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Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India
December 19, 2019

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Olllce or Na,t>-T ons,lclar

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Co, trhcato or Scho<lulo Caste I Tnoo

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iS.UU,«t 10 · ~ .-iistu,,ctQn'J -~ o, O.OCI ot Pfft, fY'41 horn M\lf lo )IT'llll) in: m-.r,, mn wt,i I'~ •It AOARSII 1 ·J1 OEVINOER SINGII f.nrri1 PO JltARAG '1111 >'I•~,mm

f irn ~ f>t""'1 ( ~ 1 I, I v •h 1111'1,r,TTfl,. fx,i ~ 'P.>l ti ~ "lf1t;t T '"'I !:T"'l,rr-,m 'l1'f t I Tho C:Ons1~uh0t1 (Sc110duled CastoJ o,acr. 1 n50· the Const,tut,on (ScN1dulc<l Tnbo i omer. 1950· The ConstaUl>on (Scheduteo Caste) (Unron T e·r.lOtl(!SI o,c~r 1951' T CMSI tU,,nn (5Cl'le<luled T nt>e) orde<. 1951 • As emondeo by tllO Schcdult'<l C,lSIO nr.d Sc~e<l11l1•n fo~c 1Mod1',r,,11vnJ o<d<•• 1956 Tnc Bombay Reco9"'l8l10n Act. 1960, The Pco,ab Rocuqnisat,011 r.ct, 1966 n., S1,,1u o• H P 1\c1, ln70 ~•ot.1 Nv llh Easu,,n Areas (Recognisat,on) Act, 197 t and rhe ScNtdulod Ciste Anr1 s rtuloo T rt'llt nm,•, camf"-n.."ffl?' I) Act 147ft Th<$ cs to cerld~ lhal Mr AOARSH Son 0I ~•, OEVINril R SINGH <tSldenl cl PO JHARAG V~l"9f' UP· Manal Mata &l Tehs11 Jubl>al O,stncl SHIMLA " ' l,m.,rt,a I 'f0'1<Yh L<•long~ IC ><oh which IS recognrse<i •• a Schodulrrt Casto undt'r

The ConshlJ!OO ISChedulu~ C • .SlC) ordc,, l95C' tl'c C0t1su:u11or, (S<.hc<Ju c~ Tua-., ottler. •950· The Const,1u1,on t5'huduktd Gas,~) 1u,,oun T e,r,,o,,es, o,ct-r, 1951 ' n,.. Conshluliur•, S<.t><:dutt,d T rrue) er.le< 1951 • As nmonood by inc SchOdulCd c.,sio ar<l Scneduled Tnb<: (~•oo,l,c,11"10) or<l cr 1%!1 The Boml>11y Rt-Cogn,zat10n Act 1960, The PUOjab Rocogn,;;l!.on •\cl 19'66, The S1.'1:o ol HP ACI !~70 ;,no Nori', En51em Arens 1Rccognisat,on) "-cl. 1971 and Ille Scheduled caste and 5'N?du!C<l Trioo or00< mmenl) Ac: 19/~ AOARSH and h1S11'<>r lamoy Otd,nar,ly ru,,<lc on Tern,,! JulJlJal ol 0 1~t•1cl SHIMLA ol 11-.o stale ol H,machal P•ooes~

.0e lq,.14.IO 11 ~i&> l~..3,11d# "~~

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A.po,o,.,eoCi'8 21 '06i2'(H 7

0."ScJa,mor • •Th,s,s • og•"'Y s,gne<J ceftol,cate and does ro1 requro hano w111ton s,gnatu,es The respcns,bolrty ol vorif,c;,r,ori or tl\lS oocumen1 befa,e aooel)l,ng tilt: sJ,ne ror nny legal purpose, woulc:I rest Wtth tt,,e insbtubOn Of organ12a110n or comp.any or any other enllty wneu, this oocument,s proc,tvced •


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