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Scientist, formulation, bio materials, pharmaceutical, engineering

Durham, NC, 27713
August 26, 2012

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Yunhua Hu, PhD

Address: **** ******** **** ****, ****, NC 27519

Telephone: 919-***-****(home), 412-***-****(cell), 336-***-**** ext. 23318(work)



To seek for an advanced research and development position in the areas of pharmaceutical formulation, polymeric material research and applications, and for an employment located in RTP area.


1. Experiences in pharmaceutical formulation and product development.

2. Experiences in controlled drug delivery technologies including microencapsulation, nanoparticles, hot-melt extrusion matrices, coating, lipid matrices, self-emulsifying delivery systems, hydrogels, softgel capsule.

3. Experiences in oral soft gel capsule, injectible, fast dissolving film and topical dosage forms for a variety of small molecular drugs, nutrients and bio-macromolecules.

4. Experiences in stability and degradation of active ingredients and finish products.

5. Experiences in bio/chemical analytical method development.

6. Experiences in writing and reviewing batch paperwork records, scale-up and pilot experiments and technology transfer.


Dec. 2009-present, Sr. Scientist, Banner Pharmcaps Inc., High Point, NC.

1. Softgel capsule formulation development for a number of APIs and nutritional supplements.

2. Site targeting drug delivery (to the colon) platform development, IP disclosure.

3. Hot-melt extrusion matrices, extended release fill formulations (IP disclosure preparation), fast dissolving films, chewables and gums.

4. Development of enteric softgel mass and non-animal gel mass for softgel encapsulation. Accomplishment includes IP.

5. Formulation project management including GMP batch record writing and review, raw material qualification, batch preparation for clinic study, finish product assay and stability study.

Nov. 2003-Dec. 2009, Research Scientist, Idexx Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Division, Durham, NC.

1. Drug delivery technology developments:

a) Injectable sustained release delivery system based on drug-fatty acid salt, drug-amino acid ester salt, drug-lipid complex technologies;

b) Lipid gel drug delivery system for topical applications;

c) Protein-, siRNA-lipid complex injectable hydrogel delivery system.

2. Formulation and drug product developments:

a) Topical gel formulation delivering multi-active drugs to animal ear to effectively cure chronic infections. Accomplishment includes IP, FDA submission and formulation being licensed to a major pharmaceutical company.

b) Injectable antibiotic-fatty acid salt formulations (macrolide, cephalosporin, florfenicol) for long-lasting action. Accomplishment includes IP and FDA submission.

c) siRNA Injectable in situ hydrogel which possesses sustained release feature. Accomplishment includes IP, achieving high concentration and sustained release that exceeded client’s request.

3. Analytical method developments for new drug product development, including GC, HPLC, LC-MS, release rate test, raw material and finished product physiochemical characterizations, stability and forced degradation.

4. Process developments: Developing scale-up process; preparing formulations under GMP for clinic studies, evaluating and selecting packaging materials.

5. As a project leader developed project strategies and plans/timelines, coordinated associates’ work, searched literature, designed and hand-on performed experiments, summarized and reviewed data, and reported results.

Aug. 2000-Oct. 2003, Research Scientist, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA.

1. Established a gene delivery system based on calcium phosphate/DNA mano-particles for bone tissue engineering, work published.

2. Established project on new injectible starch-based biodegradable hydrogels for cell delivery in tissue engineering, fund granted from National Institute of Health.

3. Established novel approach to construct three-dimensional porous polymer scaffolds as implants to delivery cells and growth factors in bone tissue engineering, work published.

4. Evaluated biocompatible and biodegradable polymers, such as PLA/PLGA, fibrin, hyaluronic acid, for controlled drug release and bone tissue engineering. Fibrin was selected as main component in building tissue engineering implants in situ by inkjet printing, part of the work published.

Jul. 1998-Jul. 2000, Postdoctoral Associate, Oregon Health Science University, Portland, OR.

1. Established biodegradable polymeric macroporous matrices as implants for delivery of growth factors and cells for bone tissue regeneration, work published.

2. Fabricated porous polysaccharide sponges for cartilage regeneration.

3. Evaluated interaction of polymer material with cells and tissues. Cell growth was significantly improved through grafting RGD peptide on hydrophobic PLGA porous scaffold surface, work published.

4. Established methodology to propare microspheres (microencapsulation) for controlled drug release targeting brain cancer, work published.

May, 1997-Jul. 1998, Post-doctoral Associate, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO.

1. Developed a new approach to fabricate biodegradable polymeric macroporous scaffolds as implants for bone tissue regeneration, work published.

2. Synthesized and evaluated surface property of fluorinated polymer materials, work published.

3. Synthesized and evaluated physiochemical properties of self-assembly fluorinated liquid crystal grafted polysiloxanes mono-layers.

4. Synthesized and evaluated polysiloxanes modified with poly(ethylene glycol) grafts containing activated ester group which possesses specific protein and DNA segment adsorption properties, work published.

5. Investigated ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene for artificial joints replacement, and surface modification to improve its lubrication, work published.


Ph.D., Polymer Science, 1995, Wuhan University, Wuhan, China.


References are available upon request.


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