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Scarborough, ON, Canada
March 22, 2020

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Tel: Home 416-***-**** / Email:

My greatest strength is my ability to walk

In to a new environment and be functional immediately. I am quick to learn and adapt to new situations, configurations and technologies.


Technical Skills

PC Imaging and builds, Windows 7 IMAC / Break /fix/moves project, installing Office 2010, backing up and restoring all user data, copying all hard drive information with SCCM 2012 remotely, and upgrading RAM, encrypting and deploying, assisted in maintaining project database

Troubleshooting Windows XP and Windows 7 / Windows 10 / 8 Migrations / IMAC /Refresh Projects - using PXE deployment, maintained asset managements updates

Install manually SCCM client, DLP – data lost prevention to each clients

Troubleshoot & configured to multiple desktops / laptops simultaneously push images through SCCM 2012

Software Distribution and Software Updates Deployment, technical support and troubleshooting to personnel PCs, printer, and e-mail setup; software installation, OS and related issues, Lotus Notes, Vision Box Technical Support

Windows 2000 MCP & A+ Certifications

11 years of demonstrated success in LAN / VPN / Citrix / desktops / laptops / desk-side / phone support for multiple clients:- Bank of Montreal, CIBC Bank, Toronto District School Board, IBM- CAMH, CGI- MINISTRY OF HEALTH, ROYAL SUN ALLIANCE, CANADA POST, Toronto Hydro

Educated & train new users

Migration of Microsoft office 365 / 2016 products, Lync, Blackberry- related technical problems, Refresh, install, moves of hardware, warranty issues, in-house applications support, network & local printers, download images, troubleshoot Anti Virus problems, desktop & laptops issues having Windows XP 2003 servers environment, moves, setup & troubleshoot VPN environment part of the Global Management provided user with VPN access, escalated issues as needed and maintained communication with customer and Technical teams, management skills,utilized ITSM- Service Now, Remedy-web ver. 8.1 /HP Manager/ Heat / Impact /incident management to record and track issues & Asset Managements

Soft Skills

Desire and ability to be a team player focused on advancing the goals of the overall team

Maintained with strong talent for quickly developing a rapport with clients/customers, Asset Management, change management, Lync / Skype for Business

Received appreciation letters & awards for EXCELLENT IT CUSTOMER SUPPORT

Demonstrated ability to work in a team environment with strong interpersonal & excellent communication skills both written & oral, punctuality, presentation, positive attitude towards sharing expertise and assisting others to learn, ability to work independently

Implement effective customer satisfaction strategies by identifying and eliminating the root causes of customer problems, initiative, adaptability, educate new systems to end clients,

Knowledge of IT and Client Desktops Support based on ITIL best practices

Reliable & adaptable, able to learn new system and techniques quickly

Ability to multitask effectively during busy times; exercise patience and professionalism, Perform follow-up call-backs with customers


March, 2017 Pearson Int. Airport (GTAA) Office 365 migrations-IMAC –Win 7 8/9/10 / Desk Side Support

Nov. 2019 Technical Support / Vision Box Technical Support

Based on multi-modal biometric identification, the new Primary Inspection Kiosk (PIK) system at Toronto Pearson International Airport increase capacity and help reduce wait times

Troubleshooting & fixing through control panel / programs/ systems & security and fix problems with windows 7 updates, printer paper jam, scanner, run maintenance tasks, recovery windows defender to update definition’s, run legacy CPL elevated issues, HD graphics, file explorer, KK09 Control LCB main body

Performed Tier 2 Deskside / Application/ IMAC support IT Operations, providing technical support to users, preparing documentation, training staff, improving system usability, setup & troubleshoot VPN environment part of the Global Management provided user with VPN access, setup & troubleshoot VPN environment part of the Global Management provided user with VPN access, entrust authority, Lync / Skye for Business

Managed users access role, setup and configure, Image/reimage, migration of Office 365, Skype for business, internet 11, SCCM- Configuration Manager Properties settings correctly to Windows 7 / Windows 10 / 8 / Surface Laptop, Desktops, printers, scanners & moves,tracked logged and responded to support tickets- ITSM- Service Now, rolled out the new office 365 documentation software 600 user’s plus locations, maintained asset records

March, 2016 CIBC– 25 King Street. Toronto – Technical Support

Feb. 2017 Upgrading to Windows XP to Win 7 / 8/ 10 IMAC / Refresh / Migration / Desk side Support

Asset Management

Assignment and daily prioritization of incidents reported to the desktop group; ensure all requests are handled promptly and effectively such that agreed service levels are met

Provided support for imaging, staging, configuration and migration of users' desktops to laptops, operating system to the Windows 7 platform, ensuring all data migrations, files and folders IMAC / refresh /moves, updated on the Asset Management list for old /new laptops, desktops are entered correctly, completed efficiently and with minimum interruption of operations, updated ITSM- Service Now, installed off. 365, Lync / Skype for Business, TCP/IP troubleshooting, DNS troubleshooting, wireless, diagnostic tools

install manually SCCM client, DLP – data lost prevention to each client, presentation, deployed internal adds moves and changes pertaining to desktop / laptop computer equipment maintained of end-user machines with efficient support, installed software, configured & troubleshoot through SCCM tools, PC’s functionality, softphones, identify & escalated priority issues, support after the IMAC/refresh of user data profiles to new laptops, mapping to network drives, assemble and configure computers, monitors, networks and peripherals including scanners, network & local printers & related hardware, re-connecting outlook PSTs, backup & restore data, network share drives resolving the issue and/or re-directing the ticket to the appropriate team who would then backup data & restore, add admin rights on Active Directory, service packs, warranty issues, updates patches, and anti- virus updates, RJ45 Ethernet cable- connecting to a cable drops than run a patch cable on the Cisco Switch as per the port number, managed assets inventory through Service Now

Technical Environment: Windows 7 IMAC Project, support laptops deployments & configuring new devices, software managing & troubleshooting through SCCM 2012, service now

August, 2015 Toronto District School Board - 1 Civic Centre Etobicoke / Toronto Catholic School Board

February, 2016 Technical Support Analyst – Phone (Level 1 & 2)

Provided telephone Support, e-mail, desk side resolution support to TDSB clients

Record, analyze, prioritize, escalate, track and provide feedback to the Team Leader of incidents received at the Client Service Desk via the telephone or by electronic means /desk side support, and respond rapidly to each incident Determine the most effective manner to solve incidents and ensure after the refresh are correctly solved before they are closed, escalate unsolved incidents to higher level group,provide technical assistance to clients using supported IT Tools to reset/change passwords, check user account status and general properties

Ensure that all of the terms and conditions specified in the Service Level Agreement for each area are followed, ensure that the processes and procedures described in the Service Desk manual, experience using a Service Desk Problem Management Software Program such as Remedy, Active Directory, updating & troubleshoot, Skype for Business, Asset Management

configure Windows 7 & Windows 8 migrations, assigning the Remedy tickets to the appropriate team

May, 2015 Sunnybrook Hospital. 2075 Bay view, Toronto. Windows XP to Win 7 / IMAC/ Refresh Project

July, 2015 Technical Support

Provide technical assistance, desk side in migration, IMAC /Break fix / moves of client computer systems from Windows XP to Windows 7 platform via lite-touch, PXE deploy followed procedures set by the management to save data image and restore settings to new or existing computer system after the refresh, map network printers, install applications / hardware, Install Skype, configure and maintain software applications, operating systems resolve any issues to complete migrations / refresh document and certify completion to project team, ensure technical support, diagnose problematic situation met by the users, escalated issues as needed and maintained communication with customer and Technical team

May, 2014 Bank of Montreal - 4881 Yonge St. Toronto - Contract

April, 2015 Desktop Support Analyst -Senior Support windows XP to windows 7 /9/ 10 Migration/ Refresh

IMAC Project / Staging /Asset Management

Successfully provided 2nd level Equipment and Software Operational Support desk side to 1800 users

Deploy & install windows 7 / windows 8 images via PXE boot onto pc’s using SCCM 2012, Endpoint Software & Settings Provisioning System, installing applications through device collection

migrate end users documents, TCP/IP troubleshooting, DNS troubleshooting, wireless, diagnostic tools

Prioritizing important tasks and ensuring they get done first and properly

Regularly monitors incidents, status, and speed of resolution of enquiries and problems; is proactive in devising improvements and recommending changes to systems, products, or services

install manually SCCM client, DLP – data lost prevention to each clients, mail, desktops, favorite, printers, provided resolutions & assistance for windows XP & Windows 7 / Win 8 issues, installed Applications –Adobe Pro, Asset Management,telephony, installed office 365,Wifi, Lync/Skype Business

HP Quest, MS office, blackberry, beyond compare, SQL 2008 server R2 installed and troubleshoot through SCCM & coordinated & escalated to 3rd.level support to resolve the issues, hardware install and moves, staging & software support issues encountered during IMAC/Migration,track & document process using excel ITSM –Asset Management-Wise, updated for old & new hardware

provided hands-on & technical, coordinated scheduling of deployment with customer, managed asset managements, break-fix, ensure accurate cataloguing of all calls handled within Remedy-web ver. 8.1

perform follow-up call-backs with customers, keep up-to-date on all Support Center processes

troubleshooting procedures. preparing and SW/Break fix new hardware including Desktops and Laptops

assisting with network tasks, provided effective and consistent technical support / phone

worked closely and effectively with vendors to replace/repair defective hardware moves and identified and resolved service and application issues & assist in analyzing failed equipment after the Break/fix assist staff with the installation,office 365 installations, configuration and ongoing refreshing Laptop, Desktop computers, warranty issues, updating Asset Management tools

escalated complex issues and concerns to the Escalation Department, ensured that all issues are attended to immediately and courteously, reports analysis, provided detailed guidelines on the procedures and actions to take involving complex customer issues based on ITIL best practices

Technical Environment: SCCM 2012 remote control, imaging, configuring IMAC / Refresh devices, supporting blackberry, wireless networking, escalated issues, computer hardware and software troubleshooting, remedy ticketing

March, 2011 IBM- CAMH, 33 Russell Street, Toronto

April, 2014 Technical Support / IMAC / Asset Management / Break Fix (Contract)

Successfully provided 2nd level Equipment and Software Operational phone Support- desk side, troubleshoot software through SCCM 2003 remote control for 1900 users, received multiple letters of appreciation from Executives team.

Provided level 2 support, delivering support through SCCM 2003 / Citrix - remote control, telephone,

desk-side visits and email, efficiently identify customer’s problems & issues to resolve the call, handle all aspects of computer maintenance for desktops / laptops, hardware, IMAC / Refresh / moves, troubleshooting

Windows XP and Windows 7 migration issues & support using USMT$, updated asset ITSM management sheet, Skype for Business, Supervise activities between internal and external resources, and facilitate smooth workflow for service delivery, ability to work independently

Help out in managing customer demands to ensure maximum satisfaction, maintain quality over quantity diagnose resolution of reported incidents, perform root cause analysis on system break points to ensure that after the refreshing the systems are stable

Assignment and daily prioritization of incidents reported to the desktop group, ensure all requests are handled promptly and effectively such that agreed service levels are met

associate peripherals & supported domain networks, maintain, troubleshooting hardware and software,

reduce the probability of future occurrences

installation and updating of software as well as the setup of all equipment managing LAN installation and arrangement for Network issues, virus inoculation, connected through SCCM 2003, troubleshoot desktop laptops and support application deployments, handle day to day BES & blackberry related technical problems, setting enterprise activation passwords, Lync, telephony, WIFI, troubleshooting & issues (when required) to the appropriate team & co-ordinate with network teams to resolve problems based on ITIL best practices, RJ45 Ethernet cable- connecting to a cable drops than run a patch cable on the Cisco router on the Server room as per the port number assigned, configure the connection settings

incident management and vendor, conveyed in a reassuring manner step by step instructions after the IMAC hardware to resolve issues install and configure computers and peripherals on data networks, maintains inventory of computers on Wise, warranty issues, escalating to resolve HP Service tickets, supporting in house applications, local & network printer’s issues, analysis report

Technical Environment: SCCM 2003 remote control, imaging, configuring devices, supporting blackberry, wireless networking, local & network printers, anti virus updates, escalated issues, educating others, computer hardware and software troubleshooting, impact / Remedy ticketing

Dec. 7, 2009 MicroAge - Director Court, Mississauga

Jan.24, 2011 Pearson International Airport, Toronto

Desktop Support / Rollout Project (Contract)

Successfully provided Dell (Roll-out) Equipment and Software Operational desk side for Bell users located at different cities, assisted company’s personnel with desktop operation both hardware and software

Performed the installations & migration- using USMT$ from windows 95 / Windows NT to Windows XP on new Dell Laptop / Desktop systems,during the process backup all required Data, desktop icons, archive folders from outlook, my documents, favorite & restored back to Windows XP new machines over the network & also through external encrypted hard drive, installed & configured all software as required

Installed MS Office 2003 products, performed phone / technical support, incident management

Ensured functionality of desktop systems throughout departments by regular checks and maintenance even after the rollout/ Refresh is complete Technical Environment: Installed software, Anti-Virus, software, printer setup, run diagnostic tools, system hardware & software troubleshooting skills, co-ordinate with users, escalate problem tickets - heat ticketing, incident management

April 6, 2003 Foresters - 2480 Meadowvale, Ont. Mississauga

Sept. 24, 2009 Technical Support / IMAC / Moves / Asset Management (full time)

Successfully provided 2nd level Equipment and Software Operational Support –desk side / Phone support- Dam ware, VPN both in USA & Canada, desk side for 4000 users, received multiple letters of appreciation from Management team.

Provided desk- side / remote support to multiple Fortune 500 clients concurrently Ministry of Health, Foresters, Royal Sun,, LAN / WAN / VPN connectivity issues for US and Canada

end users / exchange-Microsoft office 2003 products, Blackberry, installations & configurations of hardware, in-house application support, install network & local printers maintenance, download images / software & manage through Altiris desktop & laptops issues, lync presentations, downloads files having Windows XP / Windows 2000 / 2003 servers environment

PC imaging, break fix both laptops & prioritized work, followed & resolved high / critical Remedy Tickets, responded to incidents in accordance with the SLA’s Skype for Business, established for the particular clients and ITIL processes

managed a daily tickets for remotely remediate devices, maintained endpoints compliancy on a daily basis, generate & store audit evidence to substantiate compliancy

remotely resolved issues with Anti Virus problems dealing with EPO McAfee / Symantec provided Tier 2 support services to external teams & liaison with Vendor as required ensure all configurations & changes are documented & posted to the designated share in case of system failure, participated in change management

deploy, moves and resolve software issues through Altiris server, recover & restore data, maintained assets management records, check warranties, completed Windows 2000 rollout, taken part in different projects, educate non-technical end users, analysis report, maintained asset sheets

Technical Environment: Remote install support, Anti-Virus, MacAfee, Altiris, support desktops and laptops, configuring new devices, hardware & software troubleshooting skills, Remedy Tickets

EDUCATION: Feb. 2007 - Dec. 2010 Diploma in Network Specialist Program. Willis B College,


Windows 2000 MCP Certified

A+ Certification – Net Plus School, Toronto

REFERENCES: Available upon request

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