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Electrical Engineer Design

Kanata, ON, Canada
December 25, 2019

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Evgueni Koutouzov

*** ******* ***** ******

Kanata, ON, K2M 0M2

home: 613-***-****

cell: 613-***-****


MS, Electrical Engineering, Novosibirsk State Technical University (1986).

Specialization – Industrial Electronics, Electrical Drives, and Automation.


Microsoft Certified Professional, Certificate of Excellence (Sep. 2000).

Industrial Electrician, Certificate of Qualification, Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, Ontario, Canada (Feb.2004).

Security Screening Certificate. Level II (Secret), 2015-04-28


Experience in simulation, design and testing of power converters/ inverters, switch-mode power supply and control systems (mainly FPGA or CPLD based) used in electrical motor drives, medical devices, particles accelerators, machine tools, telescopes, antennae, optical devices of space launches, etc.

Computer Skills

Computer Languages: Verilog, MATLAB, C, C++, PSPICE, VBA, HTML, Python.

Database: Microsoft Access, SQL Server.

Software: MatLAB, Simulink, OrCAD (Capture, PSpice, Layout), LTSpice, Altium, ModelSim, Quartus II (Altera), Xilinx ISE Design Suite, Microsoft Visual C++, TI CCS, AtmelStudio, VisualDSP, IAR EW, Microsoft Office.

Work Experience

- Aug. 2010– Present.

Senior Electrical Engineer. Best Theratronics (Best Medical Group), Ottawa, Canada

Simulation, Design and Prototiping of Isolated (50 kV) DC/DC converters: 15V-30A, 150V-30A, 48V-3A (GAN FET based).. Magnetics design participation.PCB design. Pick up components and BOM preparation

Design of Analog and Digital Circuits of MLC (Multi-Leave Collimator, motor drive for Equinox Cancer Treatment System: Verilog RTL code for 30 servo-drives working in parallel realized on the base of Altera FPGA (Cyclone III EP3C40F324C8), PWM (MOSFET based IC – Allegro), ADC, DAC. For initial code writing and functional simulation ModelSim ALTERA is used, for synthesis and device configuration – QUARTUS II software v.12.1. Dynamic modeling and simulation of the electromechanical system using Simulink MatLAB.

Dynamic modeling and simulation of the electromechanical systems. Complicated models reduction, simplification, linearization. System stability calculation. Parts simulation and selection, closed loop simulation.

Imaging SW development for TBI (Total Body Irradiator).

Creating FPGA based HIL testing system with real time plant model and memorizing of transient curves of internal state variables of the plant. Development of a reporting system software (C++, MFC) with UART /RS-232 interface between a host PC and physical model (a kind of Digital scope and Logic Analyzer).

Design of short pulses generator prototype (5 µsec width and +/-200 V amplitude) for Linear Accelerator Gun deck. Providing arbitrary waveform modulation of the pulse amplitude with up to 3 MHz frequency (GAN FET based).

Taking part in Design of Buncher RF board with phase shift and amplitude control for Cyclotron (51.3 MHz). Parts simulation (Simulink, PSPICE) and selection, closed loop simulation.

Development of PI-controller for Cyclotron Voltage Amplitude Control on the base of FPGA/RTL: for LLRF board.

Transient simulation of power switches, operational amplifiers, filters with SPICE models.

Design of PWM (MOSFET based two half-bridge IC – from Infineon) for gantry and Patient Positioning Table (Gamma-Beam - Phoenix System modernization). Schematics (OrCAD Capture), choosing and ordering components, CPLD (Xilinx) programming (Verilog), board layout design (OrCAD Layout Plus):

For synthesis and device JTAG configuration Xilinx ISE Design Suite 14.4 had been used.

Design of SPI, UART interface for electronic devices control and acquisition.

Code the program with MATLAB GUI for inductances and mutual inductances of coils for Pulse Forming Networks (PFN) calculation. PFN simulation using Physical Modeling means in Simulink MATLAB.

Designed systems’ testing, tuning, failure analysis and correction, production support.

- Apr. 2006 – Jul. 2010.

Power Electronics and Motion Control Engineer. Spectrica Inc., Ottawa, Canada

Investigation and development of new variations of drives on the base of MOSFET PWM bridge and FPGA control loop for Cardiac Tomography.

-1200V Short Pulses Generator design on the base of IGBT and FPGA for Physics Department of Ottawa Carleton University.

Analog and digital circuits design (filters, Operational Amplifiers, ADCs, DACs, current, touch sensors, limit switches, optical encoders). Current, speed, and position controllers design for Cardiac Camera:

FPGA programming (Verilog) for motor control (Stepper Motors, DC motors, Induction and Synchronous Machines, etc), and power supply design, simulation (ModelSim, Simulink, MatLAB), trajectories programming using C for Embedded DSP Controllers, Dynamic System Analysis and Synthesis.

Took part in multi-level inverter development. Built a Simulink model of the converter.

Writing of MATLAB GUI program for DICOM files images analysis.

- Oct 2004 - Nov 2006

Electronics Engineer. Absopulse Electronics LTD, 110 Walgreen Rd., Carp, Ontario, K0A 1L0, Canada, Tel.: 613-***-****, Fax: 613-***-****,

Switching Power Supply evaluation, design, testing, adjusting, repairing, production support (DC/DC:buck, boost, flyback, DC/AC, AC/DC). Magnetics (transformers and inductors) and other components recalculation, system improvement in case of tests or evaluation failed.

- Apr 2004 -Sep 2004

Electrician. Fierra Foods Company, 50 Marmora St., Toronto, Ontario, M9M 2X5, Canada, Tel.: 416-***-****,

Electrical and mechanical equipment installation, repairing and maintenance.

- June 1987 to Dec 2003 - Novosibirsk Institute of Electrical Engineering, Russia

Senior R&D Worker of Controlled Electromechanical Systems Laboratory (Nov 91 to Dec 2003)

- Development and research of control systems and power converters of the

variable speed electrical drives based on AC electric motors (SRM, PMSM, IM

etc.): electrical drive's framework design, power converter, current regulator and

coordinate converter basic circuit arrangement design, launch and adjustment of

the system and its units, manufacturing support

- The work includes creating of mathematical model of system and its elements,

simulating dynamics (MatLAB, Simulink), control system analysis and synthesis,

analog and digital circuits design, simulating different electronic and power

components (IGBT based PWM converters, controlled rectifiers) using OrCAD


- Took part as a Consultant/Analyst in:

~ creating of Steering Wheel Electromechanical Amplifier (TMS320 DSP based

control system) for LADA Car (2002-2003);

~ modernization of Traction Drive, Auxiliary Power Controls, Compressors

and Fans drives, DC-DC converter 4000V to 540V of Locomotive ChS-4 for

Transportation Ministry of Russia (2001-2002). Creating of Simulink structure

models for drive dynamics calculation.

- Lead the laboratory staff: 2 engineers, 1 research officer, 1 programmer, and

1 technician.

R&D Worker of Motion Reproduction Systems Laboratory (Oct 89 - Nov 91)

- Design and research of the rotating table drive on the base of Permanent Magnet

Synchronous Motor: power converter and control system development, math's model

development, and system's stability research.

Senior Research Worker of Research Section of the Electric Machines Department (Jan 89 - Oct 89)

- Involved in development, creation and research of the special low-speed electrical drive of

telescope for Burokan observatory, Armenia (working speeds down to 1 rotation per 24

hours and less).

Elected as a Academic Teaching Assistant of the Electrical Machines Department (Sep 87 - Jan 89)

- Designed and taught course of Mathematical and Computer Simulation of Electrical

Machines' Dynamics. Lectures on theory were combined with practical and Labs work.

- Taught course work on Calculation of Magnetic System of Hydrogenerator.

- Taught classes in FORTRAN.

- Participation on examination board and students advising.


Won the Annual Award for "Best Young Inventor of Novosibirsk and Novosibirsk Province"(1987)


English and native Russian, little German.


Articles, patents, scientific and technical reports.


Chess, basketball, soccer.

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