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Engineer Electrical

Cherry Hill, NJ
March 09, 2020

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B.S. Electrical/Electronic Engineering

Drexel Univ., Philadelphia., PA June 1996

Concentrations: Controls, Telecommunications (RF), Electronics, Optics, Power


ISO9001 Quality

INCOSE Systems Engineering Life Cycle Processes and Activities

ISO9001 FAA QMS Orientation Training

Piloting Ground School, FAA WJHTC Completion Certificate

Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

Security + Certificate from CompTIA

Avid Unity Storage Administrator/Engineer


Experienced in electrical/electronic (controls, RF, RADAR, optics, power) and network systems (topology design, security measures, CLI scripting, implementation and testing). Research, develop and integrate electronics existing in aircraft and military systems and subsystems using array of tools (AutoCAD, OrCAD, PSpice, PCB design, MatLab) including a prototype design and fabrication, extensive testing and redevelopment process. Manufacture military electronic spare parts (up to 20 GHz), supporting all phases from design to testing. Versed in the technical, interface and operational aspects of aircraft systems used in planning, development, execution and analysis of cockpit simulations that interface with FAA Air Traffic Management systems, and laboratories including the CSF, STARS, ERAM and the NextGen projects.


BLUSA Defense Manufacturing, Inc., Mount Laurel, NJ 10/2017 – 01/2020

Electrical/Electronics Design Engineer.

Design, redesign and develop manufacturing process of the military and aviation electronic devices as specified by the contract requirements (MIL specs, documentation and drawings).

Research and document specifications of the components and subassemblies to insure proper functioning. Create ‘Substitute Component Authorization’ and circuit analysis documents as needed (circuit simulation, parameter calculation).

Supervise the design, redesign and fabrication of the Printed Wire Board (PWB) and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly components to insure that all specifications are met.

Assist technicians in the production and testing process.

Design and develop the Test Fixture assembly to demonstrate the met requirements during the testing process. Utilize an external test equipment, hardware and software to simplify and automate the requirements verification process.

Prepare the ‘Hardware Test Report’ (HTR) in accordance with the requirements, and/or create a Functional Testing Process as a proof of circuit operation (circuit analysis and troubleshooting).

JVN Communications, Cockpit Simulation Facility (CSF), FAA-WJHTC 11/2014 – 07/2017

Engility Corporation, CSF, FAA-WJHTC, Atlantic City Airport, NJ 09/2008 – 11/2014

Senior Electrical Engineer - CSF.

Engineering responsibilities include: Simulation Systems Design, Development and Integration; CSF Electronics Redevelopment, Integration and Maintenance;

Design, Administration and Monitoring of CSF Network Infrastructure.

Assess and identify cockpit components for procurement and design of Cockpit Simulators (CS). The electronic systems include Flight Management Systems - FMS (e.g., Honeywell, Rockwell), Mode Control Panel - MCP (B-737, A-320, B777, Thales, Garmin), Multifunction Control Display Unit – MCDU (Honeywell, Airbus), Primary Flight Display - PFD, NAV Display, Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitor - ECAM (Airbus), Aircraft Monitoring Unit – AMU, Communication – RADAR, Transponder, Radio, ACARS, DataCom.

Fabricate, install, modify and test cockpit subsystems as part of developing certified cockpit simulators. Proficient in analog, digital and hybrid interfacing to assure the simulation system integrity. Fabricate and interface On-Board Flight Instruments using various:

- protocols: SimConnect, FSUIPC, WideFS, WidevieW, HLA, RTI-License, TCP, UDP, ICMP;

- interfaces: RS232, RS422, ARINC429, ARINC834-1, AFDX, TCP-IP, LAN, Cisco CLI, VMware, VGA, DVI, HDMI, D-port;

- physical media: Copper Wire, Coax, UTP, STP, Fiber Optics, Radio Waves, Bluetooth etc.… Design, install and align OTW Visual System for MicroJet, S-76, A320, B-737, Embraer 175, and Beechcraft King Air 350 CS. Assist in developing, integrating, testing and operating Flight Instruments and Displays (software, avionics & subsystem interfaces, and flight management systems. Design architecture, contributed to the development and implemented software package for the Next-Gen Reconfigurable Cockpit Simulator (RCS) for the NIEC Lab and CSF flight instruments functionality. Contribute to integrate and interface between the MCP, EFIS, MCDU, PFD, NAV, Backup Display, RADAR, Radio, Landing Gear, Spoiler, Rudder Pedals, Brakes, Yolk, Tiller, Force-Load hardware units and the existing simulation software.

Familiar in preparations and execution of Human In The Loop (HITL) and Human Over the Loop (HOTL) systems using NAS systems (ADS-B, STARS, ERAM, DATA-Com, Garmin 1000, PlexCom VR, SimPhonics, HLA Gateway). Acts as Technical Lead and participates in the set-up configuration, test, shakedown and formal runs of simulations.

QVC Inc., West Chester, PA 10/2007 - 09/2008

Broadcast Engineer II.

Design, evaluate and integrate electronics and electronic systems for Production, Post-production and Broadcast.

Administer, integrate and maintain the networking of systems for Broadcast/Post-production environment: PC, Servers (Video, Audio, Graphics), CISCO Switch, Router, Storage (NAS, SAN, Avid Unity ISIS). Integrate wide range of electronics systems used in Broadcasting.

Researched, designed, integrated, monitored and documented the equipment infrastructure: Auto CAD, Trouble Report Database, Pending Projects Database and Shift Report System.

RTA Service Co, Philadelphia, PA 06/2006 – 07/2007

Electronics Engineer.

Develop HDTV consumer electronics products that included firmware rewrite/upgrades, circuit modification based on software/hardware problem reports. Perform System Admin duties.

Shooters Inc., Philadelphia, PA 03/2002 - 02/2006

Electronic Systems Integration Engineer.

Develop, tested and integrated analog and digital electronics (e.g., SD/HDTV, Interface designs for Video, Audio and Time Code signal). Design a network system that integrated domain users and applications while compliant with company security policy and backup capabilities. Components included Cisco Pix Firewall, routers and switches, MS Active Directory, Access, Outlook, DLT Backup, Power Distribution and Backup recovery procedure. Designed and integrated a complex system of Discreet HD Fire Suites and Avid Adrenaline Suites with existing infrastructure of servers, SAN storage, Film Transfer and Audio Suites.

RTA Service Co, Philadelphia, PA 01/1996 - 03/2002

Electronics Engineer.

Develop electronic products for consumer electronics. Assist in project development lifecycle from design, integration, and test & trouble analysis. Coordinate efforts with the manufacturing engineering teams of several companies. Design, setup and utilize Test Laboratory composed of Power Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, universal meter, Wave Form Generator, Oscilloscope. Perform Y2K soft/hard-ware verification and modification.



RS-232, RS-422, MIL-1553, ARINC 429, ARINC 834-1, AFDX, High Level Architecture (HLA), UDP, TCP/IP, IPv4, IPv6, LAN, WLAN 802.11, WAN, VMware, Switches, Routers, Firewalls, Domain Controllers, Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, Virtualization, Zoning, Load Balancing, Internet connection, NAS, SAN, Fiber Net, GigE, RAID Storage, Network Printing, Switchable Storage, Avid Unity Storage


C/C++, VB, Assembly Language, HTML

Operating Systems and Apps:

UNIX, UNIX-iRiX, Linux (Red Hat, Ubuntu, Fedora), MAC OS, Windows (10, 7, XP, Vista and NT), Win Server 2003, Cisco CLI, Cisco Network Assistant, Mat Lab, AutoCAD, OrCAD, PSpice, Subversion (SVC), Telnet, Oracle, Wire shark, Project Magenta GUI, MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Pt, Access, Project, Visio), MS Exchange

Graphics /Software:

VGA, DVI-I, DVI-D, HDMI, 2K/4K, Component, Composite, S-Video, Genlock, Open-GL Studio, AutoCAD, Flight Simulator Scenery Creator, Rockwell Collins Environment Processor 2-nd Generation Real-time System Software (EP2) in EP8000 I.G.


Cisco Switches and Routers, Virus Protection, Windows Updates, Backup and Recovery, DLT Tape Backup, Peta-Site Backup, UPS, Video Security System, Protocols: RADIUS, TACACS+, AES, DES, IPSec, SSL, HTTPS, VPN, SSH, SFTP, L2TP, PKI, IDS, IPS


Cisco Switch 4506E, Cisco Router 3845, Cisco Switch 3750G, Cisco Switch 3560G, Cisco Switch 2960G, Cisco Switch 500G, 8031/51 8086 Microprocessor, Phoenix Interbus, CPU, GPU, PCI Bus, PCIe Bus, DITCOM (Automatic Test Equipment), PCB, SimPhonics SMx, oscilloscope, multimeter, signal generator, signal analyzer, specialized digital probes, soldering devices, various test equipment used for electronics and converters.

Cockpit Simulation Facility:

HITL or HOTL Simulations, Experiments and Demonstrations

Weather in the Cockpit – NCAR Transoceanic HOTL

Weather in the Cockpit – General Aviation HITL (WITC-GA HITL)

Aircraft Access to STARS (AAtS)


ADS-B Only HITL Study

Weather in the Cockpit – General Aviation #2 and Part-Task HITL (WTIC-GA2 and PT HITL)

Weather in the Cockpit – General Aviation #3 and Hand-held Device HITL (WTIC-GA3 and HD HITL)

FAA Systems Familiarity:

STARS, ERAM, ADSB, WAC, VOR, ILS, PAPI Approach Lights, AWOS, ASOS, Airport/Facility Directory, Sectional Aeronautical Charts, VFR Terminal Area Charts,

CSF Cockpit Simulators

Boeing 777, Boeing 767, Boeing 737

B737-800, Airbus 320, Embraer 175, Sikorsky S-76

NIEC Cockpit Simulator, MicroJet, Beechcraft King Air

Smart Room System, Study Carrel Setting, NIEC RCS Virtual Cockpit

Engine Model

Rotary, Single Propeller, Dual Propeller, Turbo Propeller, Jet Engine

Image Generators

Rockwell Collins IG Model: EP-8000 (EP2)

RGB Spectrum Model: SuperView 4000

ICS Technology Model: WC-5000

OTW Visual System for the Embraer 175 CS

OTW Visual System for the Beechcraft King Air 350 CS

Aero Tech Research (ATR) Custom Built Weather Emulator

Smart AVI Model: DVR 16x16 + DVI-D Controllers (Smart Room)

Force Field System

Simulation and Control Technology (SCT): on B737NG C.S. – Linux Cload 7.0 Software – Linux (Fedora8) OS

Parker Motors: Servo Drive 6K6 Controller, Gemini GV Drive for Motors, Compu-motor SM232AE, Stealth Planetary Gearhead

Logosol: AC/DC Intelligent Servo Drive LS-173

Misc Aircraft Systems

Model: S-76, A319, A320, A321, A330, B737, B777, B787, Embraer175, LearJet45, LearJet85, Beechcraft King Air 350, Cessna172

Function: MCDU, FMS, FCU, EFIS, PDU, NavDU, GPS, ADSB, TCAS, RADAR, Comm Radio, Nav Radio, Transponder, ACARS Printer, EFB, DataCom, Autopilot, L-NAV, V-NAV, Throttle, Auto-Throttle, Flaps, Speed Brake, Landing Gear, Auto-Brake, Parking Brake, Tiller, Rudder Pedals, Toe Brakes, Yoke, Side-stick,

Audio Systems

7.1 channel HD Audio, 5.1 channel HD Audio, PlexComm VR, SimPhonics SMx Audio System,

FAA Standards

DO-178 Software Development Assurance

DO-254 Airborne Electronic Hardware Design Assurance

ARP4754A Systems Development Assurance

Avionics Protocols

ARINC 429, MIL STD 1553, ARINC 629, ARINC 834-1 (ADIF), AFDX

CSF Simulation Software

Lockheed Martin Prepar3D, Laminar-X Plane11, Microsoft FSX and ESP, Project Magenta, Aircraft Sim Technology (AST), ATR Weather, Garmin 1000, Rockwell Collins EP-8000 Image Gen, Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion…

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