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Engineer Power Plant

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
February 19, 2020

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Nationality: INDIAN

Gender: Male

KSA Driving License



Experience: 14 year’s & 6 month’s


B.E Electrical & Electronics Eng.

Anna University (2005)

Chennai, India.

Authorized of C1 Category NG KSA

For Getting LOA & SFT


To best utilize and enhance my skills towards a challenging career in growth oriented and leading edge organizations which matches with my knowledge and interests that would facilitate my personal growth and satisfy employer’s objectives and needs. EDUCATION

Ø BE in Electrical and Electronics Engineering/Year 2003-2005/ /1 st


Institute: Sri SaiRam Engineering College/ Anna University - Chennai. ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION

Company : SAUDI ELECTRICITY COMPANY (KSA) Oct 2010 - till date Designation: HEAD ENGINEER (ELECTRICAL & PROTECTION ). Role : Testing & Commissioning and Primary Design Co-ordination Department: Commissioning Services Department (CSD) (Central Region) System experience:

ü 380KV Substation Testing and Commissioning (Siemens, ABB, Hyundai, Alstom) ü 380KV Substation Testing and Commissioning (Siemens) ü 132KV Substation Testing and Commissioning (Siemens, ABB, Hyundai, Alstom) ü 33KV Substation Testing and Commissioning (ABB, Siemens,Schneider) ü 13.8KV Substation Testing and Commissioning (Siemens, ABB, Alstom) Substation Automation System

ü ABB,Siemens,Alstom/GE, Schneider & SEL SAS System. Routine Responsibilities:

Ø To Perform and Supervise Testing and Commissioning of various EHV/HV/MV/LV electrical systems including up to 500KV GIS / AIS Grid stations, Power/Distribution Transformers, 380kV,132kV, 33 kV,11 kV & 6 kV substations.

Ø To Review and Resolve issues of different Electrical Drawings/Schemes before Ordering Ø Technical follow-up during Engineering and Site execution. 14 Year’s & 6 month’s Experience in 20 Projects


· Testing and Commissioning

· Primary Design Engineer

· Project Engineering

· Planning and Scheduling

· Implementation and Monitoring

· Power System Planning and Operation

· Substation Automation System

Ø To provide Testing Schedules for the projects.

Ø To Manage, Coordinate and supervise the activities of the testing/commissioning engineers and arrange relative materials/ equipments on site.

Ø To Design and implement necessary modifications on site with the coordination of design engineers.

Ø Responsible for Project Management, Supervision & Commissioning of Substation in Qassim Region KSA as Protection, SAS and SCADA Head Engineer. Ø Responsible for Project execution in testing and commissioning of sub-station upto 380KV including testing of protective devices, control, metering, GIS, SAS and SCADA system. Ø Responsible for Energization of 132KV and 380KV Substation Energization. Ø Responsible for closing of Projects and Snag Clearance / Punch Point Clearance. Ø Responsible to arrange and manage shut downs on 380/220/132 KV Transmission lines, 600/502MVA and 160MVA Transformer annually and in any emergency. Ø Responsible for testing of protective relays installed on Transmission lines, Transformers, Capacitors, Shunt Reactors, SVC and FSC at HV and EHV System. Ø Responsible for protection scheme modification.

Ø Responsible for National Grid ISO standardized Documentation & Procedure Implementation. Ø Responsible for rush projects planning.

Ø Responsible for Operational Interlock Implementation and Testing. Ø Modification & configuring Protection schemes as per Testing & SAS requirement. Ø To Perform and Supervise Maintenance activities of various EHV/HV/MV/LV electrical systems including Power/Distribution Transformers, 11kV & 13.8kV switchgears. Experience in Testing & Commissioning:

ü Sound Experience of Commissioning of Substation Automation Projects for 132KV To 380KV Substation. ü Experience of SAT & FAT and commissioning activities of SAS,Control and SCADA System. Testing & Commissioning of SAS panels, Scheme Modification, SAS Architecture correction, preparation of SAS point List for IEC 101 & 104 Communication as per National Grid SA TESP standard ü Testing & Commissioning (open Loop & closed Loop test) of GIS BCU & Switchgear BCU, Protection signals, command, Indications & measurement as per SAS signal list for 101 & 104 communications. ü Experience with ABB (,Micom P543, P643 & P139) and Siemens Siprotech Numerical relays integration with SCADA System.

ü Experience of Fault Recorder Testing and Commissioning. ü Experience on Bay Control Unit (BCU ) C264 (Alstom),REF615 & REC670 (ABB). ü Having command on testing & Site Acceptance for different type of relays like distance, differential, over-current, over voltage, REF and earth fault relays installed on HV/EHV Transmission lines and Power Transformers.

ü Testing & Commissioning of power and Auto transformer (up to 502MVA) ü Worked on both low-voltage 11/13.8KV panels and high-voltage 500KV,380,132 GIS/Outdoor.

ü Ability to read and understand grid station control and protection drawings. ü Having the command on Switching Operation of HV / EHV C.Bs and Isolators. Having Command on Primary Injection for 132KV,380KV & 500KV. ü Having Command on BB Stability Test for 132KV,380KV & 500KV. ü Having Command on TEE Protection Stability Test for 380KV & 500KV. ü Having Command on 132KV & 380KV GIS Gas Leakage Test. ü Experience in High Voltage test for 132KV and 380KV. ü Having Command on CT Testing for 132KV, 380KV & 500KV. ü Having Command on Function Test for 380,132KV & 13.8KV Relay,Control Panel, GIS LCC and SAS Panel.

ü Having Command on Function Test for 132KV & 380KV Bus bar Panel & Pole Discrepancy Function Test for 380KV.

ü Having Command on Overall CBF Scheme Check. Having Command on CT & VT Loop Test. ü Having Command on Function Test for ACDB & DCDB. Having Experience on Live line testing.

ü Experienced in Fault investigation and reporting. ü Conducting meetings with National Grid,Contractor and Subcontractor. Projects Experience :-

1. 132KV /13.8KV & 33KV Substation SS-8612,SS-8608,SS-8842,SS-8841, SS-8854,SS-8525 & SS-8859.

Currently I am also supervising above project Substation Testing & Commissioning (Open loop test, Close Loop Test, SAS SAT & SCADA Activities ) as Head Engineer. 2. 380KV/132/33KV SS-9064 (APRIL- 2018 – On Going) Main Contractor : SEPCO3,Sub-Contractor : ABB SAS,GIS by HHI. Responsible for completion of substation Protection, Control, Metering, GIS, Switchgear and Control automation T&C within Specified time schedule and design SCADA Point List as lead engineer. 3. 380KV/132/13.8KV SS-9059 (QASSIM-5) (OCT-2017 – March-2018) Main Contractor : Al-Mashariq

Responsible for successful completion of Protection,Control,Metering,GIS,Switchgear and Control automation T&C within Specified time schedule and design SCADA Point List as lead engineer. 4. 132/13.8KV SS-8845 (May-2017 – Sept-2017)

Main Contractor : Babtain

Responsible for successful completion of Protection,Control,Metering,GIS,Switchgear and Control automation T&C within Specified time schedule and design SCADA Point List as lead engineer. 5. 132/33KV S/S 8847 Ayun Al Juwa KSA (July -2016 – OCT-2016) Main Contractor : Al-OSAIS, Sub-Contractor : Alstom SAS,GIS by HHI. Responsible for successful completion of Protection, Control, Metering, GIS, Switchgear and SAS T&C within Specified time schedule and design SCADA Point List. 6. 380/132/13.8KV S/S 9039 HAIL-3 KSA (May -2016 – July 2016) Main Contractor : SSEM, Sub-Contractor : Siemens SAS,GIS by HHI. Responsible for successful completion of Protection,Control,Metering,GIS,Switchgear and SAS T&C within Specified time schedule and design SCADA Point List. 7. S/S 9065 HATCO Al-Marai KSA (January-2016 – April-2016) Main Contractor : SSEM, Sub-Contractor : Siemens SAS,GIS by HHI. Responsible for successful completion of Protection,Control,Metering,GIS,Switchgear and SAS T&C within Specified time schedule being as site Manager and team lead and design SCADA Point List. 8. 132/13.8KV S/S 8840 Qassem Buraida KSA (Auguest-2015 – December-2015) Main Contractor : AECC, Sub-Contractor : ABB SAS,GIS by HHI. Responsible for successful completion of Protection,Control,Metering,GIS,Switchgear and SAS T&C within Specified time schedule being as site Manager and team lead. 9. 132/33/13.8KV S/S 8838 Qassem Al-Ras KSA (January-2015 – July-2015) Main Contractor : ABB, Sub-Contractor : GIS by HHI. I was assigned as Site Manager for SCADA Point List preparation,T&C of entire substation including protection system,SAS,Control,Metering.The big project executed within scheduled time and got excellent experience in risk management and project execution. 10. 132/13.8KV S/S 8833 Qassem Unaiza KSA (Auguest-2014 – DEC-2014) Main Contractor : ABB, Sub-Contractor : GIS by HHI. Responsible for successful completion of Protection,Control,Metering,GIS,Switchgear and SAS T&C within Specified time schedule being as site Manager. The Project completed within scheduled time and implemented all the Nation Grid KSA requirements, Specification and standards. I prepared the SCADA point list,HMI Point List and Event Point List of all complete substation for smooth execution of project in line the National Grid KSA standards TESP-107 and TESP-108. This Project enhanced my capabilities in understanding the new NG standards and its implementation. 11. 132/13.8KV S/S 8832 Qassem Buraida KSA (March-2014 – July-2014) Main Contractor : ABB, Sub-Contractor : GIS by HHI. I worked as site manager testing and commissioning of 132/13.8KV substation to complete Substation automation T&C for Protection,Control,Metering,GIS,Switchgear and SAS within specified time schedule.

12. 380/132/13.8KV S/S 9032 Qassem-4 KSA (January 2014 to March 2014) Main Contractor : M/S – SSEM, Sub-Contractor : SAS & GIS by Alstom. I worked as site manager testing and commissioning of 380/132/13.8KV substation to complete Substation automation T&C for Protection,Control,Metering,GIS,Switchgear and SAS within specified time schedule. This mega project enhanced my expertise in Protection and SAS and got excellent experience of rush project.

13. 380/33KV S/S 9029 Qassem-3 KSA ( June-2013 to January 2014). Main Contractor: M/S AL-toukhi,Subcontractor :ABB SAS,GIS by HHI I worked as site manager testing and commissioning of 380/132/13.8KV substation SS-9029 and complete Substation automation Testing and commissioning for Protection, Control, Metering, GIS, Switchgear and SAS SAT in scheduled time frame.

14. 380/132/13.8KV S/S 9020 KAFD Riyadh KSA (November-2012 to December-2012) Main Contractor: ABB KSA, SAS and GIS By Siemens Germany, I worked as Team lead and got sound experience to lead my team, aim to complete the Substation testing and commissioning in line with overall schedule following National grid standard and implementation of PTS and SEC Protection requirements, solving site problems, critical issues and manage the site activities, preparation of site technical reports, preparation of three weeks activity schedule.

15. 380/132/13.8KV S/S 9022 (PP11) 2GW Power Plant DURMA KSA(March-2012 to October- 2012)

Main Contractor: HHI, SAS and GIS By Siemens Germany. Here I had been given the testing and Commissioning of SAS where I did Bay Control Unit 6MD66 Siemens Commissioning test including local cubicle arrangement(Installation, terminals and wiring),Hardware and software Configuration (CFC Logic for All interlocking, Synchro check function and Pole discrepancy),BCU Display and handling.SAT for Synchrocheck function and interlocking test By BCU & HMI.

The method of man machine dialogue was a multi-stage procedure with verification to ensure security of control. CLOSE and OPEN operation of switching devices are tested by giving a command from BCU and checking of the command execution. At the same time, the respective check back indications of switching position are checked at the BCU. The correct registrations in the event list were also be tested. Bay level Alarm signal test upto the HMI (LCC BCU to HMI Alarm ) and Protection Alarm test on HMI, checking of all limits in HMI and Verification Communication Redundancy/Ring Topology. At the remote of this Substation SAT, final settings and final trip test for Distance & DEF Micom P443, REL670 ABB and Line differential Relay Micom P543 and relay matching and FS comparison.I did also Steam Turbine Protection Panel testing commissioning including its Energization and I also got good experience because it adopts series of step to energize like Souk test,stability,pre synchronization test,dummy synchronization test and then finally actual synchronization. 16. 380/132/13.8KV S/S 9005 (PP5) HATEEN Riyadh KSA (18 Jan 2011 to 11 Feb 2012) Main Contractor and T&C Team : AL-Fanar Co. Sub-Contractor : GIS By Alstom. I was responsible for supporting, manage site activities, follow the protection requirements, protection modification, technical reporting, issuing site Instruction & Sangs, review and approval of Manuals/Procedures/Material Approval, Site acceptance test according to SEC Procedures, Issuing LOA and tested 132KV and 380KV CT test,CT loop Resistance test & primary injection Test by Primary injection test set ODEN for both 132KV & 380KV GIS,380KV TEE Protection Stability Test,380KV/132/13.8KV Power transformer stability Test,132KV Shunt Reactor Stability Test, Mechanical device trip test for Power Transformer (Buchholz relay, pressure relief devices,Oil & Winding Temperature),function test for 132KV GIS,Over All trip logic,CBF Scheme test & P821,pol discrepancy scheme test,Auxialury relay Test(MVAJ,TR Series,MVAX),Site Acceptance test for Bus bar differential relay Type MFAC,Over Current relay Micom,Line differential relay P543 Micom,Distance relay (21) REL670 ABB,Function Test for 132KV GIS LCC Panel, Protection Panel and Control Panels and all relays Final setting and final trip test, Testing of Annunciator type RTK & SACO 16D3 and ABB for 132 & 380KV,132KV Common Panel Test, SAT Synchrocheck relay and BCT Test. Supporting in HV test for 132KV and 380KV System.

I was also responsible for energization for 380KV Line and Power Transformers and OnLoad Test after energization.

17. 132/13.8KV S/S 8155 Riyadh.

Contractor: AL-Babtain Co.

I was responsible for SAT for Aux: relays, Over Current relay,T/F changeover Scheme(Trip on Parallel), CT Loop Resistance Test & Primary Injection Test, Function Test For 132KV LCC,Relay and Control Panel, Transformer and Under Frequency Panel, Function Test for ACDC Panels,Annunciator Test for CP and Transformer Stability Test.

13.8KV CT Test,VT loop Test and Function Test.

18. 132/13.8KV S/S 8137 Riyadh

Contractor: SSEM

I have been assigned for 132KV CT Test,Primary Injection Test and Bus Bar Function Test, Overall Scheme check as per SEC Standards and Snags Clearance, Protection Modification. 19. 132/13.8KV S/S 8105 And 8107 Riyadh

Contractor: Al- Babtain Co.

I was responsible for SAT Micom O/C Relay,Distance relay,AUX: relays,CT Test for 132KV & 13.8KV,Function Test for ACDC Panel, Overall Scheme Test,CBF trip Logic Test, Function Test for Relay and Control Panels.

20. 132/13.8KV S/S 8165 Riyadh.

Contractor : SSEM

Responsible for CT Testing,VT Loop Test,Aux: Relay Testing Type MVAJ,MVAX,TR Series, SAT Test for O/C 7SJ Siemens, CBF P821,work on Hyundai GIS,Overall trip logic and stability test. Experience in Primary Design Engineer -Electrical : Ø Preparing the design plan for project based on the overall project schedule & milestones. Ø Leading the design progress review meeting with PM in weekly basis to forecast the design progress of the project.

Ø Continuous Monitoring of Overall progress of the project by preparing weekly progress report. Ø Review of all the Equipment’s layouts and calculations related to primary design. Ø To involve the subordinates completely for the assigned tasks and continuous follow-up with sub ordinates for timely deliverable of the assigned tasks. Ø Raising contractually for the scope variations during the design phase. Ø Preparation of Metrical Request and TBE for Major Electrical equipment’s. Ø Attending technical clarification received from FO & Client. Ø Design of Cable Tray Layout & Tray Loading Calculation. Ø Design of Power Cable Routing Layout and Details. Ø Design of Substation lightning System Layout.

Ø Design of Power transformer, Earthing Transformer & Capacitor Bank Installations Layouts. Ø Allocating the tasks to Design Engineers and Draughts persons based on the design schedule of the project.

Ø Design of General Equipment Layout of 132/13.5kV Substations. Ø AC Load Schedule & Auxiliary Transformer Sizing Calculations as per Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) standards.

Ø DC Load Schedule & DC Battery and Battery Charger Sizing Calculations as per IEEE standards.

Ø AC and DC Single Line Diagrams.

Ø AC/DC Circuit Breaker and LV Cable Sizing Calculations. Ø Medium Voltage (MV) and Low Voltage (LV) AC and DC Cable Sizing Calculations. Ø Earth Mat Design Calculations using CDEGS software as per IEEE-80. Ø Heat dissipation calculations for HVAC inputs

Ø Preparation of operational single diagram Design of Indoor Normal and Emergency Lighting Systems using Lighting Software :i)Saudi Lighting ii)Dialux Version 4.7 Ø Design of Outdoor Lighting Systems using Lighting Software : a)Saudi Lighting b)Dialux Version 4.7

Ø Indoor/ Outdoor Lighting layouts and small power layouts Ø Branch cable sizing for lighting calculation

Ø AC and DC Power Cable Schedule.

Ø Design of Substation Earthing System Layout and Details. Ø Individual Room Equipment Layout

Ø Cable Raceway layouts

Ø Preparation of Bill of Quantities


Company : AL - OSAIS INTERNATIONAL HOLDING CO, June 2008- July 2010 Power Division,KSA

Designation : Testing & Commissioning Engineer.

Role : Electrical T & C Engineer

Department : Al Osais Power Division

Client : Saudi Electricity Company (EOA, COA & WOA),Saudi Aramco & NCC Projects Completed :-

Ø Khurais Residential & Recreation Complex, Khurais, KSA. Ø Yanbu Refinery-Yanbu, KSA.

Ø Gas Insulated Substation No # 8829, East of Unayza, Qazzim, KSA. Ø Gas Insulated Substation No # 8122, Al moroj Area, Riyadh, KSA. Ø Rabigh Power Plant Extension Stage-7, Project No.38 to 49, Rabigh, Jeddah, KSA. Ø Industrial Security Training Center (ISTC), Dhahran, Dammam, KSA. Ø Karan Gas Plant, Khursaniya, Dammam, KSA.

Ø North Park Office Complex (NPOC), Dhahran, Dammam, KSA. Responsibilities :-

Ø Testing and commissioning of control & relay panel, GIS and Protective relays for power equipment’s up to 132KV system.

Ø Testing and commissioning of outdoor electrical equipment’s like Power Transformer(all types),CB,Shunt Reactor, and Capacitor Bank etc.,

Ø Electrical and HV test of MV,HV and EHV power cables. Ø Testing and configuration of numerical relays. Like line differential, transformer differential, bus bar differential, backup protection, high impedance protection, load shedding panel protection and Motor Protection relays in all type of manufacturers i.e. Siemens, Micom & ABB.

Ø Trouble shooting of all Electrical circuits, control and protection circuits. Ø Analyzing merits and demerits of schematic diagram of control and relay panels and modifying the logic and explaining to customer and updating the logics. Ø Attending technical discussion with client & consultant and modification according to the customer & system requirement.

Ø Functional test for GIS, Control and relay panels, MV switch gears, LT panels. Ø As Built Scheme drawing submission, test report submission, Ø Preparation of master schedule for testing and commissioning of substation. Ø Site coordination and engineer’s management towards work. Ø Preparation of weekly documents like 3 week schedule, MOM, Punch list etc, Testing Set Experience:

ü CT Analyser, ODEN, Freja 300, Sverker 760, Omicron, CPC100, Magnus, Megger. PAST EXPERIENCE



Designation : Electrical Engineer

Role : Electrical Testing & Site Co-Ordination Engineer Department : SPIC-SMO

Client : Power Grid in Uthra Pradesh (U.P)

Projects Completed :- RAJIV GANDHI GRAMEEN VIDYUTIKARAN YOJANA (RGGVY) Responsibilities :-

Ø Testing and Commissioning of 5MVA, 33/11kV Power Transformer (Make IMB Transformer). Ø Testing and Commissioning of Outdoor Type Current Transformer (Range: 400/200/5A).Make-KAPCO ENGG.

Ø Testing and Commissioning of 33kV Control and Relay Panels (Make-Venison Panel) and Static Relays.

Ø Measurement of Earth resistance using the earth megger. Ø Installation of Structure and Equipment.

Ø Erected 33/11kV Substation Equipments like Outdoor type CT, PT, PCVCB, and 5MVA Power Transformer.

Ø Earth mat Execution for Eight Substation (Total 13No’s). Ø Co-ordination with Customer and Witness-Testing of Control & Relay Panels. PAST EXPERIENCE

Company : M/s. FOREAST ELECTRONICS PRIVATE LTD, CHENNAI.INDIA June 2005- May 2006 Designation : Electrical production/ T & C Engineer. Role : Testing Engineer

Department : Panel Manufacturer’s and Testing

Responsibilities :-

Ø Managing the field quality control procedures.

Ø Control of field tests and inspection records for electrical work Daily inspection Reports, Design Document preparation of Scope before commencement of every step of work. Ø Testing and Commissioning of Automatic Power factor Controller and Servo Stabilizer Panels. Ø Operation and Function test of Electrical Equipment according to Schematic Diagrams. INTERPERSONAL SKILLS

Drafting: Proficient & professional skills in standard drafting. Presentation: Developed ability to produce reports and presentations to a professional standard. Analysis, Management & Evaluation: Proficient in assessing data and formulating solutions. Organizational: Effective at time management and prioritizing tasks to achieve deadlines. Interpersonal/Communication: Strong team working, concrete demonstrative leadership and communication skills.

Language: Astonishing command over Hindi & Tamil and English languages in written and spoken. Work under stress: Tendency to perform well under stress and tight schedules. Related Internships:

ü Performed training at 230KV Sub Stations of TNEB, Chennai in Protection & Instrumentation department.(INDIA)


Full Name Senthil Murugan j

Father’s Name Jayapandian

Date of Birth 18-02-1981

Marital status Married

Domicile Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

Passport No. K8737533

Nationality Indian

Permanent Address No.4, Annai Abirami Nagar, Sivan Kovil Road, Thiruverkadu, Chennai-600077,

Tamilnadu, India.


I hereby declare that the above information furnished by me is true to the best of my Knowledge. Place : Saudi Arabia

Date :19/02/2019 (J.SENTHIL MURUGAN)

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