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Data Analyst Manager

Erbil, Iraq
October 01, 2020

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CV For Ali Ayoob Sabry Al-Zahawii (

CV For Ali Ayoob Sabry Al-Zahawii

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To work in Information Technology challenging services role to provide the highest levels of services, troubleshooting, solutions & satisfaction with professionalism & best planning, designing for the projects.


More than 10 years of experience in Information Technology & Network Services.

Expert in troubleshooting all the types of new & old Servers, Systems & Computers.

Long experience in install, setup & service (HP, Dell, Compaq, IBM & Barracuda) servers for the new & old generation & network related products.

Expert in operate in the complex technical disciplines & planning for the solutions.

Ability to effectively handle multi-task levels of responsibility.

Having excellent presentation & communications skills, well presentable.

Having strong organizational skills to manage the work & the office tasks, documents.

Long experience in working in the international & global companies inside & outside the country.

Flexible & strong ability to work over times & night shifts. QUALIFICATIONS & CERTIFICATIONS

Certified from Microsoft Corporation in (MCSE, MCSA, MCP & MCTS).

Certified of Business Management courses from the Syrian-European Business Training Center.

Certified of Autodesk course AutoCAD 2D-3D Architectural Design in New Horizons Computer Learning Centers.

Certified from CISCO-CCNA in Sites Power Institute in UAE.

IELTS Academic Degree Certified.

Certified from the Nordic Medical Services & Al-Mansoori for the HSSE& lifesaving roles provided by the global, international companies.

Certified from SICURO Company in UAE on installing the GPS Tracking Systems.

Certified from UDACITY Institute for Data Analyst Track. PROFESSIONAL WORK EXPERIENCE

Gulf Keystone Petroleum (International Oil Company) Kurdistan Region of Iraq-Province of Erbil (May. 2019-July. 2020) IT Officer (Shifts Rotational On Site)

- Mainly responsible on the help desk support for the computers, servers, network system, and fiber optic infrastructure, responsible on 2 production facilities sites equipment’s, warehouse site, construction camp, with total quantity of 12 servers inside Iraq and outside Iraq in the United Kingdom, more than 25 multifunction printers in different types with more than 75 users, responsible on the Azure Microsoft Office 365 cloud user admin site, Bosch CCTV system, the tasks are done by using the ITSM tool over the IVANTI.

SLS Company (Security & Logistics Services Company) Kurdistan Region of Iraq-Province of Erbil (Oct. 2017-Aug. 2020) ICT Manager

- Mainly responsible on the help desk support for the computers, server, network system & GPS tracking, Motorola products system devices provided by the SICURO Company from UAE & I got an official training course from SICURO Company in UAE on installing the tracking system devices. D.N.O Iraq AS (Drilling Norwegian Oil Company)

Kurdistan Region of Iraq-Province of Erbil (Jan. 2015-Oct.2017) Movement Controller & Logistic Services

- Mainly responsible on the daily activities of the company & the movement controlling system for the vehicles, GPS monitoring system IVMS System, arranging the VIP & CIP pickup from the airport for the company expats, archiving the company documents, security issues reports. CV For Ali Ayoob Sabry Al-Zahawii ( CV For Ali Ayoob Sabry Al-Zahawii

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MAP Group (Geological, GIS & GPS Services Company) Kurdistan Region of Iraq-Province of Erbil (Jan. 2012-Jan. 2020) ICT Manager

- Mainly responsible on the help desk support for the data center server’s system of the GIS, GPS software’s

& the tracking system platform software and its devices. Exxon Mobil-EMKRIL (American Energy Company)

Kurdistan Region of Iraq-Province of Erbil (Jan. 2013-Sep. 2013) Security Supervisor & CCTV Room Operator (Night Shift Duty)

- Responsible on the CCTV room control system, fire alarm system & the electronic door system.

- Responsible on the evacuation plan for the emergency situations.

- Daily reporting to the Security Manager about the issues happens related to the security.

- Controlling & securing the company reception for the coming visitors & the new employees joined in the company to brief them about the HSSE, security procedure, evacuation procedure, health & safety roles, lifesaving roles.…etc.

PIRMAM Group (Information Technology Solutions Company) Kurdistan Region of Iraq-Province of Erbil (Jan. 2012-Jan. 2015) Technical Team Leader

- Responsible on the planning & installing the entire infrastructure network for the global oil companies in the region such as (TAQA Global, TOTAL, ORYX Petroleum & Repsol).

- Technical support contractor through the company for the network solutions & daily maintains for the IT equipment’s of the global oil companies in the region.

- HP server’s projects done for many local & global companies in the region based on the professional installing & configuring roles for the HP Servers.

- Disaster network recovery project for TAQA Global (Abu Dhabi National Energy Company).

- Installing point to point internet lines directly from the main fiber line tower.

- Network solution done for the Team Mart Hyper Markets Series by installing a data center with 5 Core HP G8 Servers in the main office & connecting all the 90 market branches inside the city through 15MB of speed intranet connection by using the secured point to multipoint rocket dishes M5 5.8 GHz. So, the data base system of the POS machines will be centralized & controlled remotely by the system administrator & also the CCTV system is connected through this system as well to see the markets inside the main headquarter office.

- Installing CCTV & Security Systems for the companies, factories & offices.

- Responsible on providing the clients with the best brands of the devices with the highest levels of solutions based on the testing for the products inside the company lab before deliver it to the client.

- Authorized technical support contractor through the company for installing the VSAT EF DATA systems provided by ComTech Company from Switzerland & HUGHES Company from USA. High Tech (Information Technology Company)

Kurdistan Region of Iraq-Province of Erbil (Jan. 2010-Jan. 2012) Showroom IT Sales & Technical Support

- Maintains excellent communications with the customers for the long terms relations.

- Responsible on providing the customers with the right solutions that is required for their work.

- Analyzing & providing the supports to the company clients by contacting them from time to time to see if they have any troubles to troubleshoot it as soon as possible

- Supporting for the technical team with solutions advice, proposals, presentations, & other customer communications.

CV For Ali Ayoob Sabry Al-Zahawii ( CV For Ali Ayoob Sabry Al-Zahawii

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CARMA (Global Provider of Media Intelligence Solutions) (Mediwatch ME) Company headquarter is based in UAE-Dubai

Working location in (Iraq) (2006)

- Working as an authorized correspondent for couple of years in uploading the Iraqi news articles from the newspapers, magazines, Radio, TV.

- Arranging the articles into categories (Oil & Gas, Energy, NGO’s, Press Release, Transportation, Advertisement, Technology…. etc.), for the clients can easily access & find what he wants.

- Provide media monitoring, analysis, databases services across all types of media, including print, online, social, TV & radio with a real-time analytics, presented with powerful visualizations & flexible reporting functions, to demonstrate the media impact with ease. Other Work Experiences:

- Worked for HUAWEI Company for one year contract part time as a merchandiser on the marketing advertisements & marketing issues reporting for the HUAWEI cell phone products.

- Worked with my brother for couple of years in our office in Iraq-Baghdad as a junior IT.

- Working for couple of years in the Iraqi Embassy Office in Syria-Damascus.

- Volunteer work for the NGO’s (UN / UNRWA / UNHCR / Syrian Arab Red Crescent / DRC).

- Worked in Al-Mada Satellite TV for one month.


Domain Controllers: Active Directory & Replica-Additional Domain Servers, DNS & secondary DNS setup, DHCP ISA Servers: Microsoft Internet Security & Acceleration in all versions. MICROSOFT EXCHANGE E-Mail Servers & POP3-SMTP E-Mail Servers in all versions. WINS Servers: Join all the old client's computers that using (Windows: NT-95-98-2000) to the Domain Controller easily & integrate / authenticate them with the (D.C.) - Active Directory. All RAID Types: Hardware & Software RAID 0-1-5 Technology: (Mirror, Spanned, Extend, Mount, Stripped etc.) TERMINAL Servers: Tracking & Controlling Remotely with far Servers / Computers in the Network. All Backups Types: (Full, Schedule, Daily, Monthly, Weekly, ASR etc.) - (Fault Tolerance). Installing & configuring all the types of the File Servers & Print Servers. Full Managing Group Policy & Tracking the Network - (Networks Systems Security Policy). Manage & Install: Multi-Function Printers, Switches, Routers, Access Points, Cabinets, Patch Panels etc. Manage & Install: Ubiquiti Networks products.

Design & install complete Internet Service Provider core with the tower design using the Dish Nano Station M5 & Rocket Dish point to multi point internet broadcasting with wide area coverage. Full knowledge on using and managing the Microsoft 365 cloud system for creating email accounts, groups, managing accounts, licenses,….etc.

Manage & Install: Weather station products.


Microsoft international certificates & letters (MCSE, MCSA, MCTS, & MCP) certified since 2008.

United Nations-UN/UNRWA certificates on course completion in Syria issued in 2010.

Business management course from European-Syrian training center issued in 2010.

Autodesk certificates from New Horizons computer learning centers in Syria issued in 2010.

Letter of appreciation from ExxonMobil Energy Company in Iraq-Erbil issued in 2013.

Letter of appreciation from Map Group Company in Iraq-Erbil issued in 2013.

Cisco CCNA Certification from Sites Power Institute in UAE issued in 2014.

Nordic Medical Services Certification in Iraq-Erbil issued in 2014.

Letter of appreciation from PIRMAM Group Company-IT solutions in Iraq-Erbil issued in 2014.

IELTS Academic English Certification with 6.5 score from Cambridge-Iraq-Erbil issued in 2014.

Training course certification from SICURO Company in UAE issued in 2017.

Data Analyst Track certified from UDACITY Institute by the 1 Million Arab Coders Initiative in 2018. CV For Ali Ayoob Sabry Al-Zahawii ( CV For Ali Ayoob Sabry Al-Zahawii

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Certificate from AMIDEAST for sharing project idea in the Iraqi Preneurs from Ruwaad Al-Iraq for completing the challenge in the last top level in 2019.

Letter of appreciation from Gulf Keystone Petroleum Company in Iraq-Erbil issued in 2020. LANGUAGE SKILLS

Fluent reading and writing in:-






Nationality: Iraqi

Status: Married

Birth Day: 11 / August / 1988

Mobile No.: +964**********



Passport No.: A11203275 / Valid Until 13-11-2024

Address: Kurdistan Region of Iraq / Province of Erbil / Cihan City Local Driving License: Hold a valid for seven years local driving license issued in Iraq-Erbil International Driving License: Hold a valid for ten years international driving license issued in USA

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