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Chemical Engineer

Lake Forest, CA
October 09, 2019

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Lakeforest, CA



* ***** ** ***** ************ working experience at Alto university with Kemira, Andritz, stora Enso, and Metsa Fibre companies; 2 years of theoretical research studies in the field of plasma chemistry; 5 years of professional simulation design with various software tools; lecturing and teaching assistant in several undergraduate and graduate courses; advising and instructing several bachelor, master, and graduate students; contributing in publication of more than 10 scientific journal and conference proceeding papers; reviewing for scientific journals in chemistry, chemical engineering, and food engineering;


2013 – 2019, D. Sc. (to be defended in Dec. 2019), Chemical Engineering, Bioproducts and Biosystem, Aalto University, Espoo, Finland

2010 – 2012, M. Sc., Physical chemistry, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran 2003 – 2008, B. Sc., Applied chemistry, University of Guilan, Guilan, Iran WORK EXPERIENCE

Research fellow, Aalto University, Finland

- Conducting experiments to analyze several environmentally friendly catalysts (such as Tertiary amines) in reducing the retention time and material consumption in oxidation of Lignin and HexA as two major undesired compounds in pulps.

- Experimental analysis and characterization of brightness stability, organically-bond compound, Carbonyl group content in catalytically treated pulp samples.

- Optimization of a complete pulp bleaching process in order to gain the shortest overall reaction time, by manipulating the pH, material consumption, catalyst, time duration of each chemical applied, and chemical order processes.

- Setting up a small scale experiment to predict a large scale behavior of different types of catalyst in oxidation of Carbon-Carbon double-bond compounds under various experimental conditions, i.e., pH, material, and time to investigate the decomposition mechanisms.

- Design and implementation of a high consistency reactor for Ozone oxidation measurement analysis.

- Implementation of a low and medium consistency reactor for oxidation of organic compound such as Lignin and HexA.

- Related publications are found in: Joint Research fellow, Research Institute of Petroleum Industry and University of Tehran, Iran and

- Using experimental ion mobility data of CO+, S+, and


SO 2 in He and/or Ar to retrieve their interaction potential energies by ab initio calculations.

- Related publications are found in: Internship, Artawheel Tire Corporation Chemistry Laboratory, Iran

- Characterization of mechanical properties of wires in tires such as tensile, tear, compression, bonding strength by using Testometric 10kN Model and tensile stiffness by using Curly stiffness tester. SKILLS

Hardware, lab tools, and professional instruments

- Chromatographic instruments:

- Thermo-Scientific Trace 1300 ISQ Gas chromatography (GC/GC-MS): for characterization of Carbon compounds.

- Agilent 1260 Infinity high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) with 6530 QTOF (LC-MS/MS): characterization of sugar analysis such as Xylose and Glucose.

- Spectroscopic instruments:

- Agilent Technologies Cary 60 UV-visible: characterization of HOCl

- Nicolet Avatar 360 FT-IR spectrometer: characterization of Phthalate

- Bruker 400 MHz UltraShield NMR: characterization of Tertiary Amine Catalysts

- Renishaw 1000 UV Raman spectrometer: characterization of HexA and Lignin

- SFM-3000, Bio-Logic Stopped flow module: analysis of fast reaction mechanisms for organic compounds at the presence of catalysts

- Microscopic instruments:

- The MultiMode 8 atomic force microscope (AFM): characterization of Nanocellulose

- JEOL JSM-7500FA for analytical high-resolution scanning electron microscope (SEM): characterization of aerogels

- Elementary working experiences in the cleanroom with some experiences on different microfabrication techniques such as chemical deposition, etching, and Silicon Wafer Bonding.

- MC mixers, HC mixers, Büchiglasuster batch reactor, Ozone generator, ClO2 generator, all chemistry regular lab tools, water bath, sheet maker, centrifuge devices, autoclave, potentiometric titration, Zetasizer analyser, Brookfield viscometer, Kneader reactor, Refractometer, Thermogravimetric analyser, Differential scanning Calorimetric analysers, Methane Potential Test System, air and oil bath digesters, Shrinking bed reactor, Fluidizers, Dynamic Drainage analyser.

Software tools and computer programming

- Gaussian, Gaussview, Fortran (90), MATLAB, Mathemathica, Python, Office. Course lecturing and teaching assistantship

- Lecturing and lab assistant; Biomass course; Aalto University, Espoo, Finland.

- Lecturing and lab assistant; UV Resonance Raman Spectroscopy; Aalto University, Espoo, Finland.

- Supervising; one Master and three bachelor students; Aalto University, Espoo, Finland. JORNAL REVIEWER

ACS SUSTAIN CHEM ENG J FOOD PROCESS ENG J. BioResources Nordic pulp & paper research journal AWARDS

- Scholarship winner 2018, Walter Ahlstrom Foundation,

- Scholarship winner 2018, Tekniikan Edistamissaation Foundation, Finland

- Travel grant winner 2017, Paper Engineering Association (PI), Finland

- Travel grant winner 2016, Paper Engineering Association (PI), Finland

- Editor choice selected paper for cover photo in Cellulose journal, Vol. 25, Issue 3. RELEVANT COURSES

Instrumental Analysis in Surface,

Polymer and Nanoscience

Organic, Inorganic, and Analytical


Quantum Chemistry

Application of Spectroscopy in

Organic Chemistry

Statistical Thermodynamics Mathematical Physics in Chemistry

Molecular Spectroscopy Computational Chemistry Advances in Bleaching Techniques

Cellulose Chemistry Physical Chemistry Modern analytical tools for pulp and paper

Isolation an Identification of

Organic Compounds

Fluids Thermodynamics


h-index: 3 with 25 citations, as of October 2019 based on google scholar

- G. Afsahi, C. Bertinetto, M. Hummel, K. K. Kesari, and T. Vuorinen, Molecular Catalysis 474, 110413 (2019).

- G. Afsahi, T. Rojalin, and T. Vuorinen, Cellulose 26, 2047-2054 (2019).

- G. Afsahi, K. Dimic-Misic, P. Gane, T. Budtova, T. Maloney, and T. Vuorinen, Cellulose 25, 1637-1655 (2018).

- G. Afsahi, N. K. Chenna, and T. Vuorinen, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 54, 8417-8421 (2015).

- M. Gharibi, L. A. Viehland, A. Abedi, A. H. Jalili, G. Afsahi, and H. Behnejad, Molecular Physics 111, 909 (2013).

- A. H. Jalili, H. Behnejad, G. Afsahi, M. Gharibi, and L. A. Viehland, Chemical Physics Letters 584, 49-52 (2013). A full list (10 journal and conference proceeding papers) may be found in: REFERENCES

Prof. Tapani Vuorinen

Aalto University

Dr. Kari Kovasin

Metsa Fibre

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