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Engineer Jira

Hyderabad, Telangana, India
April 24, 2020

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Ramachandra Email:

Phone: +91-996*******

Professional Summary:

Totally 9+ Years of experience in the field of Software Testing Specializing Experience in Tricentis Tosca Test suite Automation, RPA Testing and Manual Testing.

Hands on experience in TOSCA Commander.

Good experience in TOSCA Sections/Components like Requirements, Modules, Test case, and Test case deign, Execution, Issues, and Planning.

Good experience in different ways to identify objects in Tosca Test suite.

Hands on Experience in scanning the applications.

Experience in Manual Test Cases Recording and Automation Test Cases recording.

Good experience in Manual Testing.

Strong experience in preparing Test Plan, Test Cases, Test Scenarios and Test Scripts.

Good Experience in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Software Test Life Cycle (STLC) and Bug Life Cycle (BLC).

Having good exposure on AGILE methodology

Experience in Database testing.

Hands on Experience in System Integration Testing.

Experience in Web servicing Testing Using SOAP UI Tool.

Having exposure on web scraping tools like Connotate, RoboMaker, Mozenda and PSP.

Good Experience in Sanity Testing, Re-Testing, Regression Testing.

Good experience in RPA Testing with UiPath Architecture.

Good experience in JIRA and Confluence.

Experience on WinSCP and Git.

Experience Summury:

Working as Testing Engineer in Expleo Solutions Pvt Ltd., through Anith HR Solutions Private Limited from December 2019 to Till Date.

Working as QA Engineer in Checktronix India Pvt Ltd (Burning Glass Technologies) (January 2011 to Dec 2019).

Educational Summary:

M.C.A from S V University in 2010 with 82%, first class with distinction.

Technical Profiles

Language : Python, Perl

Test Automation : TRICENTIS TOSCA, RPA


FrameWork : Robot FrameWork, Mabot

Operating System : Windows.


Tosca Automation Specialist Level 1

Tosca Automation Specialist Level 2

Project 1

Project Name : ICON CLINICALS. Domain : HealthCare

Tools : Web Application, JIRA,SQL, RPA(Robotic Process Automation).

Role : Test Engineer.

Environment : Windows.

Duration : Dec 2019 to Till Date.

Project Description:

ICON Clinical Research is global provider of outsourced drug development solutions and services to the pharamaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. Though magrating all the internal application into RPA (process automation) to reduce the Man effort and optimization on the deviverables.

Roles & Responsibilities:

oUnderstanding Project Design Documents and Interface design Document.

oParticipating Scrum/ Daily Standup call to review backlogs.

oAs per the Project Design Document we can Identify Test Scenarios.

oDesigned the Test Cases for identified scenarios to cover all requirements.

oPerfoming Test efforts estimation and Test planning.

oReview the Designed test cases.

oActively involved in various phases of the testing cycles such as Functional Testing and Regression Testing (Environments: UAT, SIT and Production).

oLogging defects in Defect Management tools such as JIRA.

oExtensive knowledge on Continuous testing and RPA Tools (UI Path).

oExecute Test Cases and create test report through Mabot.

oPreparing Testing sign off documentation though MYSIGNATURE (MSB).

Project 2

Project Name : Woolworths. Domain : Retail

Tools : TOSCA Test Suite, JIRA.

Role : Manual Tester and Automation Tester.

Environment : Windows.

Duration : Jan 2018 to Till date.

Project Description: Woolworths Group Limited is a major Australian company with extensive retail interest throughout Australia and New Zealand. It is the second largest company in Australia by revenue. Its main operations include supermarkets (under the Woolworths brand in Australia and New Zealand), liquor retailing (as BWS and Dan Murphy's in Australia), hotels and pubs under the Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group (ALH Group) umbrella, and discount department stores under the Big name in Australia. In this project having Different types of supporting applications like KRONOS, Success Factor.

Roles & Responsibilities:

oUnderstanding Project Design Documents and Interface design Document.

oAs per the Project Design Document we can Identify Test Scenarios.

oDesigned the Manual test Cases.

oReview the Designed test cases.

oExecute Manual Test Cases.

oTo understand the functional flow and automate the applications using TOSCA test suite.

oDevelop the Test Automation Script using Tosca Command and Tosca Legacy Scan.

oCreating Test Required Modules.

oDevelope the Test reusability Scripts.

oRun the Test Script using TestCases Section and Execution List.

oHandling Unexpected Exceptions.

oGenerates reports using Tosca Test suite.

Project 3

Project Name : Jobs4Jersey .

Tools : JIRA, Confluence, SOUPUI.

Role : Manual Tester.

Environment : Windows.

Duration : June 2016 to Dec 2018.

Project Description: : New Jersey’s most powerful job search engine where talent meets opportunity with Real-Time insight into Job Market. This application allows Educators to increase enrollment and faster student success and enables Workforce agencies to increase visibility into local job market needs and deepen employer and candidate engagement

Roles & Responsibilities:

oUnderstanding Functional Specification Document.

oAs per the Functional Specification Document we can Identify Test Cases.

oDesign Manual Testcases.

oReview the Designed test cases.

oExecute Manual Test Cases.

oPerforms Functional Testing/Regression Testing to analyze the application which is functioning as per the client need.

oPreparation Test Evidences and Test Scope Estimation document.

oAttend daily standup meeting and Scrum Meetings to give updates

oCreating and tracing of bugs using Jira.

Project 4

Project Name : Locate Detector

Tools : Jira, Confluence, BGT Installer

Role : Manual Tester.

Environment : Windows

Duration : Jan 2013 to June 2016.

Project Description: Locale detector is also known as a language detector, which is used to identify the language of the resume. The locale detector first converts the resume to a plain text and then identifies the language of the resume using various combinations of data files that are used in locale detector. It identifies various languages such as English, German, Chinese, French, Japanese, Swedish, and Turkish etc. Role & Responsibilities:

oUnderstanding User Stories and Functional Requirements.

oPrepared Test scenarios, Test Cases, Test Data.

oInvolved in functional Testing, re-testing, Regression, Smoke Testing.

oPreparation of Run plan and Executed Test Cases Manually.

oCreated Locale Accuracy Report for various versions Locales

oRaise and Tracing of Bugs using Jira.

Project 5

Project Name : Lens (Product)

Tools : Jira, Confluence, BGT Installer

Role : Manual Tester.

Environment : Windows

Duration : January 2011 to Jan 2013.

Project Description: The Lens™ “engine” consists of several processes, each providing a specific piece of functionality. The processes communicate with each other using CORBA, while providing a socket or file-based interface for the client application. The Analyzer knows how to score two documents using Burning Glass “magic”. The Tagger encapsulates the advanced algorithms necessary to mark-up a resume, and normalize data fields. The DocServer is responsible for managing documents (postings and resumes). The Listener provides a socket-based interface to the system.

The Lens™ Console Utility provides interactive configuration, maintenance, and diagnostic functionality. The Logger provides centralized logging and audit tracking. The system is scalable and multi-processor capable. The simplest configuration consists of a DocServer, Analyzer, Tagger, Listener, and Logger all running on a single system (with the Console used intermittently), with a small number of clients connecting to the Listener. A large Configuration may consist of many DocServers, Analyzers, and Taggers running across several systems with many Listeners and hundreds or thousands of clients making requests. Even in the largest system, a single Logger may be used for centralized logging and auditing. One or more Consoles may be used as necessary to monitor the system. Role & Responsibilities:

oPreliminary discussion of the project with core team, to write requirements, design scripts related to the product testing.

oDesign and Execute the Test Cases for System Testing and tested the functionality of the product manually.

oInvolved in testing the product during System testing, and Regression testing.

oPreparing reports for various problematic Resumes/Postings, Reporting Bugs through JIRA.

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