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Java Engineering, Spring Framework, Software Engineering

San Francisco, CA
February 22, 2020

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San Francisco State University(Transfer) August 2019 - Spring 2021 Bachelor of Computer Science(Junior Now)

College of Science and Engineering

GuiYang University 2016-2018

Bachelor of Software Engineering

College of Science and Information Science


2016 Intern as clerical worker at Hunan Waterway Authority Helping full-time workers with organizing documents. Weekly report things I learned and discuss with project managers. Also nished some simple paper works independently. PROJECTS

2D game Five in a Row(Gobang)

Classic chess game

1. Original 2D "Five in a Row" game developed in Java. Used packages like Java.awt and Java.swing. 2. Independently designed and nished.

3. Designed and implemented UI to allow two players to play on one PC. Simulate Vending Machines

1. Worked in a team with 4 developers as team leader. 2. Used object-oriented programming to comprehensively use Java 3. Designed a certain complexity and business logic of the application with 10 items and 6 functions like : storage, research, selecting, refunding coins, changing and reporting sales out. Calculator

1. Independently designed and developed by C.

2. Designed With functions like square, plus, minus, multiply, divide. Allows users to type expressions and get result immediately after type return.

3. Designed be accurate to 4 decimal places, the maximum number of hundred million SKILLS

Technical Skills

C/C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Go, MySQL, Oracle, Spring Framework Other Skills

Strong communication skills, solid mathematics foundation AWARDS

2018 2rd In Guiyang University English reading competition 2015 3rd In Hengyang no.1 high school mathematics competition

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