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iOS developer

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
March 17, 2020

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IOS Developer

Vineeth Bodipudi

Title Years of Experience

iOS Developer Over 2 Years


I am an IOS Developer with 2 years of experience. I would like to write coding as much as efficient, reusable. I have an excellent problem solving skills, challenging spirit and confident about work. I always try to avoid usage of third party libraries and I would like to create demo projects for animations.

I have greatly enjoyed the programming which I have done so far and would love to develop on the side, keeping an open mind to future opportunities.


Programming Languages:

Swift, RxSwift

Development Tools:



CoreData, Sqlite

Code Repository:

Bitbucket, Gitlab, Github


Trello and Jira


XCODE, Swift, IOS 9+


The most amazing part is in one of my Application, I did animation to display map and list of cells in home screen in that screen I need to manage map and list. So for that I have taken one toggle button with animation on the top of screen and I have provided drop down animation for total cells which are in table view. I have given flip animation from map view to table view it looks pretty good.

You can get the example animation from below link


Age: 22


Playing Cricket

I would like to check latest Applications UI and Functionality


Advert app 2018

Swift development

This Application provides a connection between traders and customers for this we have implemented two applications one for customer and one for shop owner. In trader application user needs to provide all the details about advertisement. In customer Application the user can see all advertisements, offers and how much distance of that shop from his current location. I implemented a map for getting idea of that shop location here we prefer Google maps if Google maps application is not available in user mobile it can directly take him to IOS maps. It also provides the time slot of that shop when it will be open and when it will be closed and timings also for total week

●I implemented localizable string file for managing French and English language as well as

●Implemented Places Auto complete API

●Managed Users navigation flow like social Login and normal login and guest user


Swift 4.2

Real Estate app 2018

Swift development

It’s a digital real estate company Application that allows users to save money by doing everything from submitting an offer to listing their home on their system. Users can use other features like net sheets, amortization schedule and payment calculator, book appointment with agent to discuss his requirements. Users can search for properties by various filters and can request for a visit, more information, submit offers on the property etc

●Lead the whole project individual.

●Integrate the whole UI phase.

●Integrate the whole functional part of app.

●Completed all the Client requirements.


Swift 4.1, IOS10+

Social app 2019

Swift development

It’s like a social media application, here we can post images with description for that post. The main theme of this application is we can promote and demote that post and also here there is an option for get rewards for your post and comments as well.

●We have used RxSwift and MVVM pattern and GraphQl Api’s

●Integrated the whole UI phase.

●Integrated the whole functional part of app.


Swift 4.1, IOS 10+

KFC(Food Ordering App) 2019

Swift development

It’s a food ordering application for KFC of Indonesia, In this Application user can able to order food in two ways one Home Delivery and another one is Pay And Pick.

In home delivery user can track his order in Google maps and he can choose cash or DANA as a payment method. If user selected DANA payment while ordering here user can able to apply vouchers. In this Application we provided a DANA wallet.

In Pay And Pick order user need to go to outlet and there user will get the menu by scanning QR of that particular outlet

●We have used RxSwift and MVVM pattern

●We have used SqLite for local storage


Swift 4.1, IOS 9+

Industrial App (Ipad) 2019

Swift development

It’s related to one industry to update their machine conditions which are fixed in forest areas to owner of that industry. Here we have implemented some default components those will come from API which were added by owner from dashboard and also user can able to add custom components. In all components there will be three buttons to select component condition, in those buttons one is for bad condition, second one is for normal condition and the last one is for good condition and also here user can add machine images. After entering all the component conditions user need to enter his details then finally need to submit his report. While submitting his report if there is no internet user can save his report, whenever user get the internet then user can submit his report. If owner will reject his report then he need to edit and resubmit it again. There will be a Home screen that contains all the pending and completed reports with statuses.

●Implemented all the functionality and UI

●Used core data to save all the draft reports


Swift 4.2

Additional Experiences

I had worked on c projects in my Bachelor degree


Electronics and Communication Engineering 2014 – 2018

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Anantapur

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