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Massage Therapist Vice President

Penticton, BC, Canada
October 19, 2022

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AmRita Zaffino




Experienced and Passionate about Healing the amazing body, as a Holistic health professional serving in the healing arts for 30 years, helping myself and others .Alongside,with my skills in developing trust with the health of others,I reach out and look for networking collaborations with individuals or companies that are inalignment with my desires. With passion in networking with others, is key and essential in growth. This resulting in the growth of Sales .

I also practice my geninuine love and compassion for humanity.

Resulting in success in the Holistic aproach to life and self-less living.



2006-present Divine Creatress AMRITA ZAFFINO CEO WombWiseWay

With a unique blend of multi-dimensional healing modalities, I have created a unique safe place for assisting in Pelvic health / Root chakra Wounds. When this work is practiced, Results in healing the physical body is fel. The results also effect mental and spiritual aspects of the individual.Thus raising vibration of health.This practice teachs one to take full responsibility for the self sabbotage behaviours and beliefs, that store in this PORTAL the otherwised called "seat of consciousness" .I wish to offer Giving Knowledge to empower others to Creating a safe place that gently allows, healing with gentle wisdom,all the while bringing more compassion for self and others, opening the space for a deeper, more genuine connection with the Core self. Here to assist in healing trauma and unlocking in-depth unconscious material. The Art of Steaming is my most profound tool for awakening and healing awareness in Pelvic Health that will assit in healthy parasympathetic nervous system.

Coaching Women Before and after birthing

Coaching woman with gynocological issues

Coaching Men with Perinuem Health

Created and Composed WORKSHOPS

Eating For Your Blood Type

First line of Defense Created WHALETEARS releaseall fears with Aromatherapy with Vibrational sound light healing

Awakening the physician within WombWiseWay healing

Experience teaching and practicing healthy body awareness with emphasis on education

QIGONG practitice



2000 - co founded Smart Fix Aspahlt INFARRED solutions to pavement began sales knocking on doors, found success in "black gold" began closing huge contracts and then took off, sold this company for a great profit after 5 years.

Source out Asphalt related work to give solution to pavement issues


1983 -1998 Sorrentino group

15 year tenure actively contributed and realized growth expansion from initial start of 1 to 13 restaurant bistro locations

Motivational Leader able to maintain the highest employee retention rate in locations Creating a Service that sells course for staff teaching them how to increase there TIPS by 15% and REsulted in teaching All 15 locations as sales hit a all time record month due to suggestive selling techniques taught and practiced.Along side this taught healthy emotional well being techniques that were used before shifts that created individuals to be aware and present for each shift.

1996-2006 Primerica Financial Services

10 year tenure: Regional Vice President crossed $100,000 income

- Created, trained and managed Sales Team -50 representives delivering economic services, held weekly Team meetings.

Held strict regulations and confidential code in financial services.

Developed and maintained personal customer base( $1million +) by conducting,from home office and in office appointments.

Contacted New and Existing customers thru research and networking and successful Cold calling.

Collaborated with Sales Team to developed accountability and to motivate team members towards individual excellence using techniques such as NLP, Visioning, Affirmations.

Known for ability to create genuine and trusting rapport

Created team community by providing opportunity for family members to engage through events such as picnics and seasonal activities.

Education and Development

Advance Highschool Diploma

Business Administration NAIT

Harcourt & Matthews hospitality course

Alberta Best Program

Certified Massage Therapist

Certified Aromatherapist

Certified Nutritionist

Live Blood Analysis

Medical Qigong Practioner and TCM

Movement Instructor NIA White Belt

Peri-HYDRO Facilitator

DREAMS unFolding WHILE TAKE action in community has been my focus and every day I live out dreams and love my life of HEALING WITH ART with ALL creations and MOON medicine Drumming CIRCLES NATURE WOMBWISE WALKS

Community Contribution

2022 MY intention this year is to begin SELF HEAL TEACHING PRACTICES FOR HOME HEALERS HEALING HEALERS a place where one can come for freedom of sharing real life emotions related to pelvic health and safe place for everyone to have guidance to remember we heal each other.


Community AWARENESS for 2021 collaborations

WOMBWISEWAY held space for Women in Awakening THE ROOT CHAKRA helped women who needed help with health and spiritual/emotional support


Entered My intellectual creative idea to a POP UP play PARK contest,this was a childhood dream to have a Live Size WHALE Park Join hands with WILD VISION who assisted to submittedour proposal and Won $50000 for this exhibit I then CREATED the 'Followthepod' page FACEBOOK bringing OCEAN awareness. With over 100 000 social views that This exhibit has seen vistors visiting from around the world .


Organized Fundraiser creating a theatre and dinner proformance bringing awareness "Autism" "Childern of Autumn"foundation raised $ 10,000


Organized fundraiser "Children Wish Foundation" raised $2000 in auction items

References upon request

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