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Electrical Engineer

August 02, 2020

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Curriculum vitae






UTC - Kichwamba

National Diploma In Electrical Engineering


Mulusa Academy Wobulenzi

Uganda Advanced Certificate Of education


Mulusa Academy Wobulenzi

Uganda Certificate of Education


Bbowa C.O.U Primary School

Primary Leaving Examination


1.Electrical Technician.

Roofings Rolling Mills –Namanve branch. (16th/OCT/2018- to date) Tasks;

Ensuring that all emergency controls are checked on a daily basis.

Ensuring that all machines are in a good working condition.

Ensuring proper record keeping i.e. electrical maintenance records.

Achieving all set electrical maintenance targets.

Effectively communicate with the entire team.

Ensuring that production is not affected by my operations.

Ensuring my availability as maintenance necessitates.

Ensuring proper sanitation at the entire work place.

Ensuring proper accountability of issued machine tools at the end of the work shift.

Performing any other tasks that may be assigned from time to time

2.Electrical Technician (internee)

Crown Beverages Ltd (June- September 2018)


For the time I spent at CBL I learnt how to install and maintain equipment such as drives, sensors, bottle transfer stars electro pneumatic cylinders and so many other accessories. I learnt how to carry out routine checks on different machine parts and how preventive maintenance is carried out for example lubricating conveyers, greasing machine rotary parts that’s to say conveyor drive shafts.

I also learnt that proper control and care to machines has to be carried out in order to ensure continuous running of the machine thus reducing the costs of production and increasing output.

Crown Beverages Limited is a FMCG industry and while there I was in position to learn how to troubleshoot problems, and equipped with skills of solving these problems. While at this plant I was taken through the safety, health and environmental policies so as to ensure a safe working condition free of accidents and an environment that is free from pollution.

3.Electrical Technician (internee)

Inter-tech Industrial Machinery (U) Ltd (June – August 2017)


Troubleshooting motors for burnt windings and all winding resistance imbalances.

Analyzing the most common causes of motor burning and how to prevent them.

Rewinding motors and welding machine making.

Generator assembly, servicing and there general maintenance.

Carrying out maintenance on general domestic equipment.

Personal Profile;

I am at my best in a job where I can work with other people, but also have a chance to concentrate in privacy and have some level of both independent and congregative decision making. I am also confident and can succeed in performing complex tasks and processes within a tight schedule.

Tasks where I have an opportunity to solve problems bring the best out of me and occasional work stress does not bother me.

I have skills in industrial electrical installation of power and components, other leadership skills and also ready to learn from others in order to be acquainted to more skills.

While at Roofings Rolling Mills I went through a fire safety and prevention training and I was equipped with skills of fighting different classes of fire with their extinguishing equipment.

I have learnt how to read and interpret electrical engineering drawings for the hands on period I have had within in my career.


1.Mr. Nsubuga David

Maintenance Engineer, Roofings Rolling Mills Ltd

Tel: 070*******/ 078*******

2.Mr. Katongole Jude

Assistant Electrical manager, Crown beverages ltd

Tel: 075*******

3.Mr. Mutebi Ronald

Safety Engineer, Inter-tech industrial machinery

Tel: 075*******


I Kigonya Christopher declare that the above information is true and provided by me. In case of any assistance for more information about me the above mentioned people can be contacted.

DATE: 28th/JULY/ 2020

SIGNATURE: Kigonya Christopher

Kigonya Christopher

Mobile: 075******* / 078*******

Email Address:

Current address: Kireka, Wakiso District


I am a male Ugandan, 23 years of age, focused, innovative, hardworking and self-motivated, always seeking for a way forward with good time management skills enabling me to meet strict deadlines. I am a good communicator with high sense of honesty, integrity and ethical standards. I am, self-driven, determined and confident to getting things done with commitment to the employer’s objectives and goal. I am committed to personal development, learning and ability to motivate and inspire. I have problem solving skills and knowledge required in key areas of various kinds of electrical components and devices. My strength lies in my determination to strive for continued excellence, desire to experience life through learning, getting skilled plus extension of knowledge to others.


To: become a highly trained electrical personnel who can address electrical faults with viable solutions.


Date of birth: 29th Nov 1996.

Nationality: Ugandan

Marital status: Single

Gender: Male

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