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Manager Software Developer

Mississauga, ON, Canada
December 04, 2019

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Albier Michaiel

**** ********* ***** · Mississauga, Ontario · L5M 0H8

Mobile: 416-***-**** · E-mail: CAREER OBJECTIVE

Seeking a career in Software Management utilizing my programming and architecting experience as well as my technical, interpersonal and management skills.


• Agile Manager; CSD, CSM, CSP-SM, CSP-PO, CAL, and SAFe-SA; working on PMI-ACP

• Twenty-two years of work experience in analyzing, architecting, designing, developing, and managing software applications

• Developer for 9 years, team leader for 6 years, software development manager for 5, and executive leader for 2 years

• Managed development, QA, and System Admin teams: assigning tasks, architecting software solutions, meet clients, enhance processes, coach teams, and design development standards

• Played essential role in strategic planning including business models, lines of business, and organization restructuring

• Used Traditional, Agile, and hybrid methodologies to manage projects including Web and Windows large applications

• Used several managing methodologies to fit different projects including Scrum, Plan-Driven, Kanban, Extreme Programming, and others.

• Always believed in high-performance and efficient teams. As such, helped teams get trained and adopting new technical skills

• Lead migration of several legacy large systems: HR and Payroll, Finance, and Portal

• Participated in business activities including formal and informal meetings with client, presentations, RFP process, and finding new business opportunities

• Mastered management tools such as Azure DevOps, TFS Templates, MS Project, and MS Excel

• Adopted technologies and methodologies including Azure, BDD, TDD, SSDT, NF, NHibernate, Angular, Web API’s, REST API’s, ADFS, AD LDS, Service Bus, RabbitMQ, C#, ASP.NET, C/C++, VB, XML, CSS, JSON, Jscript, Postman, MongoDB, Oracle, and SQL Server

• Used architecture patterns like N-tier, Microservices, CQRS, MVC, ETL, Cache-Aside, and SOLID WORK EXPERIENCE

• Jun 19 – Sep 19 VP – Software Development and Architecture, MedAvail Technologies Inc.

• Laid the foundation for DevOps; automating deployment and tests

• Laid the foundation for restructuring the Scrum teams to become high-performant and cross-functional

• Created an Azure DevOps template and dashboard for one of the Scrum teams to allow for better visibility of work and collaboration among team members and across teams

• Jan 18 – Jun 19 Director, Software Engineering, NLogic

• Helped transforming the company to an Agile shop, not only in processes but also in principles, values, and mindset. Encouraged empirical environment that fosters soft and technical skills growth using trainings, spikes, POC’s, Prototypes, fast- failure, and Dreyfus model

• Using Value Stream, SOA, and SAFe principles, helped closing the gap between the business and engineering

• Using embedded QA, automated tests, and focus on quality coding, reduced testing time from 7 TFE to 2.5

• Continuously working with the CEO and the Leadership team to enhance the company’s structure, products, and culture

• Helped defining the company’s objectives and strategies

• Managed the Engineering (developers and QA) budget

• Worked with Engineering to form high-performant, self-organizing, and cross- functional teams

• Introduced Scrum, Kanban, DevOps, TDD, SSDT, Automation, Azure DevOps, Git, and more into the company

• Created Azure DevOps templates (processes) and dashboards to allow for better visibility of work and collaboration among team members and across teams

• For coaching purposes, worked as a Scrum Master for 2 Scrum teams and a PO for 1 team

• Using the SOLID Principles, helped re-architecting NLogic SaaS applications to allow for better tests, performance, availability, and scalability, as well as faster time to market

• Doubled the size of Engineering by hiring excellent talents and retaining exiting ones Sep 15 – Oct 17 Agile Manager, Software Development, Keous Solutions Inc.

• Introduced DevOps to the company and successfully lead the implementation of it. Moved repository from TFVC to Git, moved DB schema from scripts to SSDT, integrated builds with NDepend, Resharper, SonarQube, and Slack

• Designed and managed a project to integrate Help Desk system with TFS

• Introduced Agile techniques and frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban and DSDM

• Used Cynefin framework to analyze company and products’ status and methods of resolving major issues

• Trained and coached business analysts, developers, product owners, testers, and managers on different Agile concepts, methodologies, and tools

• Transformed a failed project with huge backlog of technical debt to a successful one. Used Kanban and team collaboration to reduce the backlog from over 2000 story points to less than 500 in 6 months; 10 clients implemented the solution in production

• Helped building strong teams: Enhanced collaboration, deliver Business-Value Driven releases, encouraged self-organizing teams, introduced cross-functional approaches, leverage technical skills using TDD, integration testing, unit testing, and SOLID Principles. Used Dreyfus model to help the team acquire these skills

• Designed projects to refactor the application in phases without affecting the quality or timelines of releases. The design includes budget, technical aspects, and business value

• Helped tripling the size of the company by hiring exceptional talents and retaining exiting employees

Feb 12 – Aug 15 Software Development Manager, Keous Solutions Inc.

• Continuously worked with company’s CEO and VP of Operations to: o Enhance internal and external processes including Testing Cycles, Piloting Process, Release Process, and CR Models

o Design software solutions including Hosted Solutions, Company Utilities, Web and Windows Components, DB Migration Services, and Software Integration Planning

o Design company’s strategic goals, standards, lines of business, structure, needs/challenges, and revenue forecast

• Managed many projects successfully within budget and delivered on time. Used different approaches based on the project needs; including Scrum, Waterfall, and hybrid methods

• Co-Managed a 3-year rewrite of a Finance application; shifted from VB Windows forms to a multi-tenant responsive web application supporting 3 major browsers and mobile devices. Used BDD’s, Angular JS, Web API’s, Service Bus, C#, AD LDS, ADFS, SQL Server 2014, and NHibernate. The application can be deployed to on-premises or cloud.

• Managed few smaller projects simultaneously

• Structured the groups reporting to me and delegated responsibilities to team leaders

• Worked with development team in architecting software applications, developing coding standards, and making the development cycle more efficient

• Frequently met client groups as well as partners to ensure delivering best quality and meet client needs

• Increased company’s revenue by delivering high-quality software, improving internal processes, identifying problems, and avoiding them before happening, hiring subject matter experts at the right time

• Lead QA quality project, and handed it over to QA lead

• Guided and assigned tasks to System Admin group

• Built very strong technical teams (development, QA, and System Admin)

• Introduced new tools and technologies to enhance efficiency and productivity

• Helped creating comfortable environment to work at; listened to employees and provided guidance to them

Oct 06 – Jan 12 Lead Developer, Keous Solutions Inc.

• As a team leader, assigned tasks and bugs to developers, helped the project manager in planning project milestones, took part in managing builds schedule and attended presentations with the client

• Interviewed team candidates, trained, and mentored new team-members, hold status meetings with developers and reported team status to project manager

• Took part in designing applications-architecture for clients and tools to help developing these applications efficiently

• Helped with development and bug fixing using VS2008, VS2010, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 R2, Oracle 10g and Oracle 11g Jul 04 – Sep 06 Senior Software Developer, Cratos Hospitality/Cratos Technology

• With team DBAs, designed and implemented SQL Server 2005 DB that simulates the DMS2200 hierarchical DB

• Used VS2005 C#.NET to develop a utility that generates a layer of DB Routines, which manages transactions between DB tables and COBOL programs

• As a team-member, designed and developed modules in a process of re-writing the legacy IPPS application used by Ontario School Board. Used VS2005 C#.NET, SQL Server 2005, Oracle 9i and Web Services technology to build the 3-tier modules

• Used VS2005 C#.NET and SQL Server 2005 to build an admin tool for security

• Developed MC++ DLL to access Active Directory as part of a security layer solution.

• Created a program to import data from text and xml files into SQL Server tables

• Used MFE to convert data from EBCDIC to ANSI and wrote COBOL and C# programs to migrate the data from VSAM files and DB2 tables to SQL Server tables

• Built DTS packages with VB Scripts to migrate data from files to SQL Server tables

• Used C#.NET to develop a tool that reads copybooks and creates the equivalent table in SQL Server. The tool can create output copybooks, SQL commands and IO routines

• Used C#.NET, SQL Server 2000 and Web Services technology to design and develop business units for the application including Cash-out and End-Of-Day

• Used C#.NET and Stored Procedures to build a “visual designer” for users to ease customizing and ordering their screens

• Designed and developed Windows Service that runs as a device manager that dispatches receipts and reports to printer over the network

• Used third-party tool to implement application license.

• Provided documentation on developed modules

• Solved bugs and maintained several applications

Aug 01 - Jul 04 Software Developer, Radian Communication Services Corp.

• Used C#, JavaScript, ASP.NET and SQL Server 2000 to design and implement an Enterprise .NET Web based version of the Field-Cost Estimation application

• Designed a new database to serve as the backend data storage for the web application

• Designed several user controls for future reusability of the code

• Used Stored Procedures to communicate with database and for data-migration

• Migrated data from files and old database to new database

• Used VB, Crystal Reports and SQL Server 6.5 to analyze, design and implement a Terminal Server based app that estimates the field time/cost needed to build towers

Feb 00 - Jun 01 Programmer, 724 Solutions

• Solved reported bugs on the server side (C++) as well as on the client side (Mobile Phones, and Palm Devices using XSL, XML, PUML, HDML and WML)

• As a team-member, designed and developed new development packs for customers like CBNA and Wells Fargo

• Customized main product for BMO, Bank of America, CBNA and Wells Fargo

• Worked with tools like Inprise, ClearCase, ClearQuest and Visual SourceSafe

• Arranged XSL and XML training courses for the company Apr 98 - Oct 99 Software Engineer, Pyramid Systems Development

• Conducted research on sorting and searching algorithms

• Using Visual C++, ported a Static library and a DLL from XVT to SDK, implemented color-configuration program, and tested programs Dec 97 - Apr 98 Programmer, Soft Vision Inc.

• Taught computer-courses (including Visual Basic, and C/C++)

• Developed small to medium-size systems

• Researched marketplace and recommended strategies and market-plan to sell the products of the company according to the market needs in Egypt EDUCATION

May 2019 SAFe Scaled Agilist

Jan 2019 Pragmatic Marketing Certified

Apr 2018 Certified Agile Leader

Jun 2017 Certified SCRUM Professional

May 2017 Certified SCRUM Product Owner

Dec 2016 Certified SCRUM Developer

Nov 2016 Certified SCRUM Master

Oct 1998 Diploma, Business Administration

The American University in Cairo (AUC), Egypt

June 1997 Bachelor of Science, Computer Science (CS) The American University in Cairo (AUC), Egypt, GPA 3.397/4.00 ADDITIONAL SKILLS

• Received instructions on programming languages: PUML, HDML, WML, XSL, Concurrent C++, Pascal, Assembly, DIVE, DFKI-Oz, Lisp, COBOL, LEX, and YACC

• Used database applications: SQL Server, Oracle, Foxpro, and Access97

• Worked on environments: Unix, Dos, and Windows

• Used Microsoft products (inc. MS Project, MS Visual SourceSafe, Team Foundation Server & FrontPage Editor)

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