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Sr .Net Developer

New York City, NY
$75/hr on C2C
February 20, 2020

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Over * years of diverse experience in IT industry with emphasis on Software Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Deployment, Maintenance and Support of various Client/Server, N-tier and Web Applications.

Very Strong experience on Microsoft .NET based Web and windows Applications Development using .NET with ASP.NET MVC, Web API, C#.NET, VB.NET, AngularJS, Entity Framework, JSON, ADO .NET, WPF, WCF, SQL Server and XML

Extensive experience in developing ASP.NET based solutions using Web API, Razor syntax and Web Forms.

Strong expertise in Object Oriented Programming (OOPS) concepts like Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism and Data Abstraction.

Experience in Design Patterns like MVC, MVVM, Dependency Injection(DI), Unit of Work, Observer.

Proficient working with Stored Procedures, Functions and Views on SQL Server.

Experience in using Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, TFS, Tortoise SVN and GITHUB for Source Control and Versioning.

Experienced in designing responsive, mobile-ready websites using Bootstrap.

Experienced in implementing ASP .NET MVC AngularJS web solutions.

Experience with Master Pages, Page Layouts and Content pages in web applications

Consumed ADO.NET objects like Connection Object, Data Adapter, Dataset, Data Reader and Command Object for data retrieval.

Experience in developing large-scale, multi layered windows desktop applications using Windows forms.

Experience in application development using ASP.NET MVC Framework.

Experience working with Entity Framework.

Implementing LINQ queries on different data sources.

Experience in developing Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications having proficiency in Dependency Properties, Bindings, Styling, Templates and XAML as the code behind for User Interface.

Consumed Web Services in .NET using XML and SOAP.

Develop reports using complex formulas and to query the database to generate different types of reports using SSRS.

Ability to delve into legacy code bases and refactor the code to resolve any issues that arise.

Consumed Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) in a web-based application to retrieve a huge amount of data and increase the performance with different types of Endpoints.

Experienced in documenting and tracking the progress of projects using software like MS-Visio, Trello, LucidChart and Gantter.

Experienced in adapting quickly to new projects and handling multiple tasks, both as a team player and individually.

Expertise in preparing and presenting the project requirements, status updates and demos to all stakeholders involved.

Able to quickly pick up new libraries/technologies per the project requirements and needs.

Accustomed to delivering and supporting quality development in a fast-paced and dynamic atmosphere under Agile and KanBan methodologies.

Technical Skills:


C#. NET (3.0/4.0/5.0), VB.NET, C, Java

Web technologies

ASP.NET(3.0/3.5/4.0/4.5), ADO.NET MVC, AJAX, SOAP, Web API, Web Services, JSON, WCF, HTML, DHTML, CSHTML, Master Pages, Bootstrap, AngularJS, CSS, Kendo UI, jQuery, jQuery UI,NUnit


SQL SERVER 2014/2008, ORACLE 9i,10g.


Visual Studio 2012/2010/2008/2005, Eclipse


.NET Framework 4.5/4.0/3.5/3.0

Web server

IIS 6.0/5.0/7.X

Web Services


Reporting tools

Microsoft Reports( rdlc), Crystal Reports, SSRS.

Scripting languages

JavaScript, Perl.

Operating systems

WINDOWS Family. Linux

Version tools

Visual Source Safe, TFS, Tortoise SVN, Subversion


Windows 2008/2003.

Professional Experience:

Carestream Health, Rochester, NY March 2018- Current

Sr Software Engineer

Carestream Health,formerly Eastman Kodak’s health Group is an independent subsidiary of Onex Corporation, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is a worldwide provider of medical imaging systems and IT solutions; X-ray imaging systems for non-destructive testing; and precision contract coating services for a wide range of industrial, medical, electronic and other applications


Worked in a test driven, agile development environment with a daily scrum and three- week sprints.

The project management tool used for Agile was ‘Rally’- which had Features, User Stories, Tasks and defects(bugs)

Developed a custom credential provider for Windows which implemented Single Sign On to the medical device software on the machine.

Implemented Role based authentication for the application based on the windows Single Sign On using the custom credential provider

Implemented automated logging features applicable to Patient Health Information (PHI) based on HIPAA requirements.

Implemented Cybersecurity requirements for X Ray systems.

Worked on Web API 2.0 endpoints to access and modify data for the application.

Worked on the front end webpages of the application using AngularJS.

Wrote PowerShell scripts to trigger windows events based on the system access and certain changes in the application, create windows accounts with custom settings, etc.

Worked with Windows Registry to store and access information required for the application.

Used registry to implement certain system settings like screen saver time out and group policy settings.

Worked with Inno installer to create a custom installer and perform appropriate logging during the installation process.

Worked on the update of Automapper from version 3.1 to version 8 for the entire application.

Participated in code reviews to get and give feedback to optimize the code which implemented features.

Wrote and implemented Test cases using NUnit(C#), Jasmine(AngularJS) and also used mocking whenever required for the same MOQ and Rhino Mocks).

Performed manual testing and documented the use cases to be tested by the QA team to thoroughly test the features rolled out in a build.

Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery(CI/CD) was followed in the Software Development Process for the project.

Used GIT for version control to create and merge branches in the code base as required.

Environment: MS.NET Framework 4.5, C#, ASP.NET MVC. Sql Server 2018, NHibernate, Powershell, Windows Registry, Inno Installer, Automapper, Castle Windsor( Dependency Injection), AngularJS(1.5), NUnit, Resharper, ESLint, GIT, Jenkins

Vigon International, Inc., East Stroudsburg, PA Sep 2017- Current

Sr .Net Developer

Vigon International, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality specialty ingredients. Vigon develops and maintains unique strategic partnerships with major global ingredient manufacturers, providing over 2,000 different products and servicing customers in select flavor, fragrance, cosmetic, and specialty ingredient market segments.


Created and implemented an API using NewtonSoft, C# to Create, Update, Retrieve and Delete data from ABAS, an ERP application.

Created a standalone application that’s runs nightly and generates a document based on the updated shipping status from the ERP system.

Created a desktop application to generate line of business reports for various products.

The reports were designed using Windows Reports (rdlc), SSRS and involved Data Integration from multiple sources such as the ABAS ERP System and Microsoft SQL Server.

Created custom emails to notify end users about the reports generated

Environment: MS.NET Framework 4.5, Newtonsoft JSON, ABAS ERP, C#, ASP.NET, Web API, SQL Server 2017, ADO .Net, WinForms, SSRS, Microsoft Reports, Visual Studio Online(VSO), TFS, Java.

Museum of Natural History, New York City, Dec 2016 –July 2017

Sr .Net Developer

Urban Advantage(UA) is a standards-based partnership program designed to improve school student’s understanding of scientific enquiry through collaborations between urban public-school systems and cultural institutions such as zoos, botanical gardens, museums and science centers. It was started in 2004 in New York City by the American Museum of Natural History(AMNH) in collaboration with other cultural institutions such as the Brooklyn Botanical Garden (BBG), with leadership funding from the New York City Council.


Implemented the transition of project management and ticketing system to Visual Studio Online(VSO).

Mapped the existing workflow and ticketing system to VSO and trained the team and end users to use it.

Designed and extended the existing Database to keep track of changes made by Users to the data on the UA Portal and the partner site, with timestamps and user Unique Identifier(GUID).

Scripted SQL Server triggers to insert data into the Audit table based on changes made to the existing data.

Wrote AngularJS controllers and used Telerik grid controls to display the Audit-Trail(changes) for each module including the previous value, the time a change was made and by who the change was made. This improved the data integrity of the application multifold.

Wrote web services using ASP .Net Web API to retrieve data from the Database and mapped to the front end using Data Transformational Objects(DTO).

Used Entity Framework and the Unit of Work Pattern for the Data Access Layer.

Developed Web pages with cross browser compliance.

Transitioned the existing email workflow for the application from DB Mail to SendGrid using Web API to make API calls to the same.

Involved in analyzing requirements and technical design of the project.

Involved in implementing design specification, fixing bugs, writing T-SQL procedures, functions, designing Databases code refactoring.

Used Team Foundation Server(TFS) as the Source Control in the entire development of the project including branching and merging code for Continuous Integration(CI), Continuous Development(CD).

Environment: MS.NET Framework 4.5, AngularJS -1.5, C#, ASP.NET, MVC 5, Web API, SQL Server 2012, Entity Framework, Visual Studio Online(VSO), TFS, SendGrid.

Conservice LLC, Logan, UT Jun 2012 – nov 2016

.Net Developer

Conservice is an industry leader in Utility Billing and property management. Its solutions include billing individual residents on behalf of real estate renting firms, contract management, Military property utility solutions and metered billing solutions for real estate firms.

Project I: Conservice Market


Designed and developed a website for enabling employees to order Company apparel, select work-anniversary gifts and post classifieds.

This replaced the manual process of the HR department sending out the catalogue via email and recording responses via Google Forms.

Involved in the development of the application using C#, ASP .NET MVC, SQL Server 2014 and AngularJS.

Created and optimized views for user interactions using objects of HTML helper class, Custom Helpers, and Angular JavaScript.

Worked on creating a single page application (SPA) using Angular.js while interacting back-end business objects with ASP.NET Web API.

Worked on Angular JS to simplify both development and testing of the application by providing a framework for client-side mvc architecture.

Involved in the database design for this project and making it compatible with the NAV HR software through an API.

Leveraged angular resources for all data access, encapsulating URLs and standardizing data access interfaces.

Tested all application controllers extensively using Angular’s built-in testing facilities.

Participated in daily stand up SCRUM agile meetings as a part of the process to report the day to day developments of the work done.

Environment: MS.NET Framework 4.5, C#, AngularJS, LINQ, ADO .NET, HTML 5, SQL Server 2014, Scrum, TFS.

Project II: HRX


Involved in planning and development of Application life cycle. Studied and analyzed the Business process flow and existing systems requirements.

Involved in the design and implementation of a HR website for employees to manage workflow for daily food ordering, profit sharing dissemination and scheduling time-off requests.

Involved in discussing and designing the various Use Cases with the HR department for this multi-application website using Lucid Chart.

Involved in designing the Database for this application and making it compatible with the existing NAV HR software.

Responsible for making the UI responsive and mobile-ready by using Bootstrap and customizing the Inspinia template per the Company theme.

Worked on developing UI using Kendo UI framework, Bootstrap and JavaScript.

Designed the various Models in accordance of the needs for the Use Cases.

Developed Stored Procedures for complex database communication & processing needs and Triggers for recording the history information on the database.

Implemented role-based authorization to secure the application.

Developed few reports for Analysis using SSRS.

Used AJAX, JQuery and Kendo for MVC to improve the performance of the application.

Involved in developing and Unit Testing.

Currently supporting upcoming enhancements and making the BOL and BLL extensible for future changes.

TFS is used as source control to maintain the project versions.

Practiced and evangelized Scrum development approaches.

Successfully met all project deadlines and responsible for regular production maintenance release schedules and on-time deliverables.

Aaccustomed to delivering and supporting quality development in a fast-paced and dynamic atmosphere by prioritizing the tasks and meeting deadlines.

Experience tuning and writing stored procedures, functions, Views and triggers in SQL Server

Environment: MS.NET Framework 4.5 MVC, C#, HTML, Bootstrap, Kendo UI, Web services, SQL Server 2014, Scrum, TFS, AJAX, JQuery, JSON, NUnit.

Project III: OneStop


Designed and developed a multi-layered ASP .NET website, OneStop, that replaced all major product websites at Conservice.

Involved in all aspects of software engineering including requirements gathering, analysis, design, development and deployment of the website.

Developed the ‘Billing’ application of the portal.

Involved in integrating and enhancing existing products such as Synergy, Meters and Control into the website.

Implemented and designed ‘Control’ portion of the website, used by property owners and managers to monitor ancillary data and contracts.

Improved the efficiency and responsiveness of the UI by using JQuery widgets.

Customized the website to suit the needs of different BizBrands such as ‘Commercial’, ‘REO’ etc.

Implemented multi -layered architecture by segregating the project into BOL, BLL, DLL and UI layers.

Generated pdf and excel reports using XML and XSLT transforms.

Displayed SSRS reports on the website by designing the user interface and accessing data from SSRS server.

Used AJAX calls to retrieve data to be displayed and to perform client side validation.

Consumed WCF services to access data from Conservice Servers.

Used Simple Mail Transfer Protocol(SMTP) to send Email Notifications.

Used CSS to attain Uniformity of all web pages.

Extensively used ADO .NET objects such as Data Adapter, Dataset, Data Reader and Data Table.

Developed SQL stored procedures for data manipulation and CRUD operations.

Environment: MS.NET Framework 4.0, C#, HTML, ADO .NET, SSRS, WCF, SQL Server 2010, Scrum, TFS, AJAX, JQuery, JQuery UI, CSS,JSON

Project IV: Yoda and Auto Billing Process


Involved in performing enhancements and extending the functionality of Yoda application.

Automated the calculation of property points based on their bill set-up which led to a saving of 15 work-hours and improved the accuracy.

Involved in the development of the QC project to track bills for exceptions at the property level in consultation with the leadership of the Billing team. This led to a 50% improvement in accuracy of bills sent.

Extensively used ADO.NET for interfacing the application with SQL Server.

Created stored procedures for performing complex data retrieval operations.

Automated the parts of Bill Process based on existing manual rules and procedures, thereby improving the Billing Manager’s portfolio by 30%.

Created Reports based on Client needs using SQL Server, ADO .NET and allowed saving them in PDF and Excel formats.

Was able to successfully release the enhancements through weekly builds done through CCTray which enabled continuous deployment and testing.

Worked on the UI for the Auto Billing Process using WPF and XAML.

Worked on access control to different portions of the application by managing authentication using permission levels at the user level stored in the database.

Involved in Deployment and troubleshooting issues in the application.

Involved in writing the technical specifications design document, deployment documents and support guide for user operations.

Environment: MS.NET Framework 4.0/3.5, C#, ASP .NET WINFORMS, LINQ, ADO .NET, SSRS, WPF, XAML, XML, XSLT, SQL Server 2010, Scrum, TFS.

Social Interest Solutions, Sacramento, CA. Apr 2011 – May 2012

.Net Developer

Health-e-Arizona is an on-line application for Arizona residents. Public can apply for AHCCCS Health Insurance coverage, KidsCare, Nutrition Assistance, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) cash assistance. The status of the application can be checked by the public once registered in Health-e-Arizona.


Designed presentation layer using ASP.NET Web Server controls, JavaScript, HTML Controls, HTML, XML, Win forms, Web forms, Cascading Style Sheet and DHTML.

Used client-side JavaScript and AJAX controls to improve the responsive nature of the application

Used Data aware controls extensively to display data, and customized them for drop- down boxes, and multi-select check boxes

Implemented role-based authorization to secure the application.

Developed Web pages with cross browser compliance.

Involved in MVC 3 web application for other county projects.

Used C# for developing different county projects.

Extensively used JQuery in all the projects for development.

Developed and consumed Web services for communication with internal systems.

Involved in analyzing requirements and technical design of the project.

Used LINQ to perform set based operations on in memory objects.

Involved in implementing design specification, fixing bugs, writing T-SQL procedures, functions, designing Databases, code refactoring.

Improved performance by using Caching the data for WCF service that was taking more time to retrieve. Exception handling was done thoroughly.

Involved in writing code for Web services rules for kids care, Food stamp and TANF.

Used ADO.NET objects such as Data Adapter, Command Builder, Data Reader, and Dataset for consistent access of data.

Used Visual Source Safe(VSS)as the Source Control in the entire development of the project.

Environment: MS.NET Framework 4.0, C#, ASP.NET, MVC 4, WCF, MS Reporting Services (SSRS) 2008, SQL Server 2008 R2, Ajax, JQuery.

WTH (World Travel Holdings), Wilmington, MA Nov 2010– MARCH 2011

. Sr Net Developer

Measurement Matrix is a tool used to gaze the individual performances as well as team level performance by keeping track of the activities done or the efforts put by the individuals or teams as whole throughout the organization. This tool provides two views namely, ordinary users and higher-ups. The ordinary users have the privileges like report tasks, self-tasks and view tasks. The higher-ups who have privileges like customize phases, metrics, create, update, view and reschedule tasks for team members.


Consumed Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) for implementing the required business logic.

Created Asynchronous calls to stored procedures which took lot of time to accomplish the task in backend and enabled flexibility through user interface.

Involved in retrieving data using LINQ to SQL and LINQ to Objects with ASP.NET, worked with the database using LINQ to SQL.

Created stored procedures, views and triggers to enforce entity relationships.

Used Grid control extensively for data display, dynamic generation of rows, and user input inside template columns.

Generated Resource file (.resx) for all the commands in the application.

Implementation of client side validations using JQuery, AJAX and ASP.NET MVC Validation implemented at Controller level.

Consumed WCF services to access data from Third-Party Libraries.

Involved in fixing bugs by debugging the application, Found solution for many technical issues in the project.

Involved in the design, development and implementation of a web forms application in .net using C# which communicates with data layer to access the data from Backend database.

Used Visual Source Safe(VSS)as the Source Control in the entire development of the project.

Environment: Microsoft .Net framework 4.0, C#, ADO.Net, MVC3.0, SQL Server 2008 R2, JQuery, Entity Framework, WCF, VSS, LINQ.


MS, Systems Science from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

B.Tech, Computer Science and Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, India

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