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Sql Server Data

Aurora, IL
May 13, 2020

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Tunde Holloway-Wusu

Aurora, IL *****


Work Experience

Senior Database Administrator (Consultant)

Trustmark – Lake Forest, IL

February 2020 to April 2020

Work on migrating on-premise databases to Azure VMs

Use Azure Migrate to validate and migrate databases

Setup Windows Server 2016 two nodes VM clusters using S2D for high availability

Use Query Store, DMV to troubleshoot Sql Server performance issues

Worked with developers to promote codes and test databases

Setup periodic Sql Server backups for storage in Azure blob storage

Software Engineer - Database Administration

Aquilon Energy Services Inc - Lisle, IL

March 2018 to December 2019

• Work on installations and upgrade to SQL Server 2017

• Collaborated and worked on projects to migrate production and non-production SQL Server 2017

servers to Azure IAAS platform

• Installed, configured and Troubleshoot performance issues using Solarwinds DPA

• Proficient with troubleshooting performance issues through query plans, Query Store, and having

great understanding of SQL Server internals and DMVs

• Participate in agile project management and development using JIRA

• Performed administrative maintenance tasks such as database backups, restores, managing

fragmentation, database integrity checks etc.

• Worked on code reviews for poor performing stored procs and queries

• Worked with project teams on database designs and implementations

• Worked with ETL teams to implement SSIS for client intake data import projects

• Documenting performance issues and resolutions in Confluence web pages

• Worked on Migration of a IAAS solution in Azure

• Worked on implementation for Transparent Data Encryption

DBA Contractor

R1 Revenue Cycle Management - Chicago, IL

September 2017 to February 2018

• Work on Azure project migrating 50 client databases from a 3rd party environment to two nodes

active/passive Azure on-premises Window Server Datacenter Virtual Machines

• Installed and configured SQL Server 2016 Azure cluster

• Installed, configured and Troubleshoot performance issues using Solarwinds DPA

• Reviewed and document on-boarding process for 3rd party application

• Interact and work with offshore DBA team member in India

• Troubleshoot periodic replication performance and latency issues

• Part of an off-shore SQL Server support team of 6

• Participate in change control processes for promoting operational and application changes in a SDLC


• Performed regular DBA maintenance functions: Backups, restores, fragmentation, database integrity

checks etc.

• Reviewed poor performing stored procs and queries

DBA Consultant - Health Care Insurance

HCSC/Hallmark Services Corporation - Naperville, IL

April 2011 to June 2017

• Participated in planning for implementing an Azure IAAS project

• Worked on various SQL Server 2012/2014 migration projects

• Worked on AlwaysOn Availability Group concept to manage groups of databases

• Limited experience in design, development, modification and testing of Hadoop solutions.

• Participates in complete project phases which include gathering requirements, planning, designs and


• Work on performance tuning projects tailored to specific guidelines meant to improve poor systems.

• Work in a VMware Infrastructure environment with a virtualization framework

• Installed/Configured a two node Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2

• Planned/Migrated a production environment to a two node active/passive cluster environment

• Performed migration of existing SQL Server 2008 invoicing and billing system to clustered nodes to

provide High Availability

• Configured a log-shipped SQL Server R2 database environment

• Perform ad-hoc DBA related maintenance and performance tuning

• Proficient with use of DMVs for troubleshooting performance and database issues

• Installed, configured and migrated SSRS and SSIS

• Performed capacity planning for database periodic growth

Senior DBA/Architect

Insurance Auto Auction - Westchester, IL

May 2010 to April 2011

• Worked on the SQL Server 2008 migration projects

• Extensive performance tuning experience utilizing DMVs to troubleshoot bottlenecks causing


• Tuning of poorly performing stored procedures causing excessive I/O reads

• Worked on the 64bit SQL Server Cluster nodes conversion projects for 12 clustered production


• Deployment of SSIS objects through development life cycle

• Code review of Stored Procedures and scripts for compliance to coding standards

• Developed SOP for creation of subscriber based indexes

• Support and maintain fail-over clustering on production servers

• Maintain Disaster Recovery environment using DoubleTake 3rd party software

• Performed Transaction replication configuration and maintenance

Consultant (DBA/Architect)

Agile Consulting Services - Chicago, IL

January 2009 to May 2010

• Conversion of MS SQL Server 2000 environment to SQL Server 2005

• Develop and maintain existing stored procedures.

• Performance tuning of database and complex stored procedures

• Performed data migration using SSIS

• Conversion and migration of a set of MS Access database to SQL Server 2005 schemas

• conversion of DTS objects to SSIS 2005 format

• Performed Database Mirroring installation in SQL Server 2008 environment

• Configured Log Shipping in a SQL Server 2008 environment

Lead Application DBA (Actuarial & Underwriting systems)

HCSC/Hallmark Services Corporation - Chicago, IL

May 2007 to December 2008

• SQL Server Lead developer to assist with the implementation of the large claims underwriting


• Performs lead role to tune and improve performances of parsed xml stored procedures in a data

warehouse environment

• Performs lead role to write and promote complex stored procedures for HERON production releases

• Wrote and implemented job to periodically transform and load data extracted from a legacy based

application database

• Assists with XML/XSLT development which includes writing stored procedures to read XML document

as input and prepared for SQL Server consumption

• Provided DTS package to periodically upload spreadsheet volume data obtained from a Legacy

system into SQL Server database

• Provided ad-hoc T-SQL scripts to resolve immediate application and database issues

Database Administrator (Senior Lead/Architect onshore)

Zurich North America - Schaumburg, IL

July 2005 to November 2006

CSC Contractor), July 2005 - November 2006

Lead team of 4 members - Database Administrators (India)

November 2006 to May 2007

• Team member and played a strong lead role to migrate to SQL Server 2005 in February 2006 from

SQL Server 2000

• Lead team to implement a transactional/merge replication topology to alleviate database contention

prior to migrating to SQL Server 2000

• Lead periodical production database deployment which included applying stored procedures and ad-hoc


• Served as lead merge replication expert on SQL Server 2005 production environment having over

500 wide area networked subscriptions via internet/desktop application installed on notebooks

• Maintained a 5-tier test cycle environment: Development database, Quality assurance database

(QA), User acceptance database(UAT), Staging database(Hot-Fix) and Training database

• Implemented and maintained as lead DBA, a pull subscription topology on a SQL Server 2000 merge

replication production database

• Performed ad-hoc maintenance on Production, Development, Tests and staging database


• Lead team to implement a bi-directional transaction replication between 2 production databases

• Wrote and maintained stored procedures for new business requirements as part of a production


• Extensive performance tuning experience in SQL Server 2000 & 2005. Also, performed merge

replication synchronization tuning to improve performance

• Setup daily log-shipping job from production database to Management Information Systems database

• Maintained daily periodic backups and performed regular ad-hoc backups to refresh test and training

database environment

• Took advantage of the versatility provided by new query technique in MS SQL Server 2005 Common

Table Expressions to optimize stored procedures and ad-hoc queries

• Coded and setup Log Shipping in a 2000 SQL Server environment

Database Administrator

Baker & McKenzie Global Services LLC - Chicago, IL

April 2003 to 2005

• Analyzed a 3rd-party database and provided schema to upgrade individual implementations across

offices in the region.

• Deployed and maintained an Enterprise database of a web/client based financial reporting system in

regional offices in Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America.

• Designed, developed, and maintained the database of a web-based Standard Term of Engagement

System (STEP) which is in use by over 500 partners/lawyers

• As an experienced Transact-SQL programmer, I was the go-to resource providing ad-hoc SQL scripts

and stored procedures.

• As a member of a team of DBA spread across the regions, I performed regular DBA job functions in

a large-scale Microsoft SQL Server 2000 replication enterprise database environment. These functions


• Providing a 24 x 7 on-call support for 150 productions SQL Server based databases on MS Windows

2000 remotely located in regional offices in Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America

• Created and administered multiple instances of development, training and production databases

• Created and maintained objects like control files, table spaces, redo logs, views and snapshots

• Designed and implemented disaster recovery plans incorporating and Standby databases

• Used Data Transformation Services (DTS) extensively to load data from flat files and heterogeneous

format and platforms into SQL Server database tables

• Created and maintained schema objects like tables, indexes, sequences, table and index partitions

• Ensured optimum performance through proper monitoring and tuning of IO, objects, and queries

• Managed application and database security via users, roles and profiles administration

• Constantly evaluated storage requirements and made projections as per growth

• Installed and configured client software on several client workstations for database access through

ODBC and OLE DB connections

• Performed imports and exports as requested for migrations and conversions

• Supported the implementation and monitoring of the change control process

• Provided support to developers, testers, helpdesk, offshore teams and for application releases

• Achieved synchronization across production, training and regression databases through periodic


• Used ERWIN extensively for data modeling and database design resulting in logical data models

• Wrote Dynamic SQL stored procedures as well as shell scripts

• Implementation, tuning and support of the vase and geographically dispersed database systems in

38 regional offices

• Performed systems and procedure documentation using MS Visio application

Consultant - Crystal Reports

Baker & McKenzie Global Services LLC - Chicago, IL

February 2003 to April 2003

• Worked on a short-term two months project for the Budget Department to write some critical

financial reports in Crystal Reports sourced from the Data Warehouse for the annual Executive

Committee and partners meeting. The bi-product of this project were the following reports:

Financial Summary Analysis Report.

Fiscal Year Expenditure Summary.

Cost Center Expenditures Summary.

Flash Summary Report.

Environments & Technology: Windows 2000 & NT, MS SQL Server 6.0, 7.0, 2000, ERWIN, Crystal

Reports 8.0, 9.0, VISIO 2003

Database Administrator

SEI Information Technology

2001 to 2002

IAA auctions stolen-and-recovered or accident-damaged cars on behalf of auto insurance companies.

SEI was contracted to develop a Web-based Automated Salvage Auction Process (ASAP) application,

which replaced 26 individual systems.

• Worked as a Database Administrator in a top-to-bottom Microsoft implementation SQL Server 2000

database environment and also provided several financial and management reports in Crystal Reports

version 8

• Participated in data conversion and administration of development and test databases

• Enabled data management between production databases on two Windows NT Servers using

LinkedServer objects

• Employed Data Transformation Service (DTS) for data conversion of the old ESPS database and ASAP


• Administered the databases - backed up, restored, imported/exported data, and granted user rights

and permissions to access database objects

• Designed and implemented database schema changes using ERwin Data Modeler and Microsoft

Visual SourceSafe

• Maintained database tables, updating, deleting, and inserting data using ad hoc SQL query

statements and stored procedures

• Performed installation and performance tuning of SQL Server on NT Servers

• Provided numerous Financial and Management Reports for the ASAP application using Crystal

Reports. These reports were also delivered in a variety of formats including HTML, PDF and Microsoft

Excel. Some of these reports are listed below and the functions they provide, are self-explanatory:


SEI Information Technology - Oak Brook, IL

1998 to 2002

Baker & McKenzie

1999 to 2001

Multi-national law firm specializing in business law.

• Participated in the project Elite IMPACT! A global rollout of financial applications that facilitate

automated, international, and distributed inter-office billing. The IMPACT! Team was fully responsible

for the implementation and support of the client/server-based General Ledger (G/L), Elite Time and

Billing, and Carpe Diem Time Entry and Tracking applications, and the development and installation of

a Windows NT-based corporate WAN infrastructure.

• Helped establish and maintain an intermediate time/cost billing system (T-1/B-1) that facilitated the

transfer of data files between 110 regional offices in five continents

• Provided Stored Procedures to perform intermediate processing of the ELITE database

• Resolved escalated T1/B1 problems associated with data sent to/received from 50 legacy application

system based regional offices

• Developed a Visual Basic program which downloaded daily currency rates from a website into the

ELITE T1/B1 database

• Worked with a five-man conversion team, to establish a standardized baseline SQL Server database

implemented in the local server of 55 branch offices

• Developed MS Access database equivalent of the billing system to allow ease of use by the local

financial accounts team

• Migrated MS Access database to MS SQL Server 2000


MS (Computer Science)

University of Lagos

Certification - Microsoft Designing and Implementing Databases


MYSQL, Powershell, Python

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