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Power Plant Engineer

Bogota, Colombia
September 29, 2020

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Calle *** # ***-**, MZ 11 CS 60, Bogotá DC, Colombia

Av. Edmudo Eluchans 1150 Depto 1, Viña del Mar, Chile


Chemical Engineer with a 20-year professional development in power generation in Endesa / Enel Group, highlighting continuous growth based on skills to comprehensively manage of thermal and hydraulic assets in the countries where he has worked; Chile, Brazil and Colombia.

Focusing on the asset and contract management (220), optimization, efficiency and technical-economic profitability of the operation, he has developed strategies and methodologies for maintenance, technical services, engineering and project management (PMO), adding solid knowledge in generation and transmission systems energy, regulatory affairs, energy and fuel trading, strategic planning, BSC, energy efficiency, reliability, spending control, investment and analysis of alternatives, job security, environment and ISO and OSHAS standards. EDUCATION



Strategic Commercial Management Diploma



Inversiones KUBERA SAS (March, 2018 - Present) - Managing Director - founder, Bogotá DC - Colombia

• Company created for the development of business opportunities in the fields of energy; asset operation, efficiency, contract management, investments and expenses, strategic planning, project development and maintenance eng.

• Study of the potential of the PV solar energy market in Colombia and the Caribbean for Fusen Solar Solutions China.

• Commercialization of solar panels for the industrial, residential and public sectors

• Feasibility analysis and pre-project generation of 220MW Combined Cycle for Maya Asociados Ltda.

• Partnership with VQ Ingeniería (hydraulic central maintenance) to expand the offer with higher added value services. Comercial e Inversiones Cervecera del Puerto SpA (January, 2016 - September, 2018) - Managing Partner, Valparaíso - Chile.

• Income as a shareholder via AERTEN SpA, directing the financial aspects; spending, investments, budget control, PyG forecast, cash flow and returns.

• Growth via rental and revamping of an additional production plant in Santiago and production contract with a third plant, increasing sales from 30,000 to 50,000 liters / month of craft beer,

• Cerveza Del Puerto was a gold medal winner (Lager category) in the Copa América de Cervezas in 2016 and exported to China. EMGESA SA ESP, Grupo Enel (February, 2013 - June, 2015) Asset Power Generation Vicepresident, Colombia. Responsibilities

• Responsible for generation assets; 2,466 MW of hydraulic technology in 10 plants and 412 MW of thermal coal, natural gas / FO6 technology in 2 plants, which represent 22% of the country's production with a team of 352 people.

• I controlled and managed by Kpi s; availability, maintenance and production programs (13,559 GWh-2014), expenditure (12 million USD year) and the long-term investment plan, average Capex 2011-2013: 40 million USD year.

• I led the management of 220 contracts for O&M services, materials, and maintenance and large investment projects.

• I participated directly in accounting, tax, financial, auditing, business development, communications, supplier management, human resources, continuous improvement and with business impact clients and reports to the Board of Directors. Achievements

• 120% result in expenses / OpEx, investment / CapEx short, medium, long term, achievement of EBITDA (866 million USD 2014), availability of generation units and strong injuries reduction (IF) in 2014.

• Managed the approval of the Cartagena 40 Mill. Thermal Power Plant Reliability Project. USD. Alternatives recovery, closure, technology change and economic incomes.

• SALACO Project, 43 mill. USD. Recovery and regulatory strategy (regulated revenues) for the dispatch of minor plants on the Bogotá river.

• I signed the first energy efficiency policy ISO 50.001

• I started the project "Culture of Continuous Improvement" -Lean Six-Sigma "and Innovation.

• I received the Annual O&M Hydraulic Power Plants in Latin America Operational Excellence Award and the award for the best idea in innovation of the company (Improvement of availability in central PaGua generators)

• I participated in the technical-economic optimization of the business operating cash flow. EMGESA SA ESP, Grupo Enel (August, 2012 - January, 2013), Technical Services Manager, Colombia

• I carried out the management and supervision of electromechanical and civil maintenance in the 12 plants (2466 MW), rivers and reservoirs, participating in contingent and cross-cutting environmental and social issues throughout the organization and external entities and bodies.

• I reviewed renewable projects and remuneration methodology. I led large investment projects and major maintenance.

• I participated in the sectorial committees of the country such as the hydrological, electrical studies, complementary services, control and coordination of protections, hydraulic.

EMGESA SA ESP, Grupo Endesa (July, 2007 - July, 2012), Thermal Power Generation Director, Colombia

• Responsible for the operations and maintenance of ENDESA's thermal plants in Colombia with 152 people and more than 100 permanent contractors.

• I achieved the ISO 9.001 (kpi s), ISO 14.001 and OSHAS 18.001 certification.

• I led the implementation of the "zero accident" priority 1 policy.

• I designed, directed and controlled the Reliability Project - PMO for the Termozipa plants (4 coal / steam units, 235 MW) and Cartagena (3 FO6 units / gas / steam, 208 MW), with management of corrective maintenance projects for 85 million USD recovering the availability from 50% to 85% from 2007 to 2010. Deployment of a strategy from the income (regulated and not) and the operational context to the search for human resources and operational reliability. Analysis of alternatives

• I redesigned the model of contract for corrective maintenance, outsourced preventive (outsourcing), criticality of equipment and spare parts.

• Led the “Best Practice Sharing” program (global benchmark Enel), USD 10 million for best practices and operating efficiencies of assets

• I closed fuel purchase negotiations for USD 45 millions

• I developed and presented energy efficiency and innovation initiatives, Latam region level.

• AEDME Environmental Management Award 2008. Recovery of water bodies in Central Cartagena. Central Geradora Termelétrica Fortaleza SA, Endesa Brasil (May, 2005 - June, 2007) Head of Operations, Fortaleza CE, Brazil

• Responsible for developing the Endesa Group culture for the asset management and complementary services with the network operator. (320 MW 2x2x1 combined cycle plant, natural gas).

• I led the operations team; generation compliance, maintenance prioritization, regulatory system of procedures and records.

• I controlled the services and contracts for fuel (gas) and water for generation, involving accounting, financial and commercial management areas.

Empresa Nacional de Electricidad SA (January, 2005 - April, 2005) Technical Support Engineer Combined Cycles LatAm, Chile

• I provided support for the diesel generation contingency and reviewed the main operational failures, official reports, insurance reporting on gas turbines and combined cycles in San Isidro and GasAtacama (Chile), Costanera (Argentina) and Malacas (Peru).

• I transferred know-how and implemented corrective measures and improvements in control systems and protections. Empresa Nacional de Electricidad SA (January, 2001 - December, 2004) Head of Results Control - Thermal Power Plant Chile

• Responsible for the control and reporting of technical economic results and efficiency of the Tarapacá 150 MW coal-steam plant, Iquique.

• Quality control, stocks and fuel recovery.

• Development of deviation methodology for the Specific Consumption generation.

• Manager of O&M and Puerto Patache contracts, Panamax. OPIP officer.

• Development of the optimal techno-economic mixture of coals methodology.

• Team Leader "Reliability Centered Maintenance" methodology. RCM II. Development and control of preventive, predictive and condition maintenance programs.

Empresa Nacional de Electricidad SA (Endesa Chile) today Enel Generación SA (July, 1997 - December, 2000) Operations Engineer and Results Analyst - Tarapaca Thermal Power Plant, Iquique, Chile

• - Field engineer at the EPC and Shift Manager in the operation of the plant (150 MW coal / steam)

• - I applied ASME and PTC methodologies to calculate the boiler and steam turbine cycle performance

• - I developed efficiency control of primary equipment (heaters, pumps, condensers, others) RELEVANT COURSES, ACTIVITIES AND CERTIFICATIONS

• Course for "Certificate of Operation of High Pressure Boilers". Endesa Chile, (November 2002).

• Course "International Negotiation Skills". International Mediation Firm, Spain - Julián Gutiérrez Conde.

• Courses "Boiler Performance Optimization" and "Pulverized Coal Firing". O&M Training Department ALSTOM, San Antonio TX, US

(September 2011)

• X International Maintenance Congress, Colombian Association of Engineers, Colombia. (April 2008)

• Workshop "Decision Making in the field of Techno-management", Endesa and Loyal Consultores, Santiago (October 2007) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Nationality: Chilean, resident in Colombia

Birthdate: March 11, 1972

Computing: Computer level user Word, Excel, Power Point, Access and MS Project at basic level, SAP, PI. Language: Native Spanish, English and Portuguese advanced level. Extra programmatic activities: Swimming.

Well stablished references on demand.

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