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Charlotte, NC
October 20, 2021

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* ***** **** *********** ********** experience including Xcode, Swift, Objective-C.

* *** ****** **** ********* to the App Store.

Overall combined software/database/IT and iOS experience spans 9+ years.

Able to develop UI designs by design team using Interface Builder, Storyboards and XIBs as well as programmatic development in Swift and Objective-C.

Experience in designing & developing User Interface applications, integrating with various Databases and Client-Server applications in iPhone/iPad application development using Objective-C, C++, Swift, Cocoa Touch, UIKit, SQL, Cocoa Bindings, Core Animation, custom UIControls, and Object-Oriented Programming (OOA&OOD)

Implemented design and functionality using MVVM architectural patterns, various design patters on a framework of RxSwift.

Used the same XIB & Storyboards to design for iPhone 5 and older iPhones by using Auto Layout.

Designed as a universal application for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Developed project related documentation: System Requirements Document, Application Connection Template, Code Clearance Document, Test Cases, etc.

Used Storyboards and Auto Layout to implement UI/UX design working closely with UX designer.

Experience working in multicultural Agile Scrum environments with both local and remote teams.

Worked with team of 50+ developers and managers in an Agile environment

Experience integrating with multiple RESTful web services and parsing JSON responses

Experienced in working with data parsing forms such as XML and JSON, to dynamically display data on iPhone/iPad.

Worked with QA leads, graphic design leads, project managers to effectively develop applications.

Solid understanding and use of various iOS frameworks such as: UIKit, MapKit, CoreLocation, AVFoundation, MKAnnotations

Analyzed customer requirements and created a project plan and functional analysis for the design of the application.

Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, Unix and Linux.

Fully expertise in iOS SDK, Objective-C, X-code and its framework.

Experience in iOS development using Swift 4, Swift 5, Objective-C and Cocoa development for iPhone and iPad devices in Xcode 11.x, Interface builder, UIKit, Cocoa Touch.

Worked with Push Notifications to receive important park news.

Proficient in source control with Git, Stash, SourceTree, SVN.

Worked closely with various departments to ensure that our iOS mobile app delivers the greatest experience to the end user.

Solved major defects in iOS mobile app navigation controller behavior using Swift.

Performed visual QA on layouts on both iOS and Android to ensure pixel-perfect implementation

Previously implemented CoreData and SQLite for local and remote data storage; minor experience with iCloud.

Designed and developed persistent data layer using Core Data for iOS.

Good with pushing, pulling, committing and resolving merge conflicts.


Programming Languages: Objective-C, Swift, HTML/CSS, C#, ASP.Net, PHP, Java, C++ -

Mobile OS: iOS, watchOS

Frameworks: Core Animation, Core Bluetooth, Core Graphics, Core Location, AVFoundation, MapKit, UIKit, XCTest, EventKit, Social Framework

Databases: CoreData, SQLite, Microsoft Access

Gaming Engines: Unreal, Unity

Tools: Xcode, Jenkins, JIRA, CocoaPods, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe FreeHand, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe AIR, Direct3D

User Interface: CocoaTouch, Storyboards, XIB, Auto Layout, Size Classes, CSS

Techniques & Architecture: Object Oriented Programming, MVC, MVVM, Continuous Integration, KVO, KVC, Notifications, Singleton, Delegates, Protocols, NSCoding, Agile Scrum, Test Driven Development (TDD)

Web Services / Networking: REST APIs, SOAP, JSON, XML

Source Control and Collaboration Tools: Git, GitHub, Subversion (SVN), Confluence, Bitbucket

Other: Adobe Flash

Leadership: Lead Sprint Planning, Requirement gathering, Code Reviews

August 2019 - Present





Ally Bank app is a financial app for Ally Bank and Ally Invest which allows it’s clients to carry out day to day banking and investment.

Worked as part of a cross-functional team of 6 people including product owner, programmers and quality analysts.

Maintained and implemented new features in Ally Mobile banking application for Ally Invest banking platform using Objective-C and Swift.

Implemented changes to unify bank transfers within the app moving away from two different transfer systems and implemented features to allow users to initiate transfers directly from their portfolio.

Implemented redesign of invest portion of the app to create a better user experience including new features to allowing users better management of their orders.

Worked with services team to design and implement new web services to move from 3rd party web services to in house services for stock/options information.

Implemented new feature to simulate, with charts, different portfolio performances in response different. financial crises to educate clients and help them make better decisions in such times.

Improved accessibility in the application to meet WCAG standards for a better experience for disabled users. Corrected bugs and defects identified by QA team.

Managed tasks using Jira and version control with SourceTree.

Took part in code reviews using Bitbucket to improve code quality.

Improved accessibility in the application using iOS Accessibility features.

Developed the iOS app in Xcode in Objective-C and Swift.

Followed Agile process and took part in daily and weekly and Agile/Scrum sprint planning meetings, and bi-weekly backlog refinement.

Debugged the iOS application when defects were raised by quality analysts.

Recommended and implemented changes to improve accessibility in the application based on WCAG standards.

Worked with various teams to debug and resolve issues.

Worked with UI/UX team to ensure designs met iOS design guidelines, ensure designs utilized reusable design patterns, and make changes to support a single bank transfers interface on MVC architecture.

Created custom views using Swift and UIKit for reusability throughout app.

Implemented new feature using Swift and UIKit to educate and guide users when trading in regards to federal regulation T and to also restrict trades to prevent violations.

Implemented new feature to enable trading during extended stock market hours according to bank and market standards using swift and UIKit.

Implemented strategy pattern to reduce redundant code for several existing and new swift view controllers for user education features.

Met and worked with third-party and intermediary teams to ensure services developed met existing coding requirements.

Consumed SSL secured web services to perform transfers.

Worked with programmatically created UI using AutoLayout, Swift and Objective-C.

Fixed several accessibility issues related to screen reader (iOS native voice over).

Implemented new feature to simulate different portfolio performances based on varying financial situations to educate clients and help them make better decisions.

Implemented in app web views for processes not yet enabled in app.

Analytics tagging using site catalyst for new and existing features.

Technologies: Objective-C, Swift 4.2, XCode, Jira, Auto Layout, Constraints, MVC, SSL, SourceTree 3, Agile Scrum, WCAG standards, Git, BitBucket, XCTest, Site Catalyst, Strategy Platform, iOS, Object-Oriented Programming, CocoaPods, Confluence

March 2018 – August 2019





Worked in an Agile environment with daily scrum meetings and bi-weekly sprint meetings (Sprint Planning, and Sprint Grooming).

Implemented SiteCatalyst to track all behaviors of user.

Worked in Swift, coding in Xcode, and improved app scalability and performance by transitioning codebase to RxSwift codebase and implemented RxCocoa for frameworks and dependency management.

Implemented various OOP practices including MVVM architecture and KVO and Singleton patterns.

Worked on UI using Xcode, Interface Builder, and XIBs and programmatic development in Swift.

Worked with Swift 3 and Swift 4 in the implementation of the mobile app.

Utilized AlamoFire for back-end networking to consume RESTful web services and parsed with NSJSONSerialization and placed into model objects.

Worked with Storyboards to refactor several UI layouts based off wireframes to heighten the user experience

Worked with Storyboards, Size Classes and AutoLayout constraints for graceful orientation handling and support for various iPhone and iPad devices

Asynchronously fetched server data while maintaining a responsive user experience.

Adapted Core Animation and CALayer to crop and animate images over videos.

AV Foundation implementation- AV Audio Player Class for the Pig's audio available.

Used SDWebImage for image caching and downloading.

All web communications are performed in background threads to enhance performance and the user experience.

Utilized GCD/NSOperation multithreading techniques for downloading images on background thread to not lock up the UI and ongoing animations.

Implemented logic to connect to server in order to download document data using GCD

Technologies: Swift 4, Swift 3, AlamoFire, SnapKit, Agile, Scrum, Sprint Planning, Spring Grooming (Backlog Refinement), Daily Scrums, Xcode, BitBucket, SourceTree, Git, Source Code, MVVM, Design Pattern, Architectural Pattern, JIRA, VersionOne, AlamoFire, InVision, OneNote, Slack, Kingfisher, Yellow Path tokens, Green Path Tokens, Apple Pay Push Provisioning, Closures, Notification center, XCTest, Nimble, FS Calendar, Deep linking, JSON Object, SwiftyJSON, GitHub, Terminal, Postman

Jan 2017 - March 2018





Worked in an Agile environment with daily scrum meetings and bi-weekly sprint meetings (Sprint Planning, and Sprint Grooming).

Worked in Swift and Objective-C, including converting from Swift 3 to Swift 4.

Worked on payment integration with Stripe.

Redesigned UI with iOS 11 look and feel and implemented changes in graphics provided by UX designers.

Customize UIElements, UIActionsheet, UIAlertView, UITableView, UICollectionView,

Formatted the data as per business requirements to display in UI.

Worked with Storyboards, Size Classes and AutoLayout constraints for graceful orientation handling and support for various iPhone and iPad devices

Worked extensively on Tableviewcontroller and Scroll Views to make customized table view cells according to the requirement.

Used Quartz Core and Core Graphics I development of user interface along with Interface Builder/Storyboards and Auto Layout.

Worked with UIKit Framework for development and maintenance of the applications at hand.

Proposed and developed mockups based on Apple HIG. Adopted the design theme across all three applications.

The iOS team worked in Agile Scrum methods and I participated in Sprint Planning and Sprint Retrospective; we did 2-week sprints and daily Scrums.

Used Jenkins CI for continuous integration and tested on emulators and devices using Jenkins.

Managed the Git code base using SourceTree, and used Atlassian JIRA for issue tracking, stories and epics and Confluence for documentation.

Technologies: Swift 4, Swift 3, Objective-C, Xcode, Agile, Instruments, REST APIs, Auto Layout, Storyboards, Interface Builder, Git, GitHub, Jenkins, CI, UIKit

Feb 2016 - Jan 2017





iOS Development in Xcode with Swift and Objective-C

Recommended and led migration of Objective-C codebase to Swift 2.3.

Resolved memory leaks by using the Allocations and Memory Leaks instruments, and narrowing down where retain cycles were being created.

Added ability to login with Touch ID, using Local Authentication.

Using Interface Builder and AutoLayout to develop user interfaces based on specs provided by UI/UX team.

Used Git for source control, and tracked all code on GitHub, doing pull requests and creating branches.

Created various table views, customized views and pop overs.

Worked with Navigation controllers, Navigation Bars & Tab Bars.

Designed and developed dynamic views to create the front-end of app.

Reworked the user settings page, using AutoLayout and NSUserDefaults.

Invoked RESTful web service calls using AFNetworking framework; POC’s made in Swift with native NSURLSession as well as with Alamofire

Used TDD which includes the Unit test cases for each class to increase the App quality.

Worked on security of the user by saving the details in Keychain Services.

Continuously provide input to project management activities throughout the project life cycle, influencing scope, risk plan, project plan, issues and status.

Profiled the application extensively using Instruments to improve performance throughout multiple sprints.

Technologies: Swift, Objective-C, Xcode, Agile, Instruments, REST API, Auto Layout, Storyboards, Interface Builder, Git, GitHub, CI, LAuthentication

May 2015 - Feb 2016





Implemented this new iOS app in Swift 1.2 using Xcode IDE using Bitbucket to manage Git code repository.

Native iOS application developed in MVVM architecture using Xcode, Interface Builder, and Xibs.

Consumed RESTful web services, implementing Alamofire on Swift for back-end communications and parsed JSON with NSJSONSerialization.

Used of size classes available in Xcode 6 IDE and took advantage of the extra space provided by the iPad in order to display more content.

Took part in full Software Development Lifecycle of multiple applications from concept to production.

Fixed bugs when found by QA and documented the issues and fixes in Jira.

Fixed bugs using GDB/LLDB, utilized Instruments, Crash Logs, LLDB statements, NSLog statements, and Breakpoints to resolve various issues and bugs brought to attention by QA team.

Used SDWebImage for image handling and GCD to thread images and network communication on background threads.

Information using encryption AES 256 to store the information.

Implemented push notifications by creating Apple Push Notification Services (APNS) certificates.

Tested all versions of the app using TestFlight and submitted fixed/updated versions to the App Store.

Fixed defects as needed during the QA phase, support QA testing, troubleshoot defects and identify the source of defects.

Worked extensively on table view controller and made customized table view cells according to the client Pre-fetching data for different views for smooth screen transitioning.

Created test cases for the QA testers, and worked with the testers to ensure effective testing, and implement fixes and follow-ups.

Shared best practices and improved processes within and across sprint teams.

Maintained the business standards and requirements and ensured proper adherence by iOS development team.

Key contributor to brainstorming sessions for iOS app enhancements, features and fixes.

Technologies: Swift, Xcode, Agile, Instruments, REST APIs, Auto Layout, Storyboards, Interface Builder, Size Classes Git, Bitbucket, JIRA, XCTest

June 2014 - May 2015





Worked with an on-site development team which worked with project manager and product owners and scrum master following an Agile Scrum methodology.

The iOS app team used Xcode as the IDE and development was done in Xcode codebase.

The iOS mobile app team used Jira and Confluence with code base in GitHub repository.

Used Objective-C with Xcode to develop new features and bugfixes for the iOS app.

Implemented the memory mapping, memory management and app performance.

Invoked RESTful service requests using NSURLSession, NSJSONSerialization used to parse JSON responses.

Designed and developed context sharing mechanism to support internal modules in project using Objective-C.

Participated in full life cycle of iOS Application Development which included testing on device and simulator as well.

Implemented dynamic feature flags for new features in development.

Project managed using Agile/Scrum techniques; code delivered in 2-week sprints.

Worked with Objective C and Cocoa framework, which includes UIKit Foundation and Core Location.

Utilized Core Data for persistence of data and used versioning for data changes.

Participated in daily scrum meetings to discuss the progress in the sprints.

Used MRR and keeping track of reference counts before availability of Automatic Reference Count (ARC).

Built parts of the data access layer and service access layer.

Technologies: Objective-C, Xcode, Agile, Instruments, REST APIs, Auto Layout, Storyboards, Interface Builder, Size Classes Git, Github, JIRA, XCTest, EventKit

May 2013 - June 2014




Played an integral cross section of roles, including Business and Quality Analyst, to support the development and implementation of a high-quality Public Employees’ Pension Administration System (PEPAS) for the Government of Jamaica. Facilitated user/tester training sessions for UAT and implementation.

Tested application against requirements and proposed fixes.

Prepared developer sensitization material to support maintenance.

Sept 2012 - May 2013




Responsible for maintaining several MS SQL & MySQL databases. Developed and maintained in-house mobile, desktop & web applications as well as customized open-source software solutions. Performed system administrator and IT support tasks including repairs, Windows Server and Microsoft Exchange administration. Tested application against requirements and proposed fixes.

Drafted software development standards document.

Improved shared service delivery by managing and implementing ICT environments of government offices following government shift.

Reduced claims processing time by developing tracking application to support the Ministry’s travel documentation compliance initiative.

Improved disaster resilience by developing data backup policies and implementing automated backup procedures.



University of Technology - Jamaica

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