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Analyst Engineer

North Miami Beach, FL
May 19, 2020

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Programmer Analyst or Systems Programmer position, requiring creativity and analytical skills to solve problems and enhance existing systems, procedures. Seeking job requiring high level analytical, mathematical and logical skills.


Cleveland Clinic: Lawson Unix Senior Application Programmer/Analyst.

Integral IBM Mainframe Senior Application Programmer Analyst.

Mainframe Senior Programmer/Analyst.

Functioning in all aspects of systems, application development and maintenance; MVS & VM.

Systems Programmer; MVS & VM.

Applications experience includes Health Insurance, Payroll, Manufacturing, Sales, Order Processing, Account Payable and Receivables Financial Applications.

High School Teacher of Mathematics and Physics.


Master’s Degree Computer and Information Science, Bachelor’s Degree Computer and Information Science, Bachelor’s Degree Mathematics, Microsoft Certified Professional – MCP. Numerous Microsoft Systems Engineer/DBA courses.


Strengths: Lawson Unix 4GL COBOL SQL FTP SFPT PGP Unix Scripts, Payroll, HR Benefits. Production Maintenance Test. INFOR Lawson Support, Lawson Design Studio. Mainframe VSAM CICS, MVS, COBOL, TSO, JCL, PROC, CLIST, SPF, SAR, DB2, SQL, FOCUS, DYL280, REXX, IBM UTILITIES EASYTRIEVE+ XPEDITOR File-Aid AMS, PANVALET, SPF Dialog Panels, Abend-Aid. Windows 10, Microsoft Office 365. SharePoint Administrator.

Familiar with: Workday, IBM Watson, Assembler, Kronos, General Ledger, Fixed Assets AP, AR, Concur, TCP/IP/FTP/SFTP/PGP, PLI, IDMS-DB, C, C++, VISIUAL BASIC, VM, CP/CMS, XEDIT, RSCS, SMART, VM Dir Maintenance, ROCF, PVM, ENDEVOR, .


September 2016 - Current

MTI Trading, Voluntary work at Ocean Two.

2008 – September 2016

Cleveland Clinic

Senior Application Systems Analyst/Programmer.

Supported, Maintained, Developed, Tested, Automated the Lawson Unix Online and Batch System for Payroll/HR/Benefits. 4GL COBOL, Unix Script Custom and INFOR supported elements. Wrote, Updated Custom programs procedures and supported the Lawson Central programs and procedures. Ran the Bi-Weekly and Semi-Monthly Payrolls, Updated the new Payroll Parameters with 100% accuracy. Received numerous Awards.

Supported, Maintained, Developed, Tested, Automated the Integral VSAM CICS MVS System for Payroll/HR/Benefits. COBOL Online and Batch VSAM CICS. Wrote, Updated numerous Custom programs and procedures. Supported, created the Inbound/Outbound Interface Procedures. Received numerous Awards.

Created, Updated, organized the United Way Inbound and Outbound Procedures and Programs. Was a captain of the United Way program for 7 years with over a 95% participation rate for the ITD HR/Payroll/Benefits Group. Took a major part in the communications with the United Way Cleveland and nationwide teams.

2002 – 2008

American Greetings. Cleveland, OH

Programmer Analyst – Retail Order Processing Fulfillment and Integrity.

Supported, Maintained, Developed, Tested, Automated Retail Order Processing Systems. Provided High level Corp-wise Order Stage, Order Shipping, Purchase Order, Drop Pockets Information to users across the AG departments.

Was a liaison between Retail Program Operations and Mainframe Operations/Scheduling/ISD. Supported the Retail Program Operations FOCUS, COBOL, CULPRIT, PROC and JCL libraries. Helped other groups like Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart, UPC, POSR, Everyday and Alternate Card Fulfillment, Seasonal Cards, Sales and Financials.

Created Detailed and Summary Daily Distribution Center Performance reports on the Retail Program Operations web-site.

1995 - 2002

Antares Management Solutions (Medical Mutual of Ohio). Beachwood, OH

Senior Programmer Analyst – Lead Analyst - TOPPS Medical Insurance Claims Processing.

Supported, maintained, and developed the Careworks and Central Reserve Life Medical Insurance Claim Systems. Was a Lead Analyst in numerous application development projects.

Designed and partly coded the Medical Mutual of Ohio Bureau of Workman's Compensation Internet Bill Processing System working with 2 programmers as a lead analyst-designer and programmer (15 COBOL DYL280 and JCL). Participated in creating the Careworks BWC Provider Checking Batch and Online CICS System.

1993 – 1995

American Greetings. Cleveland, OH

Senior Programmer Analyst Manufacturing and Sales.

Supported, maintained, and developed the Part-Time Merchandiser System (PTM). This system tracked, and processed hours worked by part-time employees.

Created numerous reports to indicate employee clock number, territories, overtime, and paid/unpaid hours. Created, Performed Corp-wise Forecast Analysis reports in order to predict future Sales and PTM hours needed on different PLG/Forecast codes.

1981 – 1993

Ceridian (Control Data Corporation). Lakewood, OH

Senior Programmer Analyst Financial Applications and VM/MVS Systems Programmer.

Supported, maintained, developed the CARMS (Account Receivable), the D&B’s Account Payable and Global’s TravelMaster VSAM CICS Financial Applications.

Created the Travel Master Airline Automatic Matching System. Created the Acceptance Test Package and Tested Ceridian’s Orchestrator (Payroll) system on the DEC.

Supported the Control Data Corporation Distributed VM Systems. Installed all Host and Remote VM Systems. Was responsible for 15 VM systems operated remotely from Cleveland using IBM’s RSCS and ROCF. Installed the Hawaiian Airlines Control Data Corporation Distributed CALL/370 under VM System. Worked with IBM in solving numerous VM related problems, and applied VM fixes.


Numerous Caregiver Employee Recognition Awards.

AG Recognition award for active participation in the NRS and SKU Rotation AG Projects. Recognition award for active participation in the Inventory Protection and Substitution Logic Supply Chain Transformation AG Projects.

Microsoft: Completed four Microsoft MCSE MCDBA 2000 required exams within three months.

Microsoft Certified Professional.

MMO - Employee Recognition Awards. (1997, 1999). Ceridian Corporation - Great Performer Award.

Control Data Corporation - Great Performer Award.

Fluent in three foreign languages: Hungarian, Russian, and Ukrainian.

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