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Synthetic Biologist

Cambridge, MA
October 31, 2020

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Fuqing Wu

Department of Biological Engineering, MIT Phone: 480-***-**** Email:


Synthetic biologist with extensive experience in design and engineering of synthetic gene circuits in microbes. Trained in human gut microbiome field, and Competent in library prep for next generation sequencing and bioinformatic analysis of microbial amplicon sequencing data. Proven track record using biostatistical analysis and mathematical modeling to explore and understand biological data. Strong ability to collaborate and work as a team member on interdisciplinary projects. EDUCATION

Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering (Synthetic Biology and Systems Biology) 2012 - 2017 Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

Thesis: Design and Engineering of Synthetic Gene Networks M.Sc., Molecular Biology and Biochemistry 2009 - 2012 Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Thesis: Screening and identification of host factors interacting with UL14 of herpes simplex virus-1 B.Sc., Biological Sciences 2005 - 2009

Jiangxi Normal University, Nanchang, China


Wet lab: experience with 1000+ molecular clones, synthetic gene circuits assembly, homologous recombination, RT-qPCR, library prep (16S, Nextera, RNA-seq) for NGS, microbes isolation from clinical samples, fluorescent microscopy, microfluidics (device fabrication, QC and testing), cell culture (mammalian and iPSCs), Virus infection and in vitro culture, SDS-PAGE/Western blot, protein purification, polyclonal antibody production, mouse handling & anatomy. Programming / Biostatistics: R, MATLAB, and SAS; experience with linux system Languages: English, Chinese (native)


Department of Biological Engineering, MIT, Cambridge, MA 2018 – current Postdoctoral Associate

• Led project team that developed a protocol to detect and track SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater; and managed the routine process of 1900+ samples received from 40 US states for 4 months.

• Developed a protocol to recover SARS-CoV-2 genome from wastewater samples.

• Led project team that profiled microbial community dynamics in vitro and in vivo (mouse) using 16S rRNA amplicon sequencing and RNA-seq (library prep and analysis).

• Significant contribution to isolate gut microbes from clinical samples and genome sequencing. School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering, ASU, Tempe, AZ 2012 – 2018 Predoctoral research assistant (5 years) and Postdoctoral Associate (1 year)

• Developed a data-driven biostatistical model to predict protein expression levels in synthetic gene circuits using SAS.

• Successfully constructed 1000+ molecular clones.

• Close collaboration with mathematicians to develop ODE and PDE models to analyze and predict nonlinear dynamics of synthetic gene networks.

• Drafted 5 grant applications and two were successfully funded (AHA fellowship and NIH R01). Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China 2009 – 2012 Research assistant (3 years) and Lab manager (8 months)

• Independently cloned HSV-1 UL14 gene, in vitro protein expression and purification, and produced UL14 polyclonal antibody; screened its interacting host proteins and validation.

• Managed the laboratory activities including equipments scheduling, suppliers ordering, and safety training for new lab members.


• American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship (2015.07 - 2017.06, $50,000)

• Peter E. Crouch Excellence Fund Fellowship (2015.11, $1,156)

• Special Awards of Changhua Scholarship in Wuhan Institute of Virology, CAS (2012.06) PUBLICATIONS & PATENTS (selected)

1. 2. Fuqing Manuscript Fuqing (*equally Wu, Wu* contributed) in et et preparation.,, Deciphering Wastewater mechanisms surveillance of of SARS-prebiotics CoV-2 to across protect the gut US. microbiota Manuscript from in preparation. antibiotics. 3. Fuqing new COVID-Wu* 19 et cases. al., SARS-MedRxiv CoV-2 2020 titers (in *equally wastewater contributed) foreshadow dynamics and clinical presentation of 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Fuqing cases. Fuqing bioRxiv Fuqing dynamics. Fuqing landscape Fuqing Fuqing trimodality. Fuqing Archives Fuqing localization Fuqing virus Fuqing upstream 1. mSystems. Medical Wu Wu, Wu* Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu* 2019 of enhancer Cell and Virology. et et et et et et et of Cell et et et (WD Systems. Under Microbiology 5:, SARS-Quorum-Engineering Applications Live Characterization Screening A Granulysin Repeat-fate Development e00614-that Synthetic revision 157(cell determination. CoV-6(binds 2)containing Biology. 7)imaging sensing 20 and :2 :206-1383-for production Biology STAT5 titers of and (of 2020)identiOication Science)of a synthetic 215.synthetic of fails crosstalk-6 Immunology. 21(a in protein (in protein nuclear 2012). e6 eLife. Approach wastewater 12)human to . (and 2018):support 1629–1638 gene . 6:quadrastable expression driven 42A import anticryptococcal e23702 of peripheral . networks. to host (200((*WDR42A)viral are equally Sequential synthetic and factors (3)higher (2017)2014)proteins metric :203-export gene blood contributed) Science . interacting . circuits: than 8 FEBS . Stripe activity to network (signals CD4+ 2011)mediated tune expected Progress. Letters. Patterning from T . is gene determining cells. to with dependent intercellular approach unimodality 586(expression from 98(UL14 The and 8)3)clinically Journal ::1079-of 244-Somitogenesis. upon the Waddington herpes trafOicking. and to 252 subcellular 85 a of conOirmed far circuit ((simplex 2012)2015). . 14. 15. 16. 17. Immunology. Fuqing living Fuqing for Fuqing viral Fuqing (MINPAC)tuning diagnostics cells. Wu Wu Wu Wu . synthetic (Virus US et et et et 185( optimization Research. Molecular Methods Rational A 9)mutually gene :5074-App. circuits. design and Under 81 153(anatomy inhibitory ((US systems 2010)1)US of evaluation)Patent :71-upstream Patent of . (81 *network for subcellular equally App. (2010) quantifying App. . enhancement Under contributed) with 16/localization evaluation)248,positive gene 720. RNA expression auto-of . for HSV-regulation circuit 1 in tegument synthetic dynamics and communications protein gene regulation circuits US11 in and and

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