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Mail Management

Waldorf, MD, 20603
November 19, 2022

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Waldorf, Maryland *****

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Citizenship: United States


Experienced professional with over 35 years of experience as an Administrative Support Specialist, and Financial Analyst. Excellent reputation for resolving problems and improving customer satisfaction. Successful at managing multiple priorities while meeting required deadlines. Experience building cross-departmental relationships using customer service skills, to achieve organizational goals and objectives.


Auditing Communication Metric Reporting

Administrative Support Financial Reporting Budget Research

Document Management Expense Reporting Mail Management

Account Management Supervising Problem Solving

Project Management Data Analysis Financial Management

Reconciliations Journal Entry Record Management

U.S Govt. Publishing Office (GPO)

732 North Capital St. NW

Washington, DC 20401

1986 - 4/2021 - Retired

Management Analyst – (Finance)

Financial Budget Management: Compiled and analyzed financial data using 4 inter-agency accounting information systems including Oracle, OnBase, Fox-Pro and Business Objects. Developed financial spreadsheet reports to monitor monthly financial activities of 69 cost code centers. Researched account transactions to recognize and resolve discrepancies. Collected, prepared, and disseminated budgetary financial data, to track monthly productivity and yearly expenses. Analyze and report monthly financial variances to senior management as needed. Provided department heads with monthly expense performance versus budget to ensure yearly budget funding levels are sufficient for mission support and within execution targets established by each business unit.

Budget Execution: Used automated budgetary system(s) and computer-generated products in accomplishing budgeting assignments. Assembled background data and documentation in support of requests for yearly budget preparation estimates. Monitored the execution of budgets with many different funding sources including multi-year appropriations, allotments from different appropriations, transfers of funds from customer agencies, reimbursements for services performed, and revenue from working capital funds. Reviewed and analyzed monthly, quarterly, and annual financial data of obligations and expenditures, comparing actual expenditures to allocations, to identify instances in which funds have been diverted from their intended purpose, wasted, or mismanaged. Monitored contracts and projects, with proven ability to successfully analyze critical financial data against the

approved project budget and the completion schedule to determine the accuracy of invoices relative to the completion of the project. Prepared data to identify budget over-runs and communicate concerns to business unit officials to implement corrective action. Audited requests for payments received from service providers (contractors) for accuracy, and completeness, before submitting invoices for payment processing.

Accounts Receivable: Utilized Oracle database to track disbursements of monthly bill payments processed for services rendered by 100+ contractors billed to 69 cost code centers within a 30-day bill payment process cycle. Reconciled billing invoices within 5 business days ensuring correct invoice payment amounts, documentation, and internal customer satisfaction with contractor’s performance before processing bills for payment disbursement. Reviewed vendor accounts to research missing invoices, check funding availability, and monitor invoice payment release dates.

Communication: Served as the primary contact and account manager, interfacing with officials from 5 Regional Offices, customer agencies, contractors, senior executives, business unit controllers, analysts, and accountants to ensure proper lines of communication critical in addressing problems and issues requiring immediate attention.

Accounts Receivable: Utilized Oracle database to track disbursements of monthly bill payments processed for services rendered by 100+ vendors and contractors billed to 52 cost code centers within a 30-day bill payment process cycle. Reconciled billing invoices within 5 business days ensuring correct invoice payment amounts, documentation, and internal customer satisfaction with contractor’s performance before processing bills for payment disbursement. Reviewed vendor accounts to research missing invoices, check funding availability, and invoice payment release dates. Applied knowledge of applicable federal laws and regulations while performing daily audits and quality control reviews of voucher claims received for payment processing.

Mail Management: Supervised 6 mailroom employees responsible for sorting/scanning/processing incoming mail/packages received for 17 agency-wide business units. Created new inter-agency mailstops to coincide with department organization charts to facilitate efficient delivery of mail. Monitored daily performance of automated mail processing equipment to ensure system

performance. Scheduled processing times for delivery of security classified mailings, registered mail, priority mail, courier mail, policy mail, parcels, time-stamped mail, and agency publications/directives received by agency staff.

Property Management: Restocked mailroom supplies as needed to meet operating requirements. Scheduled meetings with potential mail management vendor contractors, to test potential mail metering equipment needed to meet requirements for government-wide conversion from Official Mail Accounting System (OMAS) to commercial payment mechanisms.

Office Management: Managed receptionist area, including greeting visitors and operating a multi-line phone system while responding to telephone and in-person requests for information. Received, sorted, distributed, incoming mail and managed all outgoing mail pieces and packages. Managed multiple

administrative duties including proper filing of critical documents, tracked receipt of incoming/outgoing correspondence, photocopying, printing, scanning, and entering various forms of data using Excel, FileMaker Pro., and Microsoft Windows software database programs.

Time Management: Created weekly timesheets to track employee’s time and attendance records.

Calendar Management: Organized Director’s calendar of scheduled events including orchestrating, planning, and organizing conferences and meetings with agency officials, customer agencies, senior-level staff, congressional staff, contractors, security personnel, and members from various organizations.

Conference/Meeting Manager: Worked with senior level department manager to discuss specific requirements and expectations for planned upcoming events including meeting agenda, attendees, location, and scheduled date. Supervised all aspects of event planning including serving as event manager assigning office staff duties associated with the event as needed. Served as liaison working with professionals from diverse backgrounds including caterers, contractors, safety and security personnel to ensure safety of attendees. Developed and provided meeting materials. Arranged documents in order using page/section numbers so attendees could find papers related to current discussion at ease.

Records Manager: Served as Lead technical authority in charge of assisting agency assigned Records Officer, in operating and providing administrative support to agency record management program. Provided agency-wide employee training in record management, retention schedules, and maintaining proper archival/storage of records stored on and off-site. Performed studies in support of program operations to identify appropriate resources needed to improve effectiveness in management of agency records. Utilized MS Access/Excel database programs to develop reports while performing mathematical metric computations of available storage space in 3 on-site record storage file rooms according to cubic, linear, and square feet. Performed analysis of retired records to determine value. Reviewed releases of NARA Bulletin notices to keep abreast of changes in applicable laws and regulations governing management of federal records, while ensuring agency compliance with Federal Regulations.

Record Disposal: Ensured records were retained and disposed of in conformance with legal requirements, policies, and agency regulations. Used most updated agency Comprehensive Record Schedule manual to execute retention policies for disposal of records no longer required for operational purpose; according to established organizational policies, statutory requirements, and mandated federal regulations. Worked with external record management personnel to manage transfer and storage of records off-site to NARA Maryland and Washington, DC record storage facilities. Assisted agency record custodians in the development of file plan systems according to subject, classification, retention, and disposal schedules to meet administrative, legal, and financial requirements of agency.

Record Security: Conducted security compliance quarterly reviews and inspections of on-site file storage rooms to ensure proper protection of confidential records. Coordinated internal access to records, balancing the requirements of business confidentiality, data privacy, and public access.

Record Training: Delivered training and oral coaching to personnel in all aspects of record management including records storage, file systems, destruction of obsolete records, management, record type(s), and their established schedules based on knowledge of the Federal Records Act; FOIA; Privacy Act; established U.S. Codes; Code of Federal Regulations (CFR’s); OMB; and GSA record policies resulting in better management of agency records. Supervised, and assigned work assignments to File Clerk Assistant to accomplish daily program operating goals.

Personnel Security: Assisted agency Personnel Security Specialist with managing employee-sensitive security forms received for security background investigations based on a Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI) by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). Reviewed documents for completeness and accuracy. Maintained electronic database system to track receipt of security clearance packages received by Personnel Security office. Maintained and updated employee security records and related documentation as needed.

Writing & Editing: Utilized (MS) Word/Excel, and Outlook software programs to prepare letters, e-mails, memoranda, contracts, and other internal and external communications for the department Director. Reviewed each document for quality and consistency using instructions outlined in the agency Correspondence Style Manual as a reference guide on written communications and proper use of punctuation, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. In addition, developed departmental Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) used to guide office staff on the required process for submitting Purchase Requests, processing FedEx/UPS invoices.

Property Management: Created purchase requisitions for yearly purchases of office equipment, services, supplies, and furnishings for 7 departmental operating programs within approved $25,000 FY budget. Contacted agency General Accounting Branch for issuance of identification labels to identify new property purchases by description, cost center code, department, and room location. Entered equipment updates in agency property management database system to keep track of new equipment purchases, service maintenance renewals, and non-serviceable equipment.


Team Communications

Principles of Accounting and Finance for Non-financial Professionals

Advanced Data Management in Excel

Marking Classified Information, Defense Security Academy

Security Classified Guidance, Defense Security Academy

Customizing E-mail Views, Navigation, and E-mail Accounts in Outlook

Enterprise Analysis and Making a Business Case

Introduction to MS Project

An Introduction to Project Management

Dynamics of Leadership

Report Writing, US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Graduate School

Understanding Writing Mechanics

Accounting Fundamentals

Foundations of Grammar

Estimating Activity Costs

Oracle Purchasing Inquiry Training

Writing to Reach the Audience

Creating and Maintaining Adequate and Proper Documentation

Federal Records Management

Advanced Records Operations

Basic Records Operations

Introduction to Records Management


Charles County Sheriff Office - Volunteer

Agency Leave Bank Board Member - Volunteer Board Member

Agency Disability Committee/ Disability Awareness Program - Committee Member

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