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Cyber Security Intern at Con Edison of NY

East Elmhurst, NY
February 23, 2020

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John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York, NY Expected: May 2020 Bachelor of Science in Information System and Security (Major) and Minor in Mathematics, GPA 3.6/4.00

• Dean’s List (Spring and Fall 2019)


Capstone Cybersecurity, Computer Security and Forensics, Cryptography, Operating Systems, Computer Networking, Machine Learning, Programming Languages, Computer Architecture and Algorithms, Advanced Data Structures, Discrete Math

LaGuardia Community College, Long Island City, NY Graduated: May 2018 Associate in Science in Computer Science, GPA 3.5/4.00

• America Rising Scholarship (Spring 2017- Fall 2018) TECHNICAL SKILLS

• Java, C++, Python, MySQL, and Perl

• Kali Linux, Ubuntu, Wireshark, Nessus


Virtual Machine Projects September 2019

• Wrote programs to encrypt/decrypt messages using encryption algorithms, encryption modes, paddings, and initial vector (IV).

• Implemented programs to generate Public-key cryptography using RSA algorithm, key generation.

• Launched actual collision attacks against the MD5 hash functions and realized the impact of collision attacks.

• Exploited a buffer-overflow vulnerability with a malicious shellcode to bypass the built-in protection scheme of the Linux Operating System.

• Implemented a simplified packet filtering firewall and used Netfilter, Loadable kernel module, SSH tunnel to understand how the firewall works.

• Launched TCP/IP attack successfully in 3 different machines. One-Time Pad (OTP) May 2018

• Implemented OTP Encryption by generating random keys using Java.

• Encrypted and Decrypted messages to find the reliability of generated key by attacking through Brute Force or Letter Frequency Analysis.

Movie Ticket Application October 2017

• Worked collaboratively on online application for users to input their own data and make selections through the given input using Java.

• Allowed users to input their data such as movie, time, and location, later stored in a text file, for generating lists of movies.


Consolidated Edison, Inc. New York, NY

Internship (06/07/19-Present)

• Assisted in database management of cyber assets using the company’s software, Change Gear.

• Updated and learned about NERC CIP Standard Policy that the company upholds to protect cyber assets.

• Worked on the cyber assets of a test lab to check the vulnerabilities and used tools like Metasploit, Ubuntu Armitage, Nmap, and Nessus.

• Used PowerShell, Bash, and other programming languages to create automated millions of files and folders. Union Settlement New York, NY

Internship (01/07/19-01/24/19)

• Configured and set up Symantec Endpoint Protection and DLP for all employees, including the servers.

• Solved the issues related to Computer Networking especially the TCP/IP Protocol. LaGuardia Community College New York, NY

Peer Advisor for Math, Engineering and Computer Department (01/05/18 – 05/25/18)

• Worked with 75 students to understand their program curricula.

• Shared knowledge and resources that will assist students in navigating the college environment. LEADERSHIP

• Secretary of Information Systems Audit and Control Association, ISACA, John Jay College

• Ambassador of Presidential Society: Tech, LaGuardia Community College

• Vice President, Women in Tech Club, LaGuardia Community College

• Delegates representing Central African Republic in the conference of the United Nation (UN)

• Recruitment Committee Leader, Alpha Theta Phi/ Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society

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