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Jamestown, NY
September 12, 2008

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Dekalb, IL *****




Visual Basic 3.0 - 6.0, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Lotus Domino


MS Access (all versions), Paradox, dBase III+/IV FoxBase, FoxPro, Clipper, SQL Server


MS Excel, Crystal Reports, WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, MS FrontPage, Oracle 9i


Manufacturing, Billing, Medical, Lending, Human Resources, Retail, Scheduling, Telecommunications, Insurance

Application Programmer – Engineered Storage Products (7/07 – 2/08)

Supported modifications and new development of the internal dealer quote application (VB6, Excel VBA, ODBC) as well as the online dealer quote system (SQL Server, HTML, Java Script, ASP.Net, VB.Net); provided back up help desk support for plant personnel; performed various network administrative duties as assigned (Active Directory, tape backup, new user setup)

Software Engineer – Covance (2/07 – 7/07)

Served as part of the project team responsible for application remediation for the conversion to Windows XPSP2 and Office 2003, including the modification of VBA and VB code where necessary as well as the preparation of supporting documentation onto Sharepoint

Consultant – Océ North America (11/06 – 7/07)

Built an application using MSExcel and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) for the Sales Representatives to develop and track equipment configurations for existing and prospective customers

Business Analyst – Wells Lamont Corporation (6/02 – 11/06)

Built an application using MSAccess 2002 and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) for the Industry Customer Service Representatives to track a multitude of aspects pertaining to both incoming and outgoing call interaction with customers, including order tracking and hotlinks to applicable ship tracking websites;

Built an application using JWalk ("green screen" screen-scraper) targeted for the same users which provided the ability to read/write data in both AS/400 and MSAccess data, presented seamlessly in a single front end;

Designed the company website using Nexgen's eCommerce software utilizing Lotus Notes technology providing the means for B2B specifically pertaining to order entry, order status and price & availability, as well as HTML pages; additionally redesigned the company’s industrial website (HTML, ASP.Net);

Development of many additional databases (VB6, MSAccess) utilized by personnel company-wide as well as automated daily spreadsheet application written in Excel VBA which also generated automated emails;

Responsible for registering the company's retail products in the 1SYNC Global Data Registry for synchronization with customers

Consultant - BP Amoco (9/01 - 1/02)

Developed an application in MS Access and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) which is used to track volume and money pertaining to fuel exchanges between the client and approximately 40 partners

Consultant - Everest Healthcare (12/98 - 3/01)

Supported existing and developed new applications for the Corporate Billing and Human Resource departments (MS Access, Visual Basic, ODBC, VBA, VB, Excel and SQL Server), after having assisted initially with the Year 2000 compliance project;

Project Manager - SBC/Ameritech (6/98 - 12/98)

Worked within the Corporate IS Year 2000 Vendor Management division. Obtained Year 2000 compliance information from numerous vendors in direct support of all applications within the corporation, and managed these vendors to GA dates when applicable, escalated matters to the program directors when component compliance might cause potential schedule delays beyond the target completion dates, coordinated data scrubbing and migration from various databases (primarily MS Access), provided weekly metrics, and implemented data uploads to the corporate Intranet database.

Senior Consultant - CNA (9/97 - 1/99)

Made several modifications to the Strategic Sourcing database application (MS Access), in order to enhance existing functions, and to provide additional capabilities;

Developed an upgrade to the Cost Allocation Resource Billing Systems (VB), including the creation of a text file feed to the PeopleSoft Time Capture System after performing various validations, Excel macro (VBA) to automate the generation of pivot tables and multiple calculated columns, provided a centralized installation location, improved the overall application flexibility pertaining to change implementation, established a high level of database normalization, rewrote the application to be more user-friendly and include enhanced reporting features; tested the application, wrote system documentation, migrated the program into production, and performed detailed steps as defined by the client to ensure the application was Year 2000 compliant.

Senior Consultant - Amersham (11/96 - 7/97)

Tested and incorporated modifications to multiple Clipper applications, such as the Time Reporting System and the Journal Entry Upload System, including providing remote 24-hour support for 25 nationwide pharmacies for a system written in Clipper; utilizing CloseUp 6 as the communications software for dialing in, in order to provide technical support, and to implement updates to Drug Master files; modified, distributed, and supported prescription label code used to generate labels with bar codes to accommodate robotic filling of prescriptions; distributed and implemented credit card code, which allowed customer orders by credit card; maintained and supported the Home Office system, which included functions for generating invoices, running balances, and additional processes; developed, implemented, and tested modifications to the Home Office system;

Utilized MS Access 7.0 to create an application to track shields used for transporting radiopharmaceuticals. The system used barcode readers to scan the shields, track their status, and generate various daily reports.

Senior Consultant - SBC/Ameritech (8/95 - 11/96)

Utilized MS Access 2.0 to develop a hierarchical reporting software package that depicted Point of Presence (POP) data from user-selected, high-level line types, and displayed appropriate subsequent branches of data beneath it, including specific billing information and gave full reporting capabilities for either the entire POP or any selected displayed level; Provided a means to query any of the lowest three levels of line type, summary reporting on-screen, hard copy reporting and exports to Excel, administrative options that automatically imported the text data, whereby creating MDBs unique to each POP and a means to revise all users passwords to a common password for security purposes prior to monthly distribution;

Utilized MS Access 7.0 to create an application to house and generate monthly reports, including embedded graphs.

Senior Consultant - McDonald's (7/94 - 8/95)

Developed a Data Management Package for the Order at the Pump project (MSAccess). This project included importing data capabilities, sorting imported results into food events tables and fuel events tables by date. Functionality included creating export capabilities to allow exports to Excel by any logical combination of day, week, month, fueling position, various time milestones, food item, food dollars, fuel type, fuel gallonage, and fuel dollars; summary exporting to Excel, including food and fuel details by date/daypart; offloading data to automatically named MDBs to retain optimum systems performance; full reporting capabilities including any logical combination of day, week, month, fueling position, food product mix by hour/day, and fuel product mix by hour/day;

Created an MS Access 2.0 application to import comma-separated value text files containing all pertinent order information (time, item, quantity, price) into tables unique to the restaurant number. Used the tables to regenerate the orders in a test lab environment under both real-time and induced time scenarios. The tables also tracked time milestones and generated average time reports and histograms using Excel.

Programmer Analyst - Sargent & Lundy, LLC (1984 - 1994)

Used dBase III+ and Clipper to program applications, including: Hardware Tracking, Conference Room Scheduling, Company Out of Office List, Electrical Projects Advisor Manpower Report, Electrical Department Training Programs, Employee Percentage of Billable Reports, Electrical Department Vacation Scheduling and Monitoring Reports, and Electrical Department Technical Expertise Files;

Created Annual Non-Billing budgets and Man-Hour spreadsheets and charts (Excel, VBA);

Developed the Client Data Tracking application and the front-end for a dBase/Clipper hardware tracking application (MSAccess);

Created a front-end of a dBase/Clipper Hardware Tracking application (FoxPro), and converted several dBase/Clipper applications to FoxPro for use in a Windows environment;

Within a Local Area Network, reorganized a storage directory, using Novell utilities to retrieve documents, as well as assign and revoke access rights.

Short-Term Projects

* Revised, tested, and implemented code for the LaSalle/Cragin Loan Origination Verification and Inquiry and Construction Lending systems;

* Created macros to reduce manual maintenance of spreadsheets;

* Automated monthly reporting process for the Contact Quality Center for SBC/Ameritech;

* Designed, coded, tested, and implemented database applications for the Women Infant Children system for the New York State Department of Health;

* Revised report storage procedures used on the LAN, incorporating revisions to various report queries and field functions;

* Converted existing Paradox databases on MS DOS and Windows into MS Access 2.0. Wrote new code and made modifications to the present code in order to accommodate existing logic and incorporate additional functionality for Mobil Oil

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