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Physical Therapist

Dahlonega, GA
February 25, 2020

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• I am a passionate health care professional, who strives to provide

comprehensive care to my patients.

• I have work experience as a Physical Therapist in a Multi - specialty hospital for 8 years, where I have been treating patients for evaluation, assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal, neurological, medical and cardio - pulmonary impairments.

• I have experience in developing a therapy program into a well-respected institution where students came in as trainees to earn their clinical hours. This also helped me to develop my leadership qualities.

• I am fluent in English, Persian (farsi) languages. Licensed Physical Therapist in state of Delaware


Graduate Assistant / Research Assistant, 08/2018 to 12/2019 University Of North Georgia - Dahlonega, GA, USA

Director Of Rehabilitation Ward / Technical Manager /Physical therapist, 11/2016 to 07/2018

Erfan Niayesh Grand Hospital - Tehran, Iran

Physical Therapist, 12/2013 to 11/2016

Erfan Grand Hospital - Tehran, Iran


Address : 298 Warwick Street, Dahloneg

a, Georgia 30533

Phone : 706-***-****

Email :



Teacher assistant at wound care lectures for physical Therapy students, also Anatomy Lab TA . Assisted teacher with lesson preparation and curriculum implementation

Research project with well nation known professors, on Cupping therapy and None contact ultrasound and Kinesiotaping

• Performed statistical, qualitative and quantitative analysis Organizer and Director of Physical therapy ward ( sports Rehabilitation, rehabilitation after surgeries like Total hip arthroplasty,Knee arthroplasty, ACL reconstruction, etc . Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, Neurological rehabilitation, women health care

Organizer of Speech therapy and stereoscopy ward, Orthosis and Prosthesis Ward.

Increased clinic revenue by % 100 by raising patient volume and implementing higher-value procedures

Evaluated,Identified and Treated wide range of conditions, including chronic and acute pain, disc protrusion, whiplash, dislocations, arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, stroke and neuropathy, visit inpatient and out patient clients

Team Work, and managerial Skills :

Director and Technical manager of

grand hospital in Iran. Worked

efficiently in different department of

facilities, Organizer of speech

therapy also stereoscopy,orthosis

and prosthesis ward and developed

interdisciplinary team work

Sport physical therapist : Certified

and Advance trained physical

therapist of Iran national sport teams

Vestibular Rehabilitation : Certified

Vestibular physical therapist from

University of North Georgia

Rehabilitation : Worked in different

facility, Manual therapy,Mobilization,

massage therapy, and hands-on


Teacher Assistant :Worked assisting

of Graduate Assistant /Teaching

Assistant of department DEAN in

laser therapy, Wound care, Anatomy


Proficient in patient education

:Designing learning material for

patient and family education

Research and analysis: Doctoral

Thesis Worked on : Cupping therapy

and None contact Ultrasound and

evaluating its effects

• Data recording and Documentation

Physical Therapist, 07/2012 to 09/2013

Parsian Grand Hospital - Tehran, Iran

Sport Physical Therapist, 09/2010 to 04/2012

Iranian Sport Medicine Federation - Tehran, Iran

Sport physical therapist of Iranian sport national teams EDUCATION

Doctor (t-DPT), Physical Therapy, 2019

University of North Georgia - Dahlonega, GA

Graduated with 3.71 GPA

Graduate Assistant and Teacher Assistant

Bachelor of Science, Physical Therapy, 08/2010

Semnan University of Medical Sciences - Semnan, Iran AFFILIATIONS

US Licensed Physical Therapist - Delaware state

Member of Iranian Medical Council

Member of Iranian Physical therapy Association

Exhibited courtesy, compassion and respect to patients, families, caregivers, visitors, physicians, administrators and co-workers

Communicated effectively with other care providers (physicians, nurses, business office, and medical records) to provide for continuity of patient care

Conducted clinical assessment and evaluation to determine patient needs

Tested and measured patients' strength, motor development and function, sensory perception, functional capacity and respiratory and circulatory efficiency

Collaborated closely with other healthcare providers to develop comprehensive care plans

• Administered treatment programs for outpatients and inpatient settings

• Coached volunteer trainees

Worked as travel Physical therapist and cooperated with skill nursing facilities to home visit clients

Evaluated assessment, treated,Interpreted results and proposed intervention plans, including short and long-range goals, frequency and duration of injuries among Iranian national athletes

Planned and administered range of treatments and therapeutic exercise programs involving muscle reeducation, Advanced training,etc

• Worked as Iran Weight lifting national team Physical therapist

• Worked as Iran Futsal national team Physical Therapist

• Worked As Iranian soccer professional leagues teams Physical Therapist CERTIFICATIONS

Certified Vestibular Rehabilitation : University of North Georgia ( USA) Certified Sport physical Therapist Iranian Sport Medical assessment and Rehabilitation Centre (IFMARC)

Certification in High Power Laser therapy

CPR Certification : American Heart Association



Doctoral Project : Effect of NCLFUS ( None Contact Ultra Sound ) after Bruising by Cupping Therapy . 2019

Research Advisors :Dr. Teresa Conner-Kerr, PT, Ph.D., MBA Dr. Mary Ellen Oesterle, PT, EdD

Compare Effect of Functional Electrical Stimulation on Hand grip power of Athletes and Elderlies 2010

Research Advisor : Dr. Amuzade Khalili PT, Phd.


Dr . Mohammad Reza Nourbakhsh PT, Phd, OCS

Professor of Physical therapy at University of North Georgia


Dr . Amir H. Bakhtiary PT, DPT, Phd

Professor of Physical Therapy

Editor Chief Middle East Journal

(404) 626 - 2582

Dr.Sue Ann McCall, PT, DPT, OCS, Dip SOMM

Associate Professor at University of North Georgia 706-***-****

Office: Health and Natural Sciences, 468, Dahlonega Dr.Rachael Walton-Mouw, PT, DPT, GCS

Assistant Professor at university of North Georgia 706-***-****

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