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Data Entry Customer Service

Baltimore, MD
September 27, 2023

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Isis D. McCray

Cockeysville, MD, US 443-***-****


Experienced Special educator of 8 years with Baltimore City Public Schools. My mission is to provide a safe and effective learning environment; where children/ myself/ and my peers may thrive while enjoying our educational experience. Audio Visual work is something I love and have been passionate about since college. Not only are the experiences memorable; creating long lasting friendships while helping someone’s vision come to life; but the knowledge I’ve been able to acquire has proven to be extremely helpful in all realms/ walks of life.


Freelance Audio- Visual Technician

June 2018- Present Nationwide


● Operate control consoles to regulate volume levels and sound quality.

● Perform audio setup of soundboards, microphones, amplifiers, audio lines and speakers.

● Install speakers, sound boards. wires and cable setups; to deliver sound presentations.

● Monitor multiple sound feeds to preserve appropriate auditory output.

● Maintain physical equipment, overseeing upkeep, deployment and storage to maximize the hardware lifecycle.

● Troubleshoot and resolve technical problems.

● Regulate volume levels and quality during live show.

● Edit raw voice recordings, add sound effects.


● Rig lighting equipment and assess finished work for compliance with specifications.

● Conduct proper set-up of lights, implementing necessary changes during production in addition to running cables.

● Connect, conceal and roll cables and wires.

● Tests and inspect lighting equipment before use and make necessary adjustments and repairs.

● Assist with assembling, moving and positioning production scaffoldings, dollies and stands.

● Patche or wire lights to dimmers or other electronic consoles.

● Fabricate Light fixtures akin to "Minispot".

● Fabricate 12v light bulbs and "smart lights" from prefabricated PCB's.

● Extensive experience in providing technical audio/lighting support for events, conferences, and meetings.

● Proficient in utilizing professional audio/lighting equipment, troubleshooting technical issues, and providing outstanding customer service. Video

● Set up and maintain video equipment

● Backup Camera

**Seasonal Stagehand, Breakout Op**

Special Educator- Teacher

Baltimore City Public Schools June 2020 - June 2023 US, MD, Baltimore.

● Detailed reports on academic levels, accuracy, accomodations, goals, objectives; and services.

● Participated in team planning and organizing a small team of daily inventory activities such as attendance, student interactions, and student intake, Third party billing, Writing IEP's, test conduction.

● Handling data entry and applying designated services (lead teacher in self contain), and small groups.

• ELA/ MATH/ SS SPED team and collaboration meetings.

• Write, plan, participate in; and attend all IEP meetings.

• Administer individualized instruction in reading and math to students in special education (class) and general education (Caseload) as a. push-in and pull-out instructor. (Caseload).

• Implement, formulate, and update FBA and BIP.

Special Education Coordinator (Case Manager)

Baltimore City Public Schools September 2016 - August 2020 US, MD, Baltimore.

● Detailed reports on academic levels, accuracy, accommodations, goals, objectives and services.

● Inventory activities such as attendance, student interactions, and student intake, Third party billing, Writing IEP's, test conduction. • Handling data entry and applying designated services.

● ELA/ SPED team and collaboration meetings.

• Collaborate with and adapt to the needs of internal and external stakeholders to oversee assigned activities, determine progress and effectiveness, and ensure compliance with applicable laws, rules, regulations, and policies.

• Conduct desk reviews and site visits of special education programs to gain information on fiscal operations, ensure compliance with federal. and state laws, review documentation, and communicate findings orally and in writing.

• Determine scope to be used in managing and conducting reviews and audits.

• Reviewing, analyzing, and manipulating data in various formats to assist with analyzing grant financial data as a tool for ensuring. compliance with applicable guidelines.

Special Educator- Apprentice

Baltimore City Public Schools September 2015 - June 2016 US, MD, Baltimore.

• Detailed reports on academic levels, accuracy, and services.

• Data accuracy and integrity.

• Conducting data entry and applying designated services (Co-teacher/ Self contain), and small groups.

• Data Entry: Maryland Online, using Excel, Microsoft office, Third Party Billing. Data Analyst

Anthony Brown Campaign April 2014 - November 2014, US, MD, Baltimore• Canvas areas to gain statistical data for the candidate.

• Report, chart, and graph to illustrate trends, gains, losses, performance, and candidate metrics.

• Improve processes and procedures to enhance voter support metrics. (environmental sustainability metrics with economic and social metrics). • Commision management, co-workers, and employees to implement voter control methods. EDUCATION

Bachelor of Science- Psychology: Statistical Analysis Morgan State University Graduate• US, MD, Baltimore • 2018 • 3.00 SKILLS

Software: Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, Office, Apple Technical Skills: Stage Management, AV1, A2, V2, L2; etc. (Eg. Cam Op, Projectionist, Audio Mixer) SPECS

● Audio mixing

● Decision-making

● Sound quality management

● Recording equipment operation

● Operating control consoles

● Audio production

● Setting up microphones

● Equipment selection

● Organization

● Sound operations

● Lighting technology

● Rigging

● Troubleshooting

● Multitasking

● Problem resolution

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