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Python Engineering

New York City, NY
February 21, 2020

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New Jersey, NJ *****, USA



LinkedIn: LinkedIn Profile GitHub: GitHub-profile EDUCATION

Stevens Institute of Technology Hoboken, New Jersey, USA Expected May 2020

• Master of Science, Software Engineering

• Coursework: Algorithms; Machine Learning; Data Structures; Deep Learning; Cloud computing; Agile Methods SRM University Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India Graduated May 2018

• Bachelor of Technology, Electronics and Computer Engineering, Publication TECHNICAL SKILLS

• Programming languages: Python, JavaScript, C, C++, Java, MATLAB, Kotlin, Flutter, Dart, SQL, HTML5/CSS3

• Software/ OS/ Database: Git, Docker, Windows, ROS, macOS, Linux, Android, MS Office 365, MySQL, MongoDB EXPERIENCE

Equinox, New York City Software Engineering Intern - Data February 2020 - current

• Helping development team with profiling and onboarding new datasets

• Developing automated data profiling and quality checks and building frameworks for new projects

• Auditing Analytics implementations on app and web to ensure data is up to date and reliable search for trends

• Leveraged knowledge in Full-stack development, Adobe Analytics, JavaScript, React Native, Bitbucket ImmaBe (Startup) - (Link) Software Engineering Intern - Web July 2019 - September 2019

• Architected a highly optimal recommendation system to provide personalized service for career paths to users

• Reduced time to render user’s list by 75% upon limiting the number of DOM elements per entry

• Improved retrieval of data by 300ms by improvising a MySQL database to query cache

• Leveraged knowledge in Python, JavaScript, ReactJS, Databases, Full-stack development, GitLab, SQL, Algorithms Caterpillar Inc, India Software Development Intern - ML May 2017 - August 2017

• Collaborated with machine/deep learning infrastructure team to classify images for autonomous haul trucks

• Designed, tested and deployed a web interface to automatically label real-time data from sensors and cameras to effortlessly classify objects

• Led consolidation of 8 data systems into 1, increasing developer productivity by 40% in a team environment

• Leveraged knowledge in MATLAB, Caffe Neural Networks, ROS, MongoDB, JavaScript, IoT, C++, Python, Algorithms ACADEMIC PROJECTS

OSSP App: Open-Source Business platform - (Link)

• Developed an Android application to effortlessly allow users to register, create, design, deploy businesses online

• Devised, tested Microservices carrying app and business logic resulting in extended scalability of features by 85%

• Directed Docker configurations for Microservices, database, API to achieve consistency in packaging software

• Utilized: Kotlin, Java, NodeJS, Python, Flask, Express, Gradle, Docker, GitHub, Travis CI, Swagger Docs Weather website - (Link)

• Developed an interactive full-stack website application to detect current weather based on the user's location

• Boosted portal traffic by 70% by designing a lucid, user-friendly interface in JavaScript for submitting requests

• Incorporated client-side features and minimized server-side validations thereby improving performance by 25%

• Utilized: JavaScript, NodeJS, Express, Ajax, REST APIs, Git/GitHub, HTML5, CSS3, MongoDB Ecommerce platform for users and local business - (Link)

• Crafted an identity management system for e-commerce web applications based on products, goods, cost

• Built internal multi-platform data exchange automation to ease use prioritization of products and quantity by 30%

• Utilized: Python, ColdFusion, HTML, JavaScript, XML ACCOMPLISHMENTS

• Won second place out of 250 applicants in “The Data Incubator NYC” contest with a standout productivity tool

• Selected for a nationwide 2-month program with Lockheed Martin for building Smart Robots Available – Immediately

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