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Data Analyst Sales

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
November 01, 2019

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Dency k – – 735-***-****


Aimed to be associated with a reputed organization which enhances my knowledge and growth.

Technical Skills

Packages known: MS Office.

BI Tools: Sisense, tableau, Dundas, superset, Yellowfin.

Programming languages: html, .net frame work, python, javascript.

Database: MySQL, Basics of MongoDB, HBase.


Master in technology Computer Science & Engineering, 2016-2018 B.S.ABDUR RAHMAN Institute of science & Technology, Vandalur.

Bachelor of Engineering Computer Science & Engineering, 2013-2016

Sir Sairam Engineering College, Tambaram.

Diploma in computer science & Engineering, 2010-2013 P.S.B polytechnic college, Kelambakkam.

Work Experience

Company name: Pathfinder Enterprise solutions Pvt Ltd.

Period: March 26, 2018 – Present.

Designation: Data Analyst.

Roles & Responsibilities

Determine Organizational Goals:

Important roles of a data analyst is to determine the organization’s Goal. Work with the: a) IT team B) Management c) Data Scientists.

Mining Data:

Data Analyst have to often mine or collect data. Getting data from the company database or extracting it from external sources to do any sort of research is one of the major of Data Analyst.

Data Cleaning:

Data cleaning is the first step in the overall data preparation process and is the process of analysing, identifying and correcting messy, raw data. When analysing organizational data to make strategic decision Data Analyst must start with a thorough data cleansing process.

Analysing Data:

It is the process of evaluating data using analytical and logical to examine each component of the data provided. One uses statistical tolls to analyse and interpret the data. There are various tools and programming languages used in the analysis. Like SSAS, excel, R, python, SQL server.

Pinpointing Trends and Patterns:

A large time of a Data analyst is spent on finding trends, correlations, and patterns in the complicated datasets. Trends are also important. Data Analysts look for both short-term and long-term trends.

Creating Reports with Clear Visualizations:

Data will be bring to the some of the Bi tools for visualize the data. The chats will be created based on the KPI’s, and the visualization will be done in the tools. If need the reports means we have to create the user manual report in the Ms-word.

Maintaining Databases and Data Systems:

Data Analysts have to ensure that the storage, availability, and coherence of electronically stored data meet an organization’s needs. Data Analyst needs to have technical expertise regarding data models, database design development to make the best use of it.

They Develop and maintain databases by acquiring data from primary and secondary sources, and build script that will make our data evaluation process more flexible or scalable across datasets.


Accessing Hadoop Data using Hive (Big data University)

SQL and Relational DataBase 101 (Big data University)


Creating a dashboard for malls and F&B

Created a demo dashboard for the Food & Beverage for new customer. Created all data by own excel files for the F&B, by understanding the KPI’. In sisense BI tools created the dashboard.

For malls also created a dashboard and done the unit testing documents.

Sisense usage report

A report on when the user logged on, what dashboard he/she checked can be extracted from Sisense by connecting to the metadata MongoDB.

Prediction of next 6 months of data based on the historical data.

To connect the mongoDB and based on the history of data and with some condition we will calculate the next 6 months of sales predicated value will generate. By executing the python program the excel will generate the output file.

Plugins currency conversion

Created a currency conversion plugins in our environment. The values will be in Static for a given few days. The exchange rate will be placed in the excel sheet and it will be run in the plugin folder. Added the symbols for the currency in that folder to.

The exchange rate will affect the value in the dashboard due to the country that selected in the filters.

Using the javascript created an arrow in the indicator widgets for showing the sales comparison for the last year and current year.

Audit work

Checked the Gross value and Net sales for some of the brand for the mall. For 2018 data by using the customer report, with our application report.

User acceptance testing

Checked if the cube is running daily in our environment daily. And also want to check the orchestration has done for the schedule time for all the cube. If orchestration is not done want to find the solutions and to solve it with a day.

And want to check the dashboard is refreshed daily, the value is checked for all the widgets buy day to day. And also want to check all the new added plugins is added in our environment is working.

Sisense have the Sisense Community to support if any features is needed means we have to connect with sisense team. The information is need by our team we will raise the tickets to sisense team. They will solve the problems by connecting with us. Those tickets will be monitored by me.


I hereby declare that all the above mentioned information given by me is true and correct to the best of my Knowledge and belief.


Place: Chennai (DENCY K)

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