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Sales Marketing

Livermore, CA
October 03, 2019

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Thaddaeus E. Thompson


*** * **** **., *****, CA 95376

Tel: 510-***-****


Over 15 years of progressive business development contributor in marketing, sales, branding, product management and sales projects development. Independently designed, implemented and managed the entire venture capital presentation for Tonwei Refinery’s 6 Billion Dollars Oil & Gas refinery and Annex Projects using sale and marketing enablement strategies. Successfully launched the Employees Continuous Training Program for Tonwei refinery. Additional relevant experience include on-going graduate studies in Global Business Management (Executive MBA) and 15-year experience in standard operating procedures (SOP), organizational development (OD), innovative thinking, research and development, and will create an environment for collaboration: learning, interaction, that will benefit the organization, clients and target market.



Strategic Customers Management Processes

Advanced Customer Relationship Management (ACRM)

Digital Marketing: Reach, Act & Convert, Engage

Affiliate & Partner Marketing

S.O.P 8.2.1 Customer satisfaction

Social Media Marketing

Socially Responsive Marketing / SaaS Marketing

Economics Marketing

Active Listening

Conflict Resolution


Conversion Rate Optimization

E-Commerce Management

Lead Generation Techniques

AB and Multivariate Testing

Customers Service & Competition

E-Commerce and Virtual Marketing

Marketing Plan & Strategy

Business-to-Business Marketing

Project Management


Consumer Marketing

Market Research & Analysis

Nonverbal Communication

Negotiation & Professionalism

Organizational skills

Content Marketing Strategy

E-newsletters and Promotional Emails

Business Writings, Reports & Directives

Customer Service & Support

Mobile Marketing

AEM Program Implementations

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Web Graphics Designing

Web Content Development

PowerPoint Presentations


Social CRM


Time management


Imperative for Change:

oWork smarter over long hours

oEliminate strains on productivity and performance

oMaintain perform above the standard industry benchmark

oUse the combined concepts of business intelligence and technology

oFamiliar with sales and marketing enablement software to reduce stress

oAssisted the Tonwei Refinery Board shift from the inside, launching time-of-use pricing, which charges lower rates during off-peak hours as an incentive for customers to spread out their energy usage. Customers benefited from paying for actual energy-usage needed and the business benefited from eliminating unnecessary burden on the grids.

Transformative Solutions:

oCompared performance data from all customers, incorporated them into a customer feedback system for analysis and then generated specific designing and developing scenarios that act as operational models for real-life interactions. This helped the business and customer identify actionable insights and able to analyze product usage.

Highly articulate and effective communicator.

Demonstrates excellent people management and team-building interpersonal skills; work well with individuals on all levels, and a fast learner.

Organized take-charge professional with exceptional follow-through abilities and detail orientation, able to oversee projects from concept to successful conclusion.

Effectively prioritized a broad range of responsibilities that consistently met tight deadlines.


Self-Employed Business Solutions Consultant

T&T CALGroup 11/2010 – Present

Core Specialization – Marketing & Sales, Organizational Development (O.D.)

Agile customer relationship management experience with real time results:

oindividuals and interactions over processes and tools

oworking software over comprehensive documentation

ocustomer collaboration over contract negotiation

oresponding to change over following a plan

Sales and Marketing enablement tools customizations designed to meet customers’ needs, create a cloud engagement environment for B2C interactions, as well as enabling fluidity in CRM

oallowing sales reps and customers more data-informed and impactful

odeveloping a complete understanding of the customer

oconnecting brand purpose to customer needs.

Recommended that the sales and marketing departments adopt governance to provide oversight for data management and the decision-making process:

odecisions about how to handle data

oidentify qualifiers and knowing who really cares about the data being managed and who is using it.

The breakdown:


For sales enablement, coached marketing to:

oUse feedback from sales to create content they’ll actually use

oPlan content creation around sales pipeline

oEnsure sales content lines up with sales methodology

oUse visibility into buyer behavior to create targeted content

oAlign marketing and goals and strategies with sales


For sales enablement, coached sales to:

oGive marketing sales visibility pipeline

oProvide feedback on content usage

oGive marketing visibility into the status of marketing leads

oGive market visibility into buyer behavior

oAlign sales end goals and strategies with marketing

oThen, incorporated the sales and marketing enablement feedback into UI/UX designing to create the cloud marketing environment, using adobe experience manager, cloud marketing tools and web designing platform.


Enhanced customer experience using

othe power of user interface and user experience designing

omerging UI/UX designing, sales and marketing enablement tools to accomplish a cloud environment where business, customers and stakeholders shared information and feedback.

oCloud environment as a point of contact between business and customers, where sales, marketing, and design teams adopted new approaches to relationship marketing and rapid business transformation.

Gamification technology

oto enhance customer experience. Customers could play product-related games for coupons and points that could be redeemed for rewards, which also helped to increase the number of returning customers.

ogenerate interest in product and process.

Client 1: Uniworld Corporate Investigations & Security Services LLC 08/2015 – Present

Tasks: Business Solutions: Review Entire Business Operations & Update Online Presence

Solution: Organizational Development (O.D.) – Sales and Marketing Enablement Strategies

Introduced organizational development (OD) and S.O.P. 8.2.1 strategies to promote change:

oImplemented a new model of Standard of Operation and moved towards a target market-oriented model that opened 5 new educational markets in 1 year for the clients.

oRecommended the change from the redundant status-quo to innovative technology

osystematically replaced the status quo with fluid customer relations management techniques.

oimplemented O.D. strategies with focus on working to improve the best options available. The result was overall increase in performance matrix by 60 percent and a more engaging sales activities and 80 percent increase in seminar enrollments.

oworked with product oversight team on pillar strategic governance of the services for customers. Assigned specific responsibilities to individuals so we know who is in charge of what at each point of the sales enablement activity.

Assisted clients translate intimate customer understanding into dynamic products and profits and wins with customers.

Familiar with cloud marketing software and applications

oadobe experience manager

ocloud marketing tools and software.

On-screen guidance that empowers customers to feel confident in their work.

Collaborated with project and product managers on decisions affecting design details, confidentiality, content development and content management.

Collaborated with sales, services, and support to identify product issues in their initial stages before they escalated and interrupted critical customer accounts.

Contributed marketing strategies, business analyst solutions and liaised between developers, project managers, end-users and stakeholders, including collaboration and communication with various teams to simplify project complexity.

Enhanced B2B relationships that helped establish a strong product-customer encounters and interpersonal relationships experiences.

Product presentation strategies using PowerPoint storytelling, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, storyboard, printing collaterals, consumer marketing, branding, marketing collaterals, e-commerce, and web content development.

Experienced in mapping out action plans, cost saving strategies and market-research processes to actualize company’s objectives and goals, as well as stimulate growth to regain investor confidence.

Tracked user data and optimize CX using cookies, while maintaining optimal business ethics.

Managed periodic reviews of customer accounts and determined status, relevant issues, and future milestones, progress, and relationship mapping.

Coordinated and conducted schematic touchpoint meetings w/and check-ins/visits with strategic customers to encourage knowledge sharing and best practices.

Outside Sales Representative

(Contract) For AT&T & D.A.R.E. America

Universal Events, Inc., Pleasanton, CA 04/2015 – 08/2015

Selected among the 18 sales team specialists and marketers contracted through Universal Events to promote and introduce the new AT&T U-verse product platform in Northern California. Contract successfully ended 5 months ahead of scheduled deadline, and the entire team moved to the D.A.R.E. fundraising project for public schools and law enforcement with fundraise total of $10 million.

Telecommunicated with 175 new sales leads daily for AT&T’s U-Verse platform and set up meetings to pitch products and services with an average of 15 new customers added to the company’s account daily.

Educated customers and answered questions to help drive purchase decisions.

Negotiated pricing and ensured customer satisfaction through regular communication.

Worked with customers face-to-face at the clients’ place of business.

Assigned to fundraise for law enforcement to help reinstate the D.A.R.E. program back to the public-school system (2nd to High School Grades) in 52 states in the U.S. and 45 countries.

Facilitated sales career leadership training for new hires on customer relationship management and communication that helped improve fluid C2B and B2B interactions and engagements.

Coached sales communication techniques: introduction, short story, presentation, close, and Rehash.

Coached on sales enhancement strategies: law of averages, impulse factors, and Jones effects

Fundraising events coordination: location selection, collaborations with field reps, organize permits with local authorities, set up and engage.

VP- Marketing: Marketing & Sales Enablement / Web Master & Web Content Development

Tonwei Group Energy Oil & Gas Refineries, Europe & Africa 08/2004 – 12/2010

Served as trusted corporate communications advisor to Tonwei Group's management team and evaluated its marketing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, including managing its marketing crises, eliminated market disruptions, articulated branding, and promoted investment opportunities.

Worked with strategic team on matters affecting the business plan such as design ethics and best communication practices, business writings, and effective use and processing of data and information.

Advised management on marketing systems development, including sales and marketing enablement strategies, public relations, planning, and implementation.

Responsible for all sales efforts and ensuring the sales department is adhering to company objectives.

Motivated sales teams, assisted with the rollout of new S.O.P. processes, procedures and new product and service launches. Supervised sales managers and directly managed all sales staff.

Worked on project analysis & implementation, business & launching plans, member of advisory board and strategic support to CEO, Investor relations & Fundraising documentations. Business writings and independently created and incorporated the Employees Continuous Training Program in the corporate setting.

•Collaborated with marketing executives on creating interactive company-customer environments, marketing collaterals development and implementation.

•Collaborated with project and product managers on customer feedback that improved product design, confidentiality, content development and content management.

•Web site redesigning project focused on campaign planning and execution, which included evaluation and management of content to ensure relevant content was provided and communicated firsthand to the executives and managers involved in the project planning process, and when approved, forwarded to targeted investors, lenders, and stockholders.

•Analyzed volumes of data and information to determine appropriate content for online users and stockholders while maintaining and safeguarding sensitive corporate information.

•Provided relevant information that attracted investors and contract bidders to subscribe to project funding requirements and investor relations information.

•Responsible for effective PR between in-house sales and marketing teams, stockholders and customers. Communicated with stakeholders and shareholders using the Adobe Marketing Cloud tools to present visual and written communication to stockholders.

•Used Adobe Experience Manager to create marketing campaigns including multilingual content, workflows, social communities (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), and e-commerce campaigns.

•Defined requirements, integrated AEM components, and performed feedback using survey and web analytics in AEM to improve user experience.


Major accomplishment was completing the entire venture capital presentation for the company’s 6 Billion Dollars Oil & Gas refinery and Annex Projects. Successfully launched the Employees Continuous Training Program with focus on equal opportunity for women.

Projects Director (Contract)

BSC Solutions, Oakland, CA July 2004 – Aug. 2004

Business & Resources Development consulting firm specialized in certification and compliance issues based on federal, state, and local codes. Clients: Caltrans, Port of Oakland, Oakland Airport, Federal and State Department of Transportation, Federal & State Department of Justice.

Responsible for projects and implementation of allocation of Federal Housing Units in San Francisco area.

Supervised compliance and investigations management team to ensure entities in San Francisco do not violate statutes of the State of California and that the state and federal codes are enforced.

Wrote action plans, cost saving strategies, and market research to smooth the progress of marketing plan.

Wrote project directives

Prepared Federal Housing Projects investigations documentation and case reports for the DOJ.

Prepared business legal documentation for clients and accompanied clients to court.


Expanded company’s business and resources market to target non-certified minority businesses in the Santa Clara County, CA, a move that not only open a new market for company, but also helped small and minority businesses obtain start up aid from Federal and State funds.

Production Supervisor

Mopac AG, Switzerland 04/1984 – 06/1996

Major supplier of thermoplastic components and containers for Swiss' largest supermarket chains Migros AG, Milka, Toni Group, and Coop AG. Awarded the highly prized Swiss Star (2001: twice, 2002: Once), and in 2003 the World Star Award. Web site:

Responsible for requirements definition, product design and testing, researching market needs, preparing business case, writing product requirements, writing detailed specifications, monitoring development projects, writing copy for promotional material, approving promotional material, creating sales presentations and demos, training sales people, going on sales calls, performing win/loss analysis, visiting sites, planning and managing marketing programs, measuring marketing programs, working with press or analysts.


Key player in Mopac’s quality management team that helped the company become one of the first companies in Europe to obtain the ISO 9001 Quality Control Certification in 1991.

Time and again, my initiatives (coaching-instead-of-managing) resulted in increased awareness, loyalty, and motivation


Executive MBA, Washington State University On-going

Global Business Management

Anthem Business College, Phoenix, AZ Graduation: August 2014

Bachelor of Science—Business Management

Overall GPA—4.0

University of Phoenix Online, Phoenix, AZ (1 year)

BS-Business Information Technology


Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society of Outstanding Leadership

Two Academic Excellence Awards in Business Management.

Software & Computer Skills: Operating Systems: Windows 10, Office 365, Oracle and MAC. PowerPoint, Word, Excel, FrontPage, and Access, Adobe Experience Manager: Adobe Photoshop Extended, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash Professional, Fireworks, Acrobat X Pro, Bridge, Media Encoder, HTML, XML, Database Management, Internet Security, Office Network Installation and Maintenance, Web Content Development & Management, Web Designing.

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