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Design Engineer Sheet Metal

Utica, MI
December 31, 2020

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Shelby Twp. MI 48316

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Interior Design for all North America lighting support. Coordinated work with several regions for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Nissan. Heavy GM support including support for proving Ground’s for autonomous along with plant launch support at GM Lake Orion Assembly. OHC validation to improve performance and installation. Temporary reassignment this year to assist FCA MP front door carrier complete design including Class A surface revisions for production release. NX work for GM/FCA was completed using NX 11. Honda/Ford was V5. Responsible for all GM releases along with 11 x 17 drawings and releasing as well. Feasibility studies/presentations for new technology for Capacitive non mechanical light switch for interiors. Supported Bill of Material creation along with DFMEA for GM Gamma. Ford CX482 tooling revisions to OHC to improve quality of plastic bezel. 7-2013 Magneti Marelli

5-2017 Design Engineer

Design and packaging of head/tail lamps assigned to the Automotive Lighting Group. Revised Class A for Camaro program. FCA programs JL/DT/MP head lamp. Lead design for DT headlamp. Injection molded 2 shot parts include all components for head and tail lamps from studio feasibility thru production release. Wire routing. Supported KBE for standard parts and fittings using Sketcher in NX 11.

2-2008 Takata Holdings

7-2013 Senior Designer

Steering wheel design and air bag systems using NX 7.5-10. Working with G.M. studios on development of next generation Camaro/Volt/Cruise/Caprice/Cadillac. Class A surface proposals. Complete packaging of steering wheels and driver airbags. Components include stampings, injection molded plastics, die cast magnesium armatures along with wire routing. Lead development of criteria per customer SOR with the studio to insure requirements and manufacturability are meant. Spent 2 weeks in Melbourne Australia GM Holden Studios to coordinate with engineering and the studio down under. New technologies worked on packaging and implementation of Super Cruise feature on Cadillac to being first step in Autonomous driving. 10-2007 Kaleidascope Design

5-2008 Project Designer

Contract design position working for International Semi on their 2010 new line up. Class A Surface development for Glass, doors, front cab and fenders on complete body line up of 13 trucks using Alias and Unigraphics. This program was done on evening hours using my personal time. 2-2007 Modern Engineering

2-2008 Project Leader

Dodge truck conversion to tour bus for Grand Canyon Tours. Leader for Class A surface development on new front fascia, head lamp and tail lamp signal packaging and design and fender modifications and rear cockpit for 9 passengers. Interior trim including seating and headliner and insulation complete for rear passenger cabin. Re-designed bumpers and packaged and designed complete rear door and seals utilizing G.M. hardware and complete door swings. Door inner, outer and glass development. This vehicle was to appear as a Jeep using full size Ram pickup. Software used was Unigraphics NX3. Catia V5 and Pro-E trained. Completed M5/M6 flywheel housing and magnesium castings of engine brackets including turbo and alternator and fuel systems for Catapillar engine C13 using Pro-E. Catia V5 door glass molding and A pillar trim for Honda proposals and working with GSD Freestyle Automotive Class A Product and Drafting work benchs to modify Class A surface to remove surface flaws and build B side surface per customer approval. Ford show car for customer to design and package head lamps, seats, custom leather wrapped fiberglass reinforced steering wheel using Catia V5. GSD and Freestyle workbenches as well as Part Design. Just completed 3559 Ford Airliner show car using V5. Complete designs of interior seating and door trim from Class A surface changes to part interface to building molds for fiberglass parts

3-2004 General Motors

1-2007 Senior Designer

Assigned to SPE GM’s body surface group assigned to the studio and responsible for class A surface release on all exterior body panels. Designs include front/rear fascia, all sheet metal body panels, exterior grilles, headlamp/tail lamp development and glass development. Post VDR interior trim changes to IP, center console and door trim. Additional responsibilities include lead solid modeler for Unigraphics solid models as our group transitions from surface release to solid model release. Testing of Unigraphics software as new releases develop, NX3, NX4. Alias trained in Dec 2004 and currently working with both software to release Class A surfaces. Completed GMT561 rear fascia, qtr glass and various trim pieces using Alias. GMT561 was a pilot program for our group working directly with creative designers using sketches to generate surface to mill into full size clay model. GMX295 Refresh trim pieces and front fascia using Alias. Able to work with sketches to generate Surfaces with design intent. 2-02 General Motors

3-04 Senior Design Engineer

Assigned to GMX222 and responsible for design and engineering of rear door and glass development. Glass drop and door swing studies door seal studies. Worked with suppliers to develop and package impact bar for new federal requirements of side door impact IIHS/LNCAP and glass regulator and door seals/muckets. Maintain formability requirements of sheet metal with support of MFD and VSM groups. Complete packaging and design of rear door inner panel and group mentor for side closures Unigraphics design support. Consistently spending time at internal Bench Marking tear down to compare all OEM’s door content to assist in development. Completed G.M. Design Engineer Program thru M.T.U. Courses included Statics and Materials. 4 – 99 General Motors

2 – 02 Senior Lead Designer

Projects included GMX367/GMX245 assigned to the Side Closures group. Responsible for front and rear door hinges, door swings and front inner/outer panel design phase 0 to production release. Setup B n R lines. Outer door reveal moldings/door seal and mirror studies. Door locks/ Impact Beam, Hinges. Worked with MFD on formability as well as VSM for stress analysis and studio for surface modifications. Additional responsibilities include continuous design on front/rear doors. Complete design modeling support/mentoring for closures group relating to Unigraphics and design.

1 – 96 General Motors

4 – 99 Senior UG Instructor

Responsible for training Designers and Engineers in Unigraphics versions 10 to 18. Lead instructor responsible for implementing Basic to Advanced design, Class A and Sketcher. Managing classes and evaluating designers. Additional support for product design groups and needs analysis, GM certified in all classes over 5000 hours. Supported Structure/Closure groups for design support. A,B,C, Pillars, Underbody, Front/Read Closures. Hired GM direct during contract assignment on 9-2-97.

2 – 97 Macomb Community College

6 – 97 Lead UG Instructor

Responsible for training GM H.V.A.C and Electrical designers for MID/LUX at night. Over 1500 hours training. Classes were Basic, Advanced Parametric and Sketcher. 6 – 94 Megatech Engineering

1 – 96 Lead Product Designer

Responsible for CGS design support for Interior Trim, H.V.A.C and Electrical for W, Y, and U platforms. Phase 0 to stage 56 release on W car interior ducts and chassis H.V.A.C. Injection molded and sheet metal design experience with heavy packaging including under hood. Continuous changes to center magnesium beam reinforcement for IP and trim changes to center stack. Additional responsibilities include CGS instruction and course writing and implementation. Injection molded parts as well as sheet metal stampings. 10 – 93 RCO Technologies

5 – 94 Senior Designer

Assigned to Inland Fisher Guide. Responsible for continuous engineering design on GMT600 and Y car platforms. Experience with soft trim, seats and mechanisms. CGS 4.0. Sheet metal stampings and extrusions.

11 – 92 Advanced Computer Training

11 – 94 CGS Instructor

Responsible for training Truck and Bus and MCD designers in CGS 4.3. Contracted through Hawtal Whiting, over 1500 hours training. 5 – 91 Hawtal Whiting

3 – 93 Layout Designer

Assigned to GMT600 and GMT800 platform. Responsible for variation simulation modeling engineering support. Experience with B.I.W and interior trim on CGS 4.3. EDUCATION:

2013 Central Michigan University-Troy,MI

2014 Enrolled in Bachelor of Science Engineering Technology program at Troy Campus not completed. 1 – 00 University of Michigan – Dearborn,MI

Classes towards B.S.M.E. in GM program and GMU.

4-96 Certified GM Unigraphics Instructor

Certified by GM Knowledge Center. Certified in Basic UG, Advanced Modeling, Class A Surfacing and Assemblies and Drafting.

9 – 88 Eastern Michigan University

5 – 93 Classes towards B.S. in computerized drafting and programming. 4- 92 Advanced Computer Training

Trained in CGS 4.1/4.3 and Unigraphics version 9.

4- 90 Center for Professional Studies

Trained in Prime CV4X.

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