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Engineer Manager

Lisbon, Lisboa Region, Portugal
January 03, 2020

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Jose Rodrigues Afonso – CV

Contacts: &

Phone: +351-********* /+351-********* . Rua do Nortejo, nº 5 - 3º D. Parque Residencial. 2615-354, Alverca do Ribatejo. Lisboa. Portugal.



Name: José Rodrigues Afonso

Marital Status: Married

Place of Birth: Lubango / Huila / Republic of Angola Contactos: Rua do Nortejo, nº 5 - 3º D. Parque Residencial. 2615-354, Alverca do Ribatejo. Lisboa. Portugal.

Emails: & Telef: +351-********* /+351-*********


11/2019 - Currently: Operator /analyst.


Maintains quality service by establishing and enforcing organization standards ;

Prepares reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information.

Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

Packaging, tidying up and preparing orders for customers. Develops project estimates by identifying phases and elements, personnel requirements, and costs.

6/2019 - 10/2019: Operator, Maintenance, General Housekeeping. TEIANGULU / DAN CAKE - Lisbon-Portugal

Carry out tuning work, inspecting the machines that are in charge, namely in the bagging and packaging lines, as well as conveyor belts;

Proper use of equipment and maintenance of the clean state of your sector;

Replace and repair parts as needed;

Packaging, tidying up and preparing orders for customers. 08/2014 - 01/2019: Director of the Office Marketing and Public Relations. MALJA.SA – Luanda and Soyo - Angola

With my proposals, the company had profits increased by 20% of contracts won;

Management of protocol visits to MALJA.SA, as well as the organization of official events and / or ceremonies of the organization and its units, as well and coordinating all press advisory activity;

Managing the relationship with the media, disseminating information about the company and being its spokesperson with the national and international media;

To promote, in coordination with the other directorates, internal communication actions that foster a new culture into the company. 02/2012 - 01/2015: Account Manager and Production Project Manager. NALCO-CHAMPION - Cabinda - Angola:

Monitor and evaluate the production of Petroleum; The efficiency of the wells, and developing methods for its improvement;

Determine project responsibilities by identifying the different phases, assigning staff to phases and elements, reviewing Client proposals;

Control project costs by approving expenditures; administration of customer contracts;


Jose Rodrigues Afonso – CV

Contacts: & Phone: +351-********* /+351-********* . Rua do Nortejo, nº 5 - 3º D. Parque Residencial. 2615-354, Alverca do Ribatejo. Lisboa. Portugal.


Controlling scale and corrosion by bacterial lab analysis and Chemical injection pumping;

Prepares project status reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information and trends so to recommend actions.

10/2007 - 02/2012: Senior drilling and completion Fluid Engineer for of oil wells. Halliburton (Baroid Drilling Fluids) - Luanda and Soyo- Angola.

Provide technical support to customers to maximize well control;

Expose and promote safety leadership at work for the Fluids team;

Complete the required post-well evaluation level on time and meet with the management of the operator in agreement with the geographical office staff to address issues, lessons learned and / or recommendations for the future work plan.

01/2004 - 10/2007: Drilling completion fluid engineer. MI-SWACO Drilling Fluids - Cabinda - Angola

Realign chemical tests on drilling fluids;

Supervise the team members of the probe in treatments, all the Fluids operations ;

Make quick decisions to maintain the required drilling fluid properties. 05/2001 - 12/2003: Coil Tubing Operator and Drilling and completion fluid engineer. BAKER HUGHES INTEQ - Drilling Fluids - Luanda - Angola

Create various fluid combinations as required for the different drilling stages; Participate in recommendation exercises mesh screens, solids control and, other necessary equipments for drilling and completion operations;

Conducts the pre-job and post-job inspections and testing of the coiled tubing units by completing pre and post job inspection forms;

Conducts the maintenance and general upkeep of the coiled tubing units and related equipment;

Knowledge of coiled tubing unit operations, including but not limited to correctly connecting hydraulic hoses, equipment startup, engaging of prime mover and hydraulic pumps. A demonstrated knowledge of the function and location of all coil tubing unit operating controls;

Delegates certain job tasks to the Coil Tubing assistants during job operation. 03/1995 - 11/2000: Provincial Director of Science and Technology Ministry of Education, Science and Technology - Huila Province of Angola

Implement the development of research programs, training of trainers and educational innovation, on our own initiative and cooperation with higher education institutions and other academic centers;

Understand the functioning of the education system, contributing to technical assistance and executing plans, programs and projects in the area of jurisdiction developed under the guidance of the Central Executive. EDUCATION:

1993: Degree in Chemistry.

ISP "EJV" University of Havana - Republic of Cuba; 2003: Specialization in Engineering of Drilling and Completion Fluids at, BAKER HUGHES Traning Center - Houston - USA;

2008: Specialization in Technology: DRILL AHEAD HYDRAULIC / DFG (Representation Hydraulic Drilling Chart) - HALLIBURTON UNIVERSITY - Houston - USA; Jose Rodrigues Afonso – CV

Contacts: & Phone: +351-********* /+351-********* . Rua do Nortejo, nº 5 - 3º D. Parque Residencial. 2615-354, Alverca do Ribatejo. Lisboa. Portugal.


2012: Course of Technological Specialization: Chemical Engineer of Processes of Crude Production. NALCO Training Center - Cabinda - Angola;

2014: Course of Principles of Excellence.

NALCO Training - Hilton Hotel - Windhoek - Namibia. LANGUAGES: Fluent Spoken and written: Spanish, English and Portuguese; African Languages: Nhaneca, Humbe, Herero, Humbundo, Oshivambo. TECHNICAL ABILITIES:

Competence: Experience Total years last used

Marketing & Relationships Marketing & Relationships 5 years January 2019 Public and Humans Resource

Chemical Engineer trained as senior specialist in drilling fluids Senior Drilling and Completion Crude oil Production Engineering 15 years 2018 Fluids Engineering and

Drilling Fluids treatment

Laboratory Tests Analyst Lab tests of Crude Oil, water, 16 years 2018 Chemicals and Petroleum Corrosion, Fluids and chemical Products In generally Treatments.


Operates Coil Tubing units and Running and operation with 2 years 2003 Associated equipment. Coil Tubing.


• Support organizations that defend nature, children and the elderly;

• Engage in some cause of social intervention such as support for people living with the HIV / AIDS virus

• Reading and varied music

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