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Entry Data Cycle Power

Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia
$2500 / Months
October 25, 2021

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Date: **th Sep ****


Joint Operation

Company Secretary


Ad Duqm-Al Wusta, Oman


OQ8 Refinery Project – EPC3 2020 – As Company Technical Secretary (SAIPEM S.p.A- Oman), BP Tangguh Expansion Project Train3 2018 - As Site Project Secretary, GPG- SINARMAS 2017 - As Project Secretary, YINSON PRODUCTION, Ltd - OCTP Ghana FPSO project 2015 as Senior DCC & Project Admin Officer, SIEMENS Fabrication Yard

- Petrobras-P76 Automation & Electrical Module as Project Admin & DCC, 2014 GLOBAL PROCESS SYSTEM - FPSO LAMSON (PTSC) & BUKIT TUA (PETRONAS) as Mechanical Completion Administrator, 2012 Bechtel APLNG - SIEMENS Fabrication as Project Admin, 2011 Premier Oil-Logistic as Administrator, 2010 Murray & Robert, Pty, Ltd- GORGON-LNG project as Project Administrator, PT. SMOE 2008-2010 TUNU Phase 11&12 (Manifold & NCP) TOTAL Indonesie project and GAJAH BARU project - Premier Oil as HSE Secretary, 2006-2007 CEGELEC for BP Tangguh Platform

(Gunanusa Fab.) FPSO SANTOS-SEA GOOD 101 as Technical Amin, 1998 WIRA MATRA GUNA- Krakatau Steel project as QC Document Control, 1997 Combined Cycle Power Plan-Muara Tawar (BBS-PPTSEI) as Engineering Clerk, 1994 DATA PERSADA-Surabaya as Administration.


Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Power Point, Microsoft Project, E-room, SAP, CMMS, ACONEX, Share Point, MS Team

Familiar with Accounting program and Software, Contract Documents, Purchase Orders, Outgoing Correspondence, Scheduling Meeting, Office Supplies, Payroll, Document Control, Expense Report, Project File, Office Procedure, Word Processing, Management Support, Secretarial support, RFI Document, Completion & MS Team Document as well.

Fluent in English Oral & written

Good Organization & Teamwork player, self-motivated individual worker, Fast learner, able to multi-task, can handle work pressure well.


LPL ARIYANTI Accounting & Management Business

English Course – Elementary Class, Microsoft Office Power Point, IELTS Training.

Project Management Foundations – Course 3hrs 20m Villa Pesona Asri Blok

A10/15, Batam,

Kepulauan Riau







Diploma Accounting

& Business



Date of Birth




ISI (Ikatan Sekretaris Indonesia & Administration Professional) Associated of Secretary Indonesia – Batam greater.

Seminars Event Organized, Cooperate in the field of Education and Charity.

3rd Nov 1973, Indonesia

X410411 Exp: 5th Jul 2023

Work Experience:

OQ8 Refinery Project – Saipem-CB&I JO, Ad Duqm-Al Wusta, Oman Company Secretary

Period: 1st February 2020 to present


Provide a full range of secretarial duties and overall administration support to Integrity Project Management Team and report to General Manager.

Contract Administrator support to fix correspondence letter to Contractor.

Daily update Incoming & out going letters correspondence and share distribute matrix to IPMT.

Assist to prepared draft letters daily basic to respond to the Contractor and Third party.

Manage Meeting schedule with Contractor and prepare agenda table.

Support on boarding of new starters, desk and IT set-up requisition.

Scan documents & archiving by the system

Introduced core office systems, which resulted in increased efficiency of work processes.

Set up a core system to organize incoming mail which eliminated distribution hurdles completely.

Distributed documents via Share Point

Streamlined the client scheduling system, resulting in increased communication between client office and contractors.

Implemented a novel filing system that dynamically assigned library numbers to folders and files

LNG Tangguh Expansion Project – CSTS JO, West Papua, Indonesia Site Project Secretary

Period: 30th Jul 2018 – 30th Jun 2019


Provide a full range of secretarial duties and overall administration support to PMT and report to Construction Director

& Project Director.

Manage Meeting rooms and facility requested, attend and taking minutes and distribute in timely manner

Updating Organization Chart by be-weekly

Support on boarding of new starters, desk and IT set-up requisition.

Managing correspondence Incoming & out going letter update register

To assist managers line with daily reports, expense claim.

Make all necessary arrangements (Overseas) for appointments, function, meeting accommodation and travel.

Ordering & maintaining Stationary, Equipment and manage.

Resolved disputes between different departments and staff members

Streamlined the client scheduling system, resulting in increased communication between Sub-contractors, office and client.

Maintaining database and filing systems

Pulp & Papper – SINARMAS (GPG) Jakarta – Karawang, Indonesia Project Secretary

Period: 20th Mar 2017 – 27th Jul 2018


Arrange travel and accommodation local & executive trip overseas through office system

Prepare for Power Point slides for presentation

Booked Teleconference meeting facility via SAP and coordinate with meeting participants.

Prepare meeting facility, attend the meeting and taking minutes and distribute in timely manner

Assist with tendering documents including bid list preparation and prequalification evaluation

Arrangement expatriate expenses claim

Liaise with site HR, Accounting and for general admin to follow up expense claim

Liaise with agent for expatriate legal documents for KITAS and VISA

Maintain confidential records and filling reports correspondence

Provides support to the departmental leadership team as required related to travel coordination and expense reporting.

SES system payment bill invoicing by monthly

Assist to Site Project Director and Project Managers for operational arrangement & GA

Project administration including assisting the PM and QS with preparation and procurement of contract and compliance documentation including producer statements and supplier guarantees.

Arrange travel and accommodation for domestic & executive trip overseas through office system and follow up.

Project Quality plans and QA procedures with regard to contractual obligations.

FPSO Ghana Top Side Module project- YINSON PRODUCTION, Ltd, Batam, Indonesia

Senior Document Controller & Admin Officer

Period: 15th Jul 2015 – 27th Dec 2016


Develop and maintain document process for the efficient management & recording all documentations.

Ensure documents are received, verified, processed, distributed and tracked in accordance with Document Control procedures, approved distribution matrices

Assist with the preparation of Change Management Documentation

Regularly checking drawings status, verify cover and distributed to all contractors via e-room system

Assist engineering to rectify an error on the part of the cover drawings native – Structure & Piping

Liaise and ensure to contractors and all participants use the update specification company

Maintaining and archive via e-room system for the company, hard copy and soft copy all documents

Liaise with Project Management & Team, Client and Sub- contractors effectively & resolve problems & issue’s relating to documentation.

Update SMDR and inform for team members by weekly

Booked meeting room &Conference facility

Liaise with agent company support for Expatriate legal documents

Responsible for Control/Track/Issue of complete project documentation such as incoming and outgoing

correspondence, site instructions, change orders, NFC, RFI, RFM, Letters, staff daily report, Submittals and other forms of pertinent documents from the client and subcontractors (including internal documents)

Automation Module Petrobras Project - SIEMEN FABRICATION, Batam Project Admin & Document Control

Period: 1st Aug 2014 – 14stJul 2015


Receiving all project documents include Procedures, ITP, Specification and drawings soft copy & hard copy update and distribute to all participant (subcontractors)

Maintaining a register of all incoming and outgoing mail, stamping drawing and recording of mail before circulating for distribution to the Project Manager as Project Communication and Document Control and Supervision Quality Procedures

Maintaining document logs for correspondence, material approval submittals, shop drawing, RFI (incoming & outgoing)

Ensuring all management system documentation is the current version and easily accessible.

Ensuring that all parties complying with the Management System requirement

Update MDR Register by weekly and keep inform to all team

Assist engineering to prepare requests for reproduction of documents/drawings.

Maintaining databases and filing systems


Mechanical Completion Administrator

Period: 9th Apr 2013 – 9th May 2014


Prepared ITR document for Inspection Test Record all modules used Project tools system all disciplines, following P&ID and Isometric

Preparing documents ITR’s attachment: Data sheet, Drawing’s layout, Detail Drawing, P&ID, Block Diagram, Termination Diagram, Cable Schedule, Hook up Drawing and Isometric.

Follow up ITR’s to getting approval from client officially and controlled transmittal submitted to get company approval

Update status all ITR’s issued to site to inspection and return as ITR complete status on the Register Sheet.

Scan all dossier documents for soft copy back up data

Uploaded ITR’s to Company System


Project Administrator

Period: 29th Oct 2012 – 28th Jan 2013


Prepare meeting agenda and facility, attend the meeting and taking minutes distribute in timely manner

Taking Weekly Minute Of Meeting for HSE and Construction

Arrangement transport time to time and accommodation for visitor and expatriates

Follow up Subcontractors documents report for approved from company

Prepare and process payroll to ensure accurate and timely payment of salary.

Manage and process all employer related Claims

Attend to enquires on payroll, leave insurance, etc.

Assist preparing for the inauguration ceremony at the office site

Arrangement accommodation, hotel reservation and ferry tickets.

Alwasit Project – SAIPEM Karimun Yard (BAMINDO Manpower Supply)- Karimun

General Affair

Period: 5th Jun 2012 – 15th Oct 2012


Prepare Accounting Cash Flow Report to Project Manager

Arrangement & Monitoring Staff mobilization to Saipem site Karimun

Arrangement Time sheet daily for workers

Prepared Invoicing and follow up submission

Tax arrangement, Payroll and administration supported

Accommodation arrangements for all workers

Prepare and process payroll to ensure accurate and timely payment of salary.

Assist preparing for the inauguration ceremony at the office site Heavy Logistic – PREMIER OIL, Batam

General Administration

Period: 20th Apr 2011 – 20th Oct 2011


Liaise with Agency for prepared Shipping documents export & import

Follow up material import documents to all Premier Projects at Natuna

Published and follow up and correction Invoices receive from Contractors and other parties to responsible company reviewed to get approval

Taken Minutes of Meeting with Contractor and other parties

Manage hard copy filing of Custom Documents include material documents

Responsible for complied with Management System contained send hard copy to Jakarta office

GORGON Project – MURRAY & ROBERT, Pty, Ltd - Batam Project Administrator

Period: 15th May 2010 – 20th Apr 2011


Provide a full range of secretarial duties and overall administration support to Integrity Project Management Team and report to General Manager.

Provide a full range of secretarial duties and overall administration support to Project Team consortium and report to Project Manager.

Maintain executive agenda and assist planning appointments, board meetings, conferences.

Record and update status of incoming & outgoing letter correspondence

Make travel arrangements for executives Batam – Singapore – Perth office

Check and follow up invoicing to get approval

Prepare expense and control petty cash and report to Perth office.

General office support e.g. on boarding of new starters, desk and IT set-up.

TUNU 11 EPSC project, NCP2 & NMP3 TOTAL Project – SMOE INDONESIA GAJAH BARU CPP & LQ Project, Batam

HSE Secretary

Period: 25th Mar 2008 – 6th May 2010


Providing information to supervisors, co-workers, and subordinates by telephone, in written form, e-mail, or in person

Research and establish relationships with occupational clinics for field work sites

Provides management with timely accident/injury trending and other compliance reports as requested

Monitors compliance with Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan

(SWPPP) and Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plan


Assist site Health, Safety and Environment manager with organizing meeting packets, updating procedures, and filing documents

Assist department with the overall administration of workers compensation claims and program

Coordinates and maintains with safety manager the development and implementation of safety procedure and policies

BP Tangguh Platform Project – CEGELEC, Cilegon


Technical Admin

Period: 1st Jul 2006 – 15th Aug 2007


Check and control validation/verifying all documents received include correct Number drawing, revision, title of drawing and legality

Ensure all drawings update distributed to workers at site

Assist prepared daily activity report at site and send to Company

Assist prepared for Shutdown & Blow down Valve report

Assist prepared Leak Test report.

Marking drawings for Instrument materials installed

Prepared material Elect & Instrument installation Summary

Marking color cable installation schedule

Prepared and follow up Pulling Cable Report to get company approval

Time sheet daily basic to all team, submitted to Jakarta office. Krakatau Steel Project – WIRA MATRA GUNA, Cilegon

QC Document Control

Period: 8th Jul 1998 – 24th Feb 2004


Follow up Material Traceability as following certificate

Assist Fit Up &Visual Report preparation

Assist prepare Welding Summary Report

Assist prepare Non Destructive Report (NDT Report)

Assist prepare Ultrasonic Inspection Report (UT)

Assist prepare Magnetic Particle Inspection Report (MT)

Up date entri data Non Conformance Report and summaries Combine Cycle Power Plant Project – Konstruksi Muara Tawar – PPTAI SEI, Jakarta

Engineering Clerk

Period: 4th Jul 1995 – 7th Jun 1997


Maintain hard copy drawings (A0, A1, A3), Structure, Piping, E&I, HVAC, and distribute to all supervisors and subcontractors

Maintain P & ID, Isometric drawings and As built drawings

Ensure all drawing updated before distributed to all parties project team

Prepared register all drawings from Engineering design update to the system

Assist Document Control entry data vendor

Sincerely yours’

Erna Wijayanti

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