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Business Analyst

Hartford, CT
March 10, 2020

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UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, Hartford, CT Expected Dec 2020 Master of Science, Business Analytics and Project Management GPA: 4.0/4.0 BIRLA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 8: SCIENCE, PILANI 2014 Bachelor of Engineering (Hons. ), Mechanical Engineering GPA: 7.89/10 ANALYTICS TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES

0 Analytical Tools: SOL, R, Python, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Tableau, SAS (basics) 0 Statistical techniques: Regression, Classification, Decision Trees, Random Forest, Gradient Boosting,

Deep Learning,

Hypothesis testing, A3 Testing, k-means clustering, PCA, Inferential and Descriptive Statistics, Dense

Neural Networks


GLOBAL ANALYTICS, Chennai, India (FinTech) Feb 2016 July 2019 Senior Analyst Customer Management, Marketing MySQL, R, Excel Responsible to meet return customer loan targets of Lendingstream (turnover of c. $180m) Modeled marginal return rate from each acquisition cohort to project monthly return volumes Worked with Product, Credit Risk, and User Experience teams to drive initiatives to increase return

customer loan volume

Modeled the propensity of a customer to return for a loan in 90 days to come. Build an ensemble of

logistic, random forest

and gradient boosting models. Targeting top 2 deciles gave a lift of 1.5. Leveraged in discounting and give

away tests to

enhance customer loyalty and hence, retention

0 Analyzed data from credit bureau to understand customers credit usage over time. Also, worked with

customer insights

team for running surveys to understand the reasons for customer attrition 0 Created customer segmentation using k-means clustering based on customer life stage and published it


through seminars

0 Created reporting framework to periodically track different metrics related to customer retention, CRM

campaigns 8:

Customer satisfaction

0 Owned monitoring and coordinated with Product, Software 8: DevOps teams to resolve issues that affect

return customer


O Analyzed the impact of retention communications using hold-out segment. Worked with CRM team to

reduce the

communications while maintaining the effectiveness Senior Analyst Customer acquisition, Marketing IMySQL, R, Excel 0 Weekly reporting of all acquisition channels' performance with a focus on reasons for deviations from

targets and action


0 TV - channel attribution:

. New 8: Returning loan volume attribution using baseline analysis

. Data analyses to optimize spend across weeks in the month and times of the day 0 Designed a calculator to predict revenue/profit earned from an acquisition cohort using linear regression. This calculator is

used in arriving at marketing bids with targeted profitability o Ran A3 tests on affiliate channels to improve profitability balancing volume 8: acquisition cost.

Performed analyses to

evaluate the testing strategies based on profitability o Analyzed data, hypothesized and ran A3 tests on website changing default values in the application page

to improve


LATENTVIEW ANALYTICS, Chennai, India June 2014-J an 2016 Analyst IR, SQL, Excel, T ableaul

0 Point of contact and responsible for understanding 8: delivering on client requests of a US- based

shipping & mailing

products manufacturer

0 Built look-alike models to identify prospective customers that are like eXisting customers to be targeted

in product-specific

campaigns; used internal clients data and Dun Sc Bradstreet data. Model helped in improving marketing

campaign response

rates (measured over 30 days) by 15-20%

0 Identified cross-sell opportunities for Small-Medium Business unit using association mining; used Apriori


Campaigns ran based on this analysis generated $120K sales a quarter 0 Created reports to measure effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Ran ad-hoc analyses regularly to aid

in clients strategic


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