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electrical substation commissioning

Mississauga, ON, Canada
December 02, 2019

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Outstanding Electrical Engineer with over 25 years of hand on experience in power transmission and distribution system design, construction, testing & commissioning, network operation, and maintenance of 13kV to 500 kV GIS (Gas Insulated Substations) and outdoor substations with power transformers rated up to 1250 MVA. Led protection and control detail design, design review, equipment specification, procurement, construction, testing & commissioning. Led multiple substations construction, testing and commissioning. Led 6 numbers of generator interconnection testing and commissioning activities. Lead 6 numbers of static VAR compensators and 2 Back to Back convertor Station, capacitor and reactors bank. Lead 4 number of traditional generator interconnection and 2 renewable generator interconnection.


13-500 kV substation construction,

13-500 kV substation Commissioning

Substation Equipment Specifications

Back to back converter stations and Static VAR Compensation

Commissioning plan development and review

Traditional and renewable generator interconnection

Protection and Control system design, installation and commissioning

Project scope, proposals and estimation

Team Leadership

Witness Factory testing

Design and layouts development

Existing subs modifications and refurbishments




Major responsibilities:

Commissioning of 500 KV substations Thikwood Hill and LIvoke in Fort McMurray area Alberta Canada.

Testing & commissioning of power equipment, power transformers 500/240KV 1250 MVA, reactors 500 KV 120MVAR, outdoor SF6 live tank circuit breakers, outdoor disconnect and ground switches, and standalone CTs, CVT.

Testing & commissioning of protection and control system for Lines, transformers, breakers, bus bars, feeders, capacitors banks, reactors, SAS and AC/DC system.

Management of commissioning schedule and cost

Implementation of quality assurance and quality control standards, evaluating testing and commission results

Compliance of environment, health & safety and lockout tag out system

Preparing commission documents for client.



Major responsibilities:

Supervision of 3 substations installation consisting of transformer (3X502MVA 380/115KV, 3x67MVA 115/13.8KV) unloading, assembly, vacuum, oil filling, testing and commissioning, Reactors (2X 120MVAR 380KV), Capacitor banks (3X 9MVAR 13.8KV), GIS/GIB (380KV, breaker & half 21 breakers /115KV, double bus 11 breakers)

Testing & commissioning of protection and control system for Lines, transformers, breakers, bus bars, feeders, capacitors banks, reactors, SAS and AC/DC system

Minimize construction schedule and cost with efficient use of materials, equipment, and manpower

Implementing quality assurance and quality control standards, evaluating testing and commission results

Compliance of environment, health & safety and lockout tag out system

preparing documents on project management

ENERCON CANADA INC. June 2015 – June 2016


Major responsibilities:

Supervised Installation testing and commission of 230 MW Niagara Region Wind Farm Ontario Canada, consisting of 77 Enercon E-101 Wind Energy Converters (3MW each) turbines, 34.5Kv underground collector system, Two 34.5/115Kv substations, underground and overhead 115 Kv lines and interconnect substation.

Ensuring substation equipment installation per construction drawings and standards

Ensuring all on-site personnel comply with project procedures as well as health and safety program requirements

Efficient use of materials, equipment, and manpower

QA/QC management, equipment reviews and scheduling. Supervision of contractor and subcontractors

Supervision of transformer unloading, assembly, vacuum, oil filling, testing and commissioning

Preparing daily, weekly and monthly reports for management

Works directly with field crew and supervisors

Keeping construction schedule and cost under control

KENTZ CANADA LIMITED (Member of the SNC-Lavalin Group) August 2014 – April 2015


Major responsibilities included:

Member of “Integrated System Completion Team” worked on multiple 115/13.8KV substations and cogeneration for oil sand project of Imperial Oil, Kearl expansion phase Alberta Canada, which added another 110,000 barrels of oil per day to the existing plant.

Ensuring proper installation and operation of protective relay equipment and systems per engineering design requirements and safety procedures for commissioning

Functional testing of medium, and high voltage electrical systems

Commissioning of primary and secondary power equipment including circuit breakers, transformers, switchgear, protective relays, and batteries, battery chargers, UPS and AC/DC auxiliary power.

Set up and operate specialized and standard test equipment to diagnose, test, and analyze the performance

Testing of relays by secondary injection for transformers, motors, feeders, and lines.

Identifying design deficiencies and unsafe protection schemes. Suggesting modifications



SNC-Lavalin’s Transmission & Distribution in detailed design of high voltage substation, protection and control schemes, power transformers, GIS, circuit breakers of a company of engineering, procurement, construction and project management (EPC) of more than 1,600 substations worldwide. Reported to functional manager, protection & control and performed detailed designed activities of high voltage substations for various utilities.

Designed new and modified existing substations for various clients

Prepared conceptual designs, design basis and scope, and technical specifications

Developed protection and control schemes for transmission lines, bus bars, power transformers, and feeders

Provided schedule updates; participated in constructability reviews, technical reviews, prepared bills of material

Developed detailed design drawings including protection and control panel layouts, single line and three line diagrams, AC/DC schematics & wiring diagrams, Interfacing with SCADA and communication equipment

Design review meetings with clients and made design changes according to client's comments

Calculated voltage drops for AC/DC cables, cable sizing, battery and battery charger and station servicer sizing

Maintained complete project documentation with respect to engineering calculations

Worked on the following major projects:

Replacement of power circuit breakers of 230 kV at Windsor Maladon, Kingsvills, Port Hope, Warden, Wawa, Kelenburg, Woodbridge, Algoma TS of Hydro One

Bus bar protection replacement at Des Joachims TS of Hydro One

DG (Distributed Generation) protection and control for wind farm at Ontonabee TS of Hydro One

Replacement of 230/60KV power transformer, 230KV circuit breaker at Cheekye substation of BC Hydro

25KV feeder addition at Oyster River substation of BC Hydro



Commissioned various substations and power plants including power transformers, GIS, GIB, Hybrid SF6 breakers, outdoor SF6 breakers, disconnect/ground switches, bus bars, Power reactors, capacitors banks, Static VAR Compensators, power cables of up to 380 kV with power transformers rated from 40 to 868 MVA. Also commissioned protection and control schemes, protective relays, control and interlock schemes, CTs, PTs, Tele-protection equipment, energy meters, fault recorders, sequence of event recorders, Alarm systems, SCADA systems, batteries and battery chargers, inventors, un-interrupted power supply and AC/DC auxiliary power distribution system of substation.

Performed and supervised commissioning test for transformers and reactors for winding insulation resistance and polarization index, winding resistance, excitation current, insulation power factor, core insulation resistance, core balance test, turn ratio, percentage impedance, zero sequence impedance, sweep frequency response analysis, dielectric frequency response analysis, partial discharge and thermo vision scanning using state of the art test equipment. Testing of mechanical protection, alarms, cooling system, temperature and oil gauges, RTDs, on load tap changer and functional trip test, vacuum oil filling, transformer oil testing for quality and DGA

Performed and supervised commissioning test for GIS, GIB, outdoor SF6 breakers for dew point, purity, timing contact resistance, alarms and interlocks, vacuum and filling of SF6. High voltage tests up to 850KV using HI Pot test equipment (variable reactors and variable frequency), measuring partial discharge during HI Pot test

Performed and supervised commissioning test for protection relays, IED for power transformers, bus bars, and transmission and distribution lines and breakers failure. Implementing relay setting and functional test by secondary injection. Commissioning of power line carrier and inter trip equipment. Commissioning of current and voltage transformers for polarity, ratio, and knee point, insulation resistance, winding resistance, and burden, primary and secondary current injection and commissioning test for power cables, capacitor banks and SVC system

Developed Commissioning and startup procedures for high voltage substation equipment

Coordinated commissioning schedules and activities with all stakeholders, vendor, and contractors

Performed, evaluated, and approved commissioning tests

Prepared, reviewed, approved and signed-off the testing and commissioning reports

Maintained documentation records for all commissioning deliverables for each project

Supervised seventy five engineers and technicians, participated in hiring and training of new employees

The above experience includes the commissioning and Supervision of following major projects:

Manefa and Abuhadriyah 380/115 kV GIS substations each with 2x502 MVA, 380/115kV transformers and five 380 kV breaker and half bays and a number of 115 kV bays

Jubail, 380/230 kV GIS substation with 4x750MVA, 380/230 kV transformers and eight 380 kV breaker and half bay and six 230 kV breaker and half bays.

Al–Fadhili 380/230 kV GIS substation, addition of 2x120 MVAR 380 kV reactors & HIS outdoor SF6 circuit breaker.

Al–Fadhili Gulf Cooperation Council interconnection consist of 1200MVA HVDC back to back converter station with three 380kV underground cables and Four overhead lines connecting 380 kV, 60Hz to 400 kV, 50Hz system.

Jubail 2, 230/115/34.5 kV GIS substation #1, 2x400MVA, 230/115kV and 2x185MVA, 230/115kV transformers and sixteen 230kV and twelve 115kV bays.

Commissioning of 75 MVAR Static VAR Compensator, capacitor banks, and Reactors in various substations.



Maintained 65 high voltage substations of different voltage levels of up to 380kV with power transformer up to 750 MVA and 5 power plants of 4000 MVA requiring 24 hour responding to emergency calls. Planning and scheduling of maintenance outage, manpower and material

Developed preventive, corrective and predicted maintenance procedure of substation equipment and implemented major assets replacement program

Implemented on line DGA monitoring system for power transformers, on line partial discharge measurement system for GIS and transformers, and condition and life assessment of transformers

Developed failure analyses procedure for power transformers

Implemented thermo vision scanning for substation equipment

Developed training program for maintenance of transmission and distribution substation equipment


Developed specification for procurement of power transformers, circuit breakers, protective relays, battery, battery chargers and auxiliary equipment of transmission and distribution substations

Investigated and conducted failure analysis of power transformers, circuit breakers, protective relays, and other equipment in the transmission and distribution network

Audited maintenance test results for power equipment

Prepared scope of work for various high voltage substation projects

Kept excellent working relations with clients vendor, and contractors

Provided technical assistance to maintenance personnel in the field

Introduced substation inspection and safety audit program for substation equipment

Reviewed designed package for new substation


MS Office, Auto Desk Design Review and working knowledge of AutoCAD and Micro Station


Megger Transformer testing

Megger FREJA 500 Relay Test System

Serveron TM8, On line Dissolved Gas Analyzer in power transformers

Kelman TRANSFIX On line Dissolved Gas Analyzer in power transformers

Transformer Oil Testing, Diagnostics and Condition Monitoring by “NYNAS”

Substation Safety by Design (IEEE)

Substation Design Basics (IEEE)

Power PD, Partial Discharge measurement in GIS and Transformers

Omicron CPC100 Multifunctional test system for transformers and circuit breakers, CPC TD1 Capacitance and Dissipation factor testing of power transformers

Omicron 256 Relay test system

Fault recorder and fault locator by ABB, and Rochester

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling of Power Transmission Network

Static VAR Compensation of power transmission network

Effective Supervision, Managing Employee Performance, and Meeting Skills

Various project management related presentations by local PMI Chapters Trained for lock out tag out, self-isolation for power equipment, Job safety analyses, Filed level risk analyses, work permit, arc flash awareness and mitigation, safety for oil field, and toxic and combustible gas testing


Member of OSPE, ON, Canada

Member of IEEE, USA

Member of PMI, USA

BSc. Electrical Engineering Pacific Western University Los Anglos, California, USA

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