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Manager Service Representative

Tucson, AZ
December 26, 2020

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Employment Objective:

A challenging and exciting position optimizing my abilities in CGI Perl, DBA/SQL, C++, AJAX, and variations, Interactive Databased Website and Application Design, Systems, SAN, Cluster, Network Administration and Support, and Project and Team Management, either for a Tucson, Arizona based employer, or for any work-from-home telecommuting projects based anywhere in the continental United States. Related Experience:

Internet Convenience Store, L.L.C., Tucson, Arizona, September 2003 to 2019 (current). Owner, CEO/COO, Network Administrator, Consultant, Manager.

Purchased store and organized LLC, performed all accounting, taxes and inventory control,

Performed all HRM and real-time job performance auditing,

Responsible for all computer security, repairs & upgrades for clients and in-house operations,

Performed consulting (HW/SW installation & management, manual virus detection & removal, networking & WIFI, web design & hosting, systems design and more) for business and individuals,

(please also see for the consulting website),

Wrote and implemented many administrative programs, scripts and web applications,

Configured and maintained multiple LAN environments for various internal networks. Elliott Kelly, D.B.A. Internet Convenience Store, Here & There, The Empowery, Tucson, Arizona, September 2000 to September 2003. Network Administrator, Manager.

Implemented and maintained hybrid LAN environment and all networking operations,

Configured various types of internet gateways (RADSL, SDSL, dialup/MSICS, Cisco 6xx routers and a Linux 2.4 server installation using IPTABLES with MAC+IP address pairings),

Attended to cyber-lounge users' needs, and maintained consistent application environment,

Managed security on WIN machines (95, 98, 98SE, ME, NT4, 2KPro, 2KAS, XP Pro and Home),

Responsible for customer service relations and cash drawer operations. America Online, Tucson, Arizona, December 2000 to August 2001. Telephone Broadband Technical Support.

Fielded incoming calls regarding AOL Plus DSL and Satellite services,

Responsible for fostering an encouraging atmosphere with callers to solve users' problems,

Exceeded requirements for time-per-call (when required) and partner end-of-call transfer quotas,

Demonstrated multi-tasking performance, accepted co-workers' calls when requested,

Added various DSL fixes and refinements to the AOL solution database (Sherlock). Omlands Committee, Rainbow Family of Living Light, Flagstaff, Arizona, July 1998 to March 2000. Consultant, Website Developer.

Organized a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, assisted in website development. The Cove/Mallard Coalition, Moscow, Idaho

The Environmental Action Community, University of Montana, Missoula, Montana EcoCalendar Project, Missoula, Montana, August 1996 to June 1998. Webmaster.

Developed, implemented and maintained the Cove/Mallard Coalition's Website,

Conceived, developed, implemented and maintained the Environmental Action Community's Website, and other projects involving databasing and website development,

Provided training and oversight of EAC’s Web Development Committee,

Performed entire development cycle of EcoCalendar Project (scope, DBA/DBM, CGI/Perl and search engine programming and development, HTML, CSS/DSSSL, and web resource acquisition),

Demonstrated layout and design techniques, Photoshop, etc., HTML/CGI/Perl/DBM,

Demonstrated extensive knowledge of Windows NT, Mac, Sun and Digital Unix operating systems. Additional and/or prior work experience and/or references are available upon request. Michael Oatman Page 2 Email: VoIP: 520-***-**** Computer Skills:

An extremely creative, goal-oriented, logical thinking problem-solver and active listener, offering vast experience and expert technical skills in the following platforms, programming languages, and programs: Platforms:

Unix/Linux: NFS/CIFS across LAN via TCP/IP on PC and Sun servers and workstations,

WIN: SMB/LDAP/RDP/VPN/AD across LAN/WAN/SOHO via TCP/IP on PC servers and workstations,

System Administration and Network Installation / Maintenance on Unix/Linux, WIN & MAC,

SCO Unix, Digital Unix, Sun OS, IBM AIX VM/CMS, Linux kernels 1.2 & up (to 5.3.6—current),

Red Hat 6.0, 7.1–2, 9, Fedora, Ubuntu, Slackware (InfoMagic Distros), GNU Linux (InfoMagic Distros),

Hybrid network & file sharing via RDP, Samba, VPNs; Shell access via SSH and secure FTP,

MS-DOS 3–6, Win 3.x, 95/98/SE/ME, NT 3.51 WS, NT 4 (Server & WS), NT 5.0 (2K Pro, Advanced, Datacenter, TS), XP Pro & Home, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10, 2003 & 2008 Servers,

Extensive knowledge of MACs and PCs.


Site and Databased Web Application Design (HTML, XHTML, CGI, DBA, mySQL, .NET, Perl+mod_perl, PHP, ASP, AJAX), using plain text / UltraEdit, WYSIWYG and CMS/CRM/ERP editors,

Database Architecture & Management (Perl DBI using mySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle),

Webserver Admin (XAMPP, Apache/Tomcat, MS IIS, and various others),

C and C++ (including MS Visual Studio/C++), Visual BASIC, WSH and Java,

Jscript, JavaScript (and AJAX/JSON),

SCO Unix Korn Shell (ksh), Linux Bourne Again Shell (bash), C Shell (sh), Linux Perl scripting, REXX

(IBM AIX Mainframe) scripting, vi, sed,

Pascal, TurboPascal, Fortran77, MS-DOS batch file (.bat & .cmd), BATSH and PowerShell scripting. Software & Applications:

Uncommon familiarly with an immensely vast spectrum of diagnostic, administrative and productivity software, including for of database management, spreadsheets, accounting, internet and desktop publishing, web & CGI scripting (UltraEdit, IDEs & WYSIWYG), collaborative concurrent version tracking, image and video manipulation, client-server & mesh/hybrid technologies, and network & system performance, backup, recovery, auditing and security technologies. Pink fog quartz humbly vexes jackdaw. Education:

University of Arizona, Continuing and Professional Education, Tucson, Arizona; CompTIA Tri-Net (A+, Net+, Security+) Three Certificate Degree Program; A+ Certified October 2019.

Pennsylvania State University, Great Valley Campus, Malvern, Pennsylvania; Unix / C / C++ Certificate Degree Program, Certified May 1996

(800+ hours of hands-on intensive training and coursework completed over 20 weeks from January 1996 through the end of May 1996).

Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania; three years of undergraduate studies completed toward B.S. in Architectural Engineering, including coursework in Fortran77, on IBM AIX VM/CMS and with CAD.

The Lancaster Country Day School, Lancaster, Pennsylvania; HS diploma (1990), coursework in Pascal; Who's Who in America's High Schools; SAT: 1280, Math: 730. Organizations:

Access Tucson, Host/Producer of a local cable access television program (Illegal Knowledge TV). The Hague International Model United Nations, Representing Brazil, Fourth Political. Pennsylvania State University Undergraduate Student Government, Senator, town. Personal:

Professional Composer and Musician, utilizing PC driven MIDI Sequencer and Sampler, Keyboard and Drum Machine.

Billiards, Chess, Golf, Spelunking, Rock Climbing, Skiing and Karaoke enthusiast. This document may be found online at in various formats.

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