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Manager Engineering Operations

Toronto, ON, Canada
September 25, 2020

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** ******** **. ******** ****, Canada, L4C 7R9; Tel: 905-***-****,, Overview

Engineering project management, North America Asia, at Fiera Foods Company, Toronto, Canada

Senior Mechanical Engineer at Icegen Inc., Canada

Senior Product Developer at Design Research Group, Toronto, Canada

Senior Product Developer at SciCan, Toronto, Canada

Team Leader, Engineering at Techno Scientific Inc., Concord, Canada

R/D Mechanical Engineer at Netzer Precision Motion Sensors Ltd., Israel

Mechanical Engineer at Orthoscan Technologies Ltd., Israel

Mechanical Designer at Galil Medical Ltd., Israel

Senior Mechanic/Technician at Mashik Ltd. Israel, Refurbishment of Compressors for HVAC Education

University of Oil and Gas, Moscow, Russia. Program: Building and Maintenance of Mechanical Systems for Pumping Oil and Gas to Remote Distance. 1988-1993

The Oil and Gas Technical College, Volgograd, Russia. Program: Electro-mechanic of Control and Automatic Measurement. 1982-1986

RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems, Rocket Department, Israel: Obtained extensive knowledge of the Joule- Thomson effect. 1997

Technical College, Israel: PC & Networks Maintenance. 1999 Summary of Qualifications

Challenge-driven, dynamic executive and influential change driver with 20-year history of consistently delivering on his commitments in small/mid-sized/big leading-edge technology companies. Unique combination of cross-enterprise and engineering expertise, solid project management with P&L skills, strategic thinking and international experience acquired in leadership positions and turnaround assignments spanning Business Development, Constriction, Marketing, Sales, R&D, Operations in Canada, US, Japan, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, India and Europe. Recognized as a pragmatic motivational leader who excels in breaking down organizational barriers by resolving complex business and technical challenges and attain high levels of performance by choosing the proper strategies developing creative and sound engineering and entrepreneurial solutions, customer-focused culture of achievement resulting in superior performance.


Organizational Leadership & People Management / Strategic Planning with Attention to Execution within Project Management (budget up to $5 million), Engineering.

Global Revenue Growth & New Business Development / P&L Management & Profitability Enhancement

Product Development / Collaboration & Innovation in Global Environment

Engineering Evaluation and Mechanical Design with cost profitability of milling turning, rubber, plastic molding and aluminum die casting, sheet metal, punching, rapid prototypes, electronics packaging, and welding, brazing, soldering, cables. Insuring products conformances to standards such as AS9100, ISO 13485 (MDD 93/42/EEC, ISO9001, FDA QSR, GMP ISO 13485 21CFR 800–1299), EN ISO14971, EN13060, EN61010-1, EN61010-2- 040, IEC 60601, EN1717, JIS T14971, JIS T 7324, JIS Z 8737-1, EN13445-2, EN13134 (EN12799, ISO10447, EN1321, EN12799), ISO15614-1 (EN15608), AWS D18.1, ASME IX, 3-A Accepted Practice Sanitary Standards, PED 97/23/EC, MD 98/37/EC, ASME BPVC VIII-1, CSA B51-97, AS9100…etc.

Turnaround Expert / Change Management – Cultural Transformation

Operations Optimization & Restructuring. Resolve the potential matters before they become issues.

Solid Grasp of Technology and Regulations / Broad Analytical skills and innovative management style and sound recommendation in finding optimum solution

Languages: English, Hebrew, Russian, additional 3 languages related to countries in Asia.

Software: Solid Works, Pro-E, Creo, Autodesk Inventor, ANSYS, Office, ERP.

Good communication skills, perfect team player.References available upon request. Experience

Manager R/D, Engineering North America Asia

Fiera Foods Company, Toronto, Canada, Ontario, March 2015 – till now

Fiera Foods Company is a biggest food processing company with more than 1500 employees serving biggest retailers such as Walmart, Costco, Dunkin Donuts, McDonald, Burger Range, Loblaw, Tim Hortons…etc across North America with premium quality bakery products.

Implemented big, medium, small projects for biggest at North America food brands companies included multiple job functions, stakeholders interacting (incl. Customers, Sub-Contractors, Suppliers, Product Lifecycle Management, Engineering, Purchasing, Field Teams, etc.), Project definition and management, resource planning, work breakdown, scheduling, critical path management, engineering evaluation and outsource of equipment, contract, construction, purchasing and installation of all required equipment, earned value. Projects: Dunkin Donuts, Costco, Wal-Mart, MacDonald’s, Burg Range, Loblaw

Robotic automated packaging. Palletizers

Food Plants: Built from scratch the fully equipped plant, fit customer requirements including all legislative requirements and standards, applications permits to city. Assurance both "food safety" and "health and safety" in all aspects of operations, PHSR, construction activities, operational changes. o New plant at 134 Norfinch Dr.: Full frying system with capacity of 30 000 pcs per hour of cake products; with potential for extension of system for yeast products. Evaluated and implemented all required facility systems (ventilation, fire suppression, climate control, cooling and freezing system for product, automated packaging system, and palletizing system); Performed application to city for permits. o UCM at 50 Marmora St.: The longest in North America industrial frying system for submerged, floating products. Project of the year at Upper Crust (2018).

Croissants Bend- pinch -pick and place robotic systems: Involved famous robotic brand from China.

Built new Semi-Automated Warehouse: Freezer, Cooler, Ambient rooms with total 20 000 Pallet Places: Layout, Design, Certification, Contract, purchasing, manufacturing in Asia,Delivery, Permit to City,Installation,Warranty.

Warehouse Management System, Warehouse Control System: Engineering evaluation, Contract, Implementation.

Big Industrial Fryer conveyors for bakery: Analyse of qualities of worldwide manufacturers (Belshaw, JBT, Moline, Canol, Asian brands), fixing disadvantages, implementation.

Implemented various lifting mechanisms: Engineering evaluation, design, supply, and certification.

Cost reduction by implementing new technologies and reduction of costs of final products.

Manufacturing at Asia/China, Taiwan, Vietnam, North America; EU: Built strong working flow for supply wide range of quality equipment and relative parts and components, building parts and material, different shapes of glasses, rubber and plastic, metal and paper products, conveying systems, belts. More than 3 month a year working at specified countries.

Chief Engineer

Icegen Inc,, Markham, Ontario, Canada Aug. 2013 – Feb.2015

Pioneer and Global Leader in providing customers with Ice Slurry production, Food storage and distribution systems with capacities from 2 to 360 tons of slurry ice up to 33% of slurry fractions. Icegen Inc. is a major manufacturer of snow making systems for Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Games (the outdoor snowmaking in subtropics climate zone).

Supervised and performed development, design to manufacturing of the company product (capacity of up to 2000 Liters of pressure vessels system) including Engineering Evaluation of All Main Mechanical Parts

/Components/Hydraulics, Thermal Analyses, Engineering, Modeling, Prototyping and Drafting, Installations.

Budgetary Responsibility: up to $180000 CAD.


Turned around and reshaped R&D and manufacturing team of 25 people; established a clear product strategy and a healthy new product pipeline, and put in place project management and discipline of execution.

Streamlined processes, broke down departmental silos, formed and led cross-functional teams and drastically improved design and manufacturing quality. Effect: 3 weeks the manufacturing timeline instead of 4.5 month.

Used concurrent engineering and risk management to accelerate time to market

Instilled a culture of continuous improvement – implementation of Benchmarking, R&D Balanced Scorecard, R&D Process Metrics and Knowledge Base tool for organization-wide collaboration

Ensures appropriate project resourcing of the owner’s team and securing of outsourced engineering, procurement, and construction resources as required. Responsible for the performance of all resources (both internal and external, including engineering and construction contractors) employed on the projects.

Solved severe production problems with main product line. Implemented own new ideas of production methods. Economical effect: Savings more than $120K in 1.2 months.

Challenged to transition the company from an aging flagship product in a rapidly commoditizing market to a rich portfolio of new products that will grow revenue and preserve profitability despite a global market downturn

Created channels to Sales teams worldwide to understand local markets and challenges, leading to a drastic reduction in the average time to identify/fix field issues

Increased visibility, responsibility and accountability by implementing project management and MS Project Enterprise

Improved the quality of company product by performing engineering evaluation, insuring the design is per ASME BPVC VIII-1, PED 97/23/EC, FDA 3-A Accepted Practice 3-A Sanitary Standards, AWS D18.1, ASME IX, ASME II, identification of the root cause of the main failures.

Performed Certification of the company product (is not standard pressure vessels up to 2000 Liters) according to requirements of PED 97/23/EC and MD 98/37/EC to EU market. Certified and improved manufacturing processes at outside big worldwide and small companies: Brazing Operators, Welders, and Brazing and Welding procedures.

Created and implemented engineering system, quality control and safety systems. Redesigned company product, created BOM and professional drawings. Decreased company expenses on 45% by improving design and performing the cost reduction by choosing appropriate new material suppliers, manufactures of parts, welding companies.

Established excellent relationships with new worldwide manufacturers, suppliers, 3rd party companies (Notified Bodies), and laboratories in Canada, US, China and others countries. References available upon request. Senior Product Developer

Design Research Group,, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. July 2012 – Aug. 2013

Engineered Product Development

Medical Device

FEA, development of engineering concepts and design of microscopic high precision parts and mechanisms (medical devices) as well as large equipment (such as portable power stations), modeling and prototyping, testing and troubleshooting, electronic packaging. Liaisons with customers and managing main manufacturers. Achievements

Developed new concept, designed and built first prototype of Minimally Invasive Laparoscopic Anastomosis Surgery Stitching Clip Tool (overhaul size: OD 9.9 MM; Length 20 MM with microscopic parts assembled inside) for stitching lumens and tissues inside human bodies (new born kids) from DIA of 1mm and more. The high precision mechanism consists of microscopic parts. Project Manager, Senior Product Developer

SciCan Ltd., Toronto, Canada,

May 2006 – June 2012

Global leader in Infection Control Equipment

Managed new products realization chain from concept to finished product through leadership of Project Management, Software, and Hardware, Industrial Engineering, Internal/External laboratories, Regulatory and Production departments – up to 45 people in total. Coordinated the same teams at customer’s business units.

Accountable for all aspects of project development and execution: Assignment and control Mechanical, Software, Electrical, Hardware, Industrial, Quality engineers, Regulatory Department, Laboratories (EMC, Microbiology, Internal) and other project management peers, and provided leadership and mentoring in development of best practice project management systems. Performed Design to Manufacturing.

Liaisons with customers and coordination, managing the main manufacturers. Fostering of innovative solutions to customer needs. The conceptualizing and day-to-day management of simultaneous projects.

Provided project management leadership/support to business development activities, as well development of life cycles, capital cost estimates and evaluation of alternatives.

Evaluated a range of requirements for development in compliance with SciCan’s QMS and according to ISO 9001, ISO 13485, 21 CFR 820, and EN13060, EN ISO 14971 standards … ets. with conformity to MDD 93/42/EEC, CMDR ISO 13485, Japanese PAL. Managed troubleshooting and tests such as Life, Proof, EMC/EMI, Software, Type, Margin, Dry, Microbiology … etc. insuring products conformances to standards such as on ISO 13485, JIS T 7324:2005, JIS C 1010-1:2005, IEC 61010-2-040:2005, JIS C 1806:2001, JIS Z 8737- 2:2005, JIS T 14971:2003, EN 61010-1:2001, EN 61010-2:2005, EN ISO 14971, EN 13060:2004 A2

Incorporated safety, health, and environmental best practices and regulatory compliance into all engineering and project management activities, and ensures adherence to engineering principles, practices, and standards.

Managed all development life cycles. Created complete and accurate technical files and documentation

Responsibilities in Sustaining Engineering: Root Cause Analyses of Failures at Mass-Manufacturing of all existing products and Corrective, Preventive Actions (COPA, and QAP) Achievements:

Released new product STATIM 900J to manufacturing and sale to

Released new product Direct to Drain to manufacturing and sale

Rejuvenated aging flagship product line such as STATIM 2000, 5000 Autoclaves, HYDRIMs family of washing disinfection machines by drastically reducing the manufacturing annual failure rate from 6.45% to 4.14% by resolving numerous of long term problems (up to 19 years long) related to quality and processes: - g4?gclid=CNen9avFycsCFYKBaQodjU0JzQ, -

Identified strategic new product lines and established partnerships with innovative OEM suppliers to commercialize disruptive, highly profitable new technologies

Created a set of regulatory tools for ongoing profitability analysis and drove profitability enhancements by new product line. One small project as an example: The savings of $160000 CAD had been achieved.

Proposed re-shaping of Product Developing process: Integration upstream with Research and downstream with Manufacturing; selective outsourcing of design activities to focus internal resources on Concept and Integration Team Leader

Techno Scientific Inc. (TSI), Concord, Canada, 2005– 2006

TSI performs research, development and manufacturing in the areas of: Automated non-destructive examination, Robotic Welding and Vision, Transducers and Sensors

Engineering, oversee and review mechanical designs generated by design team. Managed Software and Hardware Engineers, Technicians and Welders - total 6 internal and 5 external resources (Liaison with customers, managed manufacturers and vendors and other external resources) R/D Mechanical Engineer

Netzer Precision Motion Sensors Ltd., Israel, 2003 – 2005

High-Tech Company, which develops and manufacturing of precision Motion Sensors based on a newly patented capacitive sensing technology

Developed creative and engineering solutions for new products by choosing suitable architecture of the new product, material and production technology for mass manufacturing for parts with QTY. 5000-10000-100000

Evolved design concept through modeling, prototyping and testing. Designed to manufacturing of high precision mechanical parts of Linear and Rotary Motion Sensors (PCB based), Evaluating Kits, R&D accurate Testing Jigs

Coordinated Electronic and Software departments, mass production, external technology, EMC tests, and other contract manufacturers – total 45 internal and external resources Achievements: The following new products released to mass manufacturing and sale

Encoders for PHILIPS MRI USA, BMW, ORBIT, Le R, Le C, Re 37, Re 52, Re 168, Demonstration Kits Mechanical Engineer

Orthoscan Technologies Ltd., Israel 2000 – 2003

High-Tech Company, which develops, manufactures and sells Orthopedic radiation free device for diagnosis and monitoring of spinal deformities such as scoliosis and kyphosis and based on Magnetic Resonance Technology

Developed, designed and constructed complex radiation free machine from initial concept until transfer to production according to needs of orthopedists

Coordinated 3 Software Engineers. Trained 7 technicians to assemble the complete machine R/D Mechanical Designer

Galil Medical Ltd., Israel


R/D Mechanical Designer

Galil Medical Ltd., Israel


Pioneer and Global Leader in developing, manufacturing and sale Cryosurgical Medical equipment for Oncology, Urology, Gynecology procedures

Invented, developed and designed to manufacturing of high pressure cryosurgery probes, catheters, cryocoolers from the initial concept until transfer to mass production for fulfill specific requests of doctors for different applications.


Invented and released to manufacturing and sale the following new products:

2mm&90 degree surgical operation with PHILIPS MRI catheter for ablation cancer tumor on the liver and prostate

Invented designed and prototyped 1.15 mm OD - ENT- Ear Nose and Throat probe; 1.2 mm eye catheter

Invented designed and implemented to mass manufacturing and sale of 5 mm OD Laparoscopic Flexible Catheter for Ablation of Cancer Tumor on the Liver Without Cutting abdominal Cavity Open

Invented designed and prototyped Neurosurgical probe for elimination painful effects after surgery on heart

Invented designed and implemented surface probes for orthopedic oncology for ablation of bone cancer

Developed, designed and built prototypes of MRI compatible cryoprobes/catheters with testing of artifact images

Invented and introduced various techniques and methods for the rapid manufacturing of the high precision, high pressure (4500 Psi)of fine mechanical sub-assemblies Senior Mechanic/Technician

Mashik Ltd. Israel, Refurbishment of Compressors for Freezing and Air-conditioning 1994-1997

Diagnosed technical problems with compressors; performed Maintenance services, Overhauled of compressors and provided Oversight of Repairing freezing and air-conditioning systems

Vast extensive experience and deep knowledge of all industrial compressors currently available on the market: Sabroe, Vilter, Mykom, Carrier, Copeland, York, Atlas, Bitzer, Trane, DWM, Worthington, Donenbush, Westinghouse

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