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Medical Engineer

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
May 18, 2020

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Career Statement:

Uday Kumar Gupta


A competent professional with nearly 4.1 years of rich experience in executing design, manufacturing process, testing and analysis project (Mechatronics) / engineering services; targeting assignments in the domain of Mechanical R&D Engineering, Manufacturing/ Project Execution, Testing and Documentation preferably in an organization of high repute.

Profile Summary

Assist in the design, implementation, shop floor manufacturing process, maintenance and ongoing improvement of an integrated, Translate customer and operational requirements into verifiable product requirements and specifications

Specified in Mechanical, Electrical equipment, Pneumatic Actuators, Robotics and Fluidics.

Worked with Tata Power Solar Manufacturing Department, in Fully Auto Solar Panel Module

(200MW) with team members of 4.

Worked with key client like Agappe Diagnostic Ltd on Medical Equipment (Fully Auto Bio- Chemistry Analyzer and Cell Counter).

Ensured implementation of robust design principles and doing R&D on mechanisms design, PUC design and concept, functional analysis of design, manufacturing process, checking easy maintenance of machine.

Ensured Provide technical analysis and feedback regarding impact of regulatory changes, project system upgrades or modification to improve existing as well as new processes and system for efficiencies.

Experience in giving good quality of deliverables of designs of mechanism, Thermal Design and simulation in SOLIDWORKS 2016.

Skilled in managing project operations, manufacturing planning, in-process inspection, design & development and co-ordination with internal departments & external customers.

Effective communicator with excellent relationship management & result-orientedattitude. Skills

Exploring the concepts for New Product Development.

Implement of DFSS, System integration, prototype assembly and verification.

Manage and track manufacturing process work orders.

Performance reliability & testing for qualification of the system.

Drive design optimization, selection of material, form factor, process and human factors considerations.

Component Selection (Motor, Pump, Sensor, Valve) and sourcing (Technical Calculation) to meet the design requirements and identify sources.

Knowledge of DFX, DFMEA & PFMEA.

Designing detail circuit of Thermo-fluidics.

BOM Management.

Vendor Management.

Product Remediation and Documentation.

Manufacturing Domain Knowledge

Enable effective management of manufacturing processes, including production planning, scheduling, and inventory control.

Standardization on shop floor working methods and improve quality and productivity.

Process plan, Method instructions, Validation

Planning Maintenance to improve work force productivity and work quality by anticipating and eliminating potential delays.

Medical Domain Knowledge

ISO 13485 Quality Management System, ISO 14971 risk management, IEC 60601 Medical design standard for power supply, ISO 15223 Medical device labels, EN 1041:2008 IFU

Experience in verification and validation of documents. Tools

Solid works 2016 (Part Designing, Huge Assembly, sheet metal Designing, DFM, DFA, Detail Drawing and GD&T Applying)

Auto-CAD, PTC CREO 3.0

Career Timeline

Tata Power Solar,


Apr’16 to Apr’17 Since Jun’17

L & T technology Services,

Bangalore and Mysore

Work Experience

Since Jun’17 with L & T Technology Services, Mysore as an Associate Engineer. Project Name

Bio-Chemistry Analyzer (CA) Project

(Medical Equipment)


June 2017-

Dec 2019

Team Size 6 people


Bio-chemistry Analyzer is an instrument that uses serum of centrifuged blood sample or a urine sample and induces reactions using reagent to measure various medical parameters, such as sugar, cholesterol, protein, enzymes etc. These tests results are considered based on spectrophotometer technology.

Works on robotic arms which aspirates 2 micro liters from sample cup and dispenses it inside cuvette.

It has Thermo-fluidic, where whole fluidics circuit will maintain temperature from 55 C to 28 C and pressure from 9 Psi to 11 psi.

This machine stores the reagents in Reagent Carousal which maintain the reagent temperature from 4 C to 8 C with the help of Peltier.

It gives output of 200 results per hour.

Role &



Optimize the design concept and Completing the prototype of concept, designing, testing and generating reports.

Implement DFSS rigor throughout the design selection and development process

Selection of electro-mechanical components based upon the required function. (Motor, Valve, Pumps, Fans, Sensors and Heater).

Completion of 3D modeling, drafting, assembly and 2D drawing with GD&T.

Selection of material, manufacturing process and finishing of the metal/ plastic parts.

Calculations related to motor load, pump capacity, air flow, guide- ways displacement with the help of motor, gear ratio and Thermo- fluidics Flow rate.

Allotting functional time duration for electromechanical components to control the time sequence of entire machine.





Windows 10

Since Jan’20 with L & T Technology Services, Bangalore as an Associate Engineer. Project Name

NATUS (Electrodes And Cables)


Jan 2020-

Mar 2020

Team Size 12 people


The objective of this project is to do Remediation on the medical products.

(Adhesive Electrode, Reflex Hammer, Snap Electrode and Lead Cables) Role &



Documents Creation of DPC, DHF, PRD, URD, Reliability Plan, All the specific Repots, GSPR.

Calculation of Product Lifetime.

Worked on Agile

Learning of other DHF Creation and Risk Analysis Tools

Word, Excel, Agile



Windows 10

Previous Experience

Project with Tata Power Solar, Bangalore as Module Maintenance Trainee from Apr’16 to Apr’17

Project Name-1

Komax X2 & X3 Solar Stringer:



2016 TO



Team Size 3 people


A SCARA robot will separate and un-stack the solar cells from input pallets.

Solar cell is imaged by camera to determine busbar location.

Cell pre-heating with temperature control, reducing thermal stress during soldering.

Close loop induction soldering (210 C) – with graphical temperature feedback.

Accu-Track string transport system (Nearly maintenance free).

Ribbon (Lead) is introduced to the string on walking beams using ribbon handling device.

Graphical touch screen user interface for easy operator assistance.

The system is pre-set to solder 2, 3 and 4 busbar cells up to 156 mm square.

High throughput of 1200 cell/hr.

Project Name-2

Team Technik 1600 Stringer:


High throughput- 1.71 second cycle time

Minimum thermal and mechanical stress at low processing temperature

<180 C.

TT uses IR light with closed loop control for soldering (precise temperature management).

Project Name-3

Jinchan Fully Auto Module Production Line:


Manufacturing of solar panel module, fully controlled with the help of conveyor, robots, sensor and actuators.

Role &


Maintain in such a well condition to provide more production.

Troubleshooting of various types of Mechatronics Machines.

Confirmation of correct hook-up of sensor lines and complete information of HMI.

Specially Troubleshooting of Hydraulics and Pneumatics Machines.

Specializes in Solar Stringers and Automation.

Troubleshooting with precious Vitronic.

Maintained proper communications on field automation equipment.

Trained end-users on electronic controllers for testing machine.

Interacted with control technicians and production control workers.

Installed Full Automation Line For 200 MW line with Jinchan Automation Team

Installed, repaired and troubleshoot Machine controls. Trained Team in 24V electrical wiring, PLC and High power electrical panel repair and safety.

Inspected equipment for proper performance and correct communication. Maintained well production and repaired automation equipment.

Educational Qualification & Certifications

Pursuing B-TECH

Engineering Technology, BITS Pilani


Mechatronics, NTTF Bangalore


I do hereby declare that the information and facts stated here in above are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.



(Uday Kumar Gupta)

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