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Construction Manager

Bismarck, ND
March 18, 2020

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Robert DeKrey

General Laborer/Labor Union Steward

Pipeline Construction/Building & Trades

Experienced General Laborer and Union Steward skilled in the areas of construction, supervision and equipment management, with a proven track record working with companies such as Precision Pipeline Solutions, Minnesota Limited Pipeline Construction, InfraSource, Michels, as well as Dun Transportation & Stringing, etc. Recognized for taking key roles in directing, monitoring and assisting with the supervision of overall project management functions, while displaying the proven interpersonal and motivational ability needed to attend to the day-to-day operations of a high level construction/project management site(s). Also skilled in ensuring that policies and procedures are followed, and that work assignments are performed in accordance with organizational standards.

Specialized Skills:

Natural gas distribution experience, familiar with PE, STL and leaks. Responsible for assisting with the smooth operation and execution of the day to day pipeline operations on a construction site.

When needed, assists with directing the crew and performs skilled work in the excavation, trenching and installation of pipelines.

Performed intensive physical construction labor duties as a part of the construction crew. With duties including but not limited to digging trenches/ditches, plastic pipe fusion, gas service and restoration.

Performs technical construction and repair on major utility pipelines, signal equipment operators to facilitate alignment, movement and adjustment of machinery, as well as adhere to safety standards and procedures.

Member of the Local Labor Union 563, appointed Steward for the Local. Representing the Union on jobs and informing members of Union activities, recruiting new members and ensuring all union dues are current.


General Laborer/Labor Union Steward 2012-Present

BMWC (2018)

CorvalGroup (2017-2018)

Michel’s Corp. (2017)

Precision Pipeline Solutions (2016-2017)

Dun Transportation and Stringing (2015-2016)

Wave Excavation (2014-2015)

InfraSource (2013-2014)

API (2013)

Minnesota Limited Pipeline Construction (2012-2013)

ICI (2012-2017)

Overview of Experience:

Responsible for staking and maintaining easement corridors for pipeline construction.

Laborer on Right of Way crew and Padding/Backfill crew, responsible for spotting equipment, cleaning up the Right of Way and getting supplies for the Foreman.

Labor Steward on the MDU natural gas line that ran 25 miles to deliver natural gas from St. Anthony to the Heskett Power Station in Mandan ND. Part of the Pipe Gang/Fire Line, Environmental/Clean Up and Testing.

Assigned to a crew to install or replace natural gas pipelines underground. Performs physical construction labor duties.

Labor Steward running hydro vac trucks, assisted with the location of pre-existing lines for various companies in order for them to dig, bore and lay pipe for current projects.

Labor Steward in Richardtonn ND, responsible for establishing a pipe yard for the Dakota Access Pipeline. Assisted with unloading pipe off incoming rail cars and loading onto trucks, then unloading the pipe into the pipe yard. Also in charge of all coating responsibilities, which included prepping the pipe and application of coating.

Demonstrates the ability to think clearly, no matter the stress or difficulty of circumstances.

Experience dealing with media, public speaking and sharing knowledge to others.

O.S.H.A. 10 Certification, demonstrating the ability to comprehend specific directions so as to ensure safe and O.S.H.A. compliant practices and to provide standards-compliant construction and services.

Interacts with public, supervisors, and coworkers professionally at all times.

Handles power and manual tools, sawing and nailing, operating motorized equipment, installation and removal of construction material.


Experienced General Laborer and Labor Union Steward.

Experience operating and maintaining pipeline systems and related equipment utilized in natural gas and liquids gathering and transmission systems.

Experience in various field functions including measurement, and compressor/pump station operations.

Experience in maintenance and repair of equipment.

Experience and training related to:

oCompany and governmental operating/safety procedures and environmental regulations;

oCharacteristics of natural gas and gas liquids;

oPigging pipelines, blowing drips, gauging tanks, and collecting liquids;

oConstruction methods; and

oAbility to establish priorities and complete work assignments with limited supervision.

Experience in patrolling pipelines, performing leakage surveys, and locating/marking lines.

Experience in working with valves and dehydration equipment, scrubbers, and separators.

Demonstrated ability for the application of basic arithmetic: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Application of formulas to estimate or calculate flow rates and volumes.

Ability to use tools and equipment including computers and related software.

Experience reading and interpreting maps, drawings, plats, atlas pages, manuals, policies, procedures, dials, and gauges.

Ability to prepare and maintain logs and records.

Experience interacting and communicating effectively.

Demonstrated ability to read and write fluently in English.


Bachelors of Science, University Studies

University of Mary; Bismarck, North Dakota

Graduated: May 2008

Certificate in Energy Technology, Process Plant Technology

Bismarck State College; Bismarck, North Dakota

Projected Graduation: January 2019

Related Training:

Certificates of First Aid CPR and OSHA 10

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