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Manager Project

Beaverton, Oregon, 97007, United States
March 20, 2011

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Jim Lewis

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Accomplished IT professional with demonstrated success and a broad range of skills functioning as a multi-tasking technical provider supporting business operations using IT infrastructure as the toolset. Experienced with hybrid responsibilities covering multiple system platforms, initiating projects, evaluating existing business procedures, providing technical support to all levels departments and staff or management, new project proposal, Business Intelligence development, evaluating software, hardware, personnel, business procedures, and resource allocation. Experience functioning in electronic design and manufacturing corporations, hospitals, and software developing firms. A United States citizen experienced with and available for travel.


• Information Technology • Operations Management • UNIX / WINDOWS / LINUX / VMS Admin

• Technical Analysis • Troubleshooting Analysis • Information Services Management

• Systems Integration • Migrations / Upgrades • IT Solution Development

• Software Development • Asset Management • Business Solution Development

• Accounting Support • Microsoft Office Suite • Microsoft Visual Studio


RDBMS – MS SQL Server 2000, MS SS Analysis Service, MS Access, Sybase 9.2, MS Team File Server 2008 via Visual Studio Team Suite 2008.

Troubleshooting – Root cause analysis, corrective resolution, preventive maintenance. System platforms, hardware components, application and utility software, network services, file systems.

Hardware – Desktop, Mobile, and Rackmount combinations of PCs, Servers, Motherboards, CD/DVD Burners, Network Interface, Printers, Plotters, Scanners, Copiers,

Software -- MS Office, Access, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook, Visio, Hummingbird Exceed, MS CRM, FAS, ACT!, Nero Essentials, Visual Studio 2003/2005, Visual Studio Team Suite 2008, SQL Server 2000, Ghost, and more.

Operating Systems -- Windows Server 2008/2003/2000/NT, Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/NT/WFW 3.11, VMS, MS-DOS, Sun Solaris, Red Hat and Ubuntu Linux.

Languages, Compiled – C, C++, Visual Basic 6, VB.Net, C#, RPG, COBOL, Fortran, Basic, Languages, Interpreted – Bourne shell, DCL, HP PCL, Zebra ZPL, DOS-batch, Bash. Read and understand PERL and Python.

Networks/Protocols – TCP/IP, LAN, WAN, Ethernet, Token Ring, DNS, WINS, DHCP, NIS.


+ Demo Depot Test Technician Kelly IT Resources contracted to Intel Corp. Dec2010 Feb2011

+ QA Platform Validation Technician Staff Finders Technical contracted to Intel Corp. Mar2008 – Mar2009

Application Specialist Cardinal Health Inc., Pyxis Division Jan2006 – Jun2007

+ QA Software/Systems Technician Kelly IT Resources contracted to Intel Corp Jan2005 – Jan2006

+ Technical Support Representative Kelly IT Resources contracted to Welch-Allyn Nov2004 – Jan2005

+ Inventory Specialist Spherion contracted to Nike and ACS Sep2004 – Oct2004

Network Administrator II TriQuint Semiconductor Inc. Aug1997 – Aug2002

+ System Administrator Kelly Services contracted to TriQuint Semiconductor Aug1996 – Aug1997

Systems/Facilities Manager Quantitative Technology Corp. Aug1994 Aug1996

Systems Operator/Software Tester Quantitative Technology Corp. Jan1990 Aug1994

Note: Any gaps between the positions listed above represent periods searching for new employment and further study of systems and their resources.


Beaverton High School, Beaverton, OR -- Graduated with Diploma.

Portland Community College, Portland, OR – Major: Computer Programming. Studies included RPG, Fortran, Cobol, PL/1, IBM 360 Binary Language, Accounting, Principles of Management and Supervision.

Microsoft, Portland, OR – Computer Science I & II, MS Windows NT Server 4 Enterprise Technologies, Inter-networking with TCP/IP on MS Windows NT, Support Microsoft NT4 Core Technologies.


KELLY IT RESOURCES on contract to Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, OR

Demo Depot Test Technician (Dec2010 to Feb2011)

Build/upgrade high performance pre and post market multi-processor server computers configured to fit customer and engineer specifications for shipment worldwide. Manage Loan Depot inventory of select high performance servers and their component resources.

STAFF FINDERS TECHNICAL INC. on contract to Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, OR

Platform Validation Technician (Mar2008 to Mar2009)

Perform white box testing on a complex, multi-tiered software package and its components under development by Intel Corporation. Testing methodology was Agile iterative development. Track defects using HP Quality Center 9.2 parallel to Microsoft TFS 2008 with VSTS 2008. Develop test case scenarios and defect reports. Install and maintain Windows Server 2003 as the test lab server. Install and configure desktop PCs as test platforms running Windows XP, and Linux. Manage remote software packages Managed Workplace from Level Platforms, and IT Reach from LogMeIn. Write tools for testing in VB.Net, DOS batch files, and SQL queries.


Field Application Specialist (Jan2006 to Jun2007)

Install, upgrade, and maintain PC-based Pyxis Medstations and servers at numerous hospitals throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, and British Columbia for use by nursing staff to distribute medications to their patients. Train Pharmacy and Nursing staff in the use of the Medstation systems. Install Lexicomp pharmaceutical dictionaries for up-to-date information on medications. Use of Blackberry for on the road customer support, emails, and on-site visit scheduling using Outlook.

KELLY IT RESOURCES on contract to Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, OR

QA Software/Systems Technician (Jan2005 to Jan2006)

Software QA Engineering including Defect Management and Software Validation plan development. Grey box and Black box testing. PC system builds and configuration for software/hardware QA testing. PVCS Tracker project owner/developer. Write Unit and Functional Test Plans, technical glossaries, other technical documentation.


Technical Support (Nov2004 to Jan2005)

Provide technical support to hospitals using Welch-Allyn Cardiac Waveform Monitor applications installed on Solaris workstations.



KELLY SERVICES on contract to TriQuint Semiconductor Inc. (Aug1996 to Aug1997)


Help Desk Support – Departments include Finance Administration, Human Resources, Circuit Designers, Manufacturing offices and FAB clean room, Executive Management, IT Server room. Trained users on software use 1-to-1 and by group. Broad range of responsibilities as a Systems/Network Administrator on the PC/Network team managing and maintaining a growing Windows/UNIX LAN/WAN infrastructure comprised of more than 800 PCs, Servers, NT Domain, TCP/IP, networked printers and plotters, Ultra SPARCstations, T1 and DSL links to other corporate sites. Systems Administration – Operating system, hardware, and software installation, configuration, upgrade, problem analysis and resolution, and more on Microsoft Windows 2000 and NT4, and Solaris UNIX. Desktops, laptops, server tower platforms. User account creation, maintenance on NT Domain servers NT4 and 2000, Solaris, HPUX, Exchange Server, Shiva modem server. Software license management. Exchange mailboxes. Network Administration – TCP/IP configuration on MS Windows and UNIX, NT Domain, DNS, Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI, NFS, NIS. Database Administration & Development – DBA on ADP Payroll and Best Software FAS Asset Management client-server database systems. Developed SQL queries, database tables, forms, and reports in MS Access 97/2000, SQL Server 2000 Enterprise. Development – VB6, Visual Basic for Application, c, c++, Bourne shell, DOS batch, for asset management, AP, data conversion, bar coding on products and assets using PCL5 and ZPL. Data & Software Analysis – Data migration, process improvement, application evaluation for standardized selection/use. Principle Responsibility for 1) Technical support to traveling Regional Sales Managers for their laptop PCs. 2) UNIX/Windows inter-platform standardization & support, 3) Network printer and print server management, 4) Corporate payroll and asset management Database Administration.



SYSTEMS OPERATOR (Jan1990 to Aug1994)

Managed Network Testing Lab and Information Services department. • Install, maintain, provide technical support on UNIX workstations, PCs, printers, PBX switch and telephones. • Black box testing using IBM Functional Verification Test Suite to certify customers’ NDIS 3.11 protocol network interface cards and drivers. • Reorganized, then managed software production for shipment to customers running many different operating systems. • Provide technical support to all personnel providing Math Library product development, GIS mapping, and client NIC/driver certification, and corporate finance operations. • User environment setup, customization, process automation on SunOS, DEC VMS & Ultrix, Sequent Dynix, other BSD/SysV UNIX and IBM/Microsoft DOS. • Developed software applications to generate certificates of compliance for clients network drivers using Postscript language.


• Reviewed a capital purchase proposal on a new MES server project to obtain UNIX emulation software for all Manufacturing staff members. I then researched and found a Freeware utility meeting MES department needs as a replacement that performed the same functions meeting Management’s criteria. I was awarded by executive management for reducing capital expenditure by $20,000.

• Implemented bar coding on corporate asset i.d. tags. Developed application software to produce the labels using either PCL or ZPL languages, then integrate this with the 3RD party asset database, PDAs, and laptops for inventory update surveys. No capital expense was needed and man-hours were reduced.

• Managed the company move to a new site, including site evaluations, secure vendor services, floor plan & LAN design, PBX switch install, assignment personnel, limit company downtime.

• Active with fellow team members, converted more than 500 Windows NT workstations from Microsoft Exchange client to Microsoft Outlook.

• Initiated automated, periodic synchronization of all Manufacturing process control PC clocks using NTP. Production managers made this a required specification to assist with maintaining coordinated production schedules with other sites worldwide.

• Installed 10BaseT network interface cards on 7 label printers, then added them to print servers providing shared access to printers for Manufacturing, Finance, and Stockroom personnel.

• Developed a Visual Basic program to export Accounts Payable data from an SAP R/3 Informix database, convert the format, and transmit to the selected banks in their own data format.

• Developed an OLAP data cube on SQL Server 2000 platform to provide business intelligence including trends and product strengths.


10BaseT, 100BaseT, Access, Active Directory, Administrator, ADP Payroll, Analyst, Apollo, AT, BASIC, Best Software FAS Asset Finance, FAS Asset Inventory, C, C++, Coaxial cabling, Consultant, Crystal Report Writer, Database, Data Cube, Data Modeling, Data Normalization, Data Warehouse, DELL, Designer, Developer, DSM-11, DSN, Enterprise Manager, Excel, ftp, Hewlett-Packard, HPUX; HP Jet Admin, Informix, Internet Explorer, McAfee and Norton Anti-Virus, HP9000, HP OpenView, HP PCL, HTML, Hub, Hummingbird Exceed, IBM OS/2, IDE, Informatica PowerMart, Information Builders WebFocus, Informix database, ipconfig, LAN, LanDesk, Legato BudTool, Macintosh, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Analysis Manager, Microsoft DTS, Microsoft NT4 and Win2000 Server, NT4 and Win2000 Workstation, 95, and 98; MS-DOS, DEC VAX 11/780, DEC VMS, PCL, ZPL, Modem, MS Front Page, MUMPS, NetBeui, Netscape, Network Interface Card, Network Time Protocol, NFS, NIC, NIS, Novell NetWare, NT Domain, NTP, Object Oriented Programming, On-Line Analytical Processing, On-Line Transaction Processing, OLAP, OLTP, OOP, OpenLink ODBC, Outlook, PCs (Server, desktop and laptop), PDP-11/34A, Office 97, Office 2000, Postscript, PowerPoint, Project Manager, punch-down wiring, PXE, RDBMS, Red Hat Linux; Reflection 4, RS232C, RSTS/E, SAP R/3, SCSI, Sequent Dynix, Shiva LanRover, SQL Server 2000, SQL, Sun Microsystems SunOS 4 and Solaris; Sun OpenLook, Sun SPARC workstations, Switch, Symbol, System/34, PCI, Printer, PSC brand bar code scanners, Longhorn, RDBMS, TCP/IP, telnet, Token Ring, Troubleshoot, User Manager for NT Domains, VAX 11/780, VAXstation 3100, VB6, VBA, Visio Technical, Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic for Applications, VT100, WAN, Windows, XP, Vista, Office, VIIV, Word, XML, Zebra Technologies ZPL II. Scripting in Bourne shell, Perl, VBscript, DCL, IBM S/34, and DOS batch.

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