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Engineer Software

Los Altos, CA
December 27, 2019

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San Jose, California 95126

Phone: 650/823-1867


Allergan, Pleasanton, CA TEST ENGINEER 4/15/2019 – 6/20/2019

Tested a class 1 medical device, subject to FDA oversight.

Executed Protocols

Sciton, Palo Alto, CA (Consultant) TEST ENGINEER 12/22/2016 – 7/20/2018

Tested a class 2 medical device, subject to FDA oversight.

Wrote Software Requirements Specification documentation

Worked closely with the Marketing and Development to refine the requirements for projects

Wrote Protocols

Linked requirements to protocols

Executed Protocols

Logged software errors and regressed the fixes

Autonomic Technologies, Inc. (for Oxford), Redwood City, CA TEST ENGINEER 8/16/2015 – 1/15/2016

Tested a class 2 medical device, subject to FDA oversight.

Built traceability matrices for various software projects

Executed design verification protocols

Wrote design verification test reports

Logged software errors and regressed the fixes

Ebrary, Inc., Mt. View, CA TEST ENGINEER 3/16/2014 – 6/20/2014

Wrote and executed test cases based on Agile stories.

Logged software defects and regressed the fixes.

Worked closely with program management and development to resolve issues quickly.

Kaiser Permanente (for TCS), Pleasanton, CA TEST ENGINEER 3/1/2013 -9/27/2013

Tested IVR Compliance applications, subject to FDA oversight.

Wrote test conditions and test cases based on requirements derived from marketing and engineering specifications.

Wrote and executed test protocols

Logged software defects and regressed the fixes.

Kaiser Permanente (for TCS), Oakland, CA SOFTWARE TEST LEAD 3/2012 – 2/28/2013

Tested IVR greeting and menu applications, subject to FDA oversight.

Worked with solutions consultants and product development analyzing and defining project requirements and the scope of the test effort.

Assigned testers in completing projects, and worked with them to resolve problems quickly.

Identified changes, with respect to the original scope of work, and estimated the work effort and impact to the schedule. This involved negotiating with program management to set a realistic test schedule.

Worked closely with project management to ensure that QA resources were in line with the project plan.

Communicated progress on projects to stakeholders.

LifeScan (Johnson & Johnson), Milpitas, CA SOFTWARE TEST ENGINEER 11/2011 – 3/16/2012

Certified Glucose Management devices and applications:

Developed test scenarios and test protocols based on the specification requirements.

Performed ad-hoc testing and end-to-end formal testing

Logged software defects, and regressed the fixes.


Tested McAfee security applications with hand-held devices, including Android tablets, Android Smart Phones, iPads and iPhones.

Tested purchase flow of various McAfee security applications.

Logged software errors and verified the fixes.

Worked with competitive analysis team researching cloud storage products and communicated progress, findings and recommendations to management.


Abbott Hematology, Santa Clara, CA TEST ENGINEER 1/2008 – 8/2009

Analyzed and defined customer, product and software requirements for a bio-medical product, subject to FDA oversight.

Assisted with editing requirements throughout the development process.

Worked with stakeholders to set risk assessment and risk mitigation in projects

Assisted with management (along with stakeholders) in changes to risks: risk assessment, risk evaluation and risk mitigation, throughout the life of project.

Assisted in reconciling conflicts among multiple stakeholders

Researched projects for the organization

Clarity Medical Systems, Pleasanton, CA SOFTWARE TEST ENGINEER 6/2007 – 1/2008

Tested a class I medical device – A new Clarity system for viewing and snapping images of the surface and back of the eye.

Developed all verification test protocols.

Worked with the technical writer, to verify the assumptions of the System Architecture Requirements document.

Actively participated with software development and other test teams (including white box) to ensure comprehensive testing.

Logged defects and verified the fixes.

Tyco Healthcare, Pleasanton, CA SOFTWARE TEST ENGINEER 1/2006 – 7/2007

Verification testing of a class II medical device - a new generation of Tyco Healthcare Ventilators.

Developed comprehensive test protocols, which were traced to engineering specifications

Worked with software developers, program managers, SQA engineers, and software test managers to coordinate document reviews.

Participated in software development design reviews.

Actively participated with software development to ensure complete test coverage of software requirements.

Logged defects found in the software and regressed the fixes.

Dynarand, LLC, San Francisco, CA SOFTWARE QA ENGINEER 4/2003-2005

Defined product acceptance criteria. Planned and managed testing workload of multiple systems in various phases of development for clinical protocols involving medical devices and medications.

Wrote and executed test protocols for all technology platforms involved in testing; including telephony, via Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and internet applications.

Established and documented traceability validation and system specifications documentation.

Responsible for quality assurance checks on all data modifications on all systems tested.

eBay, Inc., San Jose, CA SR. SOFTWARE QA ENGINEER 2/2000-2002

Owned many complex projects, including Customer Service Administration Tools. Defined testing tasks for these projects by participating in Program Requirements Documents (PRD) and Engineering Requirements Documents (ERD) reviews.

Wrote test plans and matrices and test cases from program requirements and engineering requirements documents.

Executed test cases, logged software errors and regressed bug fixes.

Kept management informed of progress

Worked independently, while supporting others with test and project issues.

Using the Development Release Schedule, organized and planned for all projects, quarter-by-quarter.

This included coordinating with the product marketing, program management and development teams.

Set priorities and assigned projects to members of my group.

Successfully drove and completed several 911 emergency projects, which were assigned by upper management

Built successful, synergistic relationships with many diverse eBay groups, including product marketing, development and various customer support groups.

Identified project risks and escalated those risks to upper management, in an appropriate and timely fashion.


Tested embedded software and firmware for Lucent voice processing modules (data ready voice-information processors).

Developed test plans and test designs (test cases) from engineering functional specifications and module level design documents for the installation of new messaging releases.

Executed test cases.

Researched and documented software defects, and worked with developers to resolve problems, then regressed bug fixes.

Trained other engineers to perform testing tasks.

Reviewed and edited end user documentation


Tested embedded software for a class II medical device (ultrasound) on a proprietary, real time operating system.

Created software test design specifications, test procedures, and executed test protocols.

Edited user manuals for technical accuracy.

Trained newly hired test engineers on how to use the system and how to write test plans and protocols that would meet FDA requirements.

Researched and documented software errors to bug database, regressed fixes.

B.A. Degree, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California

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