS had to be move to the prod environment in order for the CICS database group to set up environment before software move.

• Languages- Cobol, Assembly, Fortran, C

Operating Systems- DOS,OS, UNIX , Windows NT

• Migrations Tools – Endeavor, Pegasus, SQL

• Software - CA-Endeavor OS_JCL, IBM 360/370 JCL, File-AID DB2 File-Aid DB2, Connect Direct (NDM), TSO/ISPF, CICS, MVS, ISPF, SYNCSORT, MS Office Suite, Rational Clear Case

• Platform – Windows XP/NT, Client Server, IBM Mainframe, Unisys


Key Achievements

IRS...handles multiple applications under the CICS, DB2, SYSK Reporting applications which are just a few to name. These applications require very detail review of software before the applications were moved using SCLM to the QA/prod environment for migration they were dependent on other applications movements to those QA/ prod environment before they could move. Therefore this requires great communication with my co-workers, Qa testers and development team to make sure everything was completed successfully on timely bases.

Bell Atlantic…learned new migration tool called Pegasus for configuration management and procedures in a timely fashion 30 days and became main on call person that was in charge of the Billing Legacy system. This meant being on call 7/24 for all the application which were around 10 or more applications under the Billing Legacy system. Also handle change management process on weekly bases to resolve any problems or identify new problems.

MCI…Multiple Data center split (Rockville Split) had a project were it was at one main data center in the DC area and we had to split the applications to another data center located in Rockville. This entailed using a utility to copy the application to the new data center data base. There were over 20 application and hundreds of jobs for those applications. This project took several months with working in a team environment but each person assigns several applications to move. This took long hours and weekends to accomplish this project. The project was able to help the company to be able to run multiple applications and the process without slowing up the process.

Professional Experience

MINDBANK, Consulting Group, Reston, VA.

Internal Revenue Service 1999 - 2010

Senior Staff Release Coordinator, New Carrollton, MD

• Experience defining and implementing CM processes plans and procedures for software development

• monitoring reporting, and checking on work in progress and reviewing completed work for quality, timeliness and technical accuracy

• See that deadlines and quality standards have been met.

• Responsible for building and staging the packages for test and production environments.

• Have to be able to work independently to perform complex transmittal application builds. In this highly production environment, I was able to multitask and demonstrate exceptional time management skills.

Bell Atlantic, Beltsville MD. 1998 - 1999

Release Coordinator, Beltsville, MD

• Experience defining and implementing CM processes, plans and procedures for software

• Development environments experience establishing and managing change management

• Procedures and configuration control boards. Full lifecycle experience supporting software

• Development projects and a demonstrable understanding of the accepted practices of software

• Development life cycle management

MCI, INC. Washington, D. C. and Arlington

Quality Assurance Tester, Arlington, VA 1996 - 1999

• Responsible for writing for test plans testing batch changes in the acceptance environment

• Involved in system, interface, integration, vendor, and regression testing.


High School

Duval Senior High, Lanham, MD, Graduated 1975



South University BS - Information Technology

Anticipated Graduation Date -May 2015 (transfer to UMUC)

University of Maryland BS-Information Technology

Anticipated Graduation Date- 2015 (transfer to Strayer University)


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