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Chemical Engineering Water Treatment

New Delhi, Delhi, India
October 31, 2019

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pursuing M.Tech in chemical engineering


to have a challenging position in the field of chemical engineering where I can apply my wide knowledge and professional expertise in the field; specially in the areas of chemical reaction engineering, thermodynamics and fluid mechanics. interests

simulation works related to extraction of crude oil, heat and mass aspect of solar parabolic trough collector, waste water treatment system, chemical reaction engineering, mass trans- fer, heat transfer, chemical engineering thermodynamics and petrochemical and petroleum refining.


2017-2020 M.Tech chemical engineering cgpa - 6.20(till first semester) Indian Institute of Science(IISc), Bangalore, KA

2016 B.Tech chemical engineering cgpa - 7.45

National Institute of Technology(NIT), Durgapur, WB 2011 Higher Secondary majoring in P.C.M percentage - 75.20 Maa Saraswati H.S.S Chandpur, Varanasi, U.P

2009 Secondary majoring in P.C.M. and Biology percentage - 79.17 Maa Saraswati H.S.S Chandpur, Varanasi,U.P


M.Tech major courses done in

1. Chemical Reaction Engineering 2. Interfacial and Colloidal Phenomena 3. Modelling in Chemical Engineering 4. Molecular Dynamics Simulations 5. Statistical Thermodynamics

B.Tech major courses done in

1. Heat and Mass Transfer 2. Chemical Reaction Engineering 3. Process Dynamics and Control 4. Petrochemical and Petroleum Refining 5. Plant De- sign and economics 6. Numerical and Statistical Methods 7. Fluid Mechanics 8. Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics



department of

chemical engineering

Indian Institute of




contact no.:




bilingual: english/hindi


programming: fortran,

matlab, c

software: LAMMPS

others: ms-office

(word, excel and power



2019-2020 Title: calculation of contact angle in the extraction of crude oil using LAMMPS Supervisor: Dr. Sudeep Punnathanam, Associate Prof. IISc Bangalore Description: This work is basically concerned with the calculation of contact angle in the extraction of crude oil. The contact angle is calculated with help of simulation using software package LAMMPS.


2015-2016 Title:optimum efficiency calculation of parabolic solar trough concentrating collector Supervisor: Dr. C.M. Narayanan, Prof. NIT Durgapur Description: In this project, we are basically concerned to calculate the effi- ciency of parabolic solar trough concentrating collector. Where we introduce input liquid at different temperature and flow rate, so that we can achieve op- timum efficiency


2014 Title: Characterization and application of biomass gasifier waste material for absorptive removal of Cr(VI) from aqueous solution Mentor: Dr. Manoj K Mondal, Prof. Dept. of Chemical Engineering, IIT(BHU) Varanasi Description:I have done this during my B.Tech degree when I was in second year of my B.Tech degree. This research internship is mainly concerned with the removal of Cr(VI) from aqueous solution using biomass gasifier waste material and to characterize the different properties of the same. publications

CharacterizationandapplicationofbiomassgasifierwastematerialforadsorptiveremovalofCr(V I) fromaqueoussolution

Article (PDF Available) in Environmental Progress and Sustainable Energy 35(1) · July-2015 with 314 Reads ndapplication




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