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Telecom/IT professional

Dubai, Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates
January 11, 2020

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Focused and highly-motivated Telecom/IT & Electronics professional with highly skilled offering over +20 years of experience in the installing, designing, operation & maintenance of telecommunications, IT systems for broadband, cable, and cellular transmissions, design, development and delivery of cost-effective, high- performance technology solutions to meet challenging business demands. Deep familiarity with digital and analog equipment and tools. Top levels of manual dexterity and technical knowledge result in a track record of excellent work completed within time and budgetary constraints. Detail-oriented trouble-shooter who takes pride in coming up with optimally effective solutions that account for all aspects and ramifications. Friendly and professional, builds great rapport with team members and clients alike. Motivational leader and communicator, capable of building cohesion and project management across all levels of staff, vendors and customers. Thrive in meeting challenges and incentives. Core competencies include.



Nomia 2 Building, Ittihad

Road, Ajman (UAE)


MSc - Telecom Technology - (2007)

Sikkim Manipal University of Health Medical

and Technological Science India

Awarded in 1st Division

BSc - Information Technology - (2005)

Sikkim Manipal University of Health Medical

and Technological Science India

Awarded in 1st Division

1. Excellent Customer Service – Workshop from Seeking Growth (Nov 1996) 2. MOTOROLA – Mcell 6 Installation and Commissioning (Jan 1997) 3. GSM Overview – Etisalat Academy Dubai (July 1997) 4. NOKIA – Mobile Phone Service Training (Dec 1997) 5. ALLGON – In House Training on GSM Cell Enhancers (June 1998) 6. SRT Telecom – PMP SR500 Theory, Maintenance & Operation (Nov 1998) 7. ALLGON – Cell-Enhancer Repeater Training Course (Jan 1999) 8. GSM Cell Planning – Etisalat Academy Dubai (Apr 1999) 9. MOTOROLA – BSS02 Operations and Maintenance (July 1999) 10. RF Tel – Training On RF Tel Single Channel Radio (August 1999) 11. Single Channel Radio Links (Feb 2000)

12. MOTOROLA – MC01-BTS Products Operations and Maintenance (Sep 2000) 13. MOTOROLA – BSS07(E) System Diagnostics (Apr 2001) 14. UMTS Technical Overview – Etisalat Academy Dubai (Jun 2002) 15. MOTOROLA – BSS101 Buyout – PCU Operational Theory (Feb 2002) 16. Data Over GSM - Etisalat Academy Dubai (Mar 2003) 17. HUAWEI – WCDMA NodeB Basic System Training (May 2004) 18. HUAWEI – WCDMA RNC Basic System Training (Nov-Dec 2004) 19. HUAWEI – WCDMA NodeB Basic System Maintenance Training (Dec 2004) 20. HUAWEI – WCDMA BTS3812E Principle and Configuration Engineer Training (March 2006) 21. HUAWEI – WCDMA NodeB Basic System Maintenance Training (Dec 2004) 22. 71H/03/Huawei – HSDPA & NodeB Basic System Course (March 2006) 23. Fixed Mobile Convergence Conference (May 2006) 24. Understanding LAN – Etisalat Academy Dubai (Sep 2006) 25. HUAWEI – WCDMA BSC6800 Installation and Communication Training (Aug 2007) 26. GSM Roaming – Etisalat Academy Dubai (Jan 2008) 27. HUAWEI – WCDMA BSC6810 Installation and Communication Training (July 2008) 28. MOTOROLA – NET101 Network Operations (Feb 2009) 29. GSM Roaming – Etisalat Academy Dubai (Jan 2008) 30. UMTS Voice Packet Switch. Data, Inter Radio Acc. Tech. Network Optimize. W/sh. – Etisalat Academy Dubai (Nov 2009)

31. Femtocell from Alcatel-Lucent 9365 FMS (Femto Management Solution) Cluster R 2.2 O&M (Dec, 2010).

32. Effective Negotiation Skills (SP) - Etisalat Academy Dubai (June’ 2011) 33. The Professional Supervisor - Etisalat Academy Dubai (Nov’ 2011) 34. 4G – Long Term Evolution (LTE) Technical Overview - Etisalat Academy Dubai (Dec’ 2011) 35. Successful Project Management (QLT-122) – Etisalat Academy Dubai (Feb’ 2012) 36. 4G – Long Term Evolution (LTE) Network Planning and Optimization (Apr’ 2012) 37. Microsoft Excel Programming – (Sep’ 2013)

References are available on request

Senior Engineer/Incident Management Telecom - EMIRATES TELECOMMUNICATION CORP.- Etisalat

• In Incident Management (Remedy & HP Service Manager) of Mobile Network, I was responsible to resolved/clear all the Faults/Trouble Tickets with RCA (Root Cause analysis) with directly supporting to the field maintenance team to resolve as early as possible.

• Team Leader and involved in Mobile Network (GSM/UMTS/LTE/WiMAX/MW Radios) operation & Fault management

• Implemented and Maintained base station sites BSCs RXCDRS.

• Handled installation, commissioning, integration, optimization and maintenance of BTS, BSC and RXCDR sites,

• Microwave links, Digital Cross-Connect equipment (SMA) and Power Control Systems at sites.

• Analyzed Network Stats and providing Hardware and Software solutions in case any abnormality is reflected in the Stats.

• Helped MSC Team in their operations and performed Network Outages for the upgradation with the them.

• Carrying out Coverage, Quality, Cell Re-selections, Cell re-configuration

• Handled Trouble Ticketing Systems (HP Service Manager & Remedy), TT Creating & further follow-up until resolved.

• Specialize in IT Desktop network support on and remotely (Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Office 365 & all versions).

• Good knowledge of IP Networking and troubleshooting of Routers, Network Switches, Firewalls, VPN and network configuration.

• Active Directory, VMWare ESX, Windows Server and Exchange 2016

• Experience in supporting and setting up meeting rooms e.g. WebEx, Cisco etc.

• Installation, configuration and maintain operating system software including Microsoft/Linux/Unix/MacOS/IOS/Android.

• Handled site sharing coordination & support with another mobile network competitor. 1995 – Jan 2019

Diploma in Electronics - (1989)

The National Apprenticeships

BTC Pusha Road, New Delhi India

Awarded in 1st Division

Diploma in IT- (2003)

Sikkim Manipal University of Health

Medical and Technological Science

Awarded in 1st Division

Awarded in 1st Division

Senior Secondary School - (12Th) –


Bright Private Institute New Delhi

Passed in first division

High School - (10th) – (1985)

Govt. Sr, Sec. School,

Lawrence Road New Delhi – 110035

Passed in 2nd division

BTC Pusha Road, New Delhi India

Network Operations

Managed Services

Project & Product Management

Process Enhancements

Spreadsheet Database Management

Video/Audio Conferencing management

Vendor & Spares Management

Change & Resource Management

Satellite communications

VSAT Antenna Mobile Communication

Critical Path Leadership

Strategic Business Planning

Interdepartmental Coordination

Client / User Relations

User/Staff Training & Presentations

Workload Management

Systems Design & Development

Desktop/IT Support (Hardware/Software)

Remote Support

Understanding SIP, VOIP, TCP/IP, layer 3

routing protocols

Windows 10, MAC OS & Android

MS office 365, MS office 2016,

LAN/WAN/Wi-Fi – Problem Solving

- 2 -

1993 - 1995

IT/Telecom Support Analyst & Service Engineer / J. C. ELECTRONICS, Green Park Delhi


• Installation and maintenance of 2-way Radios communication systems (VHF, UHF, HF) & PABX, around more than 900+ customers allover India.

• Achieved remarkable success into design and support to successfully R&D, test and launch of Phone Patch System to access phone line at remote end through 2-way radios.

• Directly involved in IT support section with AMC from more than 500 customers, Installation & troubleshooting for all Microsoft Windows & Microsoft Office and other applications, remote desktop support, TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS, all type of hardware issue supports.

• Installed, Serviced, repaired on component level, 2-way Radios communication systems (VHF, UHF, HF), Radio Phone Patch Systems.

• Installed, diagnosed, repaired, and upgraded computer systems and software. Consulted, set-up, and maintained small business Windows LANs. Built custom PCs with latest generation technology.

• Installed and configured various peripherals: scanners, modems, tape backups, printers, SCSI devices, hubs and switches, and digital imaging devices.

• Assessed customer needs and recommended appropriate products or solutions. Focused on providing time and money saving solutions for customers.

• Installed and maintained Electronics/IT & communication devices, of 2-way Radios, Computer Networks.

• Installed and maintained power backup systems for high availability operations. Surveyed sites and advised customers on necessary site preparation and planning. Field-tested installation, maintenance, and repair procedures in target settings.

• Traced circuits and tested loads to ensure capacity and compatibility of backup devices.

• Designed and installed temporary solutions to ensure no power outages or production losses experienced during installations.

• Developed and instituted thorough safety procedures, resulting in a perfect safety record.

• Mapped and labeled every installation to provide customer with detailed schematics of backup system.

• Involved in support to designed New Circuitry PCB boards and assembled Televisions multiple models, provide and achieved in daily productions target result and special rewarded by the higher management.

• Support to fault finding and repairs on circuitry component level. 1991 - 1993

Service Engineer Telecom / SANCHAR ANTENNA & TELECOMMUNICATIONS (India) Electronics Engineer / HYUNDAI ENGINEERING – (Saudi Arabia) 1990 - 1991

Electronics Service Tech. / WESTON ELECTRONICS LTD – (Delhi - India) 1988 - 1989

References are available on request.

Computer Networks, RF Communications, Wireless communications, Optical Communications, Digital Communications, Information Assurance & Security, Telecommunication & Networking.

Awarded Best Employee of the year in Saudi Arabia by Hyundai Engineering in 1991.

Awarded Certificate of Excellent Performance (For the Outstanding Performance in the Year of 2007) By Etisalat.

Awarded Contribution for Organization of the Presidents Cup F2000 Championship by the Commerce & Tourism Development Authority of Sharjah.

Awarded for the best employee in the month of september’2012

Awarded for the Exemplary Performance During the Month of April’2013

Awarded for the Exemplary Performance During the Month of November’2013

Awarded for the Exemplary Performance During the Month of July’2014

Awarded for the Exemplary Performance During the Month of December’2014

Awarded for the Exemplary Performance During the Month of April’2017 C/O Mr. Utkarsh Sharma

Cell: +91-995*******

Chhatarpur DLF Farms,

Chinar Drive Farm No. 1,

New Delhi - 110074


Having advance level proficiency with all MS Office products, including: Outlook; Word; Excel; and PowerPoint

Individual Sports (Marathon Running), Swimming, Meditation.

Expert with good knowledge of repair on component level PA Sound Systems, Amplifiers, RF radios, Sound systems, Audio/Video and other Electronics Appliances.

High skills in repair component level any Electronics circuitry devices.

Photography/Videography, Animation & Video/Audio editing with professional effects.

Expert in playing musical Instruments.

Driving License available from United Arab Emirates & India Sanjiv Kaushal

Nomia 2 Building, Next to Emarat Market,

Ittihad Road,


United Arab Emirates

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