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Software Developer

New York City, NY
May 23, 2020

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Lester Vecsey

C: 917-***-****

Professional Experience

IT, New York, NY

Freelance March 2018 { present

- Website design and creation of two static html/css sites and 5 domains.

- Email hosting with IMAP services using qmail

- Con guration of iPhone apps including Google Mail, installation of refox

- Videography using Cinelerra software to edit a 5-minute vignette Tatra Security Systems, Inc., Franklin Lakes, NJ

Technical Architect May 2005 { December 2017

- Assisted with installation and maintenance of 150+ residential and 12 commercial alarm systems.

- Designed and installed 4, 8, and 16 camera video surveillance systems. (PC enclosure)

- Created a custom Digital Video Recorder based on Motion software for one commercial in- stallation.

- Listed new units on ebay as a branded item, Tatra DVR.

- Maintained website, email system, client machines + Spam/anti-virus.

- Custom built iptables rewall for entire network, connected multiple broadband providers.

- Windows rewall and printing support.

Pay Chess LLC, New York, NY

Founder, Software Developer May 2005 { present

I. Rackmount con guration

- Prototype client application written for Platform SDK on Windows (OpenGL)

- Targeted code for (NVIDIA Graphics, GTX 760), made available as .deb system package.

- Tested the builds against ATI Radeon hardware.

- Automated build script.

- Con gured rackmount with 2 storage servers, 1 webserver, 1 FastCGI server, and one man- agement server.


- Raspberry PI cluster for ICS (Internet Chess Server) software located in New Jersey.

- AWS instance in Europe using Lightsail instance for Hybrid cloud computing.

- Dedicated 2000watt UPS and gigabit network switch for running ZeroMQ

- Reliably booted two data/compute servers using pxelinux and also iPXE (dhcpd/tftpd)

- Webserver boot CD (and iPXE) for an nginx machine, and a dedicated FastCGI server. II. Payments and security

- Paypal integration for website, and Facebook Connect for web app.

- Utilized git revision control (one server with haproxy).

- Implemented Di e Hellman key exchange protocol using OpenSSL crypt library.

- Public-key based encryption for user accounts, using standard (published) methods.

- Subcontracted a text move history feature through elance.

- CSS Canvas style 2D board for a JavaScript web interface.

- Utilized Let s Encrypt SSL certi cates, renewing, with nginx webserver.

- Wrote separate JavaScript interface with players name, country info, game time, and room listings.

III. Marketing e ort

- Posted 78 videos (half-hour) to youtube as Chess Now.

- Supervised crew of 7 at Manhattan Neighborhood Network TV station.

- Innovated live production with Internet chat, analog calls, and VoIP.

- Internet video publishing using custom built, bittorrent server (btpd) Paltalk, New York, New York

(Aquired by Snap Interactive)

Unix Administrator October, 2002 { April, 2005

- Performance improvements to a ve machine adserving network. (Apache/Perl)

- Added Icecast streaming media server for archived audio.

- Maintenance of Microsoft Windows server hosting a community support forum (sharepoint services)

- Con gured and wrote guide for SSL certi cates and OpenSSH; secure, authenticated logons.

- Ganglia process monitoring (gmond) for 40+ machines, including AIX for 64bit IBM Power Systems.

- Responsible for upgrading Java instances on 30+ cluster machine network

- Responded to 24/7 pager alerts for two data centers (NY, NJ)

- Updated and rewrote linux build notes for reimaging a server machine. GoRefer, (Battery Park), New York, New York

Unix Administrator November, 2001 { August, 2002


- Assisted with deployment of code and maintance of production and development environ- ments.

- Worked with Solaris, Resin, Oracle scripts, and backup snapshots.

- Helped with rewall, network and computer issues for employees.

- Responsible for developing mass mailing solution to email existing customer base.

- Supported HTML and text templates, with simpli ed HTML targets to and other providers.

- Bug xes for mailings to hotmail and web based services.

- Referenced Akamai service in HTML templates for mailing.

- Sorted and ltered email addresses for a mass mailing campaign. Internet Nexus, Franklin Lakes, NJ

Unix Administrator March 1995 { April 2001

- Created, designed, and implemented dialup Internet service.

- Cisco 2511, USRobotics/3com Total-Control, Networking, SNMP programming to poll online users.

- Con gured initial T1 line (Sprint) with ber optic connection, eventually dual homing (Quest) with BGP

- Contributed to online projects such as lesystem Coda and qmail.

- Kerberos implementation for secure password system.

- Dialup users authenticated with SLIP, PPP

- Radius and Tacacs setup for Total Control and Cisco access control units.

- NCSA httpd, Apache Webserver con guration,

- DNS administrator (BIND, djbdns) for 12+ domains; assigned dynamic/static IP address space (Class C.)

- Installed and aligned large dish Ku-band satellite for usenet news reception.

- Windows NT Server con gured for realtime news from satellite, to backend UNIX machines, re lling storage.

- Programmed tcview which listed the dialup users over TCP on the 3com Total Control system.

- Prepared advertising, documentation, and tech support for analog dialup and digital ISDN subscribers.


- Tisch summer program (NYU) 2 weeks of Film school 2000

- Rutgers University School of Engineering (1 year), Busch campus, New Brunswick, NJ 1996- 1997

- Harvard University Summer School (1 semester), Cambridge, MA

- Studied Data Structures and Algorithms Summer 1995

- Academy for the Advancement of Science and Technology 1992-1996 3

Certi cations

Python for Machine Learning, by 2019

Computer Skills

- Web design, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, C#

- GNU C (programming language), bash shell scripting.

- Make, autotools, pthreads

- API, sqlite3

- OpenGL, FreeCAD


TEX (documenting)

- rsync, ssh, NFS

- iptables, rewall

- tcpdump, wireshark

- djbdns, qmail, post x


- gparted, Clonezilla

- Mac, PC, Slack, Zoom

- Microsoft Access Database, Sharepoint, OneDrive

- Excel spreadsheet, Word, Powerpoint


- Computers since age 7.

- Piano including study of Chopin and Rachmanino,

- Joined Soccer travelling all stars team in NJ, and club soccer in NYC

- Chess since 2000 by playing Internet Chess,

- Unicycling since 2000 including rough terrain and in Central Park

- Jiu-Jitsu Blue Belt (martial arts)

- Running of 5k races, 10k and in Central Park weekly. 4

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