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Software Engineer Intern

Chicago, IL
February 23, 2020

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**** **** ******** ******, *******, IL, 60607 +1-312-***-****


Master of Science, Computer Science, University of Illinois at Chicago. May 2021 Relevant Coursework – Engineering Distributed Objects for Cloud Computing, Object Oriented Languages and Environments, Computer Algorithms, Software Development for Mobile Platforms, Advanced Software Engineering. Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science, University of Technology (RGPV), India. June 2019 Relevant Coursework – Data Structures, Operating System, Database Management System, Computer Networking, Web Engineering, Software Engineering and Project Management. SKILL SET

Languages - Java, Python, Scala, C++, SQL.

Technologies - IntelliJ, Oracle, Docker, Spark, Hadoop, Gradle, MongoDB, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Git, Android.

Web Technologies - JavaScript (Basic), JSP, HTML 5, CSS. PUBLICATIONS September 2018

“Diagnosis of Heart Disease using Cultural Algorithm with Neural Network” in International Journal of Computer Sciences and Engineering.


Internet of Things (IoT), Trainee, Innovative Business Solutions, Indore, India June 2018 - Aug 2018

Implemented an IoT device and application for Air Pollution Monitoring System, based on Arduino and Java.

It monitored the air quality over webserver using internet and triggered an alarm when the air quality goes beyond a certain level.


Chord Algorithm Implementation using Akka Http Actor Model December 2019

Simulated the working of Chord - a protocol and algorithm for Distributed Hash Tables in peer to peer network.

Implemented using Akka - a toolkit for building highly concurrent, distributed, and resilient message-driven applications to implement Chord.

DBLP Map Reduce October 2019

Created a map reduce program for parallel processing of the publicly available DBLP dataset that contained entries for various publications and performed multiple map reduce operations on the dataset to identify different statistics. Monte Carlo Simulation using Apache Spark November 2019

Created a Spark program for parallel processing of the predictive engine for stock portfolio losses using Monte Carlo simulation in Spark.

Cloud Simulations September 2019

Built customized data centers and organized cloudlets to accomplish map reduce jobs that were fed into the simulators.

Designed multiple cloud simulators for evaluating executions of applications in cloud datacenters with different deployment models.

Logger Implementation using Eclipse JDT Parser November 2019

Implemented logger functionality for external commands by parsing the source code.

Included function call to log the information within the existing source code using JDT parser. Github Search Application using GraphQL API October 2019

Designed and implemented a client program that consumes GitHub's GraphQL API leveraging object orientation techniques and design patterns taught in the course for Object Oriented Programming. Design Pattern Verifier September 2019

Implemented two annotation processors that verified the usage of the Iterator design pattern along with 3 example classes that demonstrated its usage with the various cases that the annotation is able to handle. Honeypot Security System April 2019

Created a computer security mechanism on a bank, which was set to detect, deflect, or, in some manner, counteract attempts at unauthorized use of information systems. Image and Audio Steganography April 2018

Developed a project on steganography, using LSB algorithm, that works by iterating through the pixels of an image and extracting the ARGB values, which then separates the color channels and gets the least significant bit. Text Editor June 2017

Developed a Text Editor and various enterprise web applications using Servlets and JSP.

Developed Session Beans, wrote SQL Queries and integrated them and implemented triggers, packages, procedures and functions using PL/SQL.

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