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Software Engineer Java

Pleasant Hill, MO, 64080
April 23, 2020

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Darrin Donahue

Pleasant Hill, MO *****


Senior Software Engineer at Pavlov Media with 25 years of broad experience shipping multiple products to market. Extensive experience in Desktop Applications as well as Web Development including writing RESTful web services with Spring Controllers. Seeking Remote opportunities in either Web or Desktop Development.


C (1 year), C++ (12 years), C# .Net (4 years)

Adobe Flex (2 years)

Java (4 years) including some Java 8, Spring (2 years)

JavaScript (3 years), Sencha EXTJS JavaScript (2 years), Typescript

SQL(6 months), XML, JSON

JUnit, Jasmine

MVC Design pattern, RESTful services

Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse/STS, Slick Edit, Windows, Linux

Jenkins Build Server, Git Repositories, Jira, Crucible and FishEye, Maven

Waterfall and Agile development

Work Experience:

Currently employed as a Remote Programmer at Pavlov Media in Champaign, Ill.

Over 25 years experience at DST Systems in Kansas City, Mo.

Software Engineer at Pavlov Media (June 2019 to Present)

Technologies used: Java, Linux and Docker

Modified an Account System which allowed users access to their internet Account Information from older Java coding patterns to newer, more efficient coding patterns.

Coded key portions of back end services for a system that allowed a Technician to query the system to determine which Switch and Port the internet in a particular apartment was connected to.

Personal Development (Nov 1st 2018 to May 2019)

Technologies used: Java, Javascript, C# and C++

Spent many hours learning the new features of Java 8 such as Streams and Lambdas, as well as expanding personal knowledge of the Java Collections Classes.

Self-teaching to learn the advanced features of C# including Lambdas and the Collections Classes. Also coded a C# web service.

Worked through several C++ tutorials in order to learn the C++ 11/14 features. Also, spent time in the STL to learn and understand the available functionality.

Learned Javascript ES5 and ES6 as well as Typescript.

Sr. Software Engineer (2013 to Oct 31st 2018)

Technologies used: EXTJS Javascript, Java, C# and C++

Agile development and support of an EXTJS/Java Web application for the Financial Industry using Spring MVC and Java.

Created several key windows using the EXTJS framework which allowed users to view their financial transactions.

Coded each window to make client to server Web Service calls and Java coding to make server to server Web Service calls.

Successfully designed and coded multiple Java Web Services which were consumed by internal web applications.

Enhanced a large C# Desktop Application, allowing users to Escheat accounts.

Created several key windows allowing users to view and update Account information.

Successfully completed 5 months of government required changes in 3 months with only 2 minor issues.

Successfully completed other government required changes in the allocated time with minor issues.

Enhanced a C++ Financial Desktop Application to receive and process data being sent it by the Web Application.

Exchanged data between the two applications so the user could perform all necessary financial processing.

Agile development of a small Spring Batch project.

Created a Spring Poller to signal when a client file was copied to the directory of note.

Read, processed and stored the file in the Database via a Spring Job Object.

This Job consisted of jobBuilderFactories, stepBuilderFactories, .readers, .writers and .listeners.

Performed many code reviews for Java, JavaScript, C# and C++ using the Crucible online interface.

Provided helpful suggestions as to the structure, organization and functionality of the code.

Used Git repository with continuous integration for source code storage, compilation and deployment to test systems.

Worked with Maven POM files to load the correct dependencies.

Participated in Agile methodology ceremonial meetings:

Daily scrums

Backlog grooming

Sprint planning

Sprint reviews including demos with product stakeholders

Sprint retrospectives

Project Planning estimates

Participated in release planning meetings involving:

Development managers

Product owners

Business analysts

Upper management.

Sr. Software Engineer (2011 and 2012)

Technologies used: Adobe Flex and Javascript

Support and development of a new Web application for the Financial Industry which allowed users to view Financial Account Details.

Much interaction with clients and management, including weekly meetings with top leadership and other individuals to help develop and debug the application.

Sr. Software Engineer (2008)

Technologies used: Adobe Flex, Javascript, C# and C++

Tech lead over 3 other programmers building the communications between a Web application and multiple C# and C++ GUI Desktop applications.

Supervised the crucial element which allowed the Web application to launch the Desktop applications and display the correct information to the user.

Worked closely with the other programmers to perform the analysis and design of the project, while coding the most complex tasks myself.

Work was completed on time.

Software Engineer/Sr. Software Engineer (2006-2010)

Technologies used: C#

Designed and coded multiple Desktop windows allowing users to view and update their Retirement Accounts, Vesting Information and Memos.

Designed and coded multiple windows allowing users to Record and Playback Desktop keystrokes on our TA2000 Desktop application. Coded the Playback piece which launched the application, read the previously entered keystrokes and tested the results.

Engineer/Staff Engineer (1994-2006)

Technologies used: C++

Development with some support of an extra large Desktop GUI application using MFC, Win32 and multithreading.

Created several windows including:

The Search Window which enables users to perform many different types of searches.

The large ToRA window so users can transfer assets to other vehicles.

The extra large New Account Setup process which allows users to create new accounts and new customers.

The Cumulative Discount Window which allows users to group Accounts by a Cumulative Discount Number so they can receive financial benefits.


BS & MS Electrical Engineering, University of Missouri (Graduated 1992)


Speaker/Director of the Revelation of Hope Radio program (2007 to present)

This program airs on 3 radio stations, 15 times per week.

This work involves all speaking and interaction with various radio personalities.

Handles all phone calls and emails from listeners and responding to their various requests.

Church Elder (1993 to present)

This work involves preaching to large audiences 4 or 5 times per month, as well as weekly teaching bible classes, visitation of members and responding to various needs and requests.

Jogger! (1988 to present)

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