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Hobby Lobby Case When

West Hurley, NY, 12491
July 29, 2022

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Kris McDaniel-Miccio, JD LLM JS.D West Hurley, New York 845-***-****


Seasoned, results-focused and strategic professional with broad and extensive experience in law, policy and legislation. Dynamic speaker, skilled motivator and trusted leader adept at inspiring diverse teams of project stakeholders to work together to challenge the status quo for a more just and equitable society. Proven expertise in advocating for and securing human rights. Keen aptitude for producing cutting edge policy, both domestically and internationally, which promotes equality of outcome. An engaging and passionate proponent of equality under law. A master teacher in the legal academy and university and proactive successful organizational leader in the academy, community and international forum.

Core Competencies

Trial & Appellate Advocacy

Master Teacher

Leadership & Motivator

•. Stakeholder Communicator

Policy Analyst


Communicator-oral & written

Grant Writer

Lecturer & Public Speaker

Trainer in law and practice

Consulting Services-Government & NGOs

Community Leader



Career Experience

Professor Emerita of Law

Sturm College of Law University of Denver

Awarded Emeritus status in recognition of the years designing and teaching interdisciplinary and integrative courses in the legal academy. All courses integrated disciplines and theoretical perspectives across academic boundaries, including theology, ethics, legal theory, history and literature. Additionally, each course included a practicum component enabling students an opportunity to test doctrine and theory in a simulated environment. Curricular and teaching expertise recognized by Fulbright, Trinity College, Dublin, Irish Government, EU Commission and International agencies charged with protecting human rights globally.

Miccio McDaniel & Associates, LLC

Political & Legal Consultancy

New York • Dublin • Roma

Founding Director & Chief Consultant

Founded an interdisciplinary firm which provides legal and political consulting for government agencies

in the United State and the European Union. Our work includes developing legal strategies for attorneys, policy-makers, advocates and litigants involved in family courts on matters of parenting, gender motivated violence, abuse and neglect proceedings as well criminal reform specifically as reform/transformative initiatives address and impact women incarcerated for resisting physical, sexual violence and in protecting minor children in the home. MM&A is involved with reframing international treaties to confront and address gender motivated violence against the LGBTQ community as well as women defending themselves and their children. MM&A works collaboratively with local as well as national NGO’s and has been instrumental in crafting policy and legislation particular to amelioration systemic dysfunction in US Family Courts.

Senior Assistant District Attorney

Intimate Partner Violence Intervention Task Force

Ulster County District Attorney

Kingston, New York 12401

Recruited to prosecute domestic violence cases and assist in the roll-out of the Intervention Task Force which integrated the National Neighborhood Network, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, law enforcement, domestic violence advocacy organizations and community and state actors in reducing recidivism, providing safety and accountability by utilizing a restorative justice paradigm. Indeed after three years the Task Force has reduced recidivism by 76%.

Key Contributions

• Provide knowledge of law regarding violence against women and LGBTQ community;

• Felony prosecution of individuals charged with violence against intimate partners;

• Develop restorative justice framework where the nexus of accountability and protection are key;

• Create training model for family and criminal attorneys regarding trauma related issues in intimate relationship cases;

• Design CLE program for NYSBA which explores the use of restorative justice in criminal prosecution;

• Consult with police and members of law enforcement concerning violence against women and gender minorities.

Center for Battered Women’s Legal Services, Sanctuary for Families of New York City

Founding Director & Chief Attorney

Turned a forty-thousand dollar grant into a comprehensive legal services center for battered women which produced policy, legislation and best practices for law enforcement, prosecutors and defense bar. Represented thousands of women charged with fighting back, failure to protect and myriad claims to divest women of the custody of their children. Developed the first pro-bono program which augmented staffing and brought in millions of dollars via in-kind contributions. Structured a community-based Center that became the prototype for legal centers in the US & EU. Changed the the topography of the law through successful criminal appeals for women wrongly convicted.

The Center is now the largest program in the US and globally.

Key Contributions:

Created first pro bono domestic violence project in the United States, adding 150 pro-bono attorneys to Center staff. Volunteer hours reflected 3.2 million dollars of in-kind contribution

Raised over 1.6 million dollars from private foundations and funders

Created networks between advocates and state actors to address violence against women

Developed oversight of NYPD concerning wrongful arrests of women survivors of violence

Litigated precedent setting cases in family & criminal law

Successfully integrated stakeholder and state actors to develop and execute accountability paradigms for law enforcement, health, bench and bar in addressing domestic violence.

Successfully developed training in identifying, addressing and employing best practices in responding to homophobic violence.

University of Denver Sturm College of Law

Professor of Law & Hughes Research Professor

Produce scholarship, conduct research, and deliver instruction for the following courses: Criminal Law and Procedure, Family Law, Jurisprudence, Seminar on the Holocaust, Seminar on Gender Violence, Seminar on Religion, Equality & Same Sex Marriage, and Colonization & Genocide.

Key Contributions:

Generated over $200K in research grant money.

Awarded two Public Good Grants, the Hughes-Ruud Research Professorship, and two Fulbright Scholar Awards.

Organized Innocence Project in collaboration with Denver Community and law school

Selected by peers to lead consultancy on US Supreme Court case.

Developed four international conferences, co-sponsored with the Irish Fulbright Commission,

University College Dublin Social Justice Program. Participants from 17 countries/23 states diverse professions and constituencies

• Legal Analyst to print, digital media e.g. NYT, LAT,ABC Evening News, Irish Times, NPR, PRI

University College of Dublin, Ireland

Fulbright Scholar/Senior Research Associate/Visiting Professor

Fulfilling a dual appointment, serving as a consultant on Modern Learning Techniques and as a visiting professor and scholar in criminal law and procedure. Provide frameworks to prompt students to examine law in the United States as well as in the Irish Republic on conceptions of equality. Developed and facilitated workshops for faculty members, demonstrating effective feedback and assessment, implementation of peer learning and development of learning labs.

Key Contributions

Recipient Fulbright Scholar Award to conduct research on domestic violence in a traditional Catholic country.

Designed a modern learning program for Irish law faculty through development of diverse methodologies which were integrative & experiential-creating a pedagogy which taught applied theory to student solicitors and barristers

Empowered students by developing critical research and lawyering skills via simulation based & collaborative learning.

Consultative services to federal government agencies and NGOs on confronting inequality in the criminal justice system, state accountability for perpetuation of ethnic (Travelers), gender asymmetry

Recognized for excellence as Attorney and Scholar by the Irish Law Society with the Lifetime Achievement Award in Human Rights.

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Visiting Professor & Scholar

Appointed to teach comparative family law. Lectured on legal issues emerging from Castle Rock v. Gonzales and the Confrontation Clause cases: Crawford, Giles, and Davis. Conducted research on lesbian and transgender identity law and culture within the U.S. and Ireland.

Key Contribution:

Received an Honorary Life Membership to the Law Society of Ireland, an honor shared with notable recipients such as President Mary Robinson, President Michael Higgins, President William Jefferson Clinton, Nobel Laureate Seamus Heaney, Theorist, Noam Chomsky, and Justice Antonin Scalia.

California’s Western State University College of Law

Associate Professor of Law

Taught criminal law & procedure and developed an integrative and interdisciplinary seminar on violence against women and self-defense. Cutting edge research & scholarship in development of theories to defend women charged with failure to protect where evidence of domestic violence.

Key Contributions

Integrated readings on race, gender inequality into courses

Facilitated school wide programs on homophobia

Developed and executed national conference on feminist jurisprudence and violence against women

Political & legal commentary for print, digital media, E.g. LAT Orange County Register, KCRW


Visiting Clinical Professor of Law & Director, Family Violence Litigation Clinic, Albany Law School, Albany, New York

Visiting Professor, Women Studies Program,, University of New York at Albany, Albany, New York

Visiting Professor, Women Studies Program, State University of New York, New Paltz N.Y

Founding & Executive Director, Institute on Family Violence and Policy Studies, Rockefeller College, University of New York, Albany, New York

Assistant Director, Continuing Education & Founding Director, Returning Adult Program, Hudson Valley Community College, Troy, New York

AWARDS-Not a complete list

• Fulbright Scholar

• Hughes-Ruud Research Professorship, Sturm College of Law, University of Denver

• Erasmus Mundus Fellowship, European Commission

• Marie Curie Transfer of Knowledge Fellowship, European Commission

• Fulbright Senior Specialist

• Susan B Anthony Award, NOW-NYC

• Public Interest Lawyer of the Year, Association of the Bar of the City of New York

• Human Rights Award, Irish Law Society

• Honorary Life-Membership Award, Irish Law Society

Education and Bar Admissions

Doctor in the Science of Law • Master of Law

Columbia University School of Law – New York, New York

Juris Doctor

Antioch University School of Law – Washington DC

Master of Arts in Public Policy & Administration

Rockefeller College, University of New York – Albany, New York

Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Philosophy

Marymount College of Fordham University – Tarrytown, New York

Bar Admissions

New York State – US Supreme Court – US Circuit Court for the Second Circuit

US Federal District Court, Southern District – US Federal Court, Eastern District

Professional Affiliations

National Defenders Association

Law and Society Association

Colorado Women’s Bar Association

Society of American Law Professors

American Bar Association

New York Women’s Bar Association

Association of the Bar of the City of New York

Family Courts Committee, Association of the Bar of the City of New York

LGBT Lawyers Association, Denver, CO

Selected Publications

Pathologising Women, Excusing Men: Using Junk Science in Gender Equality Cases, ALB.L.Rev (2022 forthcoming)

Religious Hegemony, Gender Inequality and the Denouement of LGBTQ Rights in 21st Century America, (forthcoming 2022)

Lawrence v Texas, in FEMINIST JUDGING, Cambridge University Press (2017)

You Can't Remain Neutral on a Moving Train – Marriage Equality in the States & Ireland: Thoughts on Freedom to Marry, Religious Heteronormativity, and Conceptions of Equality, 5 DePaul J. Women, Gender & L. (2016) Available at:

Confronting the Gendered State: A Feminist Response to Gender Inequality and Gender Violence in the United States and the Irish Republic, 40 Wisc. J. Law, Gender & Society 118 (2015)

Tzadek, Tzadek Thou Shalt Pursue: A Feminist Analysis of Windsor, Hobby Lobby, 27 Cardozo Journal of Gender & the Law, 221 (2015)

An American in St. Patrick’s Court: Gender-Violence, Gender Inequality and the Irish Feminist Response, in DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: A COMPARATIVE APPROACH (Oxford Univ. Press 2015)

Miranda, Morality, National Security and Terrorism: A Reply to Professor Halberstam, 2 DU Crim Law Rev. 4 (2012)

The Death of the Fourteenth Amendment, Castle Rock and its Progeny, 17 Wm. & Mary J. 12 (2012)

Giles v California: Is Justice Scalia Hostile to Battered Women? 87 Texas L. Rev. See Also, 93 (2009)

A Cruel Deception: Castle Rock, Constitutional Protection and Conceptions of State Accountability, 10, Geo. J. Gender & Law (2009)

If Not Now When? Individual and Collective Responsibility for Male Intimate Violence, 15 Wash. & Lee J. Civ. Rts & Soc. Justice 405 (2009)

What’s Truth Got to Do With It? A Deontological Critique and Response to Tom Lininger’s Article “Reconceptualizing Confrontation after Davis,” 85 Texas L.Rev. See Also 39 (2007)

Exiled from the Province of Care: Domestic Violence, Duty and Conceptions of State Accountability, 37 Rutgers L. Rev. 112 (Spring 2006)

A House Divided: Mandatory Arrest, Domestic Violence and the Conservatization of the Battered Women’s Movement, 42 Houston L. Rev. 231; (2005)

Selected Presentations

Mass Incarceration, Race & the War on Drugs, Race, Place & Law Collective, Denver Colorado

Transform or Reform the Criminal Justice System, University of Colorado

The Innocent Convicted: A Miscarriage of Justice, University of Colorado

Criminal Injustice: Disparities based on race, sex & class, University College Dublin, IE

Identity: Is the Personal Political?, Columbia University Law School, NYC, NY

Marriage Equality & Gender Violence: Gender Violence in the U.S., University of NY

Equality in the Age of Trump, SCOL

Gender Equality and Religious Expression, Center for Women in Government and Civil Society, Rockefeller College

Confronting Gender Difference: Why I Sued Colorado, UCD, Dublin, ROI

Gender Violence and Gender Inequality: The Moral Paucity of U.S. Supreme Court Decisions, National University of Ireland, Galway ROI

Same Sex Marriage in the United States: What a Difference a Decade Makes, Invited Speaker, UCD School of Law, Dublin, ROI

Gender Violence, State Accountability and the U.S. Supreme Court: Deconstructing Castle Rock Invited Speaker, Queens University, Belfast, NI

Windsor and Prop 8-Deconstructing the Paradigm Shift, Invited Speaker, University of Denver, Sturm College of Law, Denver, CO

Domestic Violence, State Accountability: A Tale of Two Countries, Invited Speaker, University College, Cork ROI

Is the Fourteenth Amendment a Fond Memory? Rethinking Policy After Castle Rock Symposium, Columbia Law School, NY, NY

Understanding Difference: Diversity within the LGBTQI Community: U.S & Ireland, Trinity College, Dublin IE

What is this thing called “Intersectionality?”, NUI Galway IE; Columbia University Law School, NY, NY; University of Colorado, Boulder, ACLU, Denver CO

Male Intimate Violence, Battered Women and Conceptions of State Accountability Research Roundtable, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

Castle Rock v Gonzales: Ruling Outside the Bounds of the Constitution and Conceptions of State Accountability Invited Speaker Columbia Law School, NY, NY

Deconstructing Scalia: A Feminist Analysis of Giles, Davis and Castle Rock Conference, St. Johns Law School, Queens, NY

Due Process: What Process is Due Battered Women Conference, New York University Law School, NY, NY

The Legal and Moral Foundations for Same Sex Marriage, SBA Workshop, University of Denver, Denver, CO

What’s Justice Got to Do with It: Court Decisions Since Castle Rock Speaker Series, Association of the Bar of the City of New York, NY, NY

The Nexus Between Child and Mother Abuse New York State Judicial College

The Impact of Castle Rock and Its Progeny on Constitutional Protection of Battered Women, Keynote Address: Conference, National Association of Judges

Rethinking Mandatory Arrest in Domestic Violence Cases Conference, St Johns Law School, Queens, NY

How to Litigate A Domestic Violence Case When your Client is on Drugs, the Case is Before Judge Judy and the State Has Charged Her With Failure to Protect, Keynote, Conference Fordham University Law School, NY, NY

The Vagaries of Battered Women’s Syndrome: Why Lenore Walker’s Theory is Problematic Conference, California State University, Fullerton, CA

When Police Fail to Protect-Finding a Legal Theory to Hold the State Accountable Conference, Fordham University Law School, NY

When Religious Freedom Collides with Conceptions of Equality-Hobby Lobby, Arizona’s Religious Freedom Act. Symposium, University of Denver Sturm College of Law

A Cruel Deception: Deshaney, Castle Rock & Burella- Failure of Law and Abandonment of Care. Conference, California State University, Fullerton, CA

In the Matter of Glenn G Children v In the Matter of Simpson Children: The Legal Disconnect Keynote, Conference, Domestic;

Consultations – not a complete list

City, State & Federal

US Senate Judiciary Committee, Hate Crimes

US Senate Committee, VAWA

NYS Governor’s Office, Hate Crimes Legislation

NYS Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence

NYS Assembly Committee on Children & Families

NYS Department of Corrections

NYS Assembly, Codes Committee

NYC Mayor’s Office

NYC Criminal Courts Committee

NYC Police Department, LGBTQ Committee

Orange County California District Attorney’s Office

Denver District Attorney’s Office


UN Special Rapporteur, Violence Against Women

Queens College, Belfast, NÍ

Trinity College, Dublin IE

University College Dublin, Dublin IE

COSC-Federal Office for the Prevention of Domestic & Gender Motivated Violence

Women’s Aid

YES! Campaign for Same Sex Marriage

Media-not a complete list

•New York Times

•Orange County Register, CA

•New York Daily News

•Colorado Legal News

•New York Law Journal

•Los Angeles Times

•New York Newsday

•New York Post

•Denver Post, CO

•Irish Times

•Westword, CO

•The Village Voice

•Associated Press

•Gay Star News, London UK

•ABC Evening News with Peter Jennings


•NPR-The Law Show

•Larry King Live


•Channel 5 News, NY

•Network News, Denver, CO

•Channel 2, Denver, CO

•Good Day LA

•NPR-Saturday Edition

•KCRW, The Warren Only Show

•The Gloria Neal Show

•PRI-Public Radio International

•CPR-Colorado Public Radio

•Court TV

•Scripps Media

•Channel 7, Denver Outlet

Comment and Analysis (not a complete list):

Cases: OJ Simpson, Kobe Bryant, Laci Petersen, Joseph

Holmes (Aurora Theater Shooter),

On U.S. Supreme Court Decisions: Windsor, Obergefell, Prop 8, Hobby Lobby, Castle Rock.

On Policy- State and Federal, Violence Against Women Act, Federal Hate Crimes Reporting Act, Mandatory Arrest, Marriage Equality, Male Intimate Violence

Other Qualifications- Rabbi, Jewish Spiritual Leaders Institute, NYC, NY

Certified NYS Teacher- Grades 7-12 Social Studies.


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