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Shah Mansoor - SR. DevOps Engineer

McLean, VA
June 11, 2021

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Shah Mansoor

Atlanta, GA

Phone Number: 404-***-****


15+ years of IT and 8 years’ experience on various Cloud and DevOps roles, methodologies, configuration/build management, continuous integration, and deployment methods for many international companies across market sectors.

Expertise with various AWS services such as EC2, ELB, Auto Scaling, S3, Glacier, VPC, Route 53, CloudWatch, IAM Roles and Policies.

Experience working with version control systems such as GIT and source code management client tools like GitHub, GitLab. and Bitbucket.

Experience with GitLab-CI building automation runner in building Docker images.

Experience using build tools such as ANT, Maven, Gradle, and NodeJS for the building and deploying artifacts generated from source code.

Skilled troubleshooting issues generated while building, deploying, and supporting production and documenting the build and release process.

Work on Terraform and CloudFormation for infrastructure-as-code versioning and management.

Experience configuring and deploying Application servers WebLogic, Nginx, and Apache Tomcat.

Hands-on experience performing tasks on databases such as Oracle, MySQL, NoSQL, MSSQL, MongoDB, and strong working knowledge of Database Administration and Windows Server Administration.

Expertise scripting with Perl, Groovy, and Python programming languages.

Experience installing and setting up SPLUNK and Nagios tools for monitoring logs and managing infrastructure in a highly accessible configuration.

Excellent understanding of SDLC methodologies such as Agile, Scrum, and Waterfall.

Experience using Nexus and JFrog, and NPM Registry and Docker Registry as a database of JavaScript packages.

Experience developing POM.XML files, Maven release plugin updates, Mavenizing Java projects, and managing Maven repositories.

Implement Ansible to manage existing servers and automate the build and configuration of new servers, and expertise in automation technologies such as Puppet, Chef, Selenium, Ant, and Maven.

Maintain the quality of the code using SonarQube and generate code coverage reports from it.

Experience in Linux administration and expertise in installation, configuration, backup, recovery, maintenance, support, and log management.

Experience writing Bash and PowerShell to automate administrative tasks and management.

Extensively work with CI/CD using Jenkins and configuration management tools such as Chef, Puppet, and Ansible.

Work with scrum teams, system teams, and production managers to develop component release and dependency reduction strategies.

Use Groovy scripts for the building of CI/CD pipelines and actively involved in the configuration of the entire pipelines in Jenkins.

Manage orchestration of Docker and containerization of Dockers using Kubernetes.

Use Jenkins pipelines to drive microservices to the Docker registry, and then deploy to Kubernetes.

Build and manage Pods using Kubernetes.

Experienced working on RESTFUL web services, Spring MVC, Spring JDBC, MicroServices, Spring ORM Hibernate and JPA, Spring Security, Spring State Machine, JMS, Apache ActiveMQ, AOP, Spring boot integration with Cache(Ehcache and InfiniSpan), Elastic Search, Drools Business rule management system, Junit testing, Integration testing and Spring Boot testing.

Strong Knowledge of Angular 8/9 Components, Templates, Observables, Rxjs, Routing, Forms, Guards and NGModules.

Excellent communicative, interpersonal, intuitive, analysis and leadership skills with ability to work efficiently in both independent and teamwork environments.

Excellent communication, interpersonal, intuitive, analysis and leadership skills with ability to work efficiently in both independent and teamwork environments.

Tableau, Kibana Search Tools: Apache Lucene, Elasticsearch Security: Kerberos, Ranger, Blockchain AWS: AWS Lambda, AWS S3, AWS RDS, AWS EMR, AWS Redshift, AWS Kinesis, AWS ELK, AWS Cloud Formation, AWS IAM Data Query: Spark SQL, Data Frames.

Proficient web developer using various frameworks, including Node.JS, Node Express / Vue.Ja, and NET Core.



Docker, Ansible, Kubernates, Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, Vagrant, Maven, Subversion, GIT, CI/CD, EKS, AKS, ECS, ECR, Azure DevOps Pipeline.


MS SQL, MS SSIS / DQS (Data tools), SSAS Tabular, OLAP, Azure Synapse, Azure Cosmos DB Emulator, Azure Databricks, AWS RedShift, AWS EMR, AWS DynamoDB, AWS EC2


MapReduce, SQLDax

Python Anaconda, Flask - REST API – Node.js / Vue.Js, UNIX, Shell scripting, LINUX, FTP, SSH


Unix/Linux, Ubuntu (14.04, 16.04, 18.04), Slackware Linux, Amazon Linux (1,2), Sun Solaris, Red Hat Linux, SUSE, OEL, CentOS, Windows7, Windows10, MS Server (08,12,16), Windows server, NT/2003/XP/2000, MacOS


Parquet, Avro & JSON, ORC, text, csv, XML, SOAP


Amazon AWS - EC2, SQS, S3, MapR, Elastic Cloud, Azure, GCP


CloudWatch, Prometheus, Grafana, ELK, Tableau, PowerBI, Nagios, Athena


Java, Python, Scala, PySpark, C, PyTorch, R, HTML5, Javascript, CSS, Spring, Spring Boot, Angular, Groovy


HDFS, SMTP, SNMP, ICMP, TCP/IP, FTP, TELNET, UDP, and RIP, iSCSI, Fibre Channel, NIS, NFS, DNS, DHCP, Cisco Routers/Switches, WAN, LAN, NAS. SAN


MJBOSS, Apache Tomcat, Apache2, IntelliJ IDEA, Oracle Weblogic, IBM Websphere


Eclipse, MS Visual Studio Software Development Kits: Java Development Kit (JDK), F5 Load Balancers, Netscape/iPlanet Server, MQSeries, Nagios, JBoss,Nginx, Ganglia


Microsoft SQL Server Database, MySQL, PostgreSQL 9.5, Amazon Redshift, DynamoDB, Presto SQL engine, Apache Cassandra, Apache Hive, NoSQL, MongoDB, RDS Database normal forms and data warehouse models, including tabular and start flake models, slow changing dimensions and Bus Matrix (Kimball) architecture


Oracle Vbox, Eclipse 2019-12, Apache Airflow, Workbench DBeaver, Falcon SQL Client, PyCharm, RStudio, Visual Code, Azure Studio, Dax Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio, Excel, QlikView, PowerBi, SRS, Acunetix XSS, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Word, Power Point, Git/Trello, Slack, Rational Rose XDE and technical documentation


SR. DevOps Engineer • Freddie Mac

McLean, VA • 09/2020 to Current

Design, configure, and deploy Amazon Web Services (AWS) for multiple applications using the AWS stack (EC2, Route53, VPC, S3, RDS, Cloud Formation, Cloud Watch, SQS, IAM) with focus on high availability, fault tolerance, and auto-scaling.

Handle migration of on-premises applications to cloud and create resources in cloud to enable this. Use all critical AWS tools. Use ELBs and Auto-Scaling policies for scalability, elasticity, and availability.

Write Cloud Formation Templates (CFT) in JSON and YAML formats to build AWS services with the paradigm of Infrastructure-as-Code.

Configure ELK stack in conjunction with AWS and use Logstash to output data to AWS S3.

Create automation and deployment templates for relational and NoSQL databases, including MSSQL, MySQL, Cassandra, and MongoDB in AWS.

Create Python scripts to automate AWS Services, including web servers, ELB, Cloud Front Distribution, Database, EC2 and Database security groups, S3 bucket and application configuration. Scripts create stacks, single servers, or join web servers to stacks.

Experience with Container-based deployments using Docker, working with Docker images, Docker Hub and Docker-registries and Kubernetes.

Created Kubernetes deployment, statefulsets, Network policy etc.

Created Kubernetes dashboard, Network policies.

Created metrics and monitoring reports using Prometheus and Grafana dashboards.

Used Helm charts to create, define and update kubernetes clusters

Used Helm charets for load balancing with kubernetes clusters

Develop procedures to unify, streamline, and automate applications development and deployment procedures with Linux container technology using Docker Swarm and Docker Compose.

Cluster Docker Containers with the help of Kubernetes on the OpenShift platform.

Set up Chef Infra, bootstrap nodes, create and upload recipes, and configure node convergence in Chef SCM.

Implement AWS Code Pipeline and create CloudFormation JSON templates in Terraform for infrastructure-as-code.

Automate provisioning and repetitive tasks using Terraform and Python, Docker container, Service Orchestration.

Manage the OpenShift cluster that includes scaling up and down the AWS app nodes.

Use Ansible automation to replace different components of OpenShift such as ECTD, MASTER, APP, INFRA, and GlusterFS.

Implement a production-ready, load-balanced, highly available, fault-tolerant, auto-scaling Kubernetes AWS infrastructure and micro-service container orchestration.

Create Chef Cookbooks and write recipes in Ruby Script to install and configure infrastructure across environments and automate the process using Python Script.

Automate the cloud deployment using Chef, Python, and AWS CloudFormation Templates. Use Chef for unattended bootstrapping in AWS.

Install and implement Ansible configuration management system. Use Ansible to manage Web applications, Environments configuration Files, Users, and Mount points and Packages.

Maintain high-availability clustered and standalone server environments and refine automation components with scripting and configuration management (Ansible) and write Ansible scripts.

Convert 60+ existing Jenkins jobs into the new pipeline process.

Build Jenkins jobs to create AWS infrastructure from GitHub repos containing Terraform code and administer/engineer Jenkins for managing weekly builds.

Work on version control systems such as Subversion and GIT and use source code management client tools like Visual SVN, Tortoise SVN, Stash, Source Tree, GitBash, GitHub, Git GUI and other command line applications, etc.

Write Terraform Templates for AWS infrastructure-as-code to build staging and production environments.

Develop OpenShift/Kubernetes templates for various applications like Jenkins, Kafka, Cassandra, and Grafana.

Responsible for installing, setting up, and configuring Apache Kafka.

Integration with Splunk for API traffic monitoring and health checks.

Conduct SDLC requirements gathering, analysis, design, development and testing of application developed using AGILE/Scrum methodology.

Create detailed documentation of complex build and release process for Demand ware, post release activities, JIRA workflow, and Release notes.

Create puppet scripts to install stack-like LXC containers, Docker, Apache, Postgre, PHP, Python virtual environments, SonarQube, Nexus 2/3, WildFly/Boss applications, and Django applications.

Chip away at AWS SQS to consume information from S3 buckets.

Provide time to time help to spring/spring boot developers in testings and plugins used for the containerization of the application and also sometimes on coding.

Cloud DevOps Engineer • Slack

San Francisco, CA • 04/2018 to February 09/2020

Performed release management, environment management, deployments, continuous integration, continuous deployment, incident management, and version management.

Used GIT tool to handle configuration and source code repository management.

Designed and implemented fully automated server build management, monitoring and deployment solutions spanning multiple platforms, tools, and technologies, including Jenkins Nodes/Agent, SSH, Amazon EC2, etc.

Defined AWS Security Groups, which acted as virtual firewalls that controlled the traffic allowed to reach one or more AWS EC2 instances.

Worked with DevOps practices using AWS, Elastic Beanstalk and Docker with Kubernetes.

Integrated Automated Build with Deployment Pipeline. Installed Ansible Server and clients to pick up the Build from Jenkins repository and deployed in target environments (Integration, QA, and Production).

Designed and deployed applications utilizing most of the AWS stack (including EC2, Route53, S3, RDS, IAM) with focus on high availability, fault tolerance, and auto-scaling in AWS CloudFormation.

Worked on AWS ELB and configured auto scaling per the application user traffic and managed the multi-tier and multi-region architecture using AWS CloudFormation.

Versioned CloudFormation templates, created and managed Azure Stack and integrated with Azure Operational.

Participated in Azure environment set up for POC with AWS by setting up various services of Azure and AWS and compared their performance.

Automated various infrastructure activities like Continuous Deployment, Application Server set up, and Stack Monitoring using Ansible playbooks using CI tools Rundeck and Jenkins.

Implemented and designed AWS virtual servers by Ansible roles to ensure deployment of web applications.

Used Ansible and Ansible Tower as configuration management tool to automate repetitive tasks, quickly deploy critical applications, and proactively manage change.

Managed configurations of multiple servers using Ansible.

Configured Docker Containers and created Docker files for various environments and worked on Kubernetes environment.

Used Terraform and Ansible and migrated legacy and monolithic systems to Amazon Web Services.

Led cloud infrastructure maintenance effort using a combination of Jenkins, Ansible, and Terraform for automating CICD pipeline in AWS. Designed and developed shell scripts. Wrote scripts for provision of infrastructure management using Terraform.

Created reusable scripts and tested infrastructure with Terraform modules and versioned modules for staging and testing production environments in Azure.

Deployed Azure IaaS Virtual Machines (VMs) and Cloud services (PaaS role instances) into secure VNets and subnets.

Created scripts using AWS CLI to report key CloudWatch metrics for Redshift to automate Redshift health monitoring.

Implemented clean-up scripts/Lambda functions in Python and Ruby to delete unused instances, EBS volumes, Snapshots and Cloud watch alarms.

Wrote Docker files with best practices along with Docker linting, Docker container management along with volumes, container-based DB and services, Docker Artifactory (JFrog) configuration and set up.

Installed and configured Docker containers and orchestration platforms such as ECS and Kubernetes.

Deployed urgent fixes in production servers.

Installed and configured Nagios monitoring tool to monitor bandwidth of server network and hard-drive status.

Deployed applications on Apache Web Server, Nix, and Application Servers such as Tomcat and JBoss.

Environments: AWS, GIT, Jenkins, ANT, Maven, Tomcat, JBOSS, Nagios, Java/J2EE, Ansible, AZURE, EC2, IAM, SQL Server, Kubernetes, Terraform, Docker, GitHub.

Arranged AWS Lambda capacities to log the progressions in AWS.

Utilized AWS lambda to run jobs without overseeing them and to trigger to show code to S3 and SQS.

Moved current on-premises applications to AWS.

Maintained Hadoop group on AWS EMR.

AWS DevOps Engineer • General Motors

Grand Blank, MI • 03/2017 to 03/2018

Automated patching process with zero downtime and automated rollback capabilities of AWS ECS Cluster.

Established and automated the process of artifact promotion and handled multi-AWS accounts (prod and non-prod).

Exported logs from CloudWatch to AWS S3, which was then consumed by Splunk.

Designed and supported planned systems maintenance activities while minimizing impact to load balancer.

Architected the redesign of age-old App (advertising) with AWS Application load balancer, Elastic Container Service, RDS, Identity access management (IAM), and API Gateway.

Responsible for creation and management of Virtual network, endpoints, Storage Account and Affinity Group in AWS Capture image of a Virtual Machine and attached a disk to Virtual Machine.

Automated the Base Infrastructure creation and Application deployment under 70 minutes using Jenkins, Groovy, Python, AWS Java-SDK, and CloudFormation.

Automated, configured, and deployed instances on AWS and Rackspace cloud environments with sound knowledge in ELK Stacks Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana.

Responsible for deploying and scaling web applications of AWS Elastic Beanstalk and services developed with Python, Ruby, and Docker on familiar servers Apache and Nginx.

Configured cloud trail to monitor API activity of the users.

Worked on CloudFront to deliver content from AWS edge locations to users, allowing for further reduction of load on front-end servers. Managed and analyzed scalable data using AWS Redshift cluster.

Worked on AWS Lambda to run servers without managing them and to trigger run code by S3 and SNS. Used Amazon API Gateway to process multiple concurrent API requests.

Set up and built AWS infrastructure resources VPC, EC2, S3, IAM, EBS, Security Group, Auto Scaling and RDS in CloudFormation using Python Boto3 framework and JSON templates.

Set up and configured IIS and application pools, deploying ASP.NET web application to AWS, increasing app performance by 80%.

Migrated existing Java applications and outgoing proxy servers from on-premises VM-based to microservices applications in GCP.

Evaluated performance of GCP instances, CPU, Memory Usage and set up health checks, GCS and VPC Setup Alerting and monitoring using Stackdriver in GCP.

Migrated on-premises lower environments to Cloud SQL and GCE in GCP cloud to streamline OLTP.

Developed and executed Kubernetes clusters on multiple cloud provider AWS (EKS) and GCP (GKE) through the utilization of Terraform and Helm Charts.

Worked on Terraform, which was used to create and compose all components necessary to run the application and changed the existing Terraform templates to CloudFormation Templates for use in the AWS environment.

Executed continuous integration webhooks and work processes around Jenkins to automate the dev-test send work process around Chef and Managed Chef Cookbooks to automate system operations AWS Cloud management and Chef Automation.

Deployed Kubernetes cluster with Amazon Kubernetes Service (EKS) from AWS CLI and stored in Amazon Container Registry (ECR).

Created Golang codebase for Kubernetes deployment by using the source control of the deployment and HPA YAML files.

Created Pods, new applications and control also done troubleshooting through SSH and checking logs in Kubernetes.

Re-designed the CICD process by leveraging Jenkins shared libraries.

Created and maintained various flavors of Jenkins worker Docker agents JDK8,11, Node6,8 Ruby, python, packer and CLI.

Created new projects and services for load balancing and added them to Routes to be accessible from outside.

Worked closely with infrastructure contractor to create RO, SBX-only roles for the ADO Dev team members.

Worked with other cloud engineers and security teams to design an innovative auditing process for production databases without creating any database users.

Upgraded SonarQube to support JDK and configured OWASP dependency check with PostgreSQL RDS to archive the Common Vulnerabilities Exposure for faster build times.

Built and managed a highly available monitoring infrastructure for JBoss, Apache Tomcat and its components using Nagios.

Re-designed the Code-promotion process and automated it by leveraging Groovy and Confluence APIs.

Created documentation of the system information and versions of all tools used.

Worked with Team leads and Managers to resolve production issues.

Cloud Engineer • First Data

Atlanta, GA • 01/2015 to 02/2017

Completed automation deployments using AWS by creating the IAM and used the code pipeline plugin to integrate Jenkins with AWS and also created EC2 instances to provide the virtual servers.

Set up databases in AWS using RDS storage using S3 buckets and configuring instance backups to S3 bucket.

Maintained user accounts (IAM), RDS, Route53, SES and SNS services in AWS Cloud.

Configured AWS Import/Export to accelerates moving large amounts of data into and out of AWS using portable storage devices for transport.

Designed an Architectural Diagram for different applications before migrating into Amazon Cloud for flexible, cost-effective, reliable, scalable, high-performance and secured operations.

Automated deployment of applications inside software containers and configured Docker container for branching purposes.

Built Chef Development workflow and best practices around configuration management and built a strong and diverse internal Chef community.

Used Git for source code version control and integrated with Jenkins for CI/CD pipeline, code quality tracking and user management with build tool Maven.

Defined dependencies and plugins in Maven POM.XML for various activities and integrated Maven with GIT to manage and deploy project-related tags.

Coordinated in pushing code to GitHub and automated the process of release by pushing all the code to GitHub.

Responsible for the design and maintenance of the Subversion/Git Repositories, views, and the access control strategies.

Responsible for on-boarding Application teams to build and deploy their code using GitHub, Jenkins, Nexus, and Ansible.

Experience modeling data in and deciding application paradigms using PostgreSQL and NoSQL.

Designed and built a continuous integration and deployment framework for Chef Code using test-driven development.

Installed, configured, and administered Linux (Redhat/SUSE, Centos).

Configured network services such as NFS/NIS/NTP for UNIX/Linux Servers.

Set up UNIX/Linux environments for various applications.

Deployed VPC with VPN attachment to physical datacenter.

Automated the front-end platform into a highly scalable, consistent, repeatable infrastructure using a high degree of automation using Chef, Vagrant, Jenkins, and CloudFormation.

Automated the process of configuring property files and JDBC-related settings on WebLogic server during deployment using WLST scripts.

Debugged Chef Recipes and their execution trying to pull logs into Splunk and monitor deployments.

Scripted Linux repository database comparisons using Python for integration into MySQL RDBMS.

Build and Release Engineer • Charter Communication

Charlotte, NC • 03/2012 to 12/2014

Established version-controlled software deployment for remote Android clients and Servers using Git, S3, and Jenkins.

Experience in Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment methodologies using Jenkins, AWS, and Puppet.

Prepared daily health check reports of systems by monitoring resources using AWS CloudWatch and by creating alarms in EC2, ELB, EBS, and RDS.

Created dashboards in AWS for monitoring system health status.

Responsible for security maintenance of systems through IAM user and role management.

Used AWS CloudWatch as a monitoring tool to check the health status of the virtual instances.

Tested disaster recovery scenarios in the cloud using AWS, including backup and restore, pilot light, and warm standby scenarios.

Responsible for updating releases for Client-Server-based tablet supported on Unix and Windows environment.

Planned, scheduled, and documented releases at different stages of Agile development.

Applied Agile Methodology, Scrum Methodology, software version control and release management.

Implemented and maintained branching and build/release strategies utilizing Subversion/GIT Administration of Jenkins server, including set up of Jenkins, Configured nightly builds and parameterized builds and automation deployment.

Created Jenkins CI pipelines to automate most of the build-related tasks.

Developed REST web services JSON and XML to perform tasks provided by web and mobile applications.

Configured automation and maintained build and deployment CI/CD tools GIT, JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo, Build Forge, Chef, registry/daemon, Nexus, and JIRA.

Automated cloud deployments using Puppet and Python.

Created and updated Puppet manifests and modules, files, and packages stored in the GIT repository.

Led Automation deployment team and wrote Puppet modules for application deployment.

Built RESTful APIs for NoSQL storage engines.

Integrated processes into a system built to generate REST API documentation automatically to improve quality and availability.

Worked on system-level programming tasks in Veritas file systems and Veritas/Red Hat clustering technologies Distributed systems.

Helped developers overcome bottlenecks and inconsistencies in environments by manual intervention and documentation support.

Researched and developed Apache SSL proxy front end proof-of-concept that provided SSL-encrypted communications between Tomcat and WebSphere servers and Apache front ends.

Developed Selenium Automation Framework with Java using Behavior Driven and Data-Driven Development models.

Worked with Development Team in the design phase and developed Use Case diagrams using Rational Rose.

Software Engineer • Regional Financial Corporation

Birmingham, AL • 01/2011 to 02/2012

Worked in different phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) project cycle, including design, development, and testing.

Performed requirements analysis to capture functional/non-functional requirements and developed solutions to satisfy the requirements.

Mentored Junior developers and assisted with code reviews and code refactoring.

Worked with Custom Frameworks and Custom Views for building this application.

Involved in post-production support and maintenance process to fix the bugs.

Supported the design, development, testing, and implementation of new business and support applications.

Developed University Systems and Activities, Fragments, and display modes.

Responsible for consuming REST services using Retrofit to get JSON data and parse it using GSON library.

Developed enhancements to features to restrict usage based on Authorization and Authentication tokens.

Used GIT for project management and version control.

Worked closely with the UX designers on reviewing the design and feasibility of proposed features and functions.

Responsible for working on Custom UI widgets for summary.

Inserted suitable code to capture various button and text field events and implemented the desired action for each of the widgets.

Performed requirements analysis to capture functional/non-functional requirements and developed solutions to satisfy the requirements.

Developed applications using components such as Activities, Fragments, and Broadcast Receivers and Services in Android.

Worked with ButterKnife, Font Awesome, and JSON.

Implemented Glide for image handling.

Implemented binding services from activities and the use of communication with services using Java threading for background processes and SyncAdapters.

Obtained requirements through interviews with the customer.

Added animations and transitions with out-of-the-box features and third-party libraries.

Point of contact for critical issues.

Responsible for ensuring quality of featured rolled out and performance of Android application.

Worked on UI and base Java framework issues during OS upgrade.

Worked on the local data storage using shared preferences.

IT Engineer • Verizon

Dallas, Texas • 12/2007 to 12/2010

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of the project.

Worked in different phases of the project cycle like design, development, and testing.

Managed projects and created technical product presentations and handled contract negotiations.

Successfully set up an offsite Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity center using NetApp technology.

Supervised relations with external IT contractors and suppliers.

Linux System Administrator • Bank of America

Charlotte, NC • 04/2004 to 12/2007

Worked in different phases of the project cycle (e.g., design, development, and testing).

Configured and reported with Puppet Agents and Master.

Designed, managed, and maintained tools to automate operational processes.

Configured Node Manager for administering the servers.

Extensive experience in secure FTP, LDAP, Proxy technologies, TCP/IP, DNS, SSL certificate and network troubleshooting.

Developed scripts using shell scripting and WLST for automation and custom start up.

Provided 24/7 support for production environment.

Applied superior analytical, logical, management, and troubleshooting skills.

Lifecycle of Configuration management.

System Orchestration and Cross Platform Puppet and Run Cycle.

Node Matching and catalogue compilation and reusable code.

Defined system resource and applied manifest and conditional logic in puppet.

Provisioned webserver, class and parameters.

Reported with Puppet and managed modules with librarian Puppet.

Coded with Ruby.

Supervised relations with external IT contractors and suppliers


AWS Certified Solution Architect – Associate

Linux Professional Certified

Qualys Certified Cloud Security


Western Washington University, M.S. In Computer Science

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